Bitcoin News – Japan, USA, New Zealand, Mining, and Bitcoin Gold

what's going on guys it's the crypto lark here today we're gonna be talking about Bitcoin and Bitcoin news all around the world we'll be mentioning a little bit about Bitcoin gold at the end of this chat today as well but first we're looking at some of the news roundup from around the world all the exciting stuff going on with what you can buy with Bitcoin mining news and all the rest of it before we get into that quick shout out to everyone who has been hitting that like button and subscribing down below to the channel guys I really really appreciate everyone's support of course you can also support me over on patreon or follow me along on Steam accom you can help support me that way as well and also quick disclaimer this is not professional financial advice guys this is just a dude talk about crypto currencies let's get into it Bitcoin four thousand three hundred and two dollars and ninety one cents not too bad at all now of course still way up on the three month you know we're all the way down at about twenty five hundred dollars a few months ago so we're still doing very very well and I really feel like that roads just uh you know clear in front of us now but we do have some really choppy waters ahead so even though we're still heading to the same destination be prepared for a little bit of drama on the way and the drama of course is coming the form of a Bitcoin gold but also 2x which is coming up so Segway to X course there's a whole movement now you know no no to X hashtags and all these things so there's a lot of stuff coming up guys we're not gonna go into all the details of that in fact we're not even really talking about 2x today we're gonna talk a little bit about Bitcoin gold but not about 2x that's that's for another day that's for the neighbor there's certainly a lot going on so the Bitcoin drama is not over it's not over and so you might see some more price action on the downward trend for example before these things happen now what is most likely to happen is just before Bitcoin gold comes out we'll probably see an even a bit of a price spike in Bitcoin altcoins will go down a little bit as people try to move their money from altcoins to Bitcoin in order to get that Bitcoin gold interesting question will be whether or not it gets as much support as Bitcoin cash head I have a feeling like it's really not going to but of course time will tell and see you know how excited people get about their Bitcoin gold or not over in Japan Japan of course has become the number one crypto market now that China is out you know it's not that Creek Korea is out by any means but you know they've put a little bit of a damper on the party with banning Korean based I SEOs so China's really you know sorry China Japan has really become the big big place for the crypto party guys ah she want to go to Japan again I love Japan Japan has a fantastic country now they have officially recognized 11 different cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan so those are the eleven companies that will now be you know supported by the financial services agency to exchange crypto currencies so they're going with some common-sense legislation saying hey we're gonna keep an eye almost going on but have fun guys so that's great good work Japan over in the US they may follow in Japan's lead and start licensing companies like coinbase so keep an eye on that space for that to happen that's not a bad thing guys that's just what's gonna happen in new zealand in new zealand's and it is amazing amazing so this is a an article that was written a few days ago Bitcoin bottleneck continues to frustrate Kiwis so this gentleman here Richard McMann has wrote a nice little article here in the Wellington newspaper there are web websites stuff Koda and Zedd talking about of course how it is a pain in the butt to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand however that is right on the back of this news here coinbase co-founder eyes New Zealand Bitcoin market now that is pretty exciting stuff I would really really like to see a big player like that come into the Ziel market obviously we have crypto Pia and some different companies but prime and New Zealand Bitcoin exchange but I think that if we see one of the big players come in it'll really take off a lot more here in New Zealand part of the problem is though is that the New Zealand banking system isn't quite on board with crypto currencies yet so we're a little behind times in that way I wish we would catch up maybe I should walk down the street and talk to my MP that's that's an idea maybe I'll do that one of these days here soon really really this just down the street Parliament's like 10 minutes that way so maybe I'll do that one these days okay over in Russia this is some really exciting news actually Russia proposes adding cryptocurrency to the populations