Bitcoin Live : BTC Wants $9,000? Episode 531 – Crypto Technical Analysis

a traitor's welcome to episode 531 happy Memorial Day to you thanks to everyone that did serve and who lost their lives serving for us that means a lot so hopefully you paid your respects being able to spend some time with family friends and yeah maybe sometime with Bitcoin I guess well big ones been spending some time on the 60 minute consolidating downsloping with its consolidation I mean one could argue descending riding wedge slightly or just a bull bull bull flag right it doesn't look like too much I don't know complexity is involved what is happening right now you can pull stuff you're down some of your consolidation you've won time you work 92 on the RSI yeah I know it didn't close that way but yeah we're looking at yesterday in the 8 hour marathon stream which I'm still recovering from I feel like kind of I still don't feel in it I feel like out of it right now yeah 92 and so when you hit 92 on faster time skills you go nuclear you got to calm down a little bit and that's really what's happened we have calmed down and formed a small flag which is great because you know if this was to be a measure move man I'm just saying it's calling it the way I'm looking at it right he said hey man that's a bull bull flag dude that's a really really nice measurement of dude I'm just saying like if this actually did play out to be a valid buh-buh-buh like I mean you're talking about big you're talking about the exact same measure move of the ascending triangle almost to the dollar amount okay right at the critical overhead resistance man 98 oh five so I think whatever you want think we're going 2-0 they were going to a billion but yes the way it looks on the sixteen minute is bull pole bull flag what there's your measure move right there okay so breaking news breaking news I guess man I don't know I'm really just tired it's out of it I'm spacing in okay but ascending triangle beautiful we did a video on it today insert clickbait only good that will you know it had to be something with such technical analysis that drove us upright of course it always has to be anyway oh my god duty eight episodes till episode 589 good god man alright good god dude a lot of people hate XRP so much man like can we just not do it doesn't have to be original where people just I mean you're saying like literally XRP kill my father that's the way people act so if you did not kill your father so stop acting like it people all right I've got me I forgot most Isan suck man again I hope you all having a wonderful Memorial Day just bear with me today all right bear with me I don't know in our live stream it's definitely caused damage okay they caused a lot of damage I mean I got a bringing pimple on my forehead now okay Pizza marathon streams yet aid not able to really take care of myself so you get this all right what's up Oh Mike Smith soupy hard Christian King huddle tip Steve Schmidt's been Latin stay-at-home debt having moral dated hey James Glenn Blyden Cecil a Bradford he made it back man tell us about your journey your journey to the the land that we don't know or something I don't know man let's seriously I'm like out of it it's okay puff XRP fanboy deep ISM exits lights HTML SS mat karo Christian crypto clouds guy gamer Adam Anderson Craig in wavy speakers Exodus light stain dude a lot of good people in here all right really good people it's up Herbert call Roberts that's right thanks to all who served Logan mica yes correct so Bob William battles man Nando Domingos was above and life dude really so much hate for XRP man just leave it alone man okay also Corey Anderson David Feinberg a lot of good new faces in here if you found me recently let me know how you found me really appreciate it what is that sultan the you live broadcast makes you happy a good man what'd I tell you you love broadcast anyway oh here we go Daniel says XRP is gonna destroy all their asset assets in the next few years and people are afraid of that that's why they hate on is that why man I don't know man I think it's just because when you build a community that's very passionate I think you're gonna get in another community that might be anti passionate or passionate being oh they're both passionate but once you know completely against the other one okay let's go Vegeta yeah man we're waiting on Vegeta it's not here yet sorry we can't break 8800 again we've been trying man but did again what happens that your impulses you get pattern development and looks like we're forming a pattern at this current time even if you fell all the way down to 8600 again it's really not the end of the world it's not that crazy okay I agree that's right pimples and pizza dude the big ones daddy theorems mama that's a weird dude that's really weird okay going back they for our real quick you get what's happening it's even there I guess on the four-hour whatever anyway yeah they're in connect they're in connect yeah I mean that's pretty nice man alright you broke out you haven't hit the top yet of the structure at 281 but my god you got close enough didn't you you hit the candlelight close right $278 then pulled back but again you pull back because you get nuclear levels going on you're RSI on your 60-minute time scale and below right you just got to pull back you got to stall for a minute what's up a great what Makana go Makana cool sorry dude thanks man welcome oh my god man i watch Mulder buy like Angela well I'm glad to see some people are spending their Memorial Day wisely okay fine line between passionate fanboy yeah that's true that's true man no really station man is that it is that how what how it went what happened to Kara man you gave a shout out home box mining to me or yourself because you were vague in your sentence right XRP big run coming man truth news 777 did you found me at Krypton is I was long ago man those were the days of all we're approaching a year right Danna Persinger said new sub found you searching big one on YouTube about a week ago and you were live-streaming awesome man well I'm glad you're here Dan oh yeah bill G and T or indi sorry you're at work alright well work hard man okay and pulls up just sideways right could just be a you could almost argue this is a broadening top or something right to diverging trend lines whatever man okay either way it's like impulse ups sideways consolidation okay really nothing crazy man guess what happens it big one breaks to the upside you think at the aryans gonna sell off one bitcoin pumps it's either gonna go nowhere or gonna it's gonna go a big coin probably going a big coin we know that hey let's look at the total real quick total mark cat hopefully it's updated a little bit it's always behind man this chart is always behind what the real number is let me pull it up that's so beautiful isn't it man oh my cow hit 266 billion perfectly and then pulled that area or 272 billion according to quantum art cap this chart is telling us 261 billion I just don't understand man a difference all right so this the way I've got it charted total like 1 & 2 anchor points and then a bunch anchor points here on the bottom and so if we're 271 billion that means we're like right here to slot the above that 50% retrace what are you talking about men talking about from your previous discernible swing on from May 5th 2018 to the low point 50% all right we've retraced halfway alright so your golden retrace is at 306 billion so that could be happening that would make sense I mean we could get there as a resistance on the way up let's see the next real resistance I guess we're facing a little bit back from February and March to 2018 a little over a resistance there but if you can break that and you know again you'll be like 290 and then after that it's like very weak 331 so that's the total mark at this includes all cryptos bitcoin and all the s coins all coins combined okay again just bear with me I guess I'm like hungover from the stream I'm hungover from streaming yesterday eight hours straight hello oh sorry man people getting restless we didn't look at XRP how about that ma'am it was just like you had it and then he said nope can you pull it right back to clothes below it how what kind of joke is this man what kind of joke is this so it thought it was thought to be a potential confirmed pattern until the four-hour candle closed and we were not breaking above it what kind of rejection man fainted that's like you asking