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that's good YouTube what up boys we're going to talk about Bitcoin today and get a little price update on what the market is actually doing and if we're gonna break the key resistance level on the next couple days here so I'm just waiting to set up the stream here so please be patient for me please be patient oh we gotta wait for some people to come in here so if you're watching this to be ready well we'll discuss Bitcoin very quickly I'll be going over what I think is happening and what's going on in the community hey hey hey what's up guys so we're gonna discuss bitcoin we're gonna discuss the overall market trend in what's going on with a few other crypto currencies I want to give you guys a live update just because the markets are volatile they're getting very interesting to watch so please be prepared for some major action this coming week we're gonna have a lot of stuff going on not just in the crypto currency markets but the stock market as well so let's view you know Bitcoin let's go over Bitcoin we have some more people coming in so I want to get right to it it's gonna be short sweet update and we're gonna go over some factors I play today and you know what's up Oliver and what I believe is gonna happen and you know obviously most of you guys who are here our viewers who come here on a consistent basis and I was I was saying I'm thinking we're in the Elliott Wave god Natalie wave theory if you guys are not aware of it it's basically a wave pattern that predicts um you know it's a theory made by a you know a guy with last name Lu I don't know his full name but anyway it's basically uh a market theory that you know stock market or any other market moves in a general v wave pattern you know obviously with it's a major five-way pattern with Wade's in in the middle of them that consists of the five waves themselves so you can see you know bitcoin is obviously in the grand scheme of things could be an in a huge wave here a huge five wave pattern in the long term perspective as you can see here and then this could have been you know obviously maybe wave number two pullback yadda yadda but we'll go over the short-term perspective here so as you guys know I was showcasing you guys this first wave right here this is the first five wave pattern and this is overall the third correction and then we could have another push back up for the five but you know the five wave pattern but basically I want to keep it short and sweet for you guys listen here so we had the one two three four five and then we had the a B C correction you know it's even clearer on the weekly if we go here and you could see we have that big correction down here push back up let's be right here see that's B go sideways for a bit and then BOOM drop right back down and then we have a nice dip here near about fifty nine hundred doji that's a doji reversal candle and now we're pushing up to this major resistance point right here at about eleven thousand five hundred now we did touch you know eleven seven a few days you know to a week ago but that that really is not a big you know indicator of where we're going I think today is gonna be and then today in the next two days are gonna be very very what's up Apollo Tron are gonna be very uh big indicators on where bitcoins going and right now we're looking very bullish obviously the lack of volume isn't you know too great but the the way the price is pushing up slowly but surely and we're you know obviously moving in Elliott wave pattern as you can see this is literally I've had this marked if you watched all of other live streams it's literally playing this out to it see you know that's see corrective pattern and then we have one push up to pull down almost like literally perfectly if I really don't know of what to say about this it's it's legit almost perfect we have to pull back and then this third way there's gonna be explosive breaking the high you know putting us in a long-term you know a singing triangle as a matter of fact and we're already in a singing triangle itself if we look over here I have this plotted out you can see it looks very clear what we're doing and as I was saying in the last livestream guys sorry my mouth sucks so one second Mon Mouse there you go okay I'll go over LTC in a second here man but um tag my mouse is messing up you can see a connection loss come on okay anyway oh one second guys some mouse malfunctions good thing I have a backup Mouse give me a minute here sorry my mouse I have an Apple Mouse and it sucks when it runs out of battery so I'm plugging in my regular Mouse okay so let's get back to it yes it's nearly identical but you can see where an ascending triangle for you people who are not familiar with in ascending triangle that's alright I just really suggest for you guys to research markets learn these patterns because these are very important for you know your long term success in the markets learning how to read candles you know learning how to evaluate price based on fundamental analysis technical analysis as well as you know overall market conditions so this is what we're seeing here as well and you can see it higher than I'm just excited for what's going on so you can see performing somewhat of an ascending triangle here you know we come down and we're pushing back up obviously we're not coming from a breakout we're pushing back up and we're looking to push that you know twelve hundred dollar price point now what I'm seeing is a lot of people are moving from all coins to Bitcoin and we can obviously uh you know see that and it's fairly simple a fairly simple analysis here so what we're gonna do to the coin market cap and we'll look here and I have a few price indicator you know price call-out so I want to make clear to you guys on a few other alt coins so I'll be ready for that so basically what I'm seeing is you know obviously the top five coins are staying primarily consistent with market value besides Bitcoin increasing but what we're