Bitcoin Momentum Building | Cardano on Coinbase? | ICE Lists 58 NEW Altcoins on Data Feed

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe for a video on cryptocurrency everyday my name is Austin feel free to pump up the speed of today's video up to 1.25 maybe 1.5 I'm just gonna be taking things a little bit slower today so feel free to do that but that being said grab a green beer and let's jump in I've pulled three news stories for you just things I think an important that you know being investors in the space but really today I just want to talk about Bitcoin and the price of Bitcoin some of this positive momentum that we've been seeing from Bitcoin over the last two and a half three weeks into this weekend bitcoins been looking strong yes it's very possible that we're about to see a correction that would not only be fair that would be healthy but either way Bitcoin has been looking very strong over these last two three weeks so we're gonna talk about it that being said let's jump over to the market refresh and I should say a big thank you to one of our sponsors for today stay calm you know stay calm how do you like stay calm you use it stay calm as an online cryptocurrency based gaming website where you can wager real cryptocurrency with fun easy to use games that are provably fare you can see people right now playing these games using their litecoin using their aetherium the thing that I like about stay calm like I said and use my link down below I've linked down below check it out for yourself but the thing that I like is there a licensed provably fair casino for smart gambling so check it out but but let's jump to the market right now total market cap is sitting at 139 practically a hundred and forty billion dollar market cap let's put that into perspective real quick this is total market capitalization for year-to-date so for all of 2019 what do you see well this is the third time in the last three ish months that the market cap has has touched and tried to pass this a hundred and forty resistance we touched it one time about two weeks ago we weren't it not able to sustain we you know we consolidated we're testing it again but the last time that we really tried to get over there was at the very beginning of the year in January where the market cap hit just under a hundred and forty billion dollars of course at that time the market was on its way down or or maybe we had just hit I forget maybe we just hit the lowest point and that was a first attempt to break past the resistance either way we were near all-time lows on a write down and now three months later we're retesting it again of course a lot of things have changed since then we'll talk about all that when we talk about Bitcoin let's just zoom in on the top ten real quick if you look at the top ten I mean obviously a ton of positive movement for everything over the last seven weeks the big winner in the top ten or I guess maybe top eleven today is a theorem is doing pretty well but Cardno is really the big winner a lot of people I don't want say faux mowing but a lot of people are suspecting that cordana will be the next coin added to coin base and yes the coin base effect isn't as prominent as it once was but that's why Cardno everything else kind of leveled off a little earlier in the week Cardano up almost three percent still going strong it is the last altcoin that coinbase said that they would add at the beginning of last year we have one more to go and Cardno could be it let me know what you think in the comments but let's jump to Bitcoin right now one Bitcoin costs about four thousand bucks and let's zoom out a little bit let's actually zoom out all the way to right when the market sell all-time highs and we touched a little bit on this yesterday but one of the big differentiators different than in January of this year and similar to the beginning of 2018 last year is volume volume is not just up a little bit it's up you know right now it's nine ten thousand twenty four-hour volume as opposed to 6,000 and 7,000 where it's been for this all of last year for the year of correction but the last time we've seen volumes like this a little dead cat bounce in April where the 24-hour volume yeah is right what it was what it is now but really is January when we had a ton of retail investors buying a ton of retail investors selling so in terms of I mean it means that there's a lot more people trading buying big point buying altcoins and whether this is real or whether this is fake because a lot of people say that hey all on exchange volume it's highly manipulated by BOTS by whales my question is then why do these whales want us to think that all this trading is going on it's very interesting it just goes to show more than anything that things are things are different than they were three months ago very interesting what this week will bring last thing I want to point out to you is Bitcoin dominance is back to about 50% and let's actually just zoom in let's go year-to-date on this – well maybe that's too close let's do just what we did before all the way back for 2018 so what you'll notice is back when bull runs you know the market starts turning bullish what Bitcoin does altcoins flourish and Bitcoin increases – but its dominance goes ways goes way down we're beginning to see that right here we'll zoom out to another year and a half in fact and I mean Bitcoin has been hovering between 50 and 51 percent it looks like Bitcoin dominance is going down further this could be a key indicator along with the volume along with fundamentals to know if the bull market is truly turned this channel will keep you updated let's get to the news coinbase Pro increases their fees so I'm going to show you this in a second but really it's more expensive for the little guy you and me less expensive to the whales not only did they increase their fees for coin based Pro but there's new just a lot of technical differences there's new order this is more for day traders out there new order increment sizes if you're ordering if you're buying Bitcoin and they turned all stop market orders so you can no longer set a stop market order and add market so this check out this website if your day trader it'll go into the specifics but but if we check out the exact fees that coinbase Pro now has you'll notice that big whales that have over 1 billion dollars 1 billion USD volume minimal fees minimal takers fees as opposed to the little guy you and me point one five percent 0.25 percent let me know what you think I mean I'm just gluing you in to get this to put some perspective on this what other people think well this is a tweet from Alex Kruger coinbase Pro raising fees coinbase Pro raising fees for smaller clients by 33% while lowering fees for large appliance so I guess the big takeaway was the statistic 33% more for the little guy and this was the my favorite piece of perspective which I took away another person tweeted pretty random day to hike up all the hiked all the fees up coinbase anticipating a new bull run perhaps it's a good question why now could be that coinbase is looking at some of this dominance probably more looking at some of this 24 hour volume but either way it seems to be preparing for something very interesting this came out two days ago this is pretty significant just more that fundamental bullish news that we're about all the time it doesn't doesn't seem to be affecting the price but it's fundamentally awesome news and I take that back little by little step by step these dominoes are falling and ice we know I I stay control the New York Stock Exchange parent company ice launches new cryptocurrency data feed for 58 different coins and digital assets this was their exact tweet where's the first one this was our exact tweet they listed out the full list I like that I'm gonna support that and it's a lot of the coins in the top 100 I mean a lot of poop coins I would say there's the Bitcoin cashes Bitcoin gold we can go down the list I'll leave this in the description you can check out for yourself dogecoin alas those digibytes a lot of the big ones to note they did not choose by Nance point we'll get to it the internet the IntercontinentalExchange ice the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange released a new data feed for the cryptocurrency market there will be several digital assets listed to increase transparency in the crypto space the crypto space has been growing during the last years but companies and larger investors so this is why they did it why are they adding this launching this information on their data feed because large investors companies have had problems finding a good quality and reliable information about the digital assets and they're providing this transparency and just this detail I mean this is obviously a an institution that people trust and they might not they might not want to go on online like look at coinbase because they might say hey these could be highly manipulated could be probably is slightly but either way it's just another barrier to entry that comes down just another trusted place the whales can go and it just becomes more than mainstream cryptocurrency we're seeing it cryptocurrency become more the mainstream last piece of news again fundamental bullish news riot blockchain company plans a launch of a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in the US the big word right here is regulated so this did just get submitted for SEC approval bullish news if this happens and again it's all depending on the SEC then this would be a very easy place that businesses and institutions could come to along with fidelity along with other places to buy and trade cryptocurrency publicly traded United States based company Riot blockchain has filed with the SEC to launch a new regulated exchange like I said it'll be called riot X and it's right X in the US by the end of q2 2019 so within three months and right X users would be allowed to create accounts connected to accredited bank banking institutions in the US and transfer and hold both fiat and cryptocurrencies obviously positive news I mean I know I say this all the time but it's another on-ramp for if it gets if it gets a you know approved I should say it's another on-ramp but either way just a little Sunday news for you I have not had one green beer in the last two days it is let me know what you guys are now I'll let you go we don't you don't need me pontificating but I'll let you go I'll be talking you guys in the comments see you tomorrow

