50 thoughts on “BITCOIN OVER $500K? ?Here's how it can happen! Elliott Wave Theory Explained”

  1. Hey what's up. I've been following your channel for a while now and I see that you're a very knowledgeable guy so I'd like your opinion on this. Have you ever heard of Liracoin? I just bumped into it and I'd like to know, based on their project do you think that it's a good investment?

  2. Very interesting.  Thanks for sharing this information.  I have a tiny bit of BTC and can't afford more at this time.   Just a nibble at a time.

  3. I am an Elliott Wave Trader and have channel dedicated to teaching people to use it. Thanks for the good intro to it. Loved it.

  4. 500k, 260k, 100k, 1000000k, 88k, heard evry price thinkable……before the end of the year btc is below 3k..yes you heard it first from me!

  5. In the wise words of Eric Krown…..
    "Elliot wave?..You can Elliot Wave goodbye to ur cash"
    – Maybe skip the TA attempts and get some shots fired back at Tyler from Chico Crypto- he keeps callin' you out – cheers

  6. Hey. I watched Allessio’s video on this, he talks about it a lot and knows his stuff. I take it all in and respect all these theories and just keep learning. Then do what I feel is right based on what I’ve learnt. Thanks for taking time out to share your knowledge.

  7. Elliot, how are you going to celebrate 365 days until bitcoin halving ?
    $1,000,000.00 BITCOIN COMING SOON.
    Google it.
    Just a friendly reminder for the NEWBS.
    When you sell your bitcoin, you are selling it to a whale, or even worse, A BANKSTER.
    Never before in the world of finance has a predetermined event of this magnitude happened.
    A KNOWN, KNOWN event.
    The WHALES know this and are getting coin cheap right now. Organized theft from weak hands.
    Don't sell your bitcoin cheap.

  8. I have been buying xrp since december last year in small packets, unfortunately finances are a little tight but recently Ive been doing alot of research and Im planning on buying up a few satoshis once I can. Priority though is saving up for a ledger wallet. Anyway, your videos have become a go-to to get a little extra unbiased news and learn a little more. Love your work keep it up.

  9. I can say with a near 100% certainty that there is about a 50% likelihood that BTC will in fact go up. you're welcome.

  10. FinBrain Technologies has developed Deep Learning algorithms for modeling the future price movements of the financial assets, you can visit our website for more.

  11. also I do believe that we might see 1m rather sooner than later, I mean in 2021 or latest of 2023

  12. very positive analysis! many points maches with my analysis too, wher I foresee that bitcoin in August- Semptember will be 30k and by the end of this year or January 2020 will be over 100k.

  13. Great explanation! I think it would help if you showed your screen pointer when talking about points on the wave as i got a bit lost! Thanks!

  14. HAHAHAHA! $88k? HAHAHAHA! It’s cool, I know you were just trying to be conservative with that estimate.

    To me a $88k bitcoin for this next bull run is the equivalent of the last bull run only topping out at $1,700

  15. Elliot waves are pretty vague (french pun intended). It's kind of obvious and it indicates nothing that a simple look at the charts will tell you, really. Waves go up and down. You don't need to know anything about trading to know that. Just look at the charts on any given time frame and you'll see waves going up and down. While the indicator may work nicely when placed unto any area of a chart, it's really not something that I like to use for trading or for trying to estimate long term investment potential. Can they be used to draw fancy fictitious lines to indicate where an asset may be at some random point in the future? Sure. You can do that. Or you could ask a toddler to doodle a zig zagging line for you, and the kid will probably do just as well as the Elliot Wave.

  16. 5 people would give you 5 different waves sooooo ………… i.e. wave 3 & 4 why not one spike lower? Click bait I think this was your worst video to date for me

  17. Almost nobody can comprehend the heights BTC will rise to once the financial institutions go all in. 10's of trillions of dollars will flow into the system, all chasing the limited small number of available BTC. North Korea, Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia will all be buying as much BTC as they can get their hands on. If the stock market starts converting securities over to crypto's….it's game over. BTC will also grab a huge portion of the precious metals market as well. Lastly, the U.S. dollar has been on life support for many years. They are starting to consider bringing Quantitative Easing back. If the dollar does crash and we go to a global currency, BTC would be considered. They are already discussing BTC as the worlds reserve currency. Most people think these high BTC price predictions are absurd, when in reality, they are paltry.

  18. You’re the best E! Time will tell but you laid out an intelligent and plausible path forward. I love your videos.

  19. Another great video. Bravo to you for sticking through this past year and a half and establishing yourself as one of the most credible voices in crypto.

    There has never been anything like Bitcoin, ever. That’s why we are here. When the global adoption takes place, it will be so chaotic. Right now we give it a USD value. What happens when nobody who could be a seller wants to accept USD in exchange for BTC? I will continue to be a happy spectator at that time- I could never predict what a global rush of all assets into one asset would look like.

  20. The internet bubble hit 4 billion I'm pretty sure and not everyone could take part in purchasing during the time…things are different everyone has access to purchase crypto now over time, with inflation and the amount of money ready to step in we could see a 20 trillion market cap.

  21. The real question that needs to be asked before you go in hard on BTC is do you believe a rival project will go on to achieve mass adoption/usage on the level of say a PayPal? Bearing in mind that this isn't BTCs focus. If so how do you think it will impact on BTC as a SOV?

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    do the free trial , we welcome you to the room open arms, love your coverage! Full crypto specific room

  23. Bet the guy that made that Wall St cheat sheet wished he had copyrighted it ?. I shouldn't give ideas out like that…I know someone that might try and copyright it and state it was his idea.

  24. When used properly, Elliott is used to structure risk to reward mathematically to definite risk and profit taking targets, and more than that is used to objectively invalidate one's thesis as Ralph Elliott gave very clear rules for market structure. Very useful.

  25. And, historically Bitcoin is an 'Extended 5er' like gold is as well in Elliott Wave patterns but mathematically speaking a massive extended 5th here should still be no higher than 225K. If we first dop to $1600. then we have a large enhough wave 4 to suggest $500K is in play next. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_LK-Dpvv1M2FkjZhugVOWA?view_as=subscriber

  26. Each wave structure has a mathematical tendency and range to previous waves, and this wave should top at $65K to 125K before another challenging bear, larger than this one in time, then a run to $500K+. Yes, there is an alternative view that this is primary wave 4 off genesis but it really is too small to be such if we keep the ~$3K bottom. So this potential is key to understand to avoid getting trapped. Yes an alternate view is a 5th to $500K but we have to be careful with that.

  27. It’s important to realize that there hasn’t been a new asset class in 300-400 years. There’s also never been any investment worth over 800 billion at one point and turned out worthless. So, don’t let the FUD of the USD rich fool you. Bitcoin and crypto is here for the long run, and all the projections will eventually happen. The only question is “Do you have a stone cold strategy to take profit, relieve enormous profit holding stress, and see this and still have holdings you can see all the way through

  28. Don’t think of Bitcoin surpassing gold in market cap. Think of both of them moving together and a flight from securities. That’s how I see it anyway. If there is a massive stock market crash, people will be looking for safety in wealth retention.

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