4 thoughts on “Bitcoin Live : Is BTC Pivoting? Coca Cola ATH! Episode 607 – Crypto Technical Analysis”

  1. I will have been in cryto and trading now 2 years comer february 2020. Took ome classes …been with you since your first streams making a good return…I took a heavy position in CTST along with cron acb and a few others….keep up the great work you alomost at 20k Love ya bro

  2. MITCH YOU SPOKE OF TRADE SETUPS FOR STOCKS —————–You would not be telling us what do to, you would be saying what you doing make it into a blog

  3. The reason is because just like a broker in real estate you focus on getting the most agents. 70 percent won’t sell anything 20 percent will sell every now and then and 10 percent sell every month. Most people are lazy and give up but MLM does allow “certain” people who hustle to create a residual income. An agent can only sell so many homes. Better to be a broker…my analogy…

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