27 thoughts on “Bitcoin Monthly Chart is Bullish SO WHY AM I NOT BTC dump today”

  1. Buying bitcoins is pretty easy but what to do with it then is usually the part laden with so much questions and options. The popular one being buying and holding for long term profit. This strategy in itself may not be a bad idea but possibilities for sure and even more profit exists through trading as noted by a few of the best traders and content providers on youtube and other forums. I have made substantial profit in the bear market when everybody complained and i am poised to make even more now its quite certain the bulls are about to take charge and the beauty of trading is that, even if there is a correction and the value of the bitcoin reverses and declines, i would still profit off it. Though i am not even close to the best of traders, i do this by being smart and utilizing the trade assistance of a very successful trader who provides strategies and signals for new and old traders. I have been using Robbert Wiegman's system for quite some time now and have never been disappointed as my profit is on the steady. I suggest him to anyone who may need some guide to make better and consistent profit from cryptocurrency ([email protected]) . Meeting Alex is an eye opener to the real business of crypto and i wish more people would be exposed to trading for profit instead of waiting for blindly based on inaccurate predictions

  2. Can't have a pullback with no FUD, and there seems to be no FUD in sight. It's all bullish sentiment and coordinated good news all at once, hence the parabolic rally

  3. Glad I watched this. I don't know why, but my spidey senses started tingling @ 5:52, looking at that S&P chart for some reason. Maybe Bitcoin will end up looking like that… a giant "M", before the real new bull market begins. That would kind of screw over both bears and bulls right now. It could also potentially mean an eventual new low after the double top.

    Also, when you copied & pasted that parabolic move up to 300K, I'm feeling a wrong sense on that. In other words, the opposite.

    Maybe this is all just in my imagination, but I didn't consciously plan to think this way at all while watching.

  4. Science is about trying to disconfirm your hypothesis not simply presenting selective charts that support it. It depends where you look on the gold chart! No-one can predict the future so who knows who is correct. Take profits as you go up and you will provide a cushion. I personally don't think the real fomo has started so on an uptrend a market can always go higher than you think before a significant correction. E.g. The recovery in the US stock market for end of December with people saying it must correct for 2 months before it did. No doubt a correction will come, just when?

  5. The pressure of halving has to make the price go even lower than 3k for big whales can recharge a good price before halving next year. We will see 4k for sure and a capitulation candel between 1900 -1300 . And the indicator for this is the MACD on monthly that is bancing from 0 but it still have to go down into the negative zone like in 2015. We are just pumping because macd has arrived to 0, and pumping like when we fall to 6000 to 11800.the top is now

  6. Wow the gold chart is so much like the Bitcoin chart it's scary… If you went by that it's pump time

  7. There’s too many shit coins out there period! This bull run is completely manufactured by the exchanges themselves wash trading coins back and forth. There will be a dump , the only question is not if but when.

  8. Real? There is NOTHING REAL in crypto! It’s all 100% money laundering and Bitmex binance and Finex manipulation and trading against customers! No real use; no demand and no even interest from google search whatsoever

  9. I really think people including traders need to maybe start considering bitcoin chart is not rhyming with 2014 chart but seriously consider 2011-2012 parabolic chart that ultimately lead to the 2014 bear market

  10. this is the only soothing and stress free channel in the tube. the rest are pent up with emotions when price goes up or down. keep it up sir Wolf.

  11. Interesting the first two tech stocks that you showed. Those two technologies were very ripe for their time and so is Bitcoin just an observation.
    Im taking an ax to next green candle i see!!!

  12. No volume? Constant btc being taken out from exchanges, FED going to stop shrinking balance starting September, all countries printing money like crazy, IMF newest report telling that sovereign risk is at 100%, BIS newest report telling that banks holdings in gold is the only guarantee. You are completely out of reality about what is driving and will drive Crypto to new ath.

  13. Lazlo keep doing what you do, forget the trolls, i do understand your position. Btc its full of surprise. love your updates, see ya. Thx 🙂

  14. During the dot com bubble did you have easy access to stocks?? No probably not .? your broker. Investing is a lot easier. The comparison can't be similar…i do think we need to back test support. ?

  15. The problem is everyone is waiting for this “pull back” The market is now hurting ppl by “not letting them” get positions to make profit! The spring will be the majority that have not yet 100% positioned themselves in the market that will be FORCED to fomo in after this smart money. This is BTCs version of “hurting the majority”. There are trillions of $ waiting to squeeze into a tiny asset. Don’t underestimate that.

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