BITCOIN PASSES $5,400! – CME Bitcoin Futures Longs Up 88% – Ripple Xpring Bain Cap – Ethereum Dapps

hi everyone welcome to the thinking crypto YouTube channel my name is Tony it is Wednesday April 10th I have some very bullish news to share with you guys I hope you're holding strong in this new emerging asset class that is crypto currencies this is of course not financial or investment advice if you're not subscribed to the channel hit that subscribe button also smash a like button quick heads up guys I have my interview scheduled with the folks from block Phi who do crypto lending and the crypto interest account so I will be interviewing them next week so stay tuned for that I'm also in the process of scheduling an interview with the folks at Belko ATM who create Bitcoin and crypto ATMs allowing the public to buy Bitcoin in different stores and so forth so my goal is to interview the folks who are investing and building in this market so you stay informed as an investor so once again be sure you're subscribed to the channel guys today Bitcoin past the fifty four hundred dollar mark so right now it's sitting at just over fifty three hundred because you had a small pullback in correction but as you can see here from the chart we went over fifty four hundred we I think it peaked at around fifty excuse me five thousand four hundred and twenty-one dollars great sign what have we been talking about since the rally that took place the Black Swan event how far will Bitcoin go well this momentum continued right because there is the possibility of the same whale that pumped the market to dump on the market now I don't think that's likely but it is a possible scenario but this is great we're going higher we're building new support levels right higher highs but higher lows as well and as you know it's there's gonna be pull backs along the way because people take profit and different things along the way so keep that in mind but a great sign and as you know the market moves with Bitcoin we haven't decoupled yet so the market will move with Bitcoin as it continues to go up but a great sign and I'm all as always cautiously optimistic not getting too emotional about it but I'm happy that it's green we're we're you know there's a bullish sense and stirring and I don't believe we're in a full-on bear excuse me bull market yet I think we're still at the cusp of transitioning between the bear and the bull market I think maybe if Bitcoin crosses over to 6,000 mark and we continue to trend for another month I would say we are in a bull market but right now I'm not ready to say that and I hope you understand why once again I'm cautiously optimistic now speaking of bullish news if you recall the other day I shared with you the CME's data that they saw around the peak or the rally I should say right where that whale bought near 20,000 Bitcoin that sent the market going crazy right well we have some additional insights into the CMI's data talking about Bitcoin futures and the number of longs so as you know or you may know shorts are when you're looking or you're saying that you're betting that the market or the price of a specific crypto is gonna go down Long's you're saying that the price is gonna go up and there's different timelines for the lungs but institutions increased Bitcoin longs by 88% just before the price rally so this is a big indication that we've actually hit the bottom and all of the folks are looking long they look they think the price is gonna go up from here so let me give it a details data from the US commodity and Futures Trading Commission the CFTC reveals that the institutional investors flipped bullish on Bitcoin as of April 2nd the date coincides with the latest Bitcoin price rally when it's soared from 40 100 250 $300 in minutes right once again that whale buying on three different exchanges a total of 21 thousand or 20,000 Bitcoin I believe they split it up at 7,000 near $7000 for each it's 7,000 Bitcoin for each order so this is interesting once again this is from the CFTC because we recently heard from the CM e saying hey we saw a record volume search but the CFTC gives some more insight here data from the CFTC reveals the number of open long Bitcoin futures contracts by asset managers and institutional investors on Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME increased between March 26 on April 2nd notably 350 long Bitcoin features contracts on CME's platform were opened by April 2nd this is a whopping 88 percent increase compared to the previous week moreover the number of short positions saw a 63% decrease from 241 to 89 contracts bullish news because it's also showing it's coming from institution now as you know the CME settles in cash not in physical Bitcoin so let me give the details each cm II Bitcoin futures contract represents 5 BTC which are cash settled this means that once the contract expires a user won't receive a physically delivered Bitcoin but US dollars instead now who's looking to do the physically delivered Bitcoin futures backed also Eris X and I believe coin flex is also looking to do it but backed as you know is a monster Deere giant they're backed by the ice the Intercontinental exchange which owns the New York Stock Exchange and as you know backed is partner with Starbucks which was it's going to look to get folks to use crypto to buy stuff from Starbucks right but this is a very bullish sign guys and we've been talking about you know have we hit the bottom of the market I personally believe we have and it looks like the institutional investors and so forth see it that way because they they many of them did it before Ally which is interesting right so as you can see the big money these folks move in different circles it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of this was coordinated and as you know if I'm going long a lot of these folks guess what a lot of these institutional investors can also manipulate the market by saying ok we're going long dump money on the market right likewise if we're going short sell so that's the game but that's ok we're very young where the market is very young I should say we have some ways to go there some regulation that's needed but that's ok we are the early adopters we're ahead of the curve and we can ride this wave because we're in early before the mainstream before backed goes fully fidelity digital assets is live but not fully live yet right where they're