Bitcoin Price Action 3-11-2018

Hey guys more from evil speculator I Am looking at VidCon right now. I find it quite compelling at a price action, and I actually tried to record this stuff You know just two or three hours ago, but? couldn’t because QuickTime wasn’t really Delivering on my OS X the way, it should anyway long story short, but just bought myself some No professional tools, and hopefully. This is getting recorded properly now look at Bitcoin right look at this chart and This breakout right now. What just seems to be pushing us now towards 10,000 again. I kind of wanted to go through that and Talk about a few highlights right the first thing you want to look up want to look at this is this potential You know double bottom here, and of course at the time. You don’t know it right because it’s kind of how it looks like You know and at this point once this candle this candle right here at the very bottom corner here once this terminates white one sits on a map for posterity and eternity Then we know we have potentially a spike law in place right right yeah, it’s a subtle spike low But you know this one didn’t break through so it’s possible. There are low forms here, and you know s Can let’s not stop popping up now we Seen a little bit more upside. Okay, that looks good. You know and maybe actually getting kind of a support line here that would be nice so I and Oops sorry and have to gonna reset that alright so oh You know what happening? You know a little bit of pushback, but it fails because it paints kind of a iron hammer candle and Then boom right, this is getting now really interesting them. You know we finally look at price action like that Sometimes I’m tempted to actually take and take an early entry here alright. Especially it is a little bit pushback and now What’s happening here right? This is probably when you started worrying a little bit, and you think okay, maybe this is gonna fall apart, but This is when he gets really interesting because this opens up a potential of basically tests by law which is he’s among my my favorite formations actually and boom, I mean I I was actually trying to record when this happen and it’s you took me crazy because You know this was really crucial crucial move because when you look at let me try to paint this Right here see that. You know the spike high Once this was breached right this was almost procedural and yeah there could have been a If this ad would have failed the arts would have actually supported retest of lullo’s and perhaps even lower But somehow the Bulls get out of the gate right when what happens afterwards is yeah quick push higher Run out of steam people are taking profits, and now we’re getting a little bit more. You know push back and Look here similar formation and look what happens right look what happens right you know White kennel spy clothes in place just like just like here, but in this case What I’m thinking at this point is what let’s take this trendline here. Let’s steal it and I’m looking like around this cluster right here. We mean if you put it right here above the spike high As soon as that get breached You know you have an entry but like again a lot of times once again when I see a formation like that I’m tempted to take along right when the specular spy clothes on the map basically when this candle just starts opening work Well here at the open. We know okay? this is one is on a map we have a spy cloth purse was like we never really know for sure and This is the idea right and this case we’re getting it again. I was trying to record when that happened and You know I had to record into our screen or just a section tour me nuts so I have to go back to You know setting up my tools, and hopefully in future this will be a little bit more fluid But see what happens here, and this is actually I’m not lying. This is sexual anticipated right then we would get this kind of price action and You know it would basically kind of you know the same the same idea. You know it runs so velocity It thinks about what’s going to do that it’s actually but This actually yeah, see actually I was drawing this before so let me actually add to one that somehow got deleted What what I’m thinking is what we might get it’s actually something like this right We might get a retest of what now looks like a very nice class You know what actually no, but previously Lowry look like a pretty nice cluster of resistance Which kind of also you know this is what gets really interesting? This is kind of most a confirmation point yeah, some people that you might take interest here, right well, yeah but When you look at you know the smartest blast higher But if you’re actually lucky well times what you get is a nice we test you know down here or maybe bold style a bit lower punches back up Once that is in place right I I want to enter because this is just such a beautiful retest and if distillation happens Then I’m pretty certain there. We go that we’re going to get a test of up to 10,000 mark I don’t I think we’re going to you know actually we test that see does another house bike on here, so that would lead her her own my so I Okay, so very interesting cross-section in Bitcoin right now. It’s not across the board when I look at for instance theorem It’s things are a little bit more. You know kind of copying the action, but a little bit more subdued right Bitcoin seems to be leading it It’s what else more on Iran, okay? By the way i’m i’m using pauline eggs and Plugin that I actually talked about on the blog a few weeks back looks pretty nicely for next got Purchase per circle I think Bought a week ago And so this is pretty good terms of liquidity. I think we’re gonna see a lot more USD… … pairs actually now on Poloniex over the next few weeks and months which is great Integration there’s still not too much out there. I love ninja trader because I do lower coding with it and for me That’s a very nice integration. You know very simple I get life action this way and This is actually the… … the Poloniex plug in I set up . I think it’s from (he’s thinking) What are these guys called – oh yeah ninjatools, right… Yeah Customer support isn’t great, but the tools work pretty well It’s it’s only if two towards one of the few things you can actually use to plug yourself into live action on ninjatrader There’s a few other solutions out there, but unless you want to go to like trade view and all this kind of stuff I prefer of my own Is a trading your trading you? I think it’s true. I think it’s trade but it’s one of the Few opportunities out there to really do decent charting with crypto But in you have to pay a monthly service and all this stuff I rather pay a fee to get a nice adapter And I have all my tools or my all my systems or my stuff right here You know in NinjaTrader, but you know not to you you can do this stuff obviously outside NinjaTrader like this one more tools will be available to hook yourself into crypto. As I saw this life action here want to share with you guys are things. We call ok, so let’s go back to Bitcoin Yeah, let’s see what happens here right does should be interesting if if just hell if this holds here right this also understand guys that Once especially forget a retest you know lot of times this Retest so no just there for price action in terms of you know giving Just a fact just courtesy of people Taking profits participants taking profits it also establishes more technical Context right and that’s always something I very much look at look at it the deaths away look at it because look if you just blast higher here Well, I could be sold off work with you, but if you kind of look away way up here We start we established context There’s stuff that other traders can hook to you know can hang the hats on so good so say good stuff Yeah, and that that’s actually I prefer seeing that on her way up not that I ever say no to nice winnings, right I? Actually wanted to go along here, but it wasn’t I was busy installing software so missed out on this one But this is really typical movement. Also if you look at this right here it happens the same way on the way down So bitcoin is actually on a swing trading basis, but core is not too Difficult to trade know a bit come per se and I think that probably applies to a few other cryptocurrencies So if you discretionary trader, and you really like price action, it’s it’s quite. It’s quite fun on a 60-minute That’s my personal impression all right guys There’s more for me to speculate. I hope this has been fun. If it has we’re doing more often Cheers

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  1. Love the video – don't care much for bitcoin (I trade stocks), but a really good, concise presentation and thought process explanation. Looking forward to more. Thanks, man.

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