33 thoughts on “Bitcoin PARABOLIC!! | $9,500 Next Stop?? | Bitcoin Maximalism Vs. Altcoin Hype | BTC On Excel”

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  2. I like u, your channel and ur opinions very much. Hey, somehow, how u’re sitting in your chair, u remembering me to Steven Hawking. ? keep on going your good work. Thank you!

  3. I don't agree with you on altcoins, at least not for those that are also payment networks, like Bitcoin.
    Fundamentals are as easy to gauge as they are for Bitcoin. Bitcoin just has a first movers advantage (so most of the other coins are valued against it) and the fact that its network is the biggest.
    It's a good store of value. But it's still a very bad solution for payment network.
    Lightning is still clumsy and not user-friendly and it actually introduces a third party that needs to be trusted and the Bitcoin network itself did not solve scaling at all. The fees will go through the roof again, very soon.
    So alts are very much needed for anyone that actually uses crypto for everyday transactions.
    In my opinion, the next killer app will be seamless decentralized crypto to crypto exchanges with minimal fees. Then it wouldn't matter which crypto you actually use at the POS, but you can still choose the more secure one for your long term store of value.

  4. Your opinion on Alt coins is pretty clear every day but not always accurate….just opinion. Clearly there is a difference between BTC and ALT coins but there are reasons that ALT coins do and will always exist. Some at least. Wake up a little.

  5. Hey Carl, do you know any projects other than BTC that have maintained a top 3 position in market cap for over 5 years? Are any if them as old as BTC? Any of them have any utility or have major banks testing them? Only one? XRP?

  6. I love this parabolic run-up, and i expect that because of that, around July/August, i will have practically unlimited amount of money.

  7. If btc reaches $10k in the next week or so, we might get a major case of FOMO, a massive pump, and then get our blow off top

  8. Thanks Carl. If some of you are using Google sheets instead of MS Excel, you can use =googlefinance("BTCUSD", "price",today(),1) to import current btc price.

  9. hi Carl, good to see you and be present with all your charts and intelligence. Heartfelt thanks and the best of the best wishes to you and yours. 🙂

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