what is up everyone dead here crypto capital venture February 16th 2019 I hope you're all doing well Saturday live stream I have a bunch of tabs on the screen we're gonna go over some crypto news got some articles open and we're gonna look at Bitcoin price what you see on the screen if your replay viewer once I'm done recording I'm gonna put some pinned pinned comments with timestamps below so the first thing I want to do though is make sure my audio is okay I changed my audio just a little I just want to make sure you guys can hear me just you know let me know press one up tech lord says put the volume up a little bit so there okay how's that I just feel like my my audio when I'm my audio lately has been loud it seems so I'm trying to like trying to fix that but I turned I just turned it up a little bit so hopefully that's cool I hope everybody's doing well this weekend a lot of things going on in crypto obviously I'm gonna just go over some you know some articles I thought were interesting pieces of news to talk about in case you missed it this week which you probably haven't and then we're gonna jump in to price a little bit so I'm gonna jump right in and go through some things I just I just read this article Chinese crypto minor predicts that Bitcoin could reach seven hundred forty thousand dollars I just want to say I always I really find it interesting when I see any type of Bitcoin prediction right so I'm not covering this saying it's going to be seven hundred forty thousand I'm covering this because I think it's interesting even when people predict it bitcoins going to zero I find that interesting and what I want to do is read this article and as I'm reading if everybody wants put your Bitcoin predictions below in the in the in the live chat I'm curious to see so Zuffa a co-founder of pool and a Chinese based crypto mining pool predicted that the Bitcoin price could hit five million Chinese want yong-hwan crypto news outlet 8 BTC report on february 11th that was tough to read that was that was tough to read while zhu noted that it now feels more like a bear market he reportedly predicted that in the next bull ron prices will be ten to twenty times higher than previous ones zoo also noted that massive prices price spikes like the one that resulted in the $20,000 per Bitcoin high in 2017 will not always exist adding that the next bull run could be the last tech Lords $225,000 Bitcoin in the next bull run target for tech lowers I see a 250,000 Bitcoin by planet pokey wood we got some we got some high predictions in the comments so far zoos mining pool pooling has ten point four or five percent of global network share according to BTC calm the current bear market has hit cryptocurrency miners hard some mining companies in China have started selling off hardware by the kilogram i you know i thought it was relevant at least to read because here you have a mining company with ten you know over ten percent network share globally and you know they're in the space they have their prediction 740,000 right 740,000 in the next bull run pretty pretty crazy so Poseidon Lou says six-figure Bitcoin next book next run 2020 we've got some we've got some pretty high predictions going on but not as high as this article so thought that was interesting and then hopping over to this I'm sure many of you saw this SEC could include bitwise is Bitcoin ETF and federal registers proposal under review for approval guess what I don't care so I put the link in the description but I'm not even gonna waste time reading it I'll read this one says it has a duration of 240 they have it the sec has a duration of 240 to make the final decision on whether to approve or disprove the proposal I'm sick of it I'm sick of ETF chatter I'm sick of timelines I'm sick of everybody counting down expecting price runs and all this stuff I'm just sick of hearing about it when it happens I'll cover I'll cover the news that it happened but the this article is in the description below it's in the description below here we go everybody heard this this week ordinary stable coin or XRP killer what we know about JPMorgan Chase's new cryptocurrency there's a it's a long article again it's in the description I highlighted a couple pieces I thought were most relevant at like at least read to you JP Morgan coin resembles a stable coin which falls in line with a general trend according to CNBC report J p.m. coins are pegged to US dollars so that it's value stays stable technically that makes the new token a stable coin at least in its initial form clients will reportedly be issued the coins after depositing dollars at JP Morgan Chase after the tokens are used for a payment or security purchase and boxing the lender will allegedly destroy them and give clients an equivalent amount of fiat in return the JP m so JP M coin this was who quoted this let me see so the JP yet the JP Morgan coin will be issued on Quirrell blockchain and subsequently extended to other platforms JP m coin will be operable on all standard block block chain networks the guide says based on that jerry brighto or brito executive director of coin center not profit research and advocacy center focus on cryptocurrencies and blockchain told market watch that JP Morgan merely launched an in-house payment system rather than an actual cryptocurrency I thought that was probably most relevant part of the article it's why I highlighted it he goes on to say there's a lot of confusion I see folks referring to it as a cryptocurrency it's not a cryptocurrency cryptocurrency is one that is open permissionless if you want to download it you don't need permission you just need some software I think it's great it's a great way to put it it's a it's a payments Network right in-house payment system it's a very a very centralized payment system not cryptocurrency as we know it and as we've become interested in right tech Lords Oh point zero zero two eight BTC my man love you dude thanks for coming by on this Saturday I hope you're having a great weekend man and I've really truly appreciate the BTC crypto chat you're the man crypto super-shot I should say so that's it right and when when news comes out like this I kind of I just I absorb it I did what it is I watch it I see what happens I don't get all worked up over it but this is the stuff that kind of works me up a little bit more and I think it's it's just it frustrates me a little bit like this article came out right away this was this was two days ago Valentine's Valentine's Day on the 14th JP Morgan just killed a Bitcoin dream like I don't I don't talk trash on anybody