28 thoughts on “Bitcoin MASSIVE Move?! You Won’t Believe Who’s Actually MINING $BTC!!! $100k ?”

  1. Just heard that AT&T will start accepting bitcoin for phone bills payment, I think this will set the president, hoping for bull run

  2. Bullish readings on the hourly and 4-hour charts indicates a rise to $8,400 despite the sideway movement of the bitcoin with difficulty in breaking fully into the $8,000 range. It is eventual that the bitcoin would soon see $10,000 in no time and quickly climb far above that subsequently so the best practice for an investor right now is to keep piling up on bitcoins either by dollar cost averaging which is not very effective now due to the pace at which the asset is set to run or by trading which is quicker to generate good returns. In the space of just 1 month, I increased from 3 btc to over 8 btc and I am even poised for a steeper growth. Doing this is quite easy, dig in and learn all you can about trading which is time consuming and risky still or find a signal service with good number of users and high accuracy like that of Gérard Barrientos which is what I used to grow my portfolio. It’s easy to use and very accurate and above all, Gérard is patient, nice and willing to teach alongside providing his services. He can be reached by ([email protected] or on WhatsApp +447427159640) for inquiries about his system and how to utilize it for quick profit

  3. Wow Sunday night! My notification on coinbase went off and I about hit the floor! Boy was there a move!

  4. Thanks for great content. I been just holding and building up my crypto for a long time and I dont plan to sell anytime in the near future.

  5. Which price-range do you think Bitcoin will be trading in this week?
    – Above $10k
    – Between $9k – $10k
    – Between $7k – $9K
    – Below $7k
    Let me know about your opinion in the comment. Or you can also follow the original tweet-> @t .

  6. Too the Moon ? I think realistically 10-15 years 250k. Let’s keep it slow. Nearly nobody got rich over night. It will come sooner or later. If you don’t need the money, HODL!! Love your Videos.
    The Ledger you can give to somebody else, already have 2…

  7. I feel sorry for those who want btc but don't have btc. But I don't feel sorry for those who don't have btc want btc below $5000

  8. Like I've been trying to tell everyone I care about… buy bitcoin and HODL (hold on) for the long term. Bitcoin is the future.

  9. Please select me for the free ledger nano… I need it pretty badly.. I'm new to your channel and found your analysis is very great and details.

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