rolling out to mainstream marketing and so forth so it's count yourself lucky you're here early and we're gonna ride ride the wave now the average Joe doesn't know about this right let's be honest many of the folks who got in at the last bull run in 2017 was oh my gosh someone told me to buy Bitcoin or I heard something on the news but they don't understand Long's and shorts and market cycles and manipulation and market principles but count yourself lucky we're here and we understand these things but this is a very bullish sign guys I hope you understand the Long's here versus the shorts right so as you can imagine when a lot of these short contracts were out even last year guess what those same whales can keep dumping selling the Bitcoin because they're gonna make money in multiple ways they're gonna make money by their short contracts being being right so to speak that the price did go down and then what are they gonna do buy back up at the bottom right that's the game I wish I had money cuz I would do that too when I say I wish I had money meaning disposable income that are only an extra million dollars right that I could just do that on the market but it's okay we're gonna ride the wave up with the prices to go up so we're gonna make some money but we got to be patient now moving ahead here Japanese regulator FSA here's arguments for not calling Bitcoin a virtual currency as you know bitcoin is a legal currency in Japan Japan's very bullish on crypto but this is an interesting take here let me give it a details the largest crypto currency he argued has become something beyond a means of trends transacting due to its borderless qualities which have led it to appear throughout the world in its 10-year history and a quote I don't think it would be worth wise what worthwhile to call Bitcoin a virtual currency he's summarized now he didn't really say what he would call it in in lieu of being a virtual currency I don't know you know what I mean this is just you know with some guy here professor you Sheeta Gotoh who said this but this is interesting and i reason why i'm sharing with you is because japan is one of those pillars in the crypto market once again bitcoins illegal currency they are bullish on crypto so they are one of the leaders in the crypto market from a country's perspective so this is interesting let's see how it plays out now we have some details here from the Federal Trade Commission so we know the SEC is involved in crypto CFTC but now the FTC wants to get involved so the Florida and this is actually from Democratic congressman Darrin Soto one of the gentlemen behind the token taxonomy act the other is Warren Davidson and the new bill wants to give the FTC 25 million dollars to go after the crypto bad actors so Florida Democrat congressman Darrin Soto introduced a bill on Tuesday that would give the Federal Trade Commission 25 million dollars in funding to go after nefarious actors in the digital asset market so this is a great sign I know the headlines sometimes reads like oh my gosh are they gonna kill crypto but that's not the point because on the other hand he's working on introducing proper regulations to help the market grow but you have to understand they need to make sure that there's guardrails in place so that people don't use crypto for bad things right terrorism whatever it may be and on the other hand of it you know he's really supporting it and he wants the market to grow he wants innovation and so forth but I'm letting you guys know this is happening because you may hear FUD that kryptos of fat or crypto is not here to stay but look what's happening governments and politicians are moving ahead with setting establishing this market this new asset class likewise the big money is getting in building services and doing a lot of investments so it's here to stay and it's going to grow and count yourself lucky that you're here early guys here speaking of governments the Philippines central bank has already legalized 10 Bitcoin exchanges so this article goes into kind of an analysis it's not really groundbreaking new news but it's interesting that some of these countries are moving ahead and the fact that their central bank is backing it is a great sign it's such a new standard and you can imagine maybe countries like Thailand and neighboring countries will follow suit so according to local reports the Bank Bank Bango a Bangko Sentral Filipinas BSP has approved three crypto exchanges bringing the total number of approved crypto exchanges to 10 Camilla Manila Times reported Melchor Plaza an officer in charge at the technology risk and innovation supervision department of the central bank said newly approved were Beck's press incorporated coin ville Phil's ink and a be a global Phil so new folks here getting approved great sign we're seeing exchanges pop up globally and that is great I always talk about the last bull run exchanges how if you were around exchanges have to close their doors they couldn't handle the registration the traffic their servers couldn't take it there wasn't even as many Fiat on-ramps now there's so many Fiat on-ramps there's so many exchanges globally so imagine what the next bull run is gonna be like guys now there's no road block globally right there's all these established exchanges and imagine us they start mass marketing and especially you got the big players like you're back to your fidelities your eres ex and so forth TD Ameritrade it's gonna be beautiful guys it's gonna be insane the last bull run will look like nothing and we got to be patient though guys no one can accurately with 100% certainty say hey the bull run is gonna be December 31st 2019 right we can make educated guess guesses but we got to be patient and look at the the facts here that the trends and things that are happening now moving ahead of speaking of investments and so forth Bain Capital in ripples spring invests in d5 founders Scout fund so as you know ripple Spring initiative is used to fund different startups and the goal is they fund those companies and so forth with XRP you've seen my interview with the founder and CEO of omni and their integration of XRP we know about Scooter Braun and many others who are gonna be leveraging XRP and they were part of the ripple Spring initiatives ripple Spring also started that gaming fund that we heard about recently a hundred million dollar fund so big things are happening a ripple is