Bitcoin Pizza Day & Crypto Market Drop: Overview of the Week

increased regulatory scrutiny bring it on to any crypto billionaires Mike Novogratz and the wincle V are not bothered by more regulation in fact they welcome it both parties want to weed out and deter bad actors in the crypto space no one likes a bad actor here is your overview of the week the Department of Justice has opened a criminal probe into whether traders are manipulating the price of crypto currencies federal prosecutors are working with the CFTC a financial regulator that oversees derivatives tied to Bitcoin the investigation is focused on the illegal practices that often affect prices such as spoofing or wash trades spoofing is where traders submits multiple orders then cancels them once prices go up or down as appropriate wash trades involve cheaters trading with themselves to create false demand thus encouraging others to invest crypto exchanges are beginning to realize that if they want to go mainstream they have to act gem and I run by the wincle by hired Nasdaq last month to oversee surveillance of crypto on their exchange they have all – urged trading platforms to work together to form a group that would self-regulate for the entire industry bitcoins sum to a six week low falling below 7.5 K for the first time since April as a 20% drop since it's made P adding to bitcoins woes the exchange okx suspended withdrawals and stock trading to rectify an error that was producing inaccurate account balances Tom Lee predicted a rally with the increased regulatory scrutiny what we have is quite the opposite and now for your Tom Lee of the week of Tom Lee Tom Lee is fast becoming the anti Buffett whereas Buffett talks bud Tom Nostradamus Lee prefers to make wild predictions that often don't work out so as miserable as it feels holding Bitcoin at 8,000 the move from 8020 5000 what happened in a handful of days a handful of days may not sound like very much until you consider the fact that unlike Trump Tom Lee has massive hands we celebrated Bitcoin pizza day this week eight years ago on May 22nd 2010 a programmer paid for two pizzas of bitcoins this was the first time Bitcoin was used to buy goods and historic moment the moment is immortalized online in a Bitcoin talk org forum where programmer Laszlo Han yets confirms that he'd bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC from Papa John's Pizza in America canvas had asked users in the forum to deliver two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin eventually a teenager named Jeremy Sturdivant nicknamed Jericho's accepted the Bitcoin and sent hannett's two pizzas from Papa John's and the rest as they say is history at the time but one Bitcoin was worth a fraction of a cent meaning him it's 10,000 Bitcoin or worth forty one dollars today original Bitcoin keeps that could cost you around 80 million dollars Han gets a brave pioneer paved the way and inspired others because of him services like pizza four coins each after it even some restaurants accept various crypto currencies to buy the atomic a/c handy ATS made headlines again in February by reliving his glory days and buying two pizzas using the Lightning Network here you can see Laszlo's family enjoying the bitcoin lightening pizzas bitcoin relies on heroic early adopters like han yets but don't be a hungry hungarian tonight no two-for-one deal is worth 40 million dollars Google wants to hire boot Aaron allegedly the etherium co-founder posted a tweet with a screenshot apparently from Google recruiter asking if Google made sense for him right now who terran quickly deleted the tweet he'd also included a poll asking if you should take the job the answer was a resounding no in case you were wondering Google could do with his help at the moment they are currently working on two separate blockchain projects a tamper-proof auditing system and a cloud operations platform as the saying goes there are six million ways to die choose one Google realizes it only has two victaulic it can destroy them from the inside or continue destroying them from the outside her earlier this year crypto is deemed halal under Sharia law now a London mosque is the first in the world to accept Bitcoin donations the mosque in Hackney London hopes to raise at least 13 thousand dollars in cryptocurrency donations over Ramadan Muslims are asked to donate 2.5 percent of their wealth during the 30-day festival as part of zakat alms giving you're trying to appeal to a wider audience with the new money so the chairman of the board of trustees it's big in the Islamic world and we have set up a platform for wealthier Muslims outside our community to support and donate to our mosque a blockchain expert who helped advise the mosque on setting up the Bitcoin wallet is hopeful for the scheme to be a success if Muslims who make up a quarter of the world's population hold just 1% of bitcoins or 1.3 billion dollars then 35 million in zakat contributions is due Ramadan Mubarak it means happy Ramadan to all our Muslim Queen Telegraph fans privacy focus cryptocurrency burj has been hacked again the previous hack happened in April 250,000 birds were stolen then this time 35 million birds were stolen in a matter of hours birch tweeted that their mining pools were under a DDoS attack on May 21st noting that they were working to resolve it at the time of writing a hack was equal to around 1.4 million dollars purchased twitter account was also compromised in march with hackers tweeting about a fraudulent giveaway of bridge coins critics of the cryptocurrency don't believe developers are doing enough to prevent hacks not all doom and gloom though last month verge announced a partnership with pornhub if verge continues having own performance issues investors might move on to a coin that doesn't find it so hard to stay up in the market thanks for watching like for one high-five from Tom Lee's massive hands like subscribe and Hottel for two

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