but Ben Walsh and I'm not talking trash but like I'm what is that you know how did JP Morgan just kill the Bitcoin dream why did you I just why did you take time to invest into writing this article it doesn't it doesn't make sense to me I'm not gonna read the article it's it's way misinformed I just wish I wished and this this is like journalism in general I don't care if it's encrypted currency or politics whatever it is like it's so misguided and it frustrates me so much the journalism should be factual beside in lieu 0.25 LTC you're the man bro Poseidon lumen Poseidon low and tech Lords I think I needed this I need to ban you guys from the channel you sent me away too much kirk crypto i think i need to ban you i need to ban you guys i don't like it means so much but you're always sending me crypto chats yes tech lord says thanks Lou and I say thanks thanks Lou you're the man so you know the articles like this come out more and more and especially if price begins going up you're gonna see the haters a bitcoin come out of the work would work more and more this is this is not this this title you can see right through it Ben Walsh I don't think is a fan of Bitcoin because this is not a factual subject title and it's just annoying who's with me stuff like that annoys me I said it's a shame a majority of journalists don't report accurately or even know the topic they're reporting on here Ben has no understanding of what the Bitcoin dream actually is I fear he doesn't actually know what bitcoin is Ben I'm not I don't know you know again I'm not trying to like badmouth or talk bad about about Ben I just I just don't get why articles like this are written Ben and I wish you were here right now and I could just discuss this with you we could talk about it we can hash it out Tech Lord says JPMorgan will go down mark my words and then Jamie yeah you have Jamie Dimon at the other end of all this right talking trash on Bitcoin for how long and now he's riding the coattails of of this of this this thing called cryptocurrency now he's riding the coattails if Bitcoin ever came into existence if Satoshi never created Bitcoin ten years ago at this very moment Jamie Dimon would have not come up with his little JPMorgan coin he's riding the coattails trying to do his own thing after just talking trash about it it's one thing if he was like just kind of cool in the last year or two talking about Bitcoin maybe not a fan of Bitcoin but not calling investor stupid but he was actually cool about it and then he does is JPMorgan coin listen this is you can do whatever you want man this is what innovation is about trying things right if JPMorgan wants to try and create their own their own payments Network in-house go for it right but man it's it's puts a bad taste in my mouth the fact that he's been talking so much trash on Bitcoin JP Morgan isn't innovative after their leader bashes Bitcoin and the innovation it brings to the global monetary system they launch their very own centralized cryptocurrency and I should have put centralized payment network right I think that article did a good job charts let's let's let's get into charts we're around twelve minutes into the video and let's talk about Bitcoin let's talk about Bitcoin price a little bit where are we in terms of in terms of Bitcoin price this is what I love to do I wanted to start with this which is we have this massive question like what's next right and we're kind of we have the daily chart up on the screen and whether I'm doing a video or not this is my favorite thing to do we have like kind of zero context or answers into what's going on at this point right right here we don't know like we it's hard to see it's hard to gauge but a simple a simple move of the fingers a simple zoom out and look how much the picture changes look how much perspective changes look how much we feel like we are empowered with some knowledge and that knowledge being data that's valuable to us that helps us manage our matter more money better that's what data does right that's what knowledge does it helps us manage things better whether it's weather or monetary approach you know in things in things of investments or whether its life in general data knowledge wisdom helps us and there it is there's a difference right no context no knowledge – we have context we have knowledge we see a story here we see a painting that we can base the future off of at least anticipate right so and you all know I always start off you I always start on the zoomed out daily most often because it's so important and really the the main point is always the same which is we are defining this reversal right we're defining the reversal that we had back in 2015 we're defining it now and we have to be patient but if one thing is for sure this data tells us that's based on this move back in 2014 to 2015 this right here wouldn't have been a good time to buy right you don't know in the moment we see it now but what we do know the moment is this potentially could be an amazing time to buy and we are there now that is our presence and we have that that that answer of a good time to buy right now because of the data that's on the screen because looking back this was a good time to buy right down here and we are we are it that that reflective point right now in terms of Bitcoin is there risk here absolutely this this whole you know my whole approach what I'm saying to you right now you're out there watching me whether it's live or replay I'm not giving financial advice I'm not telling you what to do I'm showing you my approach and my thoughts that's it strictly I don't know what's going to happen right from my own risk risk tolerance standpoint I think there's a great possibility that crypto namely bitcoin and litecoin is going to succeed and so with with my belief in this technology and in its success I believe from my standpoint that is a great opportunity to invest especially where we are right now in terms of price could we go lower yes could Bitcoin ultimately fail yeah Bitcoin could be zero dollars in ten years do I think it will be no but be careful out there then I want to go to Bitcoin on the weekly chart and I want to I want to I want to really talk about the RSI and MACD haven't talked I haven't talked about the momentum oscillators as of recently and I'm trying to move my camera up just a little so RSI and MACD momentum oscillators what's what where is Bitcoin in terms of momentum and it's always a good idea to get a clear picture of this here's RSI this this slower moving momentum oscillator as compared to the stock RSI just below