6 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price and Altcoin Chart Updates”

  1. Hey Josh, I follow you on Twitter love your content. I believe in ZIL, love the platform, it's a long term investment for me, been watching it since it came out. What's your thoughts on how high it could go?

  2. Love that DCR isn’t really shilled by anyone, and that it’s not on bitmex or any of the other leveraged platforms. In addition to all of the other facets (LN, upcoming schnoor, VC backed, etc), it’s way forward will be completely community driven in the coming months. Truly decentralized! Also love RVN. It’s going to be integrated in everything Medici touches

  3. I bet $ONE Harmony coin will go off? once Live on Binance end of month..doubt it will 10x like $Matic but it's crypto!

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