Bitcoin Millionaire Pro SCAM Warning! – Cryptocurrency Trading Fraud (Review)

hey guys what’s up? FAYSAL here from and how are you guys doing? well I guess you’re fine and today
we’re exposing BITCOIN MILLIONAIRE PRO. you see I have problems with the word
MILLIONAIRE! before I begin, I would like to request you to like and
subscribe to our page for future updates. so you see you can earn $11,665 by trading with the help of BITCOIN MILLIONAIRE PRO. that means you are going to be a millionaire soon right?
but you know I have allergy with the world MILLIONAIRE especially when it
comes to trading software that the name consist with MILLIONAIRE! so they claim
that you can earn more than $11,000 every single day by trading with their
software but by looking at their web page interface, I immediately recall
another software that we marked as a scam that is called by the name of
PROFIT WIZARD PRO and PROFIT WIZARD PRO also claims high returns of investment
and blah blah blah. how do I know that these two software are identical?
you see they display that someone named KAULA just joined right? okay now come to BITCOIN MILLIONAIRE PRO website and you will see the same exact picture
and her name is KAULA & she just joined. the same person just joined! so now you know that these two software’s are identical. so
basically what happens nowadays fraudsters are very active and they make
funny and ridiculous software and claims to earn you millions overnight.
and they give it a different names and promote
via different channels with different promotional videos as you can see the
BITCOIN MILLIONAIRE PRO and PROFIT WIZARD PRO are the same bullshit software
but with a different name and different presentation videos. so they are saying
that the so-called CEO David has created the software and David
made a statement here with the cooperation with the “International Council for
Bitcoin” as you can see here. National but there is no such organization exists in the world called
the “International Council for Bitcoin”! so that is a fictitious organization and
does not exist on earth! and this so-called David is also not real and his
picture is just a stock photograph and was used to in many website for
promotional purposes. you can see the same exact picture of mr. David
in certificate in leadership and management website. so you see that Mr.
David has no connection with BITCOIN MILLIONAIRE PRO. this is the typical example of a scam software and what to say! don’t join in such type of
ridiculous profit making or profit generating
softwares and I’m sure you’ll lose your investment overnight if you do so. so
beware of this BITCOIN MILLIONAIRE PRO and if you are interested in
cryptocurrencies then I put some links in the description that I use some
software and got a good results. so you can also try these softwares if you want
to. yeah until then take care.

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