doing us more thing here injecting XRP into different ecosystems and marketplaces to boost adoption and utility so one decentralized finance extra preneur is on the hunt to back young companies using institutional cash robert leshner is the founder of crypto market excuse me crypto money market compound financed separately from that coin Dez has learned he now has a combined million dollars from Bain Capital Ventures and ripples spring to write extremely large stage checks to very new companies the project is called robot ventures both play on Lesnar's first name and a reminder that automation is coming for all work so this is interesting a scout phone is fairly recent development in the broader technology world so let me see here they mention anything else that's relevant but it just looks like yeah they're gonna be funding this you guys once again have heard about the spring initiative and how that's gonna improve right the utility of XRP so smart move by ripple and it looks like they're doing a lot of investments here now moving ahead speaking of XRP liquid or excuse me not liquid you quid worldwide mobile credit top-up food voucher online bill payment pharmacy voucher pin let's call the X they accept XRP so worldwide mobile credit and viber now can be top-ups with ripple XRP at you quid comm XR P is also used to pay online bills food vouchers pin less blah blah blah blah great adoption and and item here we continue to see XR p being listed on exchanges pairing base pairing adoption and that's a great thing to see you guys we are seeing you know a Bitcoin XR PE theorem and many others are getting the adoption and I hold all of those in my portfolio I personally diversify and I believe Bitcoin a theorem x RP will be winners and you know there will be many winners there will be a lot of losers as well but you know I look at it from a business a logical standpoint what's getting adoption what has potential to cause disruption and be once again adopted as the new standard and new technology now speaking of the theorem guys we got some interesting stats here as you mentioned ìholy theorem in my portfolio I recently talked about adding Yost to my portfolio I'm still reviewing a few things there tirana have in my portfolio as well as card on oh well a theorem base DAPs decentralized applications dominate the market note more inactive naps and other blockchains though although a theorem based decentralized applications still dominate the dap market they do not have ranked highest in terms of user act activeness the report covers four blockchains excuse me this is report according to a force first quarter 2019 DAP market report from DAP calm the report covers four blockchains aetherium io steam and Toronto all together these block chains record a transaction volume of 3.2 billion dollars with else and tron processing more than a billion transaction 1 billion dollars in transaction volume each so this is interesting and I think a lot of the etherium decentralized apps what has happened even though it has the largest you know as far as the volume there's not a lot of activity in many of them and this could be as a result of the lingering ICO failure effect of the bear market I think that's what it is but I am most bullish on a theorem even over EOS and Tron and ata there's so many things happening around you theorem it's not making major headlines but it's the facts I think you know just recently I talked to you guys about Dharma which the crypto lending platform issuing on the ethereum blockchain right I even told you about Amazon offering their cloud services clients the up the option of building their own blockchain using a theorem and also hyper ledger whereas EOS whereas Tron where's EDA in that right this is Amazon offering this and we've covered this many times so there's many other things going on there's loans issued on the III and blockchain by countries and even on I think it was a an auction government auction as well we had covered this last year so there's real stuff not just like crypto related ICO stuff right there's like actual real world usage happening on Ethier and blockchain and I know there's some scaling issues and things that need to be fixed but I think that will come in due time but I'm very bullish on any theorem guys moving ahead here coinbase launches crypto Visa debit card for UK and EU customers great move by coinbase once again making it easier for folks to pay the on-ramps right so as I've been talking about for the next bore on this is all gonna be perfect crypto currency exchange coin base has launched a Visa debit card allowing users in the UK and you you to spend their cryptocurrencies directly from their coin base accounts so that's pretty interesting customers will be able to spend their Bitcoin etherium like corn and other cryptocurrencies as effortlessly as money in their bank now it's interesting that they haven't done this in the United States and it's probably due to the regulations that's why we need the token taxonomy at guys there's more clarity in the EU and that is why you notice what I've been talking about it just as an example ripple X rapid notice the banks and institutions that are going live they're only overseas none in the US but ripples partner with banks in the US but no none have gone live like you know your money grams your Western Union and so forth right that's because there's no clarity these these companies are afraid to touch the digital assets right because they don't want to get sued or I shouldn't say sued or penalized right didn't want to run into issues now some not so good news of bit tracks the New York City just denied there they're a bit license application so this is not good guys but I think they're gonna refile now put this in context with what we heard yesterday bitstamp got their approval they're a bit license and they're an X rapid liquidity provider who else is an X X rapid liquidity provider bit tracks so something is happening here with bit stamp and bit tracks and I think ripples getting ready to do some things and as you know these companies will be able to source liquidity from XRP liquidity from these exchanges to send my through ex rapid so I think Beatrix just gonna refile but they release the statement here saying they're disappointed and sat in and so forth it's kind of knowing in New York with this bit license you know stuff and hopefully they they make it more