it on my screen but we can open up the the RSI and we can get contacts again into what the bottom looks like here is the bottom of that last bear market right and here is the potential bottom of this bear market do you see the similarities do you see the flow of the – I do and it says a lot and you see the length of time it took for Bitcoin to kind of see all-time highs up here and then new a new swing low down here same thing back here to here the process takes years everybody I think not accidents to everybody but many people want this on the RSI like literally all-time highs by by fall of next year I don't think that's going to happen these things take time and the RSI oscillator is a perfect a perfect picture of what that time looks like right the the swing lows our swing highs in the process of hitting new targets it takes time in all these moves they take months they take they take weeks two months right so right now we're kind of defining this bottom so from a technical perspective if you're an investor if you're I don't care if you're a date like a swing trader if you're if you're a short-term daily trader if you're a long-term accumulator when you're looking at an RSI typically right this is the overbought area up here right this means most likely not a good time to buy that's that's pretty much what that means in a very simplest of terms on the flip side when there's panic when people are when people are kind of getting out because they're they're tired the prett are they're tired of the price typically when it's oversold down here that is a good time to buy checkmark like that's in the simplest terms what it is right so that's that's what we gather from the momentum oscillator which is found at the RSI one thing interesting is the the MACD I want to point something out to you this is the weekly by the way that was a weekly RSI and this is the weekly MACD do you see what we have potentially right now happening on this weekly MACD very very interesting and as of right now could potentially be very bullish looking back we could look back at this moment you know three or four years from now and say wow there was the exact shift in the first week of February into the second week of February that was the shift that was a very key move for Bitcoin and we've talked about it under different context right we look at like coin in this past week and what it has done compared to exiting the last bear market there's their strong argument there for signifying the middle to the middle to the end of the bear markets and here's another data point that we can look at that potentially could prove to be very bullish so that's that that's the MACD how is that relevant first off it's relevant just when you have a when you have a blue MACD line crossing that red signal line right after coming out of oversold on something like the RSI on the weekly at the same time you have this MACD crossover signal line it's called a red signal line for for a reason there's a momentum shift happening when you see that MACD cross the signal line it's that simple so this indicator is doing what it what it's supposed to do it's indicating us of a momentum shift a big one this is the weekly chart that's relevant and then if we kind of zoom back out and we say ok I'm kind of curious what was the MACD doing at the end of the last bear market or during that last bear market when do we get that first weekly MACD cross above the signal line that was the February of that last bear market there was a MACD cross and again speaking to the the length of time that it takes for momentum to shift that was a MACD cross in the February 2015 right so right here in that last bear market the beginning of the end right at the beginning of the bottom that's when there was a MACD cross and look how long it took for for this MACD line to even cross above the histogram right above zero and you see that happens if I get my brush that happened in October October right here and so it took time again the momentum shift the Bears turning to the Bulls handing off the market to the bulls if you want to put it that way it takes time so for here it took I mean what is that I don't know it's it's many months seven months or something I don't know seven or eight months and then we know what happened after that so similarly we could expect something very similar right so we go back to this MACD right now and we have our MACD cross this could take many months similar to how it did before the slow uprising on the weekly it's something to look out for will it take until October this time around I don't know I mean we could have a way away quicker shift right or we could have a slower one but these things take weeks takes takes months and that's why we do technical analysis almost on a daily basis to keep track on how quick the momentum is shifting what's happening in terms of price but right now if we zoom out on the charts there has been a very beautiful reflection from now compare it to the last bear market so right now even the speed has been very similar a Bitcoin and the shift so keep an eye on that we can kind of go into Bitcoin a little bit more and we can see what do we have actually going on on the daily chart well if you've been watching our technical analysis videos you know we have this symmetrical triangle in pink I won't spend too much time on it because not much has happened we'll zoom in on the 4-hour to get an idea of where we are but we haven't broken the daily 50 EMA right here that hasn't happened we haven't even approached the triangle again right because we're looking for a busted or a failed broken symmetrical triangle because right now momentum has us breaking through the bottom of the triangle with a target of around 2500 2300 in that area so if that's our target we need Bitcoin to have a broken failed symmetrical triangle and that looks like this Bitcoin senior of reversal out of its break on the lower side back up and hitting a target of around $4,400 which is the high point of the triangle that would that would be a broken symmetrical triangle right that's what that's what we need to see in it just it hasn't happened yet we've been talking about this for the last week and we've been waiting for it we've been waiting for one or the other a target of $4,400 to confirm a broken symmetrical triangle or a confirmed symmetrical triangle where we start approaching first off below 10% which is right around here 10 for 10 for 10 percent from the breakout area and then lower lows leading down to our target of around 2500 we're waiting for one or the other I'm not I can't