a girl to prom and her being like yeah and then right before prom she says sorry going with someone else ow shakes our P men right in the fields anyway I mean it's not over again bitcoins pulling back why do you think XRP is pulling back so I think we look we got as high as forty four point nine cents from the high point of loop one that's probably 78% retrace it's pretty freakin good all right not good for the pattern so much but definitely good on Fibonacci Idol oh so anyway we got a break where we couldn't 42.96 cents you could break it and hold above it and back-tested s support you could have a very nice run but as it stands this would be a first profit taking level if anyone ever gets in on these patterns down here all right the potential patterns they see the bullish divergence they see that there's a support you take profits at this first level just because just in case the trade fails and we never saw this price again just ran and sold off to lower lows yeah and then the second target would be the measure move the pattern which is again like forty nine point five cents so that's it now why don't I take a day off we must be the youtubes machine Michael dross man we must be a tit next rope is a lot of people's weight Foos or waifu's or whatever they're called dude alright the pillows yeah big xrp pillows you're just thinking about that prom rejection him whatever man anyway so I don't know they look at the major three le the total mark cap right like when still hanging in there though man it really is I mean it's at 114 dollars guess what i OS did today man beautiful man beautiful well I can triple do this what does ripple have to suck look at it look at it happen after you broke out it was over man there was no back test it was just gone well I can triple do things like this it was like the same setup impulse up you sell-off you double bottom you had the impulse up thing yeah the problem is like look how beautiful this impulse was compared to XR PS it was like halfway and then sold off and then ran up so to big boy is EOS right now ran as high as 798 you know you didn't quite get eight dollars but our finance anyway but beautiful beautiful of trend has actually been broken if you can believe it man Wow and where we stalled besides eight dollars being a psychological rounded number there's no real reason why you stopped you shouldn't be stopping really until like nine bucks there's nothing here man you were in no man's land I guess there is a little bit of resistance from July 20th and July 20 for the 2018 that you've hit but you've exceeded that I mean you hit you've gone through all that there was no real resistance or you pull back like there's eight oh eight eight ten right but where we stopped there wasn't resistance so anyway the next overhead resistance is way up here for real at like 8 87 and then like 950 the big ones so despite it is probably being extremely overbought on the 4:00 hour in the 60 minutes that's probably why we're pulling back some but in time you look at the volume involved with this move so yeah in time you could see much higher prices on us just because the fact there's no real resistance where we are not really which is great man very very good ok that's a–that's a big winner today guess who else is a big winner Tron Connect what Tron Connect did it do it man it freakin did it man it is breaking overhead resistance finally on that daily can you believe it this is the first time we've had a candle above I mean I'm talking like barring any acts of God here this is this will be the first daily candle close above 3.1 cents since like July or August 1st of 2018 been a very very long time all right breaking this in holding above it good news all right you talking about any kind of rectangle you talk about just standard Fibonacci from your high to low look I can see this high up here so I used that instead of the top which you can use the top and pure me fine but I don't know I just see it it's there I can see what the move up and down so whatever but anyway could expect between three point nine cents to five point six cents man we've had the same analysis on Tron Connect for quite some time this one has taken it suite a time all right only just now beginning to get into the hot territory like where we're we're at 70 so beginning to get into overbought territory that's okay though man it's thing if it wants to run a three point nine it will good news man very good news about Tom I mean how many boogers had to be picked just in Sun in this point of Tom chat how many did Justin Sun pick before we broke out of the upside a lot some poor kid thanks a night gang teal teal hard to see in the green the green lining I guess right geez man you're still holding us from $24 good god that's crazy man excuse me it's probably a very early stream all right then live now 23 minutes okay I mean if you want to look at neo sure I mean it was clear price contraction you're in an uptrend of some sort and yeah you broke out you broke it down sitting resistance but hasn't really turned into anything you can't even break your previous highs from before 12:43 so lots and loss indecision spinning top stuff at once always about the moving averages everything's fine so just keep on going man and Tom you'd like to see 1386 yeah right at the top of the pattern or structure you know run a hundred percent high to low you can get a second target of one to seven to up here and I might be in order towards the top of the channel again right so no man like this one and many others have done terribly compared to Bitcoin on performance since the recovery since the 2015 or sorry December 15th 2018 there you go Julia USD payers don't matter if you want to make money they definitely matter post atomic monkey do you trade you do you like buying into a BTC pair and then the BTC pair dumps you get stopped down you're you're getting stopped out into Bitcoin that is also dumping really they definitely matter they definitely matter this is like and I mean really they're just saying they don't matter so lost lo JMC so mr. uh mr. drew Peck good to see you dudes yes we're consolidating right now correct Zil – what man Zoltan BGC is ill – USD I can't win with that question is that a joint thanks for the $4 20 cent super chat okay amen but again I only know you're talking doc if it's alligator you have teller – BBC let me know man so I don't like you know spend five minutes looking at Zil to the your stall and then you're like no no I'm in Bitcoin or the other way around right so a bit FB Hampton man good to see it you think Korea's gonna show the way soon will be nice man see it to happen will the Koreans make quick work of this bull bull bull flag trait they my men we'll get alright I'm just waiting on dude Chris call say to say something also roadside men sorry st okay sweet man that's fine no I just again I want to make sure we're good it just looks like we're just a little bit about to take off not really but I mean to me man it just looks like devastated devastated devastated devastated sideways I mean look we've seen it before where we made higher lows right well we're making higher lows again oh I don't think anything's gonna be good for a silica until it breaks above a two point six nine cents right I mean that's the overhead resistance that's the area we've now been able to break okay so you're in the dead middle now if you were to take an entry here I mean it's probably gonna be down at one point six cents or one point two since those are the lowest risk entries anyway I mean maybe even now one point four cents but I don't know man this is like middle of this is flipping a coin right now where we are I'm not really sure if this thing's gonna do ELISA gonna sending broadening which doesn't it like a megaphone alright I don't even have partial Rhys maybe two diverging of sloping trend lines I mean you could know I use this and just use these two whatever doesn't really matter is it like this yeah but okay you just use the candle close it looks like it makes the most sense using this week this candle close and these wicks up here okay so not really so much but even if it was looking bullish you're here in a dead spot you're like I don't think you're at like a low risk entry ünzile to the US dollar it's been range-bound after bearish impulses been very bearish all time low areas right it's nice though we didn't make a higher low again than our previous low that's great it's