11 thoughts on “BITCOIN Next Stop $10,000 ? – Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News 2019”

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  2. Here is the thing I have observed the past year in Bitcoin, every time there is a closing out of a massive amount of BTC futures contracts, BTC has a significant move upward as people need to get out of their positions. Another article I read of research by Fidelity Investment is that BTC has only experience 10 significant moves in the past few years, most of the time it trades in a narrow range, so not ideal for institutional investing looking for predictable market movements. Everyone remember the $1000 jump a few months ago, it happened on the close-out day of BTC futures contracts…. Check for yourself, I assume everyone does their own research…ha ha ha… You will see a pattern that is undeniable.. So the next time there are a lot of shorts on BTC, get ready for a $500 to $1k move in BTC. This is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE just the rambling of someone who reads a lot of crypto crap.

  3. With the move in the cryptocurency market, there's no doubt we are about to see another ATH in no distant time. Bitcoin has continued its growth for the past dyas and this is quite encouraging. Other altcoins also follow suit. My interest is on altcoins like Ethereum and Veil cos I trade this two daily with good profit. The game continues.

  4. Bitcoin has shown great surge in price in the last few days and I see $9000 if this continues. However, some alts do not follow the trend but I believe the season of alts is visible as well. My favorites like the Veil coin, Ripple and others picking up. I just like trading veil and getting daily profits.

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