BitCoin Mining in 3 Easy Steps

Bitcoin mining can be daunting I know because I have been putting it off everything seems harder when you don't understand until you do then you could read not doing it sooner therefore I research so that you don't have to before we begin let me answer one common question about mining is it too late I do not believe it is just because you are not early to the game does not mean it is too late more and more company accepting bitcoins such as overstock subway Expedia PayPal suppli Phi and Microsoft and if you have Hardware lying around that is even better imagine this if Starbucks accept Bitcoin and only a couple days or day of mining you could just pay for one first let's find out your hardware is profitable go to nice hands calm and use their profitable calculator I have both the GTX 1060 and 1080 the 1060 is currently at $1 in 73 cents a month while 1080 is $9 in 42 cents a month the kilowatt hour can be calculated by taking a dollar amount you pay a month on your electricity bill divided by the number of kilowatt hour if your hardware is profitable let's begin go to nice hash comm and download their software after that there are only three steps you need to do one set up your wallet this is where you keep your coins you can use a unique address but I recommend time your email address as that is easier to remember to benchmark your hardware nice hash accepted both my CPU and GPU on my HP desktop but only the GPU on my Dell are around r7 this benchmark would take approximately 10 minutes 3 start mining I have only started mining for around 2 days and I have a little over $3 but it's not bad considering I have the machine lying around the house after you sign into nice hash you can check the status on their page you can find daily weekly and monthly estimate revenue but here's my tip set it up and forget it don't keep checking on it and have it consume your life

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