good news but you must break over a resistance otherwise you're screwed I mean we haven't even come close to threatening that November 7th area remember this was a big ones like 6500 area not it haven't done anything really dad I can't believe how like out of it I feel man I don't really feel that good just like off so forgive me okay but 60 minutes looking like to me you just look like right now and pulls up slightly down slipping to solid ation probably going any further than 38 percent retrace from them a little minor blow we had Thai baby shark coin on of the hourly what about it the second lady shark coin this saw a shark coin classic dude or shark coin light I guess what is happening hey remember if you want to keep the conversation going when this live chats or a live stream ends be sure to join our discord oh you're not gonna have any of that open here we're music No do you use any indicator to time breakouts no they mean no saws the fact of hey we're 75% of the way through the patterns development that's pretty deep we know between fifty percent seventy uh presumably through the patterns development it breaks out the upside or downside okay so that's a good way Paul Tucker to POG shall I entertain you dude how should I entertain you man I can't write all I can tell you is what's developed right now on a 60-minute time scale okay I mean that's not enough entertaining you you might be needing to get a look at asthma and gold or PewDiePie what's up shaggy beard thanks the $2 super chat appreciate it man what coin piece coin yet it mm-hmm doc Steve are you okay min why would you say that man I don't understand like how does that contribute to the conversation of this live stream okay oh god yeah I guess we can talk about it for a second I'm sorry some things are supposed to show up yes exert beyond the daily getting it it's gonna happen it will happen in 21 minutes we will get no I'm sorry one hour and 21 minutes we will get a daily gold cross they'll be touching okay that's it it's really not that big a deal thanks are pea-green you deal where'd you talk to you about to check out IP a coin on the 1-minute scale because looking so bullish yeah that tree man okay hmm we miss loading understand Wow interesting man it's about Ricky howl there man so bitcoin dominance still right around 60% holding on some games man for our bounce all the to and removing hours right in pulls down looks like a bear polar bear flag doesn't it can we look at Hillary coin by Clinton labs he has it I'm trading you know it's not sorry man we're screwed we're screwed so uh will this thing bear pool bear flag is this it or will we just keep on rising depends on how long this flag lasts right the longer a fly extends on the less reliable it's gonna be alright but we can't say it's a bull trend or an uptrend I mean like a longer-term owe trend it's all lower highs lower lows well they won't even load really hello daily maybe would Mariga see it's not bullish trend but again I don't even think traditional technical analysis works on this anyway so it kind of did how it hit the measure move like it to Jesus and then sold off we never saw it again so you're just on the daily balancing other twenty days and as a resistance so this very what could sell it again off again but I don't think we'll make a measure move to the downside if we did right and pulls down up sloping the solid ation looks kind of bearish doesn't it right like that or you could just use it like this whatever doesn't matter look at the heart line it's not man it's really not a big deal like ripple having a golden cross is not a big deal man I mean it is a prerequisite that must happen at some point before a long term or a long sustained up trend will happen but yeah man I would put more faith in the candles in the price action then I would actually just a Golden Cross itself but you got to think this Golden Cross isn't too bad man all right it's really not that bad I mean it's pretty cool I like it a lot and it's only because of one thing and it's people are not talking about it I know if I don't think is the fact that we broke out of a downsloping structure we had been in since February of 2018 we broke out of it on strong price actions some good volume came in and now we're getting a golden cross after the breakout which is really cool man that's like hey sweet this could be good news all right it's not your it may not be your everyday whatever scrub golden cross it could be man much greater it could be the beginning okay I mean this while we plot these channels dude once we got to that tipping point you were either gonna break the upside or downside we Burghley upset and our golden crossing we're beginning to well we will in an hour and 17 minutes okay excuse me put some more music on alright thanks for the nearly 700 people tuned in if you're enjoying the lobster please do the lipo in that bill that said let's get a like spike we got 168 likes now this is a rookie numbers let's get some Kang numbers up so Chris okay so you're trying to hold on dude oh not on that man this doesn't look that great you know my ad a to be TCS all right BTC why does that BT sees big guns big horns you're really not doing much man like sending broadening wedge it turned into it seems like pretty beautiful pattern but I mean inverse head shoulders trade played up ungodly man you hit a 62% retraced perfectly you had the measure move of the pattern perfectly you know seated it a little bit it was good but ever since then targets were acquired fit critical food knows were hit it was over man it was all over for these BTC pairs so there was an all coins season but maybe you just shouldn't fun though maybe you should be here before the fun will happen so you can witness these awesome you know the changing of the cycle man like this took us didn't just take us a month it took us like maybe two months to turn things around to really develop these patterns especially on a daily timescale so maybe you should not quit the market next time things don't go that you know don't go straight up you know but hey man what do things human nature or something okay so yeah making a higher low I guess like we fell below critical sport we broke back to the upside and now we're back testing it which is good I guess I you did have it looks like a little divergence I don't really I mean maybe the for our there's something me how you broke out yeah that's right that's right you broke out but where'd you really go man I was are Fibonacci okay so yeah maybe double bought him higher low double bottom going on on the 4-hour let's just you super not you let me get rid of this clean up a little bit share this only on the daily okay so you're just gonna see a little better what's happening it's these fibs in the high point to low point see we hit a 23% retrace and we reversed our price action but good news is when we reversed our price action we did not sell off to lower lows we sold off to higher lows and we have not yet made lower lows so as good news so let's see how this breakout plays out will we be able to make the golden zone the question in hand is well we hit 1305 again – 1548 after this break out of the down sloping structure that's been in development or was in development from April 3rd all the way till the break out of May 14th so like a six-week long downtrend broken and now higher lows are being established so there is always the potential with a higher low we could run again you might get lucky and hit that golden zone but a lot of resistance up here right that's where we stalled this first time I'm gonna sit at February 2019 level we had resistance over here – so hard to say man I don't know these BTC pairs have been very bearish for the past six weeks or so or more alright that's it man it's all I got to say about that okay any of etz I don't know on our Eldin there's a 25 to 30 educational videos or more I can't remember exactly in patreon king Logan EOS is attempting higher highs again alright man here we go 15% let's go dude the potential pattern ever played out which is too bullish you never broke the downtrend for that potential idea but this idea you are did $7 88 cents man right it's 15% gowanni OS you're just in no-man's land now there's no resistance where we are there's no resistance man until like way up at like nine dollars or higher I mean the peaks are between 9:30 and 9 49 50 whatever it's a great news man they're very good what a beautiful