BITCOIN Playing GAMES?! What Next?! BIG Decision SOON!! Altcoins READY to BOOM!?

what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombies so today is Thursday hope you're having an awesome day wherever you are having a look at the charts we actually had a nice little mini rally yesterday Bitcoin was up about four and a half percent now I know that doesn't seem like a lot to most of you however the interesting thing was we were looking at the market cipher indicator and we were waiting for a second indication for a long and lo and behold we got the second Green Dot and if you actually had put in a long at that chance well you would have had a pretty good game yesterday especially if you were using like three or five x leverage definitely was a good day so it that is the beauty of being able to make money in these markets you know even if you're not able to dollar-cost average or something like that but does that mean that we're out of the woods just yet not exactly guys because we're not really putting in higher highs or higher lows which is really what we need to be doing but that being said I do want to talk about it because yesterday I did put out this video that said Bitcoin critical level be careful now we did get supported on this parabolic trend right but the question is for how long and what are going to be bitcoins next moves I want to talk about that I also want to talk about the fact that the alt coins are seeing bigger gains today than Bitcoin and actually if we look at a few indications on the chart it does signal that alt coins may start performing well now does this mean alt season not exactly but I do think they will start performing a little bit better and I'm gonna tell you why in just a minute and also if that's not enough for today how about Eric thinman you guys remember the teenage Bitcoin millionaire who bought Bitcoin I think he was like what 12 years old he bought $1,000 worth of Bitcoin when he was 12 well apparently now he's over here briefing congressional representatives even though he said that bitcoin is pretty much dead about 6 months ago but that is neither here nor there so if that sounds good to you well you guys know what to do also if this is your first time checking out the crypto Zombie Channel and you're not subscribed well what are you waiting for we do this every single day I'm usually not in the little box of shame shout out to Alexis for offering the green screen however it's literally the crack of dawn right now so that being said also if you guys had an opportunity to check out the live stream that altcoin daily did that was pretty cool they had bit boy me when dia was on it we also had flood TV and some other people as well so if you're interested in that I gave it a like check it out pretty good so let's move on let's talk about what is happening in these markets Bitcoin dominance pulling back to 64.7% you're seeing lots of big gains in the alt coins today Bitcoin only 2.9 you're seeing aetherium 5 XR P 2.2 like coins 3 Bitcoin cash 3 EO 7 % so ya guys look at this some big gainers today 14 % for Nexo 12 for GX oh yeah the alt coins are actually feeling some love today now interestingly enough even though we're seeing a short some sexually some sell on the exchanges you'll notice that people are currently more towards the long side now is that the right place to be right now well we'll talk about that it was the right place to be yesterday so having a look at this trend it was pretty apparent I mean anyone could see this with their own eyes I mean we basically started this pump back here on April 1st some people were actually joking like is this an April Fool's joke well if this is a very long lasting joke if it is guys but you can see right here we touch this line and as we have been supported by it time and time again but will we continue to be supported on the line as we go forward well as you can see right here guys I just want to show you I did put it there before the before we pumped so I I was trying to point it out but you know that's why you got to watch the videos guys you can't just go based on just the title and thumbnail we go into so much detail in these videos it's hard to summarize it and just you know a sentence but right here you can see here's the issue that we're having and look at Bitcoin already starting to drop down to this 55 EMA on the daily now we went over this before and a lot of times when Bitcoin tends to fall below this we usually put in a 15 to 20 percent drop which is still why we're looking at these lower levels that may be around 8000 now it doesn't mean we have to go that low but like I said if we go back here historically and look at all the times that Bitcoin does fall below and I did this about I think was 2 or 3 days ago in my video you can see we do put in these drops I'll just show you for example this drop right here was a 20% drop literally 20% exactly so that's why we're concerned about that now having a look at this wedge that we had right here we are below this level of 10,700 which was a very critical level we're definitely having difficulty breaking above it and we've put in this smaller wedge right here you can see we got stomped out so this is also looking at short-term levels around 9100 but we also said that 9300 could be a short-term support as well now you can see right here these were the two dots that we put in on the market cipher right down there and that did confirm an opportunity for a long so currently what I'd like to see is for a second one to confirm and then that it would be a great opportunity to potentially put in the long and you can see that that was put in basically right here so if you had that opportunity to get in yeah I mean like I said we already know what it is if oh that was actually from that moment well I mean technically the indicator wouldn't have given it but you still would have got a 5% point being but once again we're being stomped out by this trendline so most likely if we're unable to break above that we will end up back in this wedge which looks like we could go sideways until about yeah it looks like the first of august but we do know that Bitcoin tends to be quite impatient so there is a chance that we'll have a bigger move sooner or later I would like to get back up into this blue box region which would be above that ten well this is ten thousand six but it's more like ten thousand seven hundred dollars and if we can finally get above this 11 thousand seven hundred dollar level that would be really really bullish because as you