seeing is market cap is staying roughly the same and what I'm going to show you guys that but Bitcoin dominance is gaining strength which is what I was predicting to happen there's say coins dying the alt coins are you know all the all coins are dying and you know the good cryptos are staying strong so as you can see if we look back to about a month time you can see Bitcoin is progressively gaining strength over the others you know you can see like coin is gaining aetherium that's starting to gain and others are losing strength if we go back you min three months you can see you know Bitcoin after Bitcoin loses some dominance people start buying aetherium but all the others right here about 25% was you know big-time market dominance and we start losing the Quinn start losing capitalization which is what I think I think should happen and you can see here Alessio restante just commented on my post I had this is a good trader I highly suggest you follow this guy he knows what talking about I follow him as well very good trader Eliseo of ston e I like to look at other traders just because just because I like to see what they're thinking as well and there's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with that and a lot of these good traders are thinking the same way I'm thinking that we are obviously we had a correction a nice correction and now we're pushing up and we are in this market of Elliot wave theory market analysis is proving true and I think we're pushing up here especially with this candle we made that's almost going red to green if we go green on this candle which will be completed in the next three hours and 15 minutes this is gonna be crazy we might get a breakout into Monday which would be great but basically we're performing that inverse Head & Shoulders that a lot of people weren't talking about on the 4-hour chart but you know I was talking about this a few uh few weeks ago you can see inverse there's a head shoulder there's a shoulder there's the head this is a very very strong powder moving into a sending triangle as well as the Elliot wave theory as well as the RSI pushing almost into the overbought section as you can see Bitcoin tends to spike when it's overbought you know obviously all these indicators as well as you know overall volume being much consistent and you know long-term growth the bitcoin is looking very strong and we're gonna start to see more money coming to the market now I want to push you guys a quick little theory of what I'm thinking is you know you got all this flood news coming out you know all this and I'm thinking here we had a lot of big players by big banks you know JP Morgan Goldman Sachs obviously they're not publicly traded to buy these companies are allowed to buy these companies but I think they're so involved in the whole process as well as you know that's it's not like it's not they're not allowed to buy these crypto currencies but I'm thinking all these big banks for buying in here a lot of taking advantage of these discounts and we're pushing up and that's why we're seeing Bitcoin still push up with low volume because we have a lot of sellers here which could be these big institutional investors holding it down to buy in at low prices before Bitcoin really rallies because you could see all these orders will disappear soon and Bitcoin will still push up and that's why you shouldn't be scared of these large orders but anyway that's Bitcoin right now bitcoins looking very strong if you guys followed been following the channel as most of you have you've noted you've been warned I mean not warrant you've been told that this is great like we're we're game very bullish and I was you know looking I was even looking here for a potential buy that didn't work out and I did you know cut losses I made money here but I did cut losses and I bought down here I waited for the dip I got the confirmation on the bull flag and I bought in and you guys know that now I hope you guys are you know holding that it's looking very good and we're gonna progress into other crypto currencies so ether looking very good I'm seeing somewhat of a similar pattern we had here you know once we have that huge pop here in June and you could tell that you know cryptocurrency is running cycles we have that consolidation period and I think we're having this type of period on a shorter timeframe from here and I think we're gonna push up here because it's looking very bullish on that theorem we'll start with we push past 880 we should be pushing up to the 900 area you know progressively pushing into the thousand dollar range on aetherium obviously you know I'm telling you guys the coins are dying and you know the real crypto currencies are holding up very well now you can see we could you know draw an ascending triangle as well on aetherium and it's it's fairly simple you draw the horizontal line off the top and you can see we have a rising trend line off the bodies of the cryptocurrencies of the candlesticks you know pushing for an ascending triangle okay so you can see that and that's where the breakout started so boom we're pushing up here and you know bitcoins doing obviously the same thing as well so aetherium looking very strong volume is still relatively low which while prices are increasing that gives us a better sign that people are holding their crypto currencies and not selling them which is very good and this is all in a logarithmic scale keep that in mind we're looking very bullish on you know aetherium obviously on the linear scale doesn't look as good but if you look on a logarithmic Gale we're looking very strong on etherium with a lot of good consolidation here looking for a price movement just keep in mind if the quota breaks out a theorem will break out a bit obviously following Bitcoin but it will start to break out after Bitcoin Stokes consolidate that's a trend I start to notice and I'm looking for a theorem to push back up into the hundred billion dollar market cap now one thing that I think is very