Bitcoin Price $250,000? Massive Ticketing Scam, BTC Futures & Poloniex – Cryptocurrency News

blockchain blockchain work place synergy artificial intelligence as well coming in here folks cloud computing we are going to change the revolutionary disruptive paradigm John John John put your phone down John are you paying attention to this this is very important okay hybrid negative fee decentralized community on chain empowered governance token fueled economy have I mentioned blockchain already I think I mentioned blockchain right guys anyway this is all going to give us a great q4 profit statement Bob Bob dude I've got it I've got it we don't need any of that stuff I've got a totally unique idea we're gonna launch our own stable coin dude [Applause] welcome everyone to the September 27th edition of what's happening in crypto with the crypto LARC broadcasting to you from the land of the hobbits and bringing you all of the latest from the crypto world and beyond today's top stories google throws us a scrap of bread stable coin explosion continues and massive fraud in the ticketing industry make sure you stick around until the end to find out about the exciting new newsletter that we have coming up Bitcoin today is six thousand four hundred and ninety two dollars the real story of course Bitcoin cash up nearly 17 percent in the last 24 hours the Tokyo whale sells two hundred and thirty million dollars worth of Bitcoin and Mount wind down of course this is not super surprising news this has been on going for a while apparently the Bitcoin was sold an average of eight thousand one hundred dollars a piece some people say oh is that anything to do with markets right now this continued sailing pressure has a course has some kind of effect on the market but a lot of old wallets are being activated as well and a lack of retail investors and all these other things all come together to make a bigger picture Tim Draper though still very bullish on the future prices of cryptocurrency although he did say that I didn't anticipate the harsh government response to crypto currencies but he is holding strong on his prediction of a 250 thousand dollar Bitcoin by 2022 what do you think do you think that Tim Draper is right will we see a quarter million dollar Bitcoin by the Year 2022 let me know about down below in the comment section Google ends cryptocurrency ad ban but only for certain kinds of ads now this is in particular focused on allowing regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States and Japan to buy ads thank you so much Tech overlords for this little scrap of bread might I have another sir great good on you Google can we get a larger release on that policy that would of course be great but I wouldn't go on holding your breath for that to happen Isis backed reveals first crypto product as physical bit coin futures now backed is going to be a very big player I have this feeling in the crypto ecosystem overall bringing out some Bitcoin futures at least their physical Bitcoin futures that is definitely a positive but this is just another tool for Wall Street to be able to gamble on Bitcoin when you sometimes when you want something and then you get it it doesn't taste so good does it but this is the reality is that we do have all of these products being designed for sure your substitutional investors to get involved that's Wall Street that's the banks that's big corporations they're gonna love the Bitcoin futures thing I love the Bitcoin ETF even more when it does come out new coin based listing process will allow exchanges the exchange to rapidly increase supported assets this is really big news from coinbase who up until this point has been playing it very conservatively and has been very reticent to list any new assets and now they're saying just put in an application and maybe you're gonna get listed if we see more coming to coin base I think that would be a really really positive thing for the crypto industry overall but definitely for any coin that can get listed on coinbase polo DX Polonia x has been kind of chilling for quite a while to be honest it had a lot of troubles it was bought by circle and of course backed by Google neo parsh at part equity by Goldman Sachs but and then it's been kind of chilling since then but it seems like they're ramp up their efforts to try and get back into the game recently the Polonia ex crypto currency exchange surpassing bid treks posts a nearly 200% trading volume increase that's huge absolutely so nice to see Polonia ex back in the game and I hope that circle can make it much more professional than it was before circle by the way launching their own stable coin we've covered so many of these stories recently it's absolutely crazy we have banks that are looking to launch their own stable coin exchanges launching their own stable coins stable coin companies launching their own stable coins there are so many out there and that's plura for a shove stable coins I think is an absolutely amazing thing for the market because tether has been such a problematic member of the cryptocurrency community for such a long time to see regulated transparent stable coins coming through I mean I know it's the antithesis of what we want so much in the cryptocurrency industry but they're coming there's lots of them and we are solving our tether problem in the crypto industry at least over in Ukraine Ukrainian National Bank considering launching a state digital currency tied to local fiat now I've got a real sort of about national currencies overall but obviously it does let them have nice liquidity and very easy transfer going on all these things and 24-hour access to your money etc etc but tied to the local Fiat I don't know if you guys know about the Ukrainian her evening but it has been devastated now look part of that was because of the conflict that went on in Ukraine but a lot of it has to do with total mismanagement of the country by a tiny class of kleptocratic oligarchs who just robbed the country blind all the time and destroy the economy so it would be better to see that state digital currency tied to something stronger like the the euro for example or maybe gold or maybe Bitcoin now that would be freaking innovative but we're not quite there at the Ukrainian National Bank at the moment speaking of banks seventy-five banks have joined JP Morgan's block chain payments party really Jamie really this is where we're going now so this is essentially it's not a value transfer it's actually a data transfer service to allow for quicker checking of data between banks and this is actually a really good innovation now look I mean the banking infrastructure outdated screw banks all that stuff but the reality is banks aren't gonna disappear overnight and to see this innovation coming to banks where they're gonna be using blockchain for data exchanges for you know kyc and anti money laundering all that stuff especially across borders could take international transfers much much less time to happen because you don't have all these different checks and things going on so it's a positive development but it's a positive development from JP Morgan FedEx joins hyper ledger blockchain big implications for logistics obviously FedEx is a huge company to be implementing hyper ledger technology into their business of course they would why wouldn't they why wouldn't they get on the blockchain train FedEx welcome to the party and the last story of the day Ticketmaster stung by under cover journalists who reveal the company deliberately enables scalpers and ripoff artists now according to the Toronto Star undercover investigation they have revealed that Ticketmaster runs a secret parallel system called a trade desk that encourages the most prolific scalpers to create multiple accounts to circumvent the company's limits on ticket sales and then allows them to relist those tickets for sale in its brokerage which nominally exists to allow fans who find themselves with a spare ticket or two to sell it to other fans according to Ticketmaster reps who were unaware they were being secretly recorded the most successful scalpers use this system to make as much as five million dollars a year so this company that has for years been saying oh we just can't fix the scalper problem we're trying all the time and we just can't do it this kind of lack of transparency massive corruption and this will be this story will be repeating from for every ticket agency around the world if you think it's just Ticketmaster wake up they're all going to be doing it and their end result is these terrible characters are making all of this money the company itself is making all this money helping the scammers scam you how screwed up is that no transparency at all in this industry blockchain could really really help and there are projects that want to do that I remember I interviewed the guys from Aventis and this is the exact kind of BS that they want to solve they want to put tickets on the blockchain so that they're verifiable you know you're not getting a fake ticket you know you're getting a ticket at a fair price from and all this stuff and that is super important for all these industries that have grown old and decrepit and destructively corrupt and hey look I know concert tickets aren't the the biggest issue going on in the world right now but this blatant corruption can be solved we have the solutions on hand we just need to start using them and finally we are launching our newsletter it's called the block chain brief it is going to be a monthly newsletter the first thousand people to sign up are gonna get it for free there's gonna be a link down below so get over there and check it out if you sign up after that it's gonna be $5 a month basically buying us a cup of coffee this is a collaborative effort between a lot of the top crypto influencers we've got research reports we have crypto scene we have all kinds of fun different stuff going on in the magazine if you're quick you're gonna get it for free if not it's only five bucks so go ahead and check it out guys and your support of course is very very much appreciated thanks so much for watching today's episode let me know what you think about a this he's down below in the comments section thumbs up the video share these videos around the owner to help our community grow subscribe to the channel if you're not subscribed already and hit that Bell to stay up to date with all of the latest in the crypto space join the conversation over on Twitter telegram or steam it long live blockchain and peace out the next time