open a lot less red tape and let's see bit Wrexham most likely you know refile here and finally guys sixty million in rising China's crypto funds trial ending to beat bear market so just giving you the highlights the reason why I'm telling you this because recently we heard about China wanting to ban Bitcoin mining and I think many people saw that it's a ten-time wants to ban Bitcoin but yet crypto investment firms are operating China so you see the the dynamic here something isn't right right so crypto investment firms in China have turned to lending for a steady revenue stream to get through the bear market including big Seng capital FBG capital and dong Zhou's D group each of these firms currently holds about fifteen million dollars worth of outstanding loans originated over the last five months although most of these lenders don't directly deal with Chinese wan they see borrowing demand domestically from retail investors treating this in cryptocurrency miners so that's what we got to be careful sometimes with these news items of fun right where all of a sudden some I don't know where there some source said China wants to ban Bitcoin but if it's some alleged source like the Chinese President came out and say we're banning Bitcoin I would believe it more than an anonymous source right but this here we're hearing from the actual companies about what they're trying to do these are established companies and so forth so China's abdic could be playing a game you know because this is ending up into like a trade war thing political thing I'm not trying to get into politics here but these there's some other overarching themes here and things that are happening right but guys the future of crypto is bright it is a disruptive technology a new asset class it is here to stay and once again the proof is in the pudding here right the factor in our face what is the government doing I always tell you guys watch the government's watch what the big money is doing as well that will tell you this story that will tell you what's to come because if you're looking at prices prices are affected by different things market cycles bear bull whatever right but if you see millions of dollars being dumped to build services and buying these assets and these major institutions like your ice and Nasdaq and fidelity TD Ameritrade dumping millions and building out their services why would they be doing that you think they want to lose money you think they they want to build something around a fad no no guys this is the disruptive technology the new asset class here to stay just like the internet did in the early 90s and many of those who invested early in the googles and Amazons and the eBay's and and so forth they did really well that's where you have to spot disruptive technology coming right now change is hard for humans and even some politicians I know this is scam versus BS right but the technology will disrupt and look at what happened to your blockbusters when Netflix did even look at what Google did to phone books right make that made them irrelevant and many other things and you look at Amazon which I know a lot of small shops and retailers are not gonna like but at the end of the day it is what it is it's disrupting it's offering a better service and humans and people will gravitate to that right then something that makes their life much easier much more efficient and and makes the process easier right so think about those things guys because that's what's happening here and it's happening on a global scale it's actually much bigger than the internet here because the internet you know primarily Audis companies started and it was happened to capital mark the investments and so forth were from accredited investors and it was just like the United States there's time around this thing is global and your average joke and hump jump hump can jump into it and and start investing so this this has so much potential when you think about it from a global standpoint anyway guys what do you think about this news do you think we could hit 6,000 Bitcoin can hit 6,000 dollars by the end of April been sooner let's see what happens it sure looks like it's going that way so I want to know what you guys think leave your thoughts and comments below thumbs up if you like this video please subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter links in the description if you'd like to support the channel check out my donation links as well as my patreon group thank you to my patreon supporters and I'll talk to you all later

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  2. Nice Visa Card through Coinbase. Again not available in the usa . Guess why, this is getting to be the joke of the financial world. Sorry people but this is just getting to be absolutely absurd.

  3. everybody is moving ahead and guess who they see in the rear view mirror as they LOL . usa I think, its' so far back I can barely see them. LOL

  4. Great video bro! Bitcoin has just smashed and surpassed it's high of $4,201 since February this year and even crossed the $5,000 mark and this could mean a good thing for us traders and hodlers as well. The probability is so high that we could ride the bulls up to the next important resistance of $6,100. It will be great for us all if that happens and we must be ready for the outcome that presents itself by searching a way to expand our portfolio in advent of the much expected bull run. Two ways to do this is by using a strategy called dollar cost average to purchase and assemble which has its upsides and downsides or by purchasing a fair amount and speedily expanding by trading which of course has its upsides also. A word of caution, trading is highly profitable and can return as much as 400% as profit depending on your trade skills and frequency. However, do this only if you are remarkably good at both technical analysis and chart /news reading or obtain the assistance of a professional who offers services in signals and strategies. There are a number of professional but am most comfortable with Mauricio Pierce because his system is so easy and his signals are extremely accurate. I have used his guidance lot of times and i have never been disappointed. You need a prosperous trader as a guide because you can easily imitate his prosperity. Mauricio is available to reach by mail ([email protected] com..) good luck

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