can see in here we put a lot of accumulation and for me getting above this would be good we still wouldn't have a higher high but we would have a higher high compared to what we did right here because we only wikked and basically touch that previous high so this is not good short-term the other thing if you look down here I have this arrow not not a lot of volume really compared to things that we've seen back here during this crazy parabolic run-up so yeah I would like to see a little bit more volume but if you are gonna be an ultimate Bear right now and say hey we got to go all the way down to the bottom well currently we do have the 21 exponential on the weekly sitting at around 8100 so it looks like a lot of people do have their eyes on that $8,000 $8,500 level right if you're gonna close the CM e gaps once again just to show you in real time this is where the market cipher put in the two dots the pre ones that we had back here now this is a little better because these were actually on separate mounds I'm not going to go into it all right now this was actually on the same one so that's why the rally wasn't as big but you really like to get two of them and that's when you have that pop off so right now let's be patient until we have another opportunity for that but what I wanted to talk about today was the altcoins because I know a lot of people have been holding alt coin bags I have some altcoin bags myself right and we do know that they have not been performing well unless you're holding one of the big gainers recently you know chain-linked it very well quant Network Rennes has been upright a Grisha did really well but currently you're noticing that Bitcoin dominance is pulling back right now here's another way to look at it you can look at it as far as Bitcoin dominance pulling back going into the altcoins or you can actually look at total to market cap over here and basically you could see that we were putting in this this this trend that we pretty much have respected ever since around the bottom in December I mean we fell below it just a little bit right here and we fell below it just a little bit in that sort of panic sell-off phase but currently it looks like we're being supported on the line now does this mean that all season is gonna blast off like we had when all those coins were just you know popping off left and right on by Nance well not necessarily we could have a sideways thing where once we got above it you know from February 8th we basically went very very very very very slowly sort of just creeping upwards for about an entire month until the 1st of April before that massive pump right so I'm not saying altcoins are gonna explode but I am saying that altcoins have hit the bottom of this trend that's been going on since December so now that we're back above it this does seem short-term at least may be pretty good for some altcoins so I just wanted to point that out moving forward but you know what guys we should probably sell our Bitcoin anyway because US Treasury secretary minuchin thinks that the outlook for Bitcoin is bleak then again this is also the guy that and I quote him says I don't think nefarious activity has successfully been done with cash not only is that one of the most ignorant things I've ever heard but it's a lie so yeah we'll take that with a grain of salt or maybe we just won't take it at all and we'll send it right on back to the kitchen now talking about the fact that whatever minuchin is talking about the institutions are clearly interested you see TD Ameritrade see yo issued a new statement indicating that clients are asking for investment opportunities and crypto currencies and that they are looking for ways to serve their needs you can see right here that since 2018 they have offered futures through the CM e futures right but you can see right here clients are asking for it and the CFTC has license eros X to offer derivatives and futures contracts now coming down here you can see that they are they are taking this very slowly in fact the title is crawl walk run approach so obviously it's still not clear what's going on in regulation but the demand for Bitcoin is steadily growing now I wanted to talk about Eric thinman today I briefed congressional representatives and staffers on Bitcoin cryptocurrency and what it means for America well we actually got confirmation on this if we will if we watch this video I don't know where it is there's a shot of him somewhere in here actually talking to Congress yeah oh there it is right here so yeah I mean they're giving this kid the floor I guess he's a Bitcoin expert although let's go back to this article that came out on December 17th and he basically said bitcoin is dead it's too fragmented there's tons of infighting I just don't think it will last and not to mention he says litecoin has been dead for a while it's like when the Sun is going down and there's that eight minute period just before it goes dark litecoin is in its seventh minute so yeah let me just remind you when when he made that statement so maybe don't listen to everything that you hear on the internet especially from these expert guys like even me like I'm just a dude on the internet you know I'm not perfect I don't get everything right all the time so obviously always do your own research but yeah Eric alright litecoins dead huh this is the litecoin chart by the way we're looking at there's not Bitcoin so yeah I don't think litecoin is dead at all but um anyway moving on I need to talk about the fact that we are in San Francisco and there is no Tron event but I'm here anyway I'm actually enjoying the sights and you can see right here he actually made a little bit of an apology he said my intention of having lunch with Warren Buffett was because of my admiration for him and my enthusiasm for charity it was simple but also with self interest to promote blockchain industry and my project but my immature naive an impulsive conduct with my big mouth have turned into and out of can troll and failed over marketing hype and led to a significant series of unexpected consequences during the whole process I went from being excited to worried agonize and then terrified and regretful it led to a negative influence on the public and also drew concerns from regulators who care about me again I want to say I'm sorry so I know it can definitely tough with announcements of announcements of announcements and you know people talking about plagiarize ations of white papers and all these other things you know Tron has definitely had a little bit