uptrend kinda love it conceding the measure move we've seen this thing exceed measure moves multiple times at only my Giulia have a good one good idea King Logan on that one c'mon yo s England oh yeah is that what you think the timing of the extra P golden cross with growing up is I don't I don't know man I wouldn't look at it like that I'm just looking at it it's just a lagging indicator that happens from time to time I mean Emma I'm not it's not the fact that I'm not cheered I'm just tired okay but I'm still here to cover these s coins in this market for y'all this isn't about it's about man the world is not the way it once was or something okay either glad real said that or Karla's Montez said that one of the two PG B's I don't know man hey chat answer PG he says us any good as far as use case answer his question all right what's up classified nice one man thanks for the new sub joining your join us live stream hit that like button that Bell that's up as we watch cos be super KH $7.80 and at one time we were at one dollar and 54 cents fifty five cents all right beautiful well I got some but are you gonna report me too you know I've been doing live streams for a very very long time and only got copyright struck once on music and it was because jam bands not unknown synth away people mmm you're going for a jog all right conquer – have a good one man breathe in sighs and sounds of Earth and the planet the world has changed I can feel it in the water colors Vantaa Wow Erik trying to make me smile much go on – very good I don't know why that's so funny man doesn't he OS only have five nodes I want to say to him dad probably not it probably more than that but we'll see man all right yeah this one's up hardcore Tron connect these are some of the top gainers you know the de manera is up 26.4% not beautiful they beatiful hit the hundreds and retrace right that first target the second target one two seven two or you can go to the measure MOOC beautiful beautiful US dollar pairs don't matter the what's according to who what's up Jer big one being persistent signs money's all it is is doing is slightly ever so slight down sloping solid ation can fill it in the water man who is they David see they is announcing big news okay Digby chicken Caesar said 21 active notes with 7,000 days on standby it's why it's so fast yes stop being a TA shil and let's speculate on xrp manage there's plenty of channels for that man okay why do you get a notification 40 minutes out of the stream stars rest in peace because you're not part of our discord dude if you were part of our discord chat you'd never have to worry about missing my stream because you'd be getting pinged and notified every effing time alright so at this point it's almost like you brought over discord if you're not we know YouTube's terrible with notifications we just know it alright it's a it's a it's like it is known like Game of Thrones eat is none and so if you know that it's trash there is an alternative and we scream about at every single livestream join the discord you'll get pinged as long as your notifications are on when I go live so block one note David Seaman but then there are six more in note there are 20 more did you can't block one did I steal ox Cubs green lion snowman I think he stole my green lights dude I've had color changing lights abroad it to crypto breath okay anyway so again if you can break this you should see one at 286 but as it stands we still have not seen a hundred dollars we had 98 dollars and 87 cents hold on gosh dang it man oh it is it even okay that's right it doesn't even yeah on this chart it doesn't have all the data so these normies aren't in discord discord thanks Alex in the UH exit I can't even say your name did it's my favorite coin at the moment I don't have a favorite coin like ever I have no emotional attachments to this market at all okay oh yeah I mean I guess Bitcoin because Bitcoin kind of runs the show completely for anyone to be Sam dick one doesn't run the show as naive Nick one runs this market okay not a Bitcoin maximalist but it's very real what Bitcoin does all the coins follow discharge is not for no normies or something something like that whatever you're talking about it oh so beautiful bit oh it's so wonderful well like one of the you started it hit the top of the channel and pulled back was respected it you see this top of the channel man go Bhutan do yes cope with handle you broke out looking spectacular holding above overhead resistance look left not over ever since the s right it's just the scrubby resistance right like 5804 big one this is like 112 for like one okay so you break that you can see 130 127 to 130 we over break that gonna be pretty smooth I mean you'll have slight resistances but no real overhead resistance to way up but like 178 to 185 man it's like you just once you got through all this crap man you're getting two points where it's gonna be a big one allows it I mean some of these all coins could have extremely nice runs to the upside I mean they could almost all double in value a lot of them because that's the way support resistance works man when you break through manufacture resistance that's very weak to begin with you could just have runaways that's it man that's why big ones at 8800 right now and poised to break 9,000 soon or maybe even 10,000 anyway beautiful man beautiful cup with handle and pulling back right up here we got us I as cheese man $121 today fantastical all right going back to 60-minute cuz why not nothing much else going on okay mm nice Francisco it's called a pimple Alex it's called a couple Hannah happens when you do a tower marathon streams and you eat pizza in the middle of the marathon stream that's what happens yeah he whips literally up $1 today that's crazy man it's the best Spencer yeah Terry we looked at it we've talked about the Golden Cross that will be happening in about an hour when the daily closes it's just gonna cross super oh my god I can't do this effing Mike it's gonna cross over okay but I don't know me I'm in line for like 52 minutes probably gonna cut it short in about eight minutes after an hour so a man pretty productive stream and if I didn't drink the whiskey it'd be much worse they go man Daniel crazy Cheeseman thanks artifacts good to see you man okay may well be a man nine bucks us don't really have much resistance until those areas did we looked at it it just is how it happens gue attendees and get comfy yeah my man definitely my I go to my parents house and get some barbecue or something but anyway man the measure move of this bull bull bull flag on Bitcoin would yield you at right at $9,800 like to the T that is the top of the override resistance I'm looking left very cool to see that so I don't know really when it's gonna break out but it's been developing man it's been developing for hours now no it will not have an instant effect if it does it's completely happenstance and coincidental has nothing to do with it as oh there's a moving averages those are lagging indicators it gods never heard people care about golden crosses so much till XRP was beginning to give one for the first time since 2017 all right j-just waking up Mario it's very true that's right Bobby man thanks Francis good man yeah I'm sure most did man it's a it's not easy and you definitely pay for the next day like every time you do it you feel it it takes a piece of you man jeez man the u.s. RS RS I on the for hours 87 well you know and crypto that's crazy so yeah I mean it's did we really saw we've seen like Bitcoin at like 92 on the four-hour before I think we want to saw a Bitcoin at 91 92 on the daily for a little bit remember that what came first the chicken or the egg the chicken definitely came first it's been proven talking about they've got like and they proved it by showing the evidence like that the proteins in the egg is produced by the chicken itself so the chicken definitely came before the egg come at me come at me dude chicken yes mr. drop it man I'm sorry you can't just fall asleep it happens without knowing what's next well at least you can go to sleep knowing that there's a pretty good possibility we could break you the upside Oh bull fight so that's it Oh God tonight a Jamaican man please be careful and hopefully you're kidding radioactive wolves no thanks dude that's right the chicken can burst it is legit LMNOP only a chicken can lay an egg well it's like what came first chicken or the egg what came