24 thoughts on “Bitcoin Macro Price Analysis and News”

  1. You mind is still trapped in a old world that has old rules. Bitcoin has no rules but supply and demand with 24/7 markets. Just buy.

  2. Looks like the nightmare scenario is coming true. but what if it pumps and then a small correction, then bull market? That's a 3rd possibility. But I hope you're right about the prolonged bear market, gives you time to accumulate

  3. I fomo'd agian ofc. blew 30% on fucking bitmex.. but a break of 7200 imma short it stay neutral after 8400 breaks tho, it think you might be right and lower lows are even on the table, dont wanna get totally rekt here..

  4. @Wpack, the free market is rife with people looking to use their wit to essentially con other people out of their money. it's not an even playing field when the people at the top have a higher IQ and money to manipulate the market. Look what George Soros did to the British pound back in the 1980's, that is not a "free market. A truly free market only gives bad actors the ability to use their resources to game the system, and crypto is the perfect example of that.

  5. Think Chic is pretty rational. The actions of Binance is exactly the same as those with insider information and in Binance's case insider control. In other markets where this happens there is at least some recourse to the law to prosecute these people. Markets depend on perfect information which leads to fair access and choice in the market. This is clearly not happening with regard to Binance. The rich get richer by stealing from the 95% and a few lucky people ride on the back and make some money.

  6. I wonder in you are richt. Its obvious that you have a personal interest. You missed the move! Are you objective.

  7. you actually believe that the similarities are SIMILAR? (you need a rest! )…
    the future holds DEATH….always….and MAYBE REBIRTH….Bitcoin is decentralized, so why do i care what the countries think or do in a PEER to PEER world…People still believe in FREE MONEY…THAT is what does not exist.unless its fiat

  8. I totally share ur realistic view & values & apprehension about the drawbacks of this "futuristic world" we're moving toward. one YouTuber, "Love for Crypto" actually told his viewers, the other day, that, if u don't want microchip implants powered by xrp, you can "fuck off." Im definitely campin out off the grid too when things get too weird. Society will basically fall apart before a lot that more extreme censorship & surveilance happens. Probably digital IDs & biometric devices r coming soon tho.

  9. Very well said points! You have a well balanced view of the markets and whats going on. So enjoyed it! Thanks WolfPack! Only one like button……darn.

  10. I go to CryptoZombie to be happy. I go to WolfPack Crypto to get depressed. Don’t become the Zero Hedge of Cryptos.

  11. I think your right on target, there's obviously some really shady stuff going on with this pump mainly Tether, and when regulators here in the USA bring these greedy people down BTC will see a 80- 90% dump. If anyone has profits now is probably the best time to take them off the table don't be greedy.

  12. The governments want to take control of the crypto economy before it gets too widespread. If they can't, they will destroy it.

  13. Bitcoin doesn't need to be mass adobted to have a high purchasing power. Most of the people with money are not stupid. Drugs are banned around the world but demand for them is high.

  14. I was wondering why you where fading the trend. It would be easier to go with the trend.
    I would know; I was fading the s&p years ago to no avail.

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