of a difficult journey but I mean you got to almost give it to him I mean he did he made up I mean he has made a public apology you know what I mean like what more do you want from the guy um you know hopefully he'll maybe dial back on the hype of the marketing and you know maybe he'll learn his lesson this time and you know that's that's that's that's life guys learn lessons make changes you know not just as traders as people but we'll have to see you know I'll have to see moving forward so that's basically that but speaking of other controversy so this is a tweet that Charlie Lee had put out and he actually deleted it he said it's hard to estimate how much hash rate jumped on it initially but it was still fair with litecoin as everyone had a fair chance to mind what was unfair about – was that it was launched to friends only for the first few days and then total supply reduced after the fact obviously in reference to you know maybe the early days of – being a little biased or unfair he deleted it saying he really didn't want to you know he really didn't want to cause any problems he was just trying to point something out so you know Charlie Lee has had these uh these times in the past when he's sort of put out these controversial tweets and stuff like that so I wouldn't really look too into it also guys brave browser you can now actually take your basic attention tokens off of brave browser which is pretty cool but unfortunately they are asking for kyc a lot of people do not like this so yeah if that's the case then I don't know what to tell you guys it's unfortunate but they they're just trying to work with regulators right now but yeah I agree kyc kind of does suck for that so anyway moving on we have another apparently wannabe Satoshi Nakamoto it's this dude right here real Satoshi Nakamoto he claims that he is Satoshi this is his account right here yeah I don't know let me know what you guys think like I said if you're Satoshi either you know you know sign something from the Genesis block put in a signature moves out of your wallet you know just do something that we can all see right instead of just saying that you are and running circles around everybody but hey on the bright side our good old buddy John McAfee was released from detention in the Dominican Republic he says that the local authorities did treat him very well during his four-day confinement and according to the Associated Press John McAfee and his crew members were taken into custody for carrying military-grade weapons on their yachts and here's some pictures over here on Twitter you could see looks like all is good so yeah oh he's a always a fun time and never a dull day in crypto also talking about what is going on over here with the whole bit Mexican see that 85 million dollars worth the Bitcoin has moved off the exchange average value withdraw transactions has tripled and trade volume drop more than 50% now keep in mind this is a little bit of an older tweet but as you know there was a bit of a scare with the regulators looking into you know trading and then there was also that accusation of you know trading against your you're basically against your your traders right so you can see it appears that the whales are migrating so yeah where are they going well honestly guys you know I love by bit that's what I use and ya guys see currently we're putting in this uh this little bit of the dump here so we're gonna have to keep our eyes on those levels but like I said there's still some good opportunities for some scalps here but we really need to wait for Bitcoin to have that confirmed bottom and once we have that well then we can change our tune again but that being said you guys know on this channel I'm always long term bullish right short term is just short term we're gonna put these in we've had 40% dips here and there but that being said guys I want to say thank you so much and before we go this is actually not the best news to end today on but unfortunately Tyler Jenks has passed you might know him from his hyper wave theory he has been one of the most I guess famous Bitcoin bears now he's not against Bitcoin he's just he was just very bearish he was the one saying we had to go down to about a thousand dollars but what I think is really cool is just the fact of this this guy's age you know a lot of these older guys they they don't give Bitcoin a chance you know they don't care about it you know they call it rat poison and everything else right and I really appreciated the fact that Tyler really cared about Bitcoin and saw its potential and it's it's a really sad day today so yeah condolences for him and his family and you know tone Vaes and everybody else so hate to end on that note guys but seriously you know it's it's unfortunate when the space loses a you know somebody somebody like that so that being said my goodness that was a that was a horrible ending but you know it happens guys its life you know life just keeps on going and that's that's another thing too you know guys well you know when we're talking about trading and stuff like that looking at these charts I mean money's not everything guys you know you know do you have your health do you have a roof over your head you know do you have family and friends you know you can always get more money guys right so you know don't don't don't don't don't spend your life glued to the charts and miss everything around you you know life is too short so that being said thank you so much for coming back to my channel if you do appreciate this content um you know dropping a like or a comment would be great definitely get subscribed I mean we do this every single day and make sure to hit that Bell notification because sometimes YouTube gets funny and turns it off I don't know why it does that but that being said guys once again thank you so much also don't forget you guys know we give a ledger nano SOA every Monday almost forgot to mention it cuz I'm not in my studio but that's it for me tag thank you so much you guys rock you know I love you that's why I'm making this video at the crack of dawn in fact you've probably seen the Sun slowly rise on me as we've been doing it so I do appreciate you coming back hope you have an awesome day you know be careful we are in very turbulent times but the road ahead is looking beautiful and we could still be hitting a 42 K 46 K Bitcoin by the end of the year it is not impossible so that being said my name is K dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto

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