Bitcoin Mining in China – No Ban, No Crackdown

hello guys mia here with a recent Manero fork to combat ASIC money and also news coming out from reddit about help it may now controls over 51% of Bitcoin hash rate I thought it would be a great time for us to get to the button of this let's go it just so happens that in my backyard this one of the biggest electronics manufacturing hubs in China you'll know my stance on a six hash tag team decentralisation but as we say in Chinese cheese it should be by temple-type know your enemy and yourself then you are win the battles so let's check this place out and see if you can grab one of those now useless kryptonite a six miners to use as a door stopper as you can see despite the government's are cracking down on trading mining farms and payment channels it's still very busy here with many things on offer you can see a lot of buyers are from India and Russia and they're looking for some made in China to stop despite the decline in mainland Bitcoin trading China still accounts for more than two-thirds of the words mining power partly because these companies are the main suppliers of ASIC machines popular models include the ant miner s9 made by beijing-based beat main technologies these are the Buster's trying to monopolize the Bitcoin hash rate and our miners s mine with mining speed of 14 trillion hashes per second costs more than 8,000 um that's one thousand three hundred US dollars according to Pete mains website that's like one to two months salary for the average workers here crazy but other than one directly from the company is difficult because products offered unlimited online sales snapped up in second divine allows vendors to sell well above the price listed on the website windows here have sold owned minor as mines for as much as eight thousand seven hundred men a cheaper but less powerful many option is a below six they are made by tahmnong created a hundred best company the company is currently planning to launch an IPO outside of mainland China Hong Kong and the United States have both been floated as possible countries where the IPO could take place I don't know what the prices for this will be but if they have really dropped low due to manner of work then you can make fun of the ASIC manufacturers and check up a beam to supporters of the centralization

26 thoughts on “Bitcoin Mining in China – No Ban, No Crackdown”

  1. Ye buy these specific mining units… Just please leave GPUs alone, you are driving their prices up for us gamers and 3D artists! 🙁

  2. Great.. It's our pleasure that somebody from China sharing crypto world news in China.. Awesome.. keep it up.

  3. 8000 rmb for a Bitminer, that is 3 months salary, wow , you said one month salary, you are very rich. I love you. you are beautiful.

  4. Also – there are a lot of scam sites "selling" s9's – as soon as you send your crypto it's gone. Do the vendors take crypto there at the market?

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