financial literacy strategy how amazing is that a country that's you know again there are still dissenting voices inside of Russia so it's definitely not finished by any mean the crypto conversation there but the fact is it's saying like hey why don't we start teaching people about crypto currencies fantastic fantastic the program will be implemented in two phases one starting this year going until 2019 the other in 2022 to 2023 that is fantastic of course that is being implemented by the finance ministry who have been the ones supporting crypto currencies of course the central bank is not so supportive of that but that is fantastic absolutely fantastic course growing awareness in Russia 28% of Russians have heard of crypto currencies including of course Bitcoin and of course they remain exotic for the overwhelming majority of our compatriots yes they are exotic and they are very difficult for the average person who only has you know a regular amount of human time to get involved in so it'd be really nice to see that moving forward you know some very just common-sense stuff what is it what does a Bitcoin how does an exchange work how can you buy it how can you mine it simple stuff could be you know a weekend course or whatever they're gonna do so that's really cool over in mining news bit Maine has got their s9 available for sale you can grab one it's a 13.5 tire hash machine pretty good deal 1,200 bucks course you won't be receiving that until probably the first week of the number that being said the drama here the reason why I mention is they're only accepting Bitcoin cash this payment hmm interesting very very interesting so three Bitcoin cash will grab you one of these bad boys right here now I guess if you get had your Bitcoin cash and you know you haven't spent it yet you had it from back in the day well I guess think yourself a free ant miner but the question is why are they only accepting Bitcoin cash are they trying to give people a reason to use bitcoin cash are they trying to hoard a bitcoin cash of course I'm sure they've got all these mining machines working nonstop all day mining Bitcoin cash but it's very interesting very over in the US American mining company MGD crypto capital strategies is looking at putting a mining farm up in Maine that is great of course the more mining farms the better although the course the difficulty and competition will go right through the roof a different American mining company is putting a 35 plus megawatt mining farm in sweet and holy cow of course Genesis mining also I believe is putting a pretty big mining farm over in Sweden in fact it's probably gonna be nearly complete by this stage but wow that's that's pretty huge that is pretty huge of course Sweden a great place to set those up not only is the legislative network very friendly to cryptocurrencies in Sweden they're also very very heavily invested in renewable energy which is fantastic if we're gonna be doing this crazy Bitcoin mining where we just you know use up stupid amounts of energy it better damn be renewable energy or we're gonna be really screwed guys bitcoins already using as much energy as Denmark so let's course Denmark is almost completely renewable but bitcoin is not because it's mostly based in China which is something else we're gonna get sue a little later on oh and Transnistria does anyone even know where Transnistria is Transnistria wants to set up a Bitcoin mining farm good on you Transnistria Transnistria is a breakaway region from the Republic of Moldova sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine lies along the banks of the kneestr River tiny little country still living in Soviet times basically it is described as some kind of a black hole of Europe where you know guns and drugs and all this stuff just walk in and out of the borders all day long but nevertheless they're gonna do some Bitcoin mining sooo you go Transnistria you go keep keep it classy keep it classy all right moving on Goldman Sachs eyes Bitcoin trading now I just saw another article today with again more JPMorgan executives coming I hope you like bitcoins JP Morgan is this good news I really don't know I really don't know I mean at least at least they're pro Bitcoin but you know screw you Goldman Sachs but at least the pro Bitcoin so rock that thank you for watching will over in Zimbabwe there are not very many exchanges in Zimbabwe and demand for Bitcoin is so high that people were buying it for seventy two hundred bucks Wow Wow and of course at the time that they wrote this article it was still trading for sixty one fifty well well above the official exchange rate for Bitcoin that is absolutely crazy of course if you're a Zimbabwe and you have seen your own currency just be destroyed it's absolutely absolutely crazy so wow that's pretty impressive coming out of his and Bob way of course shows you that people are believing people believe in