first the the birds that creates eggs right yes I don't have thoughts on bgt prize sorry man low clouds Mona likes turtles about Carlos Montez a beautiful story beautiful beautiful story they should make a movie of it man the chicken and the egg came at the same time have any read Genesis oh man holiday we're talking about studies done the Shaolin I don't have a prediction for the next bull run peek did not at all yes bull flag bull bull bull flag combination measure moves high very hot I did birds too before eggs were invented you got me man no idea they were dinosaurs before that there you go so 88 21 all right we might get another photo-op King Logan we might man it's like asking what came first the alts are Bitcoin pretty much man okay where a man just got here so I can't leave oh man I'm screwed now I thought I was safe you miss my comment on Bitcoin is there something upcoming is there some upcoming thoughts some upcoming thoughts man is we could break higher or based on the consolidation at hand after the impulse that is it I wish it was more complicated I wish it was crazier I wish it took me eight hours to talk about that but it doesn't so we've looked through a lot of good coins today we've been here for 58 minutes so local on the eights or the lates for me Oh 260 is the 23 percent retrace the major retrace from the may fit 2018 high on etherium so it could be a sports very well could be a sport we're coming thoughts in Vegas please mini can I get copious amounts of thoughts king Logan and I'd prefer they all streamed that'd be nice oh man do I ever smile yes I smile all the time man smile all the time but there's little comedy involved with actual TA so we have to like make it what's up green new deal who picks RP C's this price and good work man thanks man thanks Brian I have no idea probably not for much longer okay unless big Quinn does something magical in the next 20 30 minutes CNN in the chat man get it slip cheese men or PG beats thanks for joining the discord man do you mean shots no he means thoughts he knows me I know him dude alright but anyway yeah it's a big one just sitting there I'm not doing much of anything right now max RP alright alright sorry about that there we go it is breaking back nice let's go wax RP 53 minutes left on those for Kanto let's get a close above it that would be wonderful lissa good for delivery thanks man appreciate that can I start over sure XRP panic a lot of people thing I should so alright thanks to the seven or six nine people here we're looking at ripple right now try to work it's attempting again to break the resistance that gives us a confirm double bottom well so Dara Dara can act welcome Justin Mar boots Thank You Man for the two dollars super chats appreciate a dude XRP in the jar and tummy edit do the song sucks dude it's some simple it's really good then it sounds really bad sorry Bitcoin it says 8800 no thanks man Bitcoin doesn't like 8800 so Joshy beer careful with your attendees while the upward momentum odds looking higher than some downward pressure while we going hard from here apparently well TX adverb man when you have an impulse up you want to see slightly down sloping consolidation you do that because you get nuclear on your oscillators on faster timescales and so those that need to reset you know like for instance Bitcoin when we hits those highs like eighty nine hundred and stuff on the 60 minute we were looking at like 93 on the RSI so now we're not overbought anymore on the 60 minute after this consolidation so you're just cooling off I mean the 4-hour you overbought – I think yeah yeah for our you were overbought you're still slightly overbought but you're holding just barely above 70 I mean you're like 73 right now so again I just think it's your I think it's just you need to reset the oscillators so you don't keep going up immediately you stall and that's what we're doing stalling that's all it is dude okay it's what Ricky H good weather out in Cali that's good Christian man good to hear it very cool yeah I did it could've been bad st man but I don't know we're getting that okay they should not sure we're getting that thousand okay Eva in Groucho well welcome even Groucho Thanks for washing anyway so this is great news man fifteen minutes left on your daily candle and that's about it sure thing TX advert man we'll be getting out there at some point it okay oh my god so nasty dude Fitness so bearish fetch Fenollosa bearish its just sent a nasty downtrend it's only making lower highs in his previous highs oh man I don't know man I wouldn't touch anything like this look at this asset since its inception it's so bad man it's like okay we're just gonna open up and be terrible I don't even know why we even got listed on the exchange so people can just sell it that's all that exists with Fitch and nice move up only to make a lower higher than the previous side and then it sold off okay hardcore I mean you can call that a cup with hand all you want but that's not really how it works menu look for impulses up and then you get the the rounding action the couple of handle we were just down trend it's terrible man so if you want to play with it go ahead man you want to park your money and fetch to be DC good luck man okay have fun in the downtrend here we go man XRP making higher highs forty three point five five five cents right now not bad volume well wine picked up when we rejected these prices so pick ones at eight thousand eight or nine teen right now trying to show a little green on the for our and how nuts would it be to have a huge impulse up happen like a day or half-day of consolidation and then running again how live would that be man well there's a lot of xrp there's a lot of supply so probably that's why you're sitting in an 18-wheeler 1,200 miles away from home good god man it's fall away do things to get free air drops have fun man they should be means if they do that now here we go man me higher highs 43.77 $0.03 here we go I mean this near session highs dude this is good news you're showing lots of strength in this last 60 minute candle on the daily it's great man and again we have an imminent golden cross the golden cross will happen no matter what happens at this point in about 47 minutes so sure XR people people's can rejoice to that fact I guess if it makes you feel better or sleep better so drama llama this evening yes deceive because very nice man very nice to see this honorable cake is again breaking this confirming above it for long enough could yield you at least forty six point six cents and then above that is forty seven point nine cents and then I love that's the measure move with a double bottom alright sub allison is that a Jordan thanks for the 420 will it be changed sure will look at V chain nice break down to the upside V chain doing things very nice as we talked about we said it literally the last time I analyzed this in the stream yesterday so you do have an inherently bearish pattern but it doesn't matter because look you're double bottoming making a higher low than your previous low off off the heartline ask support when it was once resistance support resistance resistance support okay your support right i've seen aetherium do it it doesn't matter you broke to the upside and the measure move of this pattern puts you at eighty eight point four percent of one penny alright on our way up breaking some of this resistance up here from april okay good news men good news you're up trending loops so a bearish pattern can be broken to the upside and that's what we have booth scenarios all right there you go oh yeah allison that help geez new Sierra's world of videos that's you should see a doctor about your hyperactivity okay I think they do things for that Adam Anderson senses it I sent some movement man are you the crypto shaman I can feel the move gumming in the storm clouds alright that's like a storm chaser yeah but I can feel the wind it's coming I can see that tornado coming dude the breakout is real Edwyn that's right I want sure is it is real Connect connect and sorry did I don't know if I can help you with connect connect I don't even know what that is it could be anything dude cuz everything's like connect isn't it or I'll keep calling me Mitch wave okay is some joke at hyper wave geez dude I can't wait man oh I don't know what we're gonna do about Vegas like what exact day we're doing yet we'll keep people posted on but man it's tough dude like there are