overvalued is litecoin why because like corn has a lot of use cases it is basically a Bitcoin 2.0 in a sense if you guys aren't familiar now I'm no cryptocurrency genius I'm not you know you know super into the tech I know how the whole fundamental analysis I know how cryptocurrency works but you don't need to be some crazy guru and know the ins and outs of a cryptocurrency you know how you have to know how it functions the primary use cases and how the technology works and how you know supply and demand all that works so basically what I like about like corn is it wants to do exactly what Bitcoin does obviously Bitcoin is more of an investment but I feel like litecoin is an investment as well as has a lot of use cases and spending with the light pay so what I'm seeing here is the same type of pattern like coin is holding consolidating very well very good action RSI looks steady and where we want to push back up into this you know 60 to 70 area even getting overbought for a breakout back into the 300 and you can see somewhat of the same pattern here you know sideways action push back up obviously following Bitcoin and this tends to follow Bitcoin more than aetherium does just because it's like Bitcoin 2.0 and I think like coin is very very undervalued in my opinion for its use cases you know being used as an actual currency Bitcoin being used as an investment you know route you know form of investment with you know like s gold with like coin actually being used as a primary use of spend it being lower and you know a little less undervalued compared to even Bitcoin cash which is trash and I didn't mean to rhyme there but for real you know white coin is looking very good now I want also give warning alerts on ripple and stellar gaining strength ripple and stellar or very doing very well in the last hour – I mean not last 24 hours just based off this news that came out about Ripple I could pull it up here right here so ripple is going alive and I'm gonna do a video separately about this and I will actually have the video on my channel you know showcasing this they're going live on what's today March 5th so March 5th coinbase will be intimate implementing a three month and we'll begin a three month implementation for additional 500 new personnel and they'll be going on fast money with the CEO of coinbase and the CEO of Brad Garlin house you guys know I post this videos I do believe in ripple I love it and I'm thinking it's gonna get some hype and push back up you can see ripple consolidated very well and we're seeing short-term consolidation probably for push back up into the dollars I do own some ripple so I will be investing in that as well I'm looking for I'm looking to move some money back into ripple all from aetherium just because I could see ripple you know potentially testing that dollar 20 dollar 30 area especially if it points is you know in the works so we'll see our size very low looking very strong and you know push back into the 60 RSI section should put us around about a buck thirty so ripple xlm you know these are good currencies with strong use cases and like I say time and time again you want to be investing into crypto currencies that have use cases and you can see this as flagging it's a perfect flag here I can even see it without even charting it out but basically you the main thing crypto currencies are used for our currencies and in themselves you want to be able to spend this you want use cases you know for the currency you're investing in and investing in some privacy corn or you know Neutron or some speculative coin that has really no use case that for a physical currency is is honestly just retarded in my opinion no currency still a revolutionary you know new type of market but investing in coins or strong yeast cases you know popularity are all you know pretty basic basic things you should be looking for when investing in any type of curds now as you can see bitcoin is going red to green as we speak we're pushing up just in time three more hours till the close of this market day which is great as I was saying I was giving you guys warnings you know seeing that you know this is a dip by I was looking for the dip buy and I did buy it I do have orders here now the one thing I've really regret not doing is actually holding some BTC my original plan was to go into BTC aetherium and litecoin I did have I had I had that set up but then I scaled out and I went aetherium and litecoin I don't know why but hey whatever I'm still holding my ether and litecoin in my coin basis so it's looking good and you can't regret your decisions you know you obviously learned from them and progress forward and as you can see we're pushing up like corn to it that to $500 is not out of the realm of possibility sir you can see aetherium starting to push up here we are having more buys we're having more buys on like one so it's looking very strong but yeah the one thing I do wish I you know stayed a little consistent with was my plan of holding ether like coin and Bitcoin because you know I'm just holding bitcoin and litecoin right our theorem and like corn right now when I wish I had some Bitcoin just to be able to profit when Bitcoin goes up and ether and like when stay stagnant as you can see we're going from a hammer you know now into a doji pattern which is beautiful you guys are seeing this live on trading view if we push that 450 mark where are more than likely about to push 500 dollars everything is pushing towards Bitcoin success here all the you know EMA's are pushing up and you can see if these walls are getting chewed through with more buyers coming in the market we see we have a huge wall of support there at 343 buyers and we're pushing through like my analysis and my theory as proving is these are not real sellers these are just sellers here to be used as you know kind of not a hoax but you know a stage to to drive fear into people while they're actually buying the big you know big people a lot of money or buying and that's what I'm