Bitcoin News – Futures,Mining Difficulty & the 66,234 Bitcoin Whale

back coin is always and the news but I think it's fair to say that over the last month Bitcoin has been in the news a lot more because of the drop in price what we'd like to do in this video is talk about a few different news stories about Bitcoin from the last few days which aren't related to the place of the coin the first one is related to Bitcoin futures the second one is related to mining difficulty and the last one is related to a bet coin will that's saying a huge amount of money from a wall that has been used since 2013 so I got a lot people talking about that a lot of speculation about what's happening and about the place where were said about 3846 dollars right now as I record this but that's not what I want to talk about in this video first story Nasdaq confirms a blast back coin futures so I saw a lot of people talking about that's the soul of articles about this it's a lot of attention about it and you see alloy people cleaner summarize that like best the news should here with a way that acceptance of the capital can see through the world and there's a huge step towards mass adoption and you'll see the same thing at the end of the article states say the news has been met with excitement with many claiming the Nasdaq glass Tings will now pave the way for bitcoins mainstream future that's easy this is a tipping point that people will look back upon in years to come and see that this is we are cryptocurrency Kimon too soon and you know so far the place doesn't seem to reflect that but well we shall see we shall see a meth less will be a catalyst and as far as mass adoption goes you know I've always kind of linked towards the fact that we need more integration with online shops and things like that and I also think that we need more apps mobile apps I think we just need to make it simpler for the average person in the street to use cryptocurrency not having to see if that fails and remember public keys and all that I think that is what's going to help with mass adoption but you'd be ignant not to acknowledge how influential that you know traders and large financial institutions are as far as back coin goes as far as kept token circles as a whole so yeah as I said I'm not a trader but alloy P was saying that this could be a catalyst they say that this is for cryptocurrency we shall see and as well here back coin remaining difficulty just saw its second largest drop in history so yeah again I've read a few different articles about this aim and they talked about the meaning difficulty dropping no this really isn't any surprise I guess the C's aim you know supplies this doesn't happen sooner you know there will be a lot of people switching off their back coin mining machines because of the low place of bet coin there's a lot of people stole mining and they may be meaning at a loss and but the most significant thing here is that this as the the biggest or the second biggest drop and the history of Bitcoin and you can see the difficult is as drop their aim as CCN reported the Bitcoin hash rate has been in decline since Matic tauba as falling prices hastened the rate at which all the remaining models became obsolete so you know you saw that with e-cig may not value another websites like that assure you how profitable say on ASIC Mainers are the drop in price means that a lot of those all the machines are no running in the red and become obviously in profit diving firms at the margins began to turn off the machines to avoid operating a loss one estimate pigs the average cost of producing a new you know a bet coin at $4,500 I might back coin is generally traded below since November 20th and you know as I said rate knows setting about $3,800 or so so yeah that's this gray significant and as far as hosted no forget as I don't know I saw some people seen that after the death of what he dogs more than a place jobs more it could go in a like a death spiral where you know it couldn't come back but I don't know you know there's so much speculation and there's so many people just jumping to conclusions whenever something like this it happens and all it takes is back coin to go back up for a like what we starts watching the machines on and then it definitely it goes back up again so I don't know but as far as the history of Bitcoin goes as far as the head of Bitcoin mining goes you know the second biggest drop in history of course that's significant so on to the final story the final big news story and it relates to this this bag transaction look at us sixty six thousand two hundred and thirty three back coin that as an a massive transaction now that's got a Lloyd you're talking and I saw Lloyd discussions on reddit people were following the money and seeing where it was going and trying what code you know where it was coming from why this has happened now and what the person is trying to do etc there's a few different articles about it online but dozens no hundreds and one of the things I really liked here that's headline here two hundred and fifty million dollars transacting for just three dollars eighty now if that isn't an advertisement for cryptocurrency I don't know what as this is like you know there's a remainder why cryptocurrency should be adopted three dollars eighty four two hundred and fifty million dollars worth the back coin so to put it into perspective I got sent a payment for one of my websites today it was $150 and I got it you know I got it sent by PayPal which is what you know it's kind of like the de facto a de facto payment system for web sites and working online everyone sends money with people from that $150 I get name dollars taken off and fees so I've got a hundred forty-one dollars now from the $150 and after that I got a terrible exchange rate when I change dollars to pounds so I'm gonna be you know probably what code twelve $13 $14 for a hundred and $50 for our $150 transaction two hundred fifty million dollars three dollars eighty and it really does put a perspective how good kept – can't a crypto currency can be and now that's article talks more about where the money was going etc aim and as I said you know one of the interesting things about that is this came from a wallet which hasn't been used and about six seven years or so I think is about sex years or so and but they're also talking about some other transactions they said that all I know that's a they've got definitely tweets of a different money going different places there but there's apparently been over a billion dollars of Bitcoin moving around over the last while and it's pretty crazy just thinking about that what's regards to the one that was sixty six thousand aim people were here aim well the whole the whole tech reaction to the first movie was to fear a dump and the father depletion of the Bitcoin the second move highlighted that both tranches of coins had immediately immediately been subdivided into smaller equally valued caches and sub Wallis in the national childhood was spent in nineteen wallets and the hunted a containing 662 back coin the hundredth wallet contained two hundred back coin now I saw like people saying that this could be for coin base and other there's a part here talking about it just makes it more secure and accessible as well and it makes sense as well you know if you're a fear of back coin real and you're setting with sixty six thousand back coin maybe this guy's got even more it doesn't make sense to have all of that and one wallet spotting up and to one hundred wallets makes more sense from a security point of view can you imagine what would happen if that one wallet got compromised but the fact that this wallet has been used in six or seven years as significant the Seema through a lot of money being moved around and I don't know exactly who you know who actually said that transaction and what they're trying to do with it but there's always speculation that the money is going you know maybe it's from coin base or whatever I don't know but alloy he was saying and there's really thick tobacco and you can see it there near the possible it was somewhat supported by those who pointed that coin basis warning that it would be undertaking maintenance I don't know but for me again it was just the fact that so much money was being chef teed for so little money you know turns your fifty million dollars here for three dollars a and if you want to learn more about that just type in sixty six thousand you know sixty six thousand back coin sexy sex key back coin there's all people talking about there's all I people following the money and explaining what exactly you know that Pearson was trying to do as far as security security goes as far as managing his portfolio goes but I think it's quite interesting that such an amount of money has been transferred from a wallet that hasn't been touched in about six or seven years so I found that interesting so I hope you enjoyed that so thanks for watching guys I hope you've enjoyed this quick summary of Bitcoin related news knows that was not related to price I'd love to hear your opinion on this as always so please don't leave a comment below and I will speak to you very soon thanks for watchin

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  1. The death spiral theory is wrong in my opinion, when people stop mining the difficulty goes down and makes it more profitable. Let's not forget in the beginning the only miner was SN. with his laptop CPU and worked just fine.

  2. Do you understand futures? Traders miners think about it. Now we can short and manipulate and if we are miners we make money either way. Nasdaq futures are not good for bitcoin. Van Eck would be as it requires physical ownership and BAKKD is going to take care of that. In short term it would pump the price long term maybe not good. Futures are BAD for crypto dude

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