23 thoughts on “Bitcoin on the verge of becoming worthless?”

  1. They always got something to say when they don’t understand Bitcoin because of his status some people might listen to him ask him if he understand the blockchain and how it works

  2. As the prices of btc fall, there will be less miners to compete for the reward (btc), which means the cost of mining drops as well. Bitcoin will recover. I’ve witnessed bitcoin go from at all time high of $1000 to $100 a few years back and now it’s $3600.

  3. Keep talking bad about it so I can buy at 1000 dollar lol we don't buy this fud its all on purpose manipulation at its finest, news did this with the start of the internet too. Been studying this for 2 years in not going anywhere and xrp is the best.

  4. Last year I had some friends who were all gungho on this BS. They bought at $10k. I told them it could just as easily go to $0 as to $20k. ZERO is coming, and once people realize it…bar the door.

  5. ROFL – this guy also got it wrong.

    Bitcoin network doesn't need miners to sustain the network. All they need is nodes. Anyone can run a bitcoin node – whether it's from a phone or even a personal laptop. Bitcoin exchanges typically run their own nodes. As long as there's more than one Bitcoin exchange still functioning around the world, the Bitcoin network is guaranteed to exist.

    But even if those exchanges decided to shut shop, you and I can simply start a bitcoin node on our personal laptops and viola – the bitcoin network is saved! If you noticed, miners weren't part of any of this conversation.

  6. Bitcoin is done, global markets shut it down. Only exchanges are making the money now. That is why the cryptocurrency pool went from almost a trillion down to 130 billion or so today, which is ALL cryptos.

    There is no value in it now. Last I seen was top 100 control like 70-90% in each coin including bitcoin, meaning whales slowly draining others.

    South Korea was roughly 1/3 china was the other 1/3. But since their bans it is not coming back. Exchanges make the most for now. I don't see Bitcoin or any currency recovering too much now.

    Bitcoin was nothing but a gambling pot and still is, just significantly smaller today.

  7. About the only promising aspect of crypto currency is the fact that there are actually crypto currency ATM machines in several merchant locations.
    Not sure if there is any purchasing power with the currency for the normal consumer.

  8. Nobody can predict the future price because it's mostly based on emotion and trading demand and supply. As he said, the actual use cases aren't that big, unless you think holding these numbers is an investment, which is just emotion, and bit actually a use case.

  9. loll. i was excited for his talk when the btc price came out and i look at the release date of this video. lamao… trolling….

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