seeing happening you know I was buying here you can see you know I was buying Bitcoin at 8400 and I wish I did hold a little bit there you know that was happening 25 days ago by kept my ether and litecoin which you know obviously are still holding relative to the market movements like corn would have been the more prominent investment I did have seven like corn right here at one point that I you know the first fighting to eater and I was buying my corn at 140 dollars here and I still have that like corn just about 3.5 um yeah you know like when we've been the prominent one I'd have turned that $1000 into about $1,700 at this point now it's sitting about for 1314 hundred dollars around there it's which is not bad I'm not complaining but you know obviously just live and learn from the lessons you make and learn from my mistakes you can see I've have about $1400 1466 dollars obviously I did add I got these these are just my bit corn you know excuse me these are from by Nance I moved these in so roughly I'm sitting around about 1,250 13 so up 25% off that original $1000 and then money moved from my finance into coin base but basically I do wish I did have more Bitcoin just because Bitcoin does move no more prominently since it is overall market faster than the like coin in aetherium and you could see Bitcoin just went green this is big-time news guys you saw this live Bitcoin just went green this is very very very very very very very very very very strong and once this candle turns green on you get ax we should see a push to $11,500 um you know it's not our concern so concerned about lost resistance not long ago I understand that but we can see the market is gaining strength and it's gained strength because people are getting out of the corns back into Bitcoin that's a very strong side we'll start to see more market participants into the market once we break this $12,000 no resistance and we should more than likely extend out past 20,000 why you know and I want to want to clear this up for anybody who's new into investing or currency which a lot of people jumped in Krypto you know I'm still roughly an out saint intermediate investor I've been trading for about a year I had some successes and failures obviously like anyone else but you know I'd of deep into the stock market I took hits I lost money and that's how I learned that's how I I always fall fail and get back up so the one thing I really want to push you guys is don't discount Bitcoin eat there like one just because they're expensive is expensive and relative terms you have to obviously put into consideration the scale of the global monetary supply as a whole the banks that are involved in it like let's just take a look JP Morgan's market cap okay let's put that into consideration JP Morgan's overall market cap and total assets is let's see they're worth so JP Morgan a handler of money is worth three hundred and eighty eight billion dollars worth more than Bitcoin themselves and these are just the people who handle your money now we go to Bank of America they're worth about three hundred twenty four billion okay and then we go to Citigroup you know they're probably worth a bit more 108 actually a little less 189 billion um you know Wells Fargo worth you know two hundred eighty billion goldman sachs worth about ninety a hundred billion morgan stanley worth about a hundred billion american you know AIG worth about fifty billion and the list goes on American Express worth about eighty two billion you know the list goes on now these are companies you just deal and the handling of money money moving in and out of people's pockets making interest off money then we take into consideration the global you know currency scale of how much US dollars out there how much euro how much you know yen you know every other currency in the world how much is out there and then we take that it's roughly you know okay so we just calculated that all the banks in America are worth about a trillion dollars okay she you know all these huge banks and the crypto currencies worth about five hundred billion and bitcoins worth about two hundred billion now if we grow on a global scale and we add in how much the banks across the No entire world are worth we're looking about probably 30 to 40 trillion just a very broad estimation the people who make money off currency itself you know America our banks are worth about 1.5 trillion so probably about fifteen trillion twenty trillion dollars just people who are making money off thanks yeah I know so basically what I'm seeing is is that we people are realizing that Bitcoin cryptocurrency is worth more than what they actually think it is red bull xlm very undervalued for use cases and people will wake up and realize that there is money to be made in these markets also taking the fact to consideration that gold is a five trillion dollar market cryptocurrency is obviously a better version of gold in my opinion and we're seeing this we're seeing this and we're gonna see the push to one trillion dollars market cap very shortly I think within the next five five to six months obviously my triple price prediction is coming true you know I tried to stay I try to stay as not narrow mind not narrow minded what I try to stay is I try to stay try and think of the word I try to stay on the same path when I speak about something it's wrong to look at markups and I mean the leverage is the bound money they can borrow it's not that it's not how much they're actually worth you know what I mean but the thing I want to really push to you guys is I try to stay you know concise to my plan I try to stay still when I have an opinion I don't change it after the market moves and you guys should know that and the next thing I want to also say is you will also have to look at the if every perspective you have to look from different points in the island and look you know basically making a decision if you made this decision what you want to know what exactly can go wrong and when I say when I say that is you