28 thoughts on “Bitcoin Near $9,000, Chilling Innovation, One Dollar Or 1 BTC? & TRON BitTorrent Announcement”

  1. your boy Chico crypto just did a social experiment with ether and Abe Lincoln fiat, more picked ether this week!!! Miami more like World Sample too

  2. I disagree – Montana and Wyoming are two of the most libertarian states w/in the US. It actually makes a lot of sense for regulation to be the most favorable to crypto in those 2 states.

  3. “Hello Everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyy” is getting stronger and stronger in what seems like a start of the next major bull run.. this is exciting space now…

  4. Thank you Sir – for being one of the very few true speakers for the cryto space….as bitcoin value rising, more greed will set in, lies and manipulations will appear…keep up the good work ! keep the world well informed…

  5. I want to start a new XRP giveaway twitter account including many other altcoins so please follow my main twitter @gio_mars_ for more info

  6. I love love radio voiced dudes. … I'd just use u for my introduction into rooms. Lmbo
    Ty for this video I been listening for about 2 Mo, ty for speaking on ltc.

  7. I THINK the price going up has a lot to do with Bitfinex and Tether.

    Whether that's good or bad is still be to seen.

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