sit here and tell you which way we're going I get comments all the time being like you you have no idea where bitcoin is gonna go next and it's just like I mean good observation because I don't nobody does that's not the important technical analysis technical analysis isn't is to anticipate the targets on the next on the next move up or down so that you can look at where we are presently make your decision accordingly how you want to approach that risk tolerance that risk analysis that we've done and that's up to you you know after after you obtain all the data and knowledge that you possibly can you have to make your own decision on what you want to do with your money how you want to invest I highly highly encourage you not to listen to youtubers on what to do on what to buy on when to buy on how much to buy I really encourage you not to do that not to listen to youtubers however I want to provide value and data to you and what we have going on so that's kind of what we have going on on the on the upside and downside right now our our target on the upside is to shoot for that 4400 target for the downside if we get this confirmed symmetrical triangle target would be 20 it's it's a lower level right and we've been talking about that non-stop on this channel so not trying to sound bearish but that is what it is we can go to the Bitcoin on the 4-hour and we can really dig into what the four-hour looks like this is what's important right now we had this we had this for our 50 EMA cross above the 200 EMA so the 50 ma is this blue line the pink line is the 200 EMA litecoin weeks ago had this cross on the for our already right and that's why something very similar happened for like when first in that last bear market and that's why we've been comparing the two now what we're trying to see and we've been watching almost on a daily basis here for Bitcoin is what is going on here and I can even zoom in a little bit more are we going to get a 50 of rejection of the 50 ma the 200 where we see it kind of just boom boom right like something that's actually not right this 280 ma would would be like that are we going to get something like that right and it is pride that the most it is truly the most relevant part of the chart to look at right now it's the first step to bullishness is what I always say you can look at the hourly and see what's going on there I just think the four hour is that first foundational move right and this first step of bullishness what I'm saying is is is if we get a 50 ma cross above the 200 EMA that is extremely important that's the first step for Bitcoin to approach that bullish momentum whether on the RSI or whatever it's the first step if we ever want to see this 50 EMA on the daily chart start swinging up right like this to cross the the 200 EMA it starts on that 4-hour chart so it's very important and it's very relevant when we get a 50 ma cross above the 200 EMA on Bitcoin so that's what we're looking at on the very short term we have this kind of falling wedge on the four-hour I haven't talked about a lot on this channel but it's there I've been watching it when I pull up my phone we have a target on the upside $3,700 this is a shorter term target right and then we have a target on the on the downside which is actually based on that wedge $3,400 and not surprisingly as most often happens a lot of the time we have just that that perfect confluence in our pattern target with the Fibonacci retracements our swing swing low to swing high we have our Fibonacci retracement down here it's at six one eight two seven eight six channel how often how often everybody do I do I set up this Fibonacci retracement and how often does it coincide with our pattern target at the same it's it's almost like not a coincidence it's just the move and the flow of these cryptocurrencies it's why these you know these indicators like the Fibonacci retracement they work so well so that's our first area first off that's our target that's our target area for a potential bounce right but it's also our support area based on the Fibonacci retracements that's six one eight two seven eight six channel so track it you know this is something you can look for in the during this weekend right are we going to see continued support right above this 200 EMA are we going to even get a bounce you know further up create a new higher high somewhere after hitting our targets and we're going to get this 50 EMA cross above the 200 EMA that's kind of what I'm watching this weekend it's what I want to see I want to see if Bitcoin makes a move to the upside it's just that first step of bullishness that we need time will tell now I do know that LTC BTC pair and you can see the LTC BTC pair right now you can see the 50 EMA is actually well above the 200 EMA we had across mid-december this is when like coins started making its moves showing strength in the market so right now like coin is something we're watching as well you know we'll do a technical analysis video on that maybe tomorrow but very significant in terms of what's going on with with with with Bitcoin seeing what litecoin does so we're going to continue tracking litecoin but going back to that Bitcoin chart we have or is that Bitcoin chart here it is we can zoom out and I just want to show you something we're zooming out in the 4-hour chart Bitcoin throughout this entire bear market if you can see that pink line right Bitcoin has struggled in the same way that it struggled with the the 50 EMA on the daily chart all year long bitcoin is clearly struggled with the 200 EMA on the 4-hour chart the pink line and so if you remember before we broke $6,000 right like $6,000 right there before we broke everybody's saying we had support there so much support before we broke there you see very similar move for Bitcoin just kind of this consolidation and zero support above the 200 EMA and then towards that end there really no support and just more rejection right so and then even zooming in more to get a really clear picture you see the 50 EMA also being rejected right there below see this run up the 50 EMA to the 200 rejection boom and then down well that's that's my biggest concern right now for for Bitcoin is a similar move right continued lack of support right here above the 200 am a lack of support above the 200 EMA and then final rejection of this 50 EMA right here below the 200 EMA and then that would be exactly what what kind of leads us into our next move down boom to our target right down here $2,500 in that target simply based on the daily chart right here right and simultaneously on the daily