37 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price BREAKOUT!?”

  1. But what i find weird is that bitcoin does not make bread or anything. So when i sell my bitcoin i actually made a profit of someone elses money. it just moving money arround so in the end some loses money and some gains that money. it is like a piramid or like robinhood steel from the stupid.
    also Bitcoin has been here for 10 years and it is still just speculation and company's play into this and make money on it. who does ever buy anything with bitcoin like groceries? after 10 years we are still mining which is already outdated and nothing new had happend i have been in bitcoin a long time. made a lot of money but if i think about it i just made money because people bought later then me that's it. It is just price related, please correctly if i am wrong?

  2. Hey Sunny – love your show but please don't crap on old people – yes you are right that Warren Buffet is narrow minded and doesn't get Bitcoin but I am nearly 59 and I have been into Bitcoin since its inception in 2008. I love technology and I love the future – not all old people don't get it 🙂

  3. I hope it does go sideways for one more year. Allows me to accumulate more. I stick to my savings plan set-up on Revolut buying BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP weekly.

  4. Sunny, bear comment. Could you check how many BTC are being bougth with USDT and other cryptos? just a comment.

  5. the hodlers are now the smart ones! every person that thought they were smart and could predict where btc was going got it wrong

  6. Im in canada, i would like to know how to buy some Ether ETC and bitcoin for 10k but coinbase limit is 1000k and i have to wait weeks for me to buy again.. what exchanges is there for me to buy with 10k one time?

  7. So far every two years bitcoin adds a 0
    Maybe close to this ,pray!

  8. Just dumped it , took profit and Satoshi bought a new shoes ! Not convinced due to low Volume and high expectancy.

  9. Sunny, you are not CNN of Bitcoin news bro, CNN is FAKE news. You are FOX of Bitcoin news, way more honest and factual than useless CNN.
    Keep up the good work brother. Yo da man bud.

  10. Litecoin is the test net for bitcoin. That is a strong use case I think. Anything implemented on bitcoin gets tested on Litecoin before.

  11. I'd love to see you and the moon Carl do a discussion and analysis on the market together. You both are the only channels I watch!

  12. You should research Ontology. Chinese are very bullish for Crypto and they become the strongest nation on earth

  13. Tone Vays said a correction could be in time. I think he said if we held an uptrend for 6 months more it would be a confirmation just like the 30-40% he's looking for

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