Bitcoin especially in these countries that have just been decimated by their corrupt and incompetent government's places like some Bob way places like Venezuela places like Ukraine they are getting on full board with crypto currencies good on ease and Bob way I like it okay experts are saying $6,000 Bitcoin by the end of the year a brace for volatility yeah we know well you know there's some drama coming guys we know personally I see higher than 6,000 by the end of the year but that's just a personal estimate I guess we'll have to see it's this drama might really drive the price of Bitcoin down and of course you know as more Forks come is that gonna dive you know is money gonna go elsewhere from Bitcoin well I have to see if that's what the experts are saying I'm a little more bullish than that but we'll have to wait and see okay Bitcoin gold is on the way WTF why why but we're getting two guys we're getting it a guy named Jack liao he is the CEO of Hong Kong mining firm lightning ASIC he is the one who is pushing this Fork it's amazing how much power these mining corporations have it only takes a mine or a very very small minority of miners to disagree exactly like what happened with Bitcoin cash to cause a split now the big idea behind Bitcoin gold is that it's not going to be using sha-256 it's gonna be using aqua hash which will let it be my noble only by GPUs or CPUs great of course obviously the problem with that is that Nvidia and AMD are the world's major producers of these graphics cards so still you would have a massive centralization it seems to me like it's some kind of battle between Jack Leal and of course this dude over here Jihan whoo the CEO of bit main so a lot of drama going on in bitcoins space a lot of you know minority holders are really just messing it up of course this may be a really good thing in the long term for Bitcoin the more of these Forks we have the more drama that goes on the stronger Bitcoin becomes because all these arguments they can put to the side like whoa but what if we did a different algorithm well someone tried it didn't work well what if we do this well it doesn't doesn't work didn't didn't work Bitcoin keeps moving forward so we'll see if you want to get your Bitcoin goal do make sure that you have control of your private keys the best way of course would be on a hardware wallet like the ledger nano s if you haven't got one you're probably not gonna have time to get one by the time this fork happens in a couple of weeks that being said there are other options a lot of exchanges haven't come out and said what they're gonna do yet do keep an eye on the news remember a couple weeks away from this event happening still so we got 21 days at the time of this recording so we still you know are waiting for different exchanges for example to say what they do when the Bitcoin cache happened I had my Bitcoin I didn't have a lot of Bitcoin I had actually been buying up the alt coins but nevertheless I had my Bitcoin that I did have in bit wrecks and so I was funded my Bitcoin cache over there for whatever that's worth course so if you do want to do that you might be able to even keep it on an exchange obviously the best solution is to have a hardware wallet but if don't have one exchanges are also a possibility now why is Jack Lee out doing this if you look at the hash rate distribution you can see ant pool which is run by bit main controls almost 20% of the global hash rate power for Bitcoin that's out of control of course a lot of other major Chinese companies fulfill the top here there are even some conspiracy theories that they're actually just proxies run by bit main I don't know about any of that stuff that's just a conspiracy theory but nevertheless I would not be surprised about anything I feel like there's been a lot of manipulation with what has been going on so I understand why Jack Lee I was coming from he wants to try to decentralize it but I don't think it's gonna work I don't think Bitcoin gold is gonna work I feel like it's just another Fork that's gonna make somebody a lot of money but for most people it's gonna kind of be largely irrelevant that's just my opinion you know like I said just do talk about cryptocurrencies here these are my thoughts on it will be interesting to see what happens but obviously the name stays with Bitcoin it will be the one that continues to move forward so we shall have to wait and see what happens with that but that's just my two cents guys you let me know about down the comment section below we'll put in some more videos you know coming up – for example segments and doing more updates just before Bitcoin gold comes out as well with all the updates that have gone on with that let you know what exchanges are going to be it compatible with and so on so forth so stay tuned for updates guys thank you so so much for tuning in long live the blockchain and peace out next time

