42 thoughts on “BITCOIN MANIPULATION?! Will $BTC DUMP LOWER? This Has Happened Before…”

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  2. Great video, I’m still earning with binance trading bot which gives me 5-10% daily ROI. Ask me how to get more details.

  3. Hey Kdub, like your videos and technical analysis, manipulation is real, when big institutions get involved we will certainly see more. I do feel we can see a sub 9k and then back up over 11k.

  4. I fully agree with the manipulation of price. Justin sun must have holded in China for illegal activities.

  5. you should consider changing your rules for the ledger nano s to just being any comment so that way the comment section is still mostly about the actual content. I see so many people posting nothing except ohh i want a ledger! kind of ruins the point. But anyways, everyone seems bearish rn so i expect a pump at 9k for sure.

  6. I think 3k is possible again, the masses are not buying bitcoin…..if the whales stop having fun btc could tank? ?

  7. Kdub…..of course it's intentional. I have been saying this for 6 months now. We are on the cusp of BAKKT and Fidelity coming into play. All of these institutions are slamming the price low in order for the big boys to ride in while there is blood in the streets. You would have to be pretty naive if you thought the big money was going to buy in when BTC was soaring!! We will fill the gap, then consolidate for a bit….then it's game over….once the big money is on board….it will scream upwards. This is why I am not fazed at all about BTC falling. It is going exactly to how they planned it. Just be patient.

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