41 thoughts on “Bitcoin Momentum Building | Cardano on Coinbase? | ICE Lists 58 NEW Altcoins on Data Feed”

  1. They say the coinbase effect has lost its luster…but, I think its more that no one cared about the alts they have listed recently but, ADA is the one everyone has been waiting for…….

  2. Great video! Love the content, and I've been thinking the same that coinbase is preparing for something. However, I see large capitulation and correction in the short term, not more bullishness. Could be wrong of course. I think a bull trap soon is actually quite likely.

  3. Altcoins are running like crazy,I made some good profit on Binance by trading.
    Almost doubled my portfolio.
    Thanks to @satosicollector telegram channel

  4. Why is it that as soon as BTC starts to fart upwards, even mildly, out comes the comment "it's due a healthy correction". How are we ever gonna repeat 2017 if everyone's like "hey it's gone up a piddley amount for 4 days, there must be a correction coming". Don't people remember 2017?

  5. HUGE PARTNERSHIP NEWS FROM SKYCOIN FOUNDER : Skycoin just signed first infrastructure contract for Skywire. Value of first contract is ten times Skycoins current market cap.

  6. We are going to have to dump very hard, but only to show the SEC we are still willing to show them 1.2k BTC by the end of the year to get the ETFs approved.

  7. Sorry for slacking on commenting lately. I listen and "like" daily! "Smart gambling"… oxymoron? Glad you addressed the Coinbase Pro fee change. I got the email about it but hadn't taken the time to research it. As always, I appreciate your videos! 🙂

  8. Higher volume is a great sign of the markets turning around. I myself also don't think whales have anything to do with price action. The majority of whales bought bitcoin at $0.10c like my dumbass should have in 2010 but I listened to my friends and never doing that again. But they don't trade bitcoin. They hold and cash out 1-2 here and there to live off of. They're in it for the long run. The market trading is caused by hundreds of millions if not billions of traders reading the same charts and trading off the same signals. It's really that simple. If your sitting on 10,000+ bitcoin your not worried about trading or prices. Your building the infrastructure behind the scenes

  9. I LIKE THE IDEA THAT COINBASE IS DOING THIS. BULL SIGNAL !! 3 TO 6 MONTHS AND WE WILL BE ROLLING. When I say that, it means bull starts not ATH!!!!

  10. Naww they won't list BNB , if they are smart they recognize trash when they see it , no cares about that Monopoly money except binance users

  11. be careful with the gambling ads. that's how crypto bitcoin chris' channel got booted. may not be worth it

  12. The Coinbase effect may have worn off? What was the last coin before ADA and XRP that had billions in supply? Hey. I have TEN BILLION red blood cells. Wanna buy one ?

  13. Does anyone know what's the cheapest place to trade bitcoin now with Coinbase raising their prices? For US based customers??

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