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  1. I'm surprised that Amd and Nvidia haven't made a gpu card that is specialized, configured and marketed towards mining.

  2. Thank you for your long, drawn out reply! Seriously though, just wanted to say I love your presentation style and the content you present…and that in the near-to-distant future, your video thumbnails will be legendary and studied (much like Shakespeare is studied today).

  3. Have u visited your locwl MP yet? If not, do it. Let me know. We need someone on board, esp Wellington based.

  4. If ever one of those large companies get to get 51% of the mining power, they will be able to manipulate (change) the blockchain…see Byzantine Generals’ Problem (BGP)

  5. i got a question regarding the fork…
    doesnt it make sense to trade my altcoins to bitcoin and after the fork trade back? because bitcoin will probably be more worth and altcoins will be less worth so i will get more altcoins for the bitcoins i have after the fork. + free btcgold… your opinion?

  6. First time I've seen you. Subscribed & Liked. I'm just now looking at Crypto Currency's. Wow did I miss the boat a few years ago when I know a guy that tried to tell all of us this was the next big thing and I think Bitcoin was penny's then. Ouch. I sunk that boat. Ha Thanks and I'll be watching.

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  8. If someone had BTC on a paper wallet, would they still qualify to get the BTGold associated with the 'fork'? Sorry, complete newb here.

  9. I appreciate your videos. I am thinking of just doing small increments every week ($50-100) and just hold for long term instead of getting into the mining thing…..any thoughts and suggestions? Wish I would have purchased some bitcoin a couple of years ago when it was lingering around $300…LOL

  10. All this news about miningfarms is depressing. They're incredibly detrimental to the environment, crypto doesnt have a place in the future if it is so polluting. By next year all mines are already outdated and it all goes to the junkyard… waste of resources.

  11. I'm a Blockchain believer, but the current state of bitcoin mining is getting more and more ridiculous to me. How in the world we need Gigawatts of electricity to process 2-3 transaction per second. I think mining has gone wrong, where only the rich and big companies can (profitably) participate and thus the rich getting richer. We know that in PoW, mining main purpose is actually to entice participation while the transaction validation and voting rights are in the hand of nodes. No mining necessary to process and secure transactions. And one thing that interesting, how come people in Venezuela and financially troubled countries using Bitcoin? The transaction cost of bitcoin, according to my experience is quite expensive, 2-3 dollar. That's actually equal 1 day salary in many third countries. Do they really afford $7k while as far as I know … that is a lifetime saving worth of money in many third countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. I think .. I like I always see firsthand that only speculators (like me) are using Bitcoin. Isn't it better that if those countries using a less expensive coins? There is a place for a stable and cheap blockchain projects that grow out of each of those countries as a grass-root project, initiated from the bottom up, from within. This will benefit them most. While in Bitcoin, we all know that approximately 96% of bitcoin is owned by 4% of address (of all bitcoin users which is less than 0.5% of world population; By using bitcoin those poor people are bearing the brunt of volatility (buying high selling low), while some early adopter like me bought bitcoin for $200 and some larger whales have hundreds of thousands of bitcoin and bought it or mined it when it was $10. Again I'm not a bitcoin hater as I have been greatly profited. I see blockchain has a potential to improve people's life if structured and executed in a fair and inclusive manner. But to be honest, does anyone in bitcoin community care?

  12. Yay! New Zealand should embrace Cryptocurrency as we like to think of ourselves as a progressive nation. I am very new to the crypto scene and took me a while to find a way to turn my NZD into Bitcoin so I welcome any new advancements in this sector.

  13. Dang it! Sold my SONM for a 40% profit thinking the run wouldn't last. Now its up about 100% lol!

    It sure is a massive spike and I expect it to drop so I can hopefully buy back in. If not, oh well. I got Bitcoin instead.

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  15. Bro, when u get a chance do you think you could review a November ICO called Playkey pls? I can see that they're in pre-sale but its a minimum 60 ETH contribution, so thats out of reach. So far I cannot find what the minimum buy in the ICO is. Their initial plan is a cloud gaming service, where a gamer has access to games through a shared economy. Instead of buying games or a better GPU, processing power is shared by miners and they are rewarded in the new coin. They also have VR integration planned, good WP, good development team. They have been in the scene for 4 years apparently and have an online gaming shared economy service with apparently just over 1 million subscribers. I found out about it yesterday..interesting enough for me to read more for now. Chur!

  16. Hey Lark, Aucklander here. Coinbase coming to NZ would be sick. What exchange do you do most of your trading/investing on? Keep up the great work

  17. Bro i think i know why they only accepting bitcoin cash. Cause on the 25 Bitcoin Gold will come out to the stage makin bitcoin cash increase crazy high. They plannin on selling all that bitcoin cash when it reaches the peak and dump it. HAHA. I figure it out.

  18. Love your stuff Lark! Hope you choose me for your giveaway… I thumbs up every video you post 😉 Just sayin… Keep posting great content!

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