48 thoughts on “Bitcoin Nears $17K: Why I FINALLY invested in Cryptocurrency (What happened?!)”

  1. I'm still getting comments on this, just throwing this out there…I did NOT end up holding Bitcoin. I sold it off around $17k, shortly after I posted this video, and invested it into XRB when it was trading between $2-$4. Still holding XRB and not making any more trades. So no, I did not lose all the money I put into Bitcoin 😉

  2. Bitcoin at 20K: "this is a new paradigm! Crypto is here to stay!!"

    Bitcoin at 3k: "Bitcoin is dead, its a scam"

  3. You were right. Final capitulation. Happened to me, too. Showed just how little real trading was prior.

  4. I still don't know how Cryptocurrency works. Can you make a video on how it works? Let's say I buy $500 what do I need to look for once I buy it.

  5. how can the mainstream ever adopt bitcoin if the price is so high? Buy a soda with a bitcoin? It's not practical.

  6. If you are being conservative and taking small profits along the way as Bitcoin goes up are you able to Exchange the Bitcoin Into Cash currency?

  7. What folks don't realize is when Wall Street, Banksters & US Govt finally get them paws in crypto, regulation will utterly destroy it. Think about it…broke people and young people are the majority of the crypto market…and they will defeat Wall Street, Banksters, and US Govt?? LMAO. It will be glorious to see no doubt, and I will rebuy at the bottom once again

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  9. Cryptos will get crushed by the 'system' ..it will become worthless. For everyone shouting about huge money they have made …I make the same if not more from Indices and commodities and even forex. If making money is the game….then it don't matter what you call it !

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  11. I hope you see this. Maybe you can make a video on this comment. Here's the thing…when it's time to withdraw your cryptocurrencies, you withdraw them to US dollars, right? You don't withdraw them into another cryptocurrency. That's because crypto is a phantom currency that has no real-world value. When it comes time to cash out, you cash out to DOLLARS.

    Edit: You were right about the correction. Fortunately for you (because you clearly prophesied about this at the end of the video), you weren't burned and got out of the market. Right?

  12. I Just wont laugh when this Ponzy Tulip Pyramid whatever dies because people Will really commit suicide.

  13. That's interesting that you mentioned it's like gambling, because I used to be a chronic gambler. Not only did I use to go to the casino every paycheck, but I'd also buy lotto tickets. Over my entire lifetime of gambling I've lost WAY more than I've won. Since I started with bitcoin in May, I've been nothing but up from day one. In fact,the money I've "invested" has been multiplied more that 10x due to some great trades. I no longer go to the casino or buy lotto tickets, and have been an overall better mood in general, even on the days where there have been dips. So getting into crypto has actually brought me nothing but profit and has been a more positive influence in my life. Even if it were all to go away today I'd still be fine since I only invest the same money I was losing when I went to the casino and bought lotto tickets.

  14. Only 21 million bitcoin. The most secure cryptocurrency. The most attacked coin and never compromised itself, only the exchanges which are centralized. Can't be counterfited and can cross borders with no restrictions, and transactions done instantaneously instead of hours or days (not confirmations yet but soon). No more wires, and 3 to 5 day wait times. Bitcoin is fully decentralized, not controlled. No possibility of a lien on your account, or restriction on your daily withdrawl amount with your own personal bitcoin account.Greater anonymity coming which has been a key feature of money. 5 percent of gold's market share puts it at 25k. Equal value makes it over 400,000. Lightning network implemented means it scales way past visa's 100 of thousands of transactions a second, and for fractions of pennies. Visa no longer gets a nice percentage cut of the sale from business owners. Platforms can be built on bitcoin like Ethereum in the future with smart contract capability. Look at currency collapses in Venezuala, and tell them it's not valuable. Volatility is better than decreasing value of a dollar. It would stabilize with mass adoption. Most of the world's population doesn't have sufficient access to banking, and can't send money cross borders easily and cheaply, or at all. Luckily, we can all be unbanked soon and be our own banks, and have a currency that doesn't suffer from inflation.

  15. The problem with BTC (Bitcoin) is that the roadmap of the developers sticks to a very small capacity for transactions (txs). That means to get your tx confirmed on BTC, the average cost is about $20. How on earth would such a thing ever gain mass adoption? Would you ever use a credit card that charged $20 service charge for each use? or join a bank that charged $20 to talk to a teller? Then why would anyone use BTC when the fees are this high!!?? A lot of other people had the same question and disagreed with the roadmap of the btc developers, so we forked off and created Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The fees for BCH is $0.02 – this is what Bitcoin should be! BCH is currently the 4th biggest cryptocurrency and at this rate will become the #1 within a year or two.

  16. Exact same conclusion I came to back in the spring. Returns have been nutty thus far, and I think we are still relatively early. The masses will likely come in droves in 2018-2020.

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  19. I feel like there's no way that bitcoin growth is sustainable long-term, because it is not yet proven the valuation the market has given it. It's like the dot com boom, investors thought that just because an internet company had a certain valuation, it was guaranteed to be work. We all know how well that turned out.

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