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    Caleb & Brown – OTC Services

  2. Is anyone still choosing Poloniex as an exchange to work with? 2500 volume makes me laugh everytime I check it at Coinmarketcap

  3. if bitcoin costs so much – I will be the happiest person in the world.
    And more recently, I withdrew money from poloniex, because support continued to ignore me. Just tired already …

  4. GET Protocol is exactly doing that on the blockchain. They are the middle man between visitors of an event and the ticket sales company. Since they don't sell tickets themselves every artist, event can hire them to make use of their business.
    And it's not only for concerts. It's for every event you can think off: Wimbledon – Super Bowl – Concert of Britney Spears. You name it, they can cover it!
    If you are looking for a Working Project on the Blockchain. This is the one!

  5. so many things going on, people making lots of money for bad behaviour, so funny, lets hope blockchain takes more adoption and people learn to understand what is really going on, anyways good video and information as usual sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos

  6. Hey Lark, with regards to the Blockchain Brief Newsletter, you mentioned free subscription for the first 1000, but on the web link it says first 2000, please advise.

  7. Blockchain Brief Newsletter. So, does this mean you are holding back sometimes important information ? Not good.

  8. Lark I've signed up for the blockchain brief, we need more quality decentralised news free from corruption! Not to mention crap icos shilling us unusable tokens! Thanks for d great vid Lark! 🚀 🚀 🚀

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