chart it would look like rejection again at the 50 EMA which were used to and then boom 50 ma back down a little bit because we're hitting our target on the downside part of the part of the process everybody it's totally part of the process Bitcoin this volatility in its bottom but again if you zoom out on the charts if we draw a line actually where that $2,500 target is in case it happens we are looking at right here right right around here so if that happens and we hit that target to the downside what does that look like that looks like true bottom definition especially if you compare it to this bear market back here this would look like true the true definition of the bottom the as you all know if we if we go to those prices not saying it's definitely gonna happen but if we do hit $2,500 to the downside I will be accumulating a lot that's my approach that's not financial advice but that target isn't just a number I'm throwing at you because it's it's in harmony with our long-term Bitcoin chart that target is literally in our short to mid-term I should say midterm symmetrical triangle stemming back to November right here that's our target on the downside will it happen I don't know time will tell don't comment below saying that you don't know anything Dan because I'm already telling you I don't know I don't know where price is going so that's what we're looking at on Bitcoin I think that was a pretty good 20 minutes Bitcoin technical analysis I think we've covered everything we possibly could I hope you feel more prepared I feel prepared I feel ready I'm watching in particular the 4-hour chart I want to see what happens here with this current short-term pattern not to mention when we get these moves these sharp moves up will write and we trade kind of just bouncing around how often in this bear market has what have we just seen a new lower low right so I'm really curious to see when that theme ends right and we actually break a break up and continue to see higher highs starting on the 4-hour leading to this 50 ma cross I'm curious I want to see what happens I would love if it happened now it would it would make for some interesting content at least for my YouTube technical analysis videos it really would so JJ black says dan knows nothing anticipates everything all right come on I know some things but it really is the quote it is the quote my dad told me a long time ago expect nothing anticipate everything how true expect nothing anticipated and anything and that is it that's what we do and we get as much context as we can to do that and I think all year long in this bear market I think we've done well everybody I do a lot of brainstorming a lot a lot of direct messages a lot of Twitter brainstorming other people watching price it's been fun I wanted to just pivot you know that's it that's the technical analysis I'm going to just hit a couple other points about the crypto space in general if you want to hang out feel free to but I wanted to bring up so this crypto she'll niya follow Michael Nye on on Twitter he posts he post some good stuff sometimes it's I like some of this content and so I want actually I messaged him to get him on this channel and we have to reach out to him soon just to have a chat but he tweeted a little bit ago the more I go to crypto blockchain conferences the more I'm convinced we are in a giant echo chamber almost everyone is creating content for themselves or for people that are already in the know not many are reaching out to a new audience to do this education is needed it's a great point so i retweeted i've retweeted it a little bit ago and i just said the question is how do you not only attract new users users to a new invention which is crypto but also show those new users how to use a new invention at the same time it really is marketing so this this shift of you know it's it's really that question of adoption that shift of marketing that shift of brand awareness and even showing people how to use the technology is really interesting I don't really even know where to start in that conversation but it's something to start exploring at the very least I think what I like to say is I try my best and I try my best to naturally infuse my content with some sort of knowledge if someone new is watching I try my best to to infuse my content with some sort with some type of guide into what crypto even is and then this last text I wanted to or this last tweet I tweeted I wanted to throw out there for everybody because I know we probably have some disappoint people maybe even in here this is it weekend.i I just saw so much again with this digit byte vs. litecoin stuff and it like it drives me up a wall like it drives me crazy it really does so I just tweeted I said the litecoin versus digit by debate is something I couldn't care less about I don't have time or interest to debate the two who cares like who cares my interest is adding value to bitcoin and litecoin cryptocurrency people spend way too much time arguing over digital currencies it's embarrassing and am I wrong everybody I'm curious like press 1 if you agree with what I'm saying like when people are arguing over cryptocurrencies it it's totally on its it's completely uninteresting to me it's not interesting at all I don't care I really don't it's almost like it diminishes what's going on here in the cryptocurrencies faced with this new technology it completely dim it's like what's that new we have venmo right we have venmo and we have what's this new one Szell Szell e or something it's like venmo it's like if people were on Twitter right hashtagging venmo like I'm a venmo fan and just talkin trash lonzell and then people with zel we're talking trash on venmo it would look ridiculous like if you're a fan of venmo cool like you know be a brand ambassador do whatever you want for venmo if you're a fan of zell or Zelly whatever its called then be if then be a fan and a brand ambassador of of that but when you're arguing and you're trying you're trying to present points or what's what's better most people especially if they're new to the space I don't think really care right this argument of speed right this argument of all these things I have my own opinion on why litecoin is better right lightning Network a huge part of that just like the litecoin brand better I like I you know it's just is what it is I'm a fan for my own reasons but I just I think it's such a waste of time we could be doing so many more things in a more valuable way than talking about it it just doesn't matter to me if you take a comparison chart of did you bite bitcoin and