Bitcoin Live Trade – $100 in 5 Minutes!

welcome back to you crowns crypto cave and another little live scalping video as I'm gonna waste no time just getting read on it over here looking at Bitcoin and playing this pattern it looks like we have a very very very very very short term small timeframe breakdown but again the purposes of these videos of these little scalping videos is to not become a goddamn millionaire although if I were to do this for every day for three years actually might become one I might be a millionaire just based off this but again I'm going for an $80 entry right now and tell that we got that of the way I'm just gonna quickly explain what I'm seeing over here so essentially I'm looking at the lower timeframes and actually all my indicators are going against me right now stochastic so all the way at the bottom all the way through I believe the ten to fifteen minute nope 15 minute is is crossing up over here but basically oh no it'd be crossing up so yeah it's gone against me as well so basically you know what I'm looking at is the pattern and I should be getting filled a pretty damn soon right here yep okay here we come come on come on Bulls you got this you got this I'm next I should be next in line $80 offer there we go okay I'm gettin in alright a few more contracts come on keep on buying this worthless shit you fucks and there we go okay so what am I looking for over here again deeper oh wow just uh could've got a little bit more greedy with that up to eighty four and a half on anyways um basically want to be looking for is as quick move down about ten dollars lower again the purpose of this video and things like it is to essentially just do very very very very very short term scalping and I got 6969 six contracts that's exactly what I want and how will I manage risks on this well because I am playing a pattern rather than you know stochastic SAR anything like that or my RSI or any of my indicators I'm basically gonna be basically to be managing risk above this area right here so if we close a five minute dildo above this eighty four eighty six and a half area Oh half we close this position take the what is it like six dollar loss or forward all of us whatever whatever it is again hopefully well because I dig it on and on the limit so I give me a little bit of a buffer not too much definitely not too much but does help a little bit takes a little bit of pressure off especially when you are going for these very small edge trades and now I'm gonna be aiming lower again have my order in already for sixty four ninety five and a half although you know if I did have more time for this and unfortunately well actually fortunately I do love this too I'm gonna be doing a stream in the next 30 minutes or so if I did have more time I actually might be a little more apt to holding this so if you are in this trade somehow someway you you read my mind or I was reading your mind we're thinking like we're sharing a goddamn brain well you're probably fine as you can see on the higher time frames it is a little bit more dumpy dump in my my indicators all my heart time frames are suggesting that hey we are getting ready for you know a little bit of a down a little bit of a down I could very easily go for this lower 100 exponential right around here as a next big support I believe if we do kind of really sell into this I mean you know it's gonna be like another $20 so again you know the purposes of this video is to be short sweet enjoy he can just you know rack it up you know in a very short time for a short amount of time consistently over time that that's like the three key ingredients because again I want to make this relatable as possible to everyone out there and essentially you know it's easy enough to make you know how to dollars per day and if you can do that every day you can quite literally make three hundred sixty five thousand dollars in one year so like I was saying before if you can't do that for three years in a row well you actually will become a millionaire you'll be more than a millionaire you will be like a I don't know a million two point two million I know where the fuck that is anyways yeah so all the other higher time frames are suggesting that hey we we can very easily play out a little bit it down over here even I mean even so you know if you are a bull what's your look what you like you're looking at over here is some variation I'm gonna go over to my phonetics chart really really quickly some variation of let's see we got a upper resistance trendline right around here and then this trendline right around here you know could you call a flag of some sorts you certainly could you certainly could now because both sides are about equally angled I look at this and I say to myself well that's more that's more you know it's metric rights met so symmetric in by the nature of it implies equal chance break up words as downwards you can see on the 90-minute dolo chart that we do have a shooting star followed up by a nice doji and a little bit of selling over here taking a low bow so to me that's continuation and and just another thing kind of point in my direction probably could be greedy and target this guy down here make it turn it into what would that be a forty dollar trade so I'll be $400 assuming everything went right of course you never know you never know but that's essentially what I'm looking for over here basically getting this to again not just play in the powder but also my Exponential's and the higher time frames are you know do seem to be on my side what about the 45 minute haven't looked at that yeah 45 minute topping on the Stokes over here this proprietary stoke over here by the way only comes with access into the program but it does I've been having a lot of fun with it recently and if I can bring it up that'd be even better there we go all right beautiful and it's actually giving me a nice nice little signal right now on the 45 minute I want to go through the other time frames as yes the 30 minutes crossing down I like that 15 minute less the 50 minute is gonna make Romain just be extremely fucking pissed at me so fair enough but you know Romain I got my own style my friend I got my own fucking style over here anyways um looks like we looks this is yeah over here again taken down a little bit and we see oh yeah we just take to five o'clock that's why we just got a new hourly two hours same sort of thing popping back up gonna test it it looks like right in the neutral zone so typically that's not really you know it's not the best trade the best trade would have been right over here actually on the retest of it but uh I was actually I think I was actually taking a little bit of a nap right there and there we go now we're coming down come on baby come to come to me there we go and that's it all right there you go one hundred dollars in the span of ten minutes or whatever the fuck this was hope that this video found you well hope that this hope that you enjoyed this video and I'll see you in a live stream near you soon take care

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  2. Sick ! dude even if 36.500 a year for 10 minutes a day, million of people would be happy with that! fuck Uni! Pay Krown for a month to teach you technical analysis for quarter of 5 years uni fees! ha ha ha

  3. Hey I love your videos but can you spend more time on determining where to draw the resistance/support lines, and how to find trades like this? Kinda feels like you're skipping the beginning and just showing us the end

  4. Nice scalp, a bit too risky for my taste with those RSI/MACD momentum/values. But at least you're going with the trend ๐Ÿ™‚ Just wanna correct you on your math, $100 * 365 days = $36 500 and not 365k.

  5. Hi Krown can you mention the process looking for these quick setups> While the trade may take only 5 minutes I'd imagine you are looking at the charts much longer. Thanks

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