have to use the scientific method and it sounds weird you're using it for investing but it's true because all you're doing is looking at signs which are candlesticks you're looking at fundamental analysis you're looking at technical analysis all this stuff with your signs for you know further market movements and you make a scientific use a scientific method to formulate a hypothesis you know obviously use your observations and you know obviously prove your thesis right consistent yeah Oliver anyway basically what I'm trying to say is people are gonna wake up they're gonna see what the hell cryptocurrency is about this is no game this is no joke it's real-deal business obviously I wish I invested a long time ago I saw cryptocurrency here in May I knew about it a long time ago with friends behind me oh I drugs off the dark web but here you know that's why I saw cryptocurrency I decided just give up on it just because corn base was taking forever to approve my account anyway uh you know you know I bought in up here on burple made a ton of money sold right here and you bought back right here and we are pushing up for eleven thousand five hundred dollars which is gonna be a key key place to break like I was saying that is gonna be very key we have a lot of Bitcoin for sale there and we're going green this very positive price movement but I do wanna you know let you guys know this was all easy to see it's I hope you guys didn't panic I hope people really took advantage of this and the opportunity is still there to profit now if you want my overall opinion where you should put your money I'm not a financial adviser but somewhere I would be looking as ripple and stellar because they are very strong coins and I still undervalued now we're seeing bitstamp is pushing the $11,500 this is very very strong we went from red to green which is very strong it shows Bears have lost power bears are losing power and in the signs where they've had the strength which is showing Bulls are strong which is showing that my overall hypothesis of the market and my thesis is proving to be true it's no it's no like magical formula it's it's about you know obviously like Jesse Livermore said the best way to prove he's right is putting your money behind it and the guy I have quoted on the screen there is one of the best investors in my opinion of all time you know he ended up killing himself but anyway read the reminiscence of the stock operator very good book I'm 21 years old this is you know something you can all learn it's not hard I'm just I love numbers I love math I love all this and this is the beauty this is beauty because you know there's no this is a game of probabilities there's no certain things and I love that taking risks I don't work for anyone I do work for myself and I want to push to you guys you can make money out of these markets I simply put 10% of my door – money I'm a door – driver outside of you know school work in YouTube I put 10% of that income into cryptocurrency throughout the month of late November early December and I made about 2.3 grand roughly 2.4 grand out of that $300 plus summer for money so let's say I tripled my investment because in rough terms I had like 800 dollars and I made 2,400 dollars because of the referral money obviously Lawson factors played in but three times my money over the course of the you know bull run and then I bought I took out a thousand dollars put that stock market and you know obviously paid bills and loans all that and I bought back to dip and I've actually been very successful in the past about a month and a half paying off my debts and all that good stuff so I want to let you guys know there is opportunity out there make sure you capitalize on it cryptocurrency is not going anywhere if you fail to realize that I feel bad for you because you'll be the person ten years like like now you'll be the person saying you wish you bought Amazon or Tesla ten years ago and it's gonna happen again especially if the stock market does Krabs will see probably you know cryptocurrency market boom but I don't see the stock market crashing we're in the midst of a correction anyway one I just want to let you guys know follow youtubers who remain consistent off their opinions one very guy very very good youtuber I really really recommend you guys watch you know on top of what I do is Alessio or stony he's a good you know trader both cryptocurrency and stock market very good guy he stays true to his opinions and his thoughts and I think you should very you should very much watch this guy and he didn't tell me to say that I'm just letting you guys know he's a good trader follow people who know what they're talking about read books read about candlesticks if you're unaware and you're in the market please make yourself aware of what's going on learn about these candlesticks learn about resistance support all this good stuff it'll take you about four months five months to really get it down and then start using your money to make more money and that's how the game works I will be doing a video I will be uploading the ripple XRP you know interview the coinbase CEO on fast money so stay tuned for that it should be very interesting I suggest really looking into ripple and xlm it's gonna get very hot the markets are you know heating up this next week should be fun I'll be covering it in full full extent so make sure to you know turn on your notification stay subscribed I'm about to go to work the hustle don't stop boys so be prepared let's make some money and prove all the naysayers wrong I hope you guys have a great rest of your day enjoy your Sunday make sure to stay tuned to the channel for more awesome videos you guys know we stay consistent on this channel I like to educate all my viewers on what's going on and that's really all I have for you guys so hope you guys have a great Sunday stay tuned for more awesome videos and we'll see you in the next one have a great Sunday guys

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