litecoin what I see is I don't it's very uninteresting to me and maybe many people might be surprised by that but there are things in cryptocurrency that intrigue me way more than understanding every aspect of how it works I'm not one of those people I'm not a numbers person I'm not like this this well-informed genius on how cryptocurrency works nor do I intend on keenly making sure that I know every in and out of it right and I'm not I'm not one that has interest in debating what tech is better than the other tech that's is not much that's not me that's really not I'm I'm here for the tech in general the decentralized aspect the speed of it the way it helps my business the way it can help my business I'm also here for the people for the social environments I'm here as an entrepreneur trying to build a business and it's it's offered so much value to me in those regards right I don't have time to waste about debating what's better like one versus did you bite it's stupid it's a waste of time nobody's gaining any value from doing that those are just my thoughts I wanted to throw that out there I don't know feel like a jerk I feel like a jerk because many people so many people are like non-stop once we're talking about what's better but I don't know I don't think it really matters Dustin Hensley said lots of people can't change a tire but they can still use a car and that's the point that's exactly that's perfect that's my point like people majority of people like literally everybody knows how to use a credit card but they don't understand how that credit card is working like the tech behind it and I'm a tech recruiter I literally recruit and I talk to and I have conversations with the engineers building the technology right I literally have I have conversations with these people and it's fun it's it's interesting to talk to these people cryptographers and you know infrastructure engineers and these people that are doing crazy things but like it's over my head I can carry a conversation but it's over my head and I at the end of the day that's not what I care about it's the same reason when people are spending their money they don't care about they really don't care about the tech on how a credit card works right they don't care they don't care how venmo works they just care they can get on their phone download it and send their their friend Tim some some money and so most of the people come in and cryptocurrency don't care about all those crazy things that people are arguing about right now in crypto Twitter John more what's up John more he says crypto adoptions should be the goal once a merchant or individual knows about one particular crypto they will be more open to other Kryptos exactly like right off the bat I was I pretty much bitcoin and litecoin right off the bat right when I got into crypto those were my two and then just like John Moore just said you kind of you know you learn about other crypto currencies you realize you realize what you like and dislike just when small facts you come across right so did you buy it was interesting to me but beings I do a lot of technical analysis analysis digital I became more interesting to me as a crypto currency to trade right not so much of this this fan that this this this thing that I'm a long-term fan of more of just a trade and the fact that it one day I announced that and I said that and I got a bunch of hate from digit by people and I think that's that's silly right to be so like mean to somebody that's just like not a huge fan of your cryptocurrency it's it's very silly again it's like if if I use venmo and somebody you know John over there uses Zell and he's like talking trash on me because because I use venmo and I think of n mo works better and is better than Zell like who does that come on I think there are more things to focus on so anyway that's me venting I think I need you know I don't vent a lot on this channel I don't complain I don't but I needed to I needed to vent a little bit because I see it so so much over there on crypto Twitter people arguing what's better what's what's this what's that I don't care John Moore said exactly then we are all fighting the same battle let's unite encrypt o not divide right thank you thank you John that is it Mexico Charlie says did you by going to moon after this vid now like that day Bitcoin been talked about XRP well Poseidon lo I saw what you did and I hope I don't get any hate I have nothing I have nothing against did you write by the way so want to throw that out there I'm just I think it's funny watching everybody argue about crypto currencies it's kind of dorky if I could put it into one word I think it's kind of dorky arguing about who's cryptocurrencies better those are my thoughts that's all I got today everybody I'm gonna try and go hit up the gym as always I am bullish this is crypto capital venture I am bullish I know we talked about the bearish scenario today but I am bullish read it right there I hope all of you are too John Moore says it's totally nerdy it really is let's stop arguing about cryptocurrencies everybody let's stop being nerds let's have some fun with it let's let's build some businesses let's make some money let's have some fun like you're not doing any of those things arguing on crypto crypto Twitter I can tell you that much so everybody that's it if you're out there I appreciate all of you like I said build if you're an entrepreneur build there's so much opportunity in this space so many cool things going on build your brand do something cool do something fun have some fun with it I've met some I've met some like extremely bright brilliant people in this space and it's been fun and you know talking with all of you out there same thing I get so many messages on Twitter email and you are awesome I appreciate everybody if you are a subscriber if you're not a subscriber please subscribe I would love to have you part of channel especially where at this bottom phase like YouTube has definitely slowed down right now in the list month or two or three or four but I can't wait for a bull market I can't wait to continue building with you all so appreciate all of you on your way out if you could hit that like button I'd be very appreciative maybe it'll be the pump I need when I go to the gym right now that little energy boost crypto super chats tech Lords beside in lieu thank you so much I appreciate you guys I really do John Moore thanks for coming by it's good to see you bro and I hope everybody has a good awesome blessed Saturday I will see you all in the next video have a great day and God bless