crazy people out there there are crazy people out there that I do not want to see and so like that's what I worry about I'm like oh I got to hire a freaking bodyguard in Vegas did I did I felt it in the water putting away epic I can feel it in the water that's the best part of this dream was that quote right there okay really was Oh to these spammers man what's up with it I don't get it like that's one I never understood like the one that's like I see it almost every video I produced there's what the one bought spammer they they upvote their comment like 50 times and they're like talking about this one's called who's it my Stacy Murray oh there's always some random a name okay they give us cell phone number from Africa okay well yeah dude all he sounds like he's a great trader man yeah found his found his number a name in a comment section he added and we had like 20 people that like the they liked it yet and what what happens to them I want to know someone needs to we need to do it live or something they call those numbers live I got to get another cell phone or something or not use my cell phone but that would be good content call and like see that person if your mod you can see what we deleted from Stacy Murray if I want to call and just see what they're doing seriously Eric dog can won the stream and you did it you did do it well I guess like if we say Mitch wave it's like Mitch Kinect or something all right V chain doing thangs eighty percent eighty point four seven percent of one penny let's go where it can resistance like kings well as made the measure move man let's go dude it's not it's not because of neo and a theorem classic are special Ricky it's because everything else is doing it to or about to okay things are moving in the upside we're showing strength into the last hour of the daily candle sub FPS mousse oh my god no this music I'm not she's so bad whatever we put this on right now so let's go back to Bitcoin real quick thanks again Alyson canvas sit a minute man here you go man we trying to bullish lean go over doji oh we got back above the 20 moving average all right man let's go wish keep showing strength 41 minutes left on the daily was break of things men listen break you'll you just call that guy he's selling kryptonite my clocks really I wish someone had the stones to actually call that number and to come back and tell us what happened okay if you call a scammer you're gonna bat town that's not true you can bait them and make them waste their time and that's like doing justice to the the bad people right Mike hangs print already how many white walkers do you have right now at your side man Nordic not sure man not sure if we're gonna double top at 20k or what the oh my god thanks man yeah I've got three eyed Raven now with my temple thanks Argus can with a hundred and four dollars super chat man hyping the chat see that's why I hate hyper or not that's why it's super chat the name because you can't be like thanks for the super chat type in the chat it's redundant weird I just want to call it bits thanks for the $104 a bits hype in the chat right st. you did unreal did this man you're the one killing that the session topped Jesus again really two days in a row I still got the same voice like Bob Ross from when I first started streaming I don't think so man I don't think Bob Ross and me have similar voices let's pull it up Bob Ross video do you not sound like this okay I'll think anyone's gonna have a problem with just a couple minutes of happiness right to have some fun let's do it that's just a little though don't overdo don't overdo it gets working at it feels good and next thing you know you've overdone it give them a shake and just beat the devil out every sometimes those brushes get away and it go soon cleaned it outside the room when you find out who your friends are let's say you find out your friends are with you to try being creative on canvas just to take your time and sit down have nothing in mind when you start just have a good feeling and be happy and in love with the life and your world and sit down and begin playing and if you feel good about yourself and the world it'll fill in your painting and all these that's right man we're showing your ta if you're happy and your positive attitude chat it will show up on the charts for you okay that's it man that does make sense all right anyway I'm not gonna so ju2 onto that even though it's amazing a sit up Wow it's okay pup man Kubby red strike I don't think so creditor I think we're right now a wild man well they get it Bob Ross connect I'll be the first to say it Bob Ross connect you took his classes when you were a kid my g-man very nice Bobby gonna strike me did almighty did fair use I took it off screen every 15 seconds so we're good man I need afro for when the tip jar gets full oh my god kappa Ross man maybe I'll be that for Halloween or something and then we can put it into the Arsenal for the voting right you've gotta paint happy lines happy loans the chart happy measured moves chat ok 9800 is the measurement of the beautiful flag and the only reason this flag looks so pretty is because I had a good attitude when I plotted a tour right just the same way we look at it something garish right we hit the LTI the beautiful multi and we say the measure move good looks like bear pulled Bear Flag lower lows than our previous close hardcore right it looks so ready to make a dumb for the downside and maybe we run up one more time dady a 600 before we dump all the way down to 9800 but you get we're talking about oh that alt I just let your soul glow oh man mm-hmm-hmm good and terrible we just need Bob Ross to pants a big green candle mr. Sid Vicious he did that yesterday so you know if I always not used my first name what do you mean if I don't use my first name I don't understand what does that mean did my the firt my first name I guess I don't know you're talking about first name I have a first name but it's my bitches my middle name what are you saying like what I don't understand man cuz I he doesn't say where a a a this is amateur ata so that trim that needs a little friend and a nice fluffy fib Fibonacci man yeah maybe simmer yeah I might do that get a perm all right I can tell you plotted that flag with a 2 inch brush too so incredible man it's so beautiful god I love it the memes being born today on us just a Memorial Day a nice sunny Memorial Day do I think it's gonna blow put past 8500 uh we've already done that they already blew past 8500 were at 8800 what what's going on what am I missing here man some of these questions I don't understand what I'm missing yes Sandro ls3 the Golden Cross and XRP will be it's imminent it's coming it's going to be here in 34 minutes are you ready for it we're gonna throw we're gonna throw fireworks we're gonna throw confetti I'm gonna start dancing okay when XR peace golden cross is confirmed on a touch which will be again 33 minutes 34 minutes all right is that cool I'm still wondering the question though about have you always not used your first name man call for 20 men he said man anyway dude I don't I don't know like XRP let's go back to it looking good looking good sorry that's good for our I need to clean up on the 60 minute alright so are we cool man forty three point six six six cents man it'd be real nice it'd be supreme to close above this resistance we only have a little bit of time left alright and I was gonna leave 10 minutes ago well man y'all kind of uh distracted me I guess right Devlin distracted what about Mitchell did Bob Ross campaign a big pine tree of a green right next to the little happy trade stormtrooper stormtrooper connect that's where I did very true seeing me dance to be at first I don't think I've ever really danced on strim I think I did one time remember you know I sometimes will show my computer I know one time I was like very tipsy and I was like afk or the stream had ended or something and I did dance like hardcore only if people were watching the reflection of my computer's case you'd be able to see it alright why does it look like crap tits actually looks very nice it's very promising how does it look like crap except he actually looks very promised or looks promising for higher moves the upside and it's not just based on the four-hour the daily it's also a big deal to where you can barely see any of this stuff distract some more quick debate the the cub with handle we first paint the Cup and with your