  1. $740k BTC @ 1:35
    BTC ETF @ 4:10
    JPM Coin @ 4:55
    BTC Charts @ 12:00
    BTC Momentum @ 16:00
    BTC Price Targets @ 22:40

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  4. Top curve is manipulating where you draw your bottom curve. Bottom curve needs to come up. We already hit bottom on december 15th thanks to tether.

  5. Hello guys ! lovely video, I agree with you more than most ever will. I think it is ok buying loads of coin for a future that could moon or completely dip and cost you your Holding that is primarily why I stopped holding. I lost more than 2-5 of my BTC and way more than half the value of my $6,000 Xrp. I was devastated and got desperate seeking for options to recover my loss when I stumbled upon Darren Allan on youtube. After considering the odds, I contacted him via mail, and the result was life-changing. He gave me a basic understanding of the benefit of trading over holding especially in a speculative market. He then provided me with his daily signals and trading patterns, and within a month, I was able to make almost 700% on my ripples. Darren never asked me to give him access to my account, If you have any inquiries, you can reach him on << Darrenallen82 @ gmail .com >> and gain reliable profit with your little experience on crypto.

  6. Yeah, you went backwards… In your previous video, your mic was comfortably loud. Now you turned it down? That doesn't make sense.

  7. DGB isn't going to be involved in settling transactions IMO…. Litecoin/Bitcoin on the lightning network will be used for that, Digibyte will be in the security of things… plenty of room for all of them, all GREAT and super SECURE blockchains…the more the merrier!

  8. I didn't know there was a DGB and LTC debate πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ. Get it together. There's tons of great tech companies to choose from like there's great crypto projects to choose from.

  9. BTC $150K in 2022
    LTC $ 25k IN 2022
    XRP taken over by JP Morgan…. 3 cents 2022

    The entire pattern will change after the next top if we actually know when the top is, we'll be a much slower climb and the days of 85% drops are over, slow steady climb for the next 20 years or more. … but my short term growth above still applies.

  10. Just consider that those news are paid by someone. As a trader you should know that mass psychology is at play here. Scare people away, make people sell thair coins on the cheap, buy when nobody wants it… Once you know this, the purpose of all those articles make sense.

  11. Dan your chart has support in a few months at $2400. That's about where I am looking for support along with the 300 wma that will be there.

  12. LTC is the safer investement, less return when pump. DGB the safest high risk coin, higher return when pump. Both will be around in 100 years and being used.

  13. I understand it may take time to reach all time highs but aren’t we going to see fomo from the institutional investors? Thoughts on this?

  14. Like your your methods on future Bitcoin outlook. If we have a Green candle above the weekly 10 SMA the skys the limit but if we don't the Bots will be switched to destroy mode πŸ˜‚
    Can you by any chance give us a long term perspective by using Bollinger bands πŸ‘

  15. 2.5 Billion before the end of next week, BOOM!!! You say that you don't care but if you were lost in the land down under and she just smiled and gave you a DigiByte sandwich then would you like it? DigiBytedeeznutz!

  16. Just something to think about….How decentralized is bitcoin really ?? Sure, we control our own funds….and by controlling our own funds, we take the bank and the government out of the picture so we are bank free….. by definition this would make bitcoin decentralized……But if the price of bitcoin is manipulated and the price of bitcoin is being suppressed purposely, then the whales who are manipulating the price are really in control of bitcoin…….bitcoin was suppose to be a currency free from government, banks and manipulation interference……But the bigger question here is this…..What good is decentralization if it is being manipulated ???? Honestly…..there is no good…..And that is the truth…..

  17. #1 Please do not wear your baseball cap backwards. I subtract 20 I.Q. points from people who do that. #2 Yes turn the microphone up. #3 In the face of limitless suppression we can only hope for the starting gate called The Bitcoin ETF, which will signify a system finally allowed to exist alongside the old corrupt system, as a new corrupt system.

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  19. Barron's, Forbes, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or CCN & Coin Desk. Fake News is fake news… Almost every outlet has an agenda, or people above them to answer to…

  20. Thanks for the TA brother. Clearly, BTC is bullish long term, despite its short term bearishness. The whales are savoring the next bull run. Accumulating and dollar cost averaging now wouldn’t be a bad idea. πŸ˜‰

  21. Keep up the good work Dan! Good news keeps on coming re adoption – see latest news re Bitcoin and Litecoin adoption in France below

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