one inch brush draw the handle or the bull flag someone call right side how we do it know when I'm not really gonna dance when XRP gives us the daily Golden Cross in 30 minutes I will not probably dance I may not even make it 30 more minutes okay so I'm sorry Oh Josh literally 30 minutes will some YouTube gamers man good to see you mr. checkmark so popcorn man well the the hats come on there's a way you can make the Hat happen every single day all right but it's just like one way we do it we steam all to do milestones but too many trolls and stuff it was weird so you love these days off when you can just watch the earliest train and lace trim in most days you can only make it 11:00 p.m. in I'm glad you made it did as ripple is breaking out it's trying to confirm the double bottom right now very good how many more sleeps two lambo a Draenei as many as you wanted some makes sense cardboard box thanks for the 870 people tuned in and again I guess good stuffs happening going into close daily clothes we all want to see it we all want to see that daily clothes we always we like to see it because there is oftentimes not always often but a lot of times we have seen it where with the last 30 minutes last 60 minutes and the beginning the first 60 minutes of the new daily candle we see price action and so we're gonna say we getting a Memorial Day yosh Tiwari I mean the better low-risk entry on XRP for sure then you did now but if you want to try to break out trade I'm not gonna tell you what to do but people do break out trade okay what have I ever done Maurice Mann hello so I think me and dude XRP today is up 7.4% us wonderful men oh yeah drew three or three hundred thirty minutes Yeah right man what is this golden cross it happens on a daily timescale and it's when you're fifty day simple moving average bullish Li crosses over your 200-day moving average 200 days simple moving average it's they will be touching on 28 minutes okay it will be touching and then it'll be crossing right thanks our Pete golden cross oh my god man I guess we can was he I'm gonna be live then did any sense so look no negative momentum you're already beginning to build positive momentum again this thing could keep running man this thing could run all right man we're measurement was like 50 cents so a big deal did you're not overbought yet on the daily are you 64 this is good man that's real good I like it does that help people learn all right mr. James snake apparently someone isn't saying we're going to zero in five seconds yeah okay so anyway we'll come back to this this is great news – great news it was a 19% up did his gone man double bottom gone $1.15 52-week highs certainly actually not right we're made you know last time we saw this was July 31st okay so the highest I was 2019 of course right since the recovery broke out of the up sloping channel and a real man crazy crazy run and again we're not there's no real overhead resistance until like nine something 932 941 that is where resistance is there's nothing really here I'm sorry man nothing no man's land as what happens to it when you have no resistance or supports whichever way you're going you're going straight up to the next one okay Bitcoin being a scrub 8800 on the dot now not even up one percent all its work are killing it some alts are killing it right now us being one of the top gainers over the day what's wrong connect closely behind it happy odd coins happy all coins today he was selling off big Tom not really it's up 18% it was just up 19% so not really have you call this selling off big-time you were high okay oh well yeah it looks similar to XR px alone so JTACs what is that – Tesla Roadster all in okay Kappa oh it's pumping I mean yet some are doing very well expertise pulled back a little bit he knows over 7% we got wrong again I guess we get it one more time believe this on all the data you had a nice nice break attitude finally a man finally it's taken us months I'm talking many months like this is January taking over six months dude to finally break 3.1 cents so now you're at this one wick again I do I remember this I was doing the green screen right here my PC was not ready just when I was getting like my new PC like setup so we're right here man you should see and you know you should see between three point nine cents and five point six cents in time so much consolidation ask inverse head and shoulder stuff extended on and you've broken it man big deal 24 minutes left boring acts of God or Bitcoin this will be the first candle close above 3.2 cents since early August late July 2018 big deal men on Tron nice car birthday man um bachina memes now yeah man there's no reason to believe yet we're breaking do we've got to break the down some resistance kind of at at this point I think it's like eighty nine hundred if you break that we're gonna have a real good shot man because that's the consolidation all right again we got 24 minutes left on this daily candle for our candle alright big deal Trung Connect doing things so big Quincy man thanks for the 900 people here if you're doing a lot should be that like button that bill that's uh okay at slash BTC looks like it's going to pump can we take a look sure man it looks like it yeah Butte wherever we decided to break anyway right here's your etherion connects alright oh yeah so yeah big range-bound asset been destroyed devastated and range-bound big range mount but something happen under this impulse here after hitting this bottom crazy-crazy support and blows up down sloping consolidation looks very good looks very good making adjustments cuz it just kept extending on then you break this man wherever you break you decide to break gate measure move and look you know you can make it higher I guess the measure move but I went from where it was to really before we started selling off some and then running again so you could maybe extend this measure move and make it larger I just want conservative here conservative measure move puts you at like 30 8075 SATs if it broke out right here so you have to wherever breaks out promise where you measure okay so let's just say it did pop look at this man oh my god yeah the four hour did triple MACD bullish divergence kills for a living it doesn't look very nice doesn't it so that means in bending price action reversal can become all very good-looking right there very very good-looking stuff let's go break the upset okay I'm just breathing out some resistance I'd be nuts man I'll be lit but either way man really nothing special so you break above forty one thousand nine or fifty a feeling in the water ma'am Ross didn't say that man that was Carla's Montez dude Carlos galán truce right will that be it did Carlos Quattro's it's like fusion okay but thank you about Ross man for the threes anyway Truong connected doing things beautifully 21 minutes left on the daily for our 60 minute all of them at the same time as we know the weekly yesterday closed and miraculously it closed on the weekly above overhead resistance which is such a big deal man that's so good yeah we know he's not village it but we're just looking technical analysis we're here we will not think about Justin son as to not get our blood pressure up yes khulu reversed Chinese let's go we'll do it man let's do it there's a reverse or inverse all those inverse Chinese man maybe I'm not with the times yeah it's not that I don't feel good to feel better no I'm good people know how to make me show people know how to make me wear this hat all right excuse me I'm just again just you go to an 8 hour livestream and let me know how you feel after or the day after how you feel Gayle's good day for bikal yesterday John Doe absolutely men oh yeah so three point nine cents first part of the golden zone it's been marked here for a long time with that this same chart up Calais days okay I'm gonna go to a bighorn again and just look at the flag all right not doing much but it does look pretty freakin nice on the sixty minutes group hangover I guess sorry is anyone else however from washing the stream okay does it look like 2017 maybe but we don't want to compare to it yeah there you go Sta yeah I mean maybe it could be Bradford it could also just crap out and so long I don't know man I mean just like the US dollar pair seemed just the most promising they look more and more promising than BTC pairs but that's just me what does that mean Robin ji olia no transmat only in uptrends will established store of electrons yeah not in bed or not in beer trends not well established down trends no so mr. Kobayashi man sorry all having trouble focusing damn this kind of oh I'm trying man I'm doing all I can giving it all my efforts okay you think you think so ed McCracken all seasons here right I mean are we looking at things doing exceptionally well on the US dollar pair and not the Bitcoin pair so the flag could be a pin it to not really it looks like a flag to me or a descending broadening ledge whatever so I'm show me your char man show me how you think it looks like a pin up with this wick here she's a flag man it's just slightly down sloping consolidation after an impulse which is bullish and a bull trend my god 88 37 right now let's go man I got 17 minutes left on this daily candle third eye yeah man maybe I should just do this I mean I can do this so people have a problem with it enough I know people are gonna do this and just dream like this forever I don't you don't ever have to see me again have the webcam is completely you know optional I don't have to stream with my face on screen I can definitely not so we can keep it like this people probably like it like this better I don't it takes pressure off me for sure you have it that wicks part of the impulse up right like after we peaked is one you should be anchoring right it's a I get what you're saying maybe but you know it's like one and two on the top and three on the bottom because this down here is is definitely part of this impulse it is the same so it's like if you did candle Sigma this one large green candle up right so that's how I anchor a lot for things like this consolidation oh sorry dude sorry people complain too much about the pimple on my head because I strained for eight hours and a pizza okay so sorry man you get what you asked for I guess anyway 88 30 15 minutes left on the daily I'm just running out the clock okay killing tom so we can see the daily close together at this point we're at a time sunk okay Oh a nice extra piece up some more man all right excuse me on the 60 minute there it is looking very strong going into this closed for now all right not bad not bad so measure moves that almost 50 cents okay you're gonna struggle maybe a little bit between forty six point four eight cents and the wick it like forty seven point eight so it's two cents but if you can break that again measure move and then beyond okay very good you can't see anything dude you know it's important right not my face this is important not this this is important looking very good the good god man vos not going much higher than eight dollars and ten cents right now and Tron's holding on to its gains which is good confirming I mean well the candle close conformation or a breakout of crazy array resistance so don't slip Adel Cornell thanks to appreciate the count words why do you guys think bitcoin is taking what does that even mean Marco Bitcoin is taking siblings that doesn't even make sense – okay what's up Cathcart man West Cathcart good to see you man do this a great man for our session hi crazy forty four point two to zero sense man eight percent up alright looking good big coin looking pretty strong to again 13 minutes left well Yash I'm sorry you don't understand the lines but they all signifies something okay they all mean stuff and it takes a long time to learn this is like the Greek this is like Greek language this look another language completely okay numb the face is literally not important okay if it wasn't important y'all wouldn't be talking crap about the pimple on my head okay so whatever man like one's moving a bit yeah it's been moving man yeah almost $120 now all right all coins favoring bitcoins bullishness right now big ones have siblings of course it makes sense oh yeah sorry man I missed the memo about that I missed the memo it maybe maybe people will pay attention more you know now that my webcam is gone forever so social on pirani Greek language aristos my wallets like it men's like another language and people say Greek as an expression all right oh man that's Greek to me they don't say oh that sounds Italian to me alright just an expression dude people aren't rolling they're just speaking their mind so I'm speaking mine and I'm giving them what they want giving the people what they want the blue font on the screen makes it impossible oh I can change that I'm give me a sec I'll just reset the catch give me a sec I got you did I know that blue is tough to read it's why I never use like dark blue on any indicator because it just makes it impossible to see on screen let me say that F is it alright here it is I'm gonna refresh this catch see what color we get alright people start top it typing talking whatever all right see it's yellow now see we're good now on Twitch it would normally just be every other person has a different color which is cool that's it yeah drama llama seriously man you don't know what you got till it's gone I guess well no one no one said they want my screen or me out screen astroturf so I'm not giving anyone what they want well I'm not getting the trolls what they want all right what's the reason 70 people and are now bullish on B chain did I didn't get the memo on that are people doing that I mean I'm bullish on US dollar assets right now you know the crypto assets because they look bullish they're in out trends right now until they're not so no one's getting me they'd no one's getting me like yeah I don't have to see my face and it's not gonna make the stream worse not seeing my face it's funny seeing y'all get triggered I mean dude it's just me not having my face up on screen random and Murphy that'd be nice man make it happen let's get some vegeta memes going tonight less than ten minutes left on this daily and for our on sixty minute candle okay here we go dude here we get all these new subs are gonna be like what he's got a webcam ugly dude I learned this I'll learn to watch away without the webcam on turn it off okay so it's gonna figure and check it with your house are doing how's it fairing nice and bullish engulfing nine minutes left for our candle let's go man let's keep getting higher hold on to lots of balls to momentum great not overbought hot but not too hot it's beautiful did he's not as personal now facecam a riot what a joke man they go go but well you may not want to see my face man I won't show my face again time my pimples click cleared up okay that's the new rule sorry Chet how about XRP we've been looking XRP out the eating yang okay and we're up seven point seven six percent breaking out curtain giving ourselves in less than eight minutes a confirmed double bottom which is great great news Oh 20 cents man oh my god good god man all right thanks for the new subs today the old subs be everyone subs y'all are amazing right now okay man riots in the chat riots in chat oh if I go on cam I can pick up some crypto chicks guess what Kyle you relied to they don't really exist okay they don't really exist I'm talking about crypto girls she just post a screenshot of you with me on the eights with all the eights dude yeah I guess I could do that that's a good idea man I don't know where I'd find it that I had to that I already sent it to myself again great continents can't believe how hard you go at this to help others learn appreciate it we'll get you a threes later and we thanks West Cathcart man for the 1337 really appreciate that what's that last part we'll get with you threes later in the week three is what you talk about thank you dude really appreciate that about PLI oh god did mine a mushroom I thought we were friends man yeah sure we'll get PLR ah I guess hit bit oh my god oh my god I did we got this baby we got it man all in on peeler connects pillar you know I thought pillar was a good word for you know foundations like holding things up this thing is inverse pillar this is inverse pillar connect okay I cannot chart this I will not attempt to chart this this is extremely illiquid and it's terrible like no one cares about it like I'm not even gonna try technical analysis for I doesn't even work on it because no one even plays it it's just trash dude on the charts I don't know about the project man I really have no idea so dude I'm here I you say Mitch come back when I'm literally here doing the same thing so when Bitcoin emoji Randall check the jar it's already there Bitcoin emoji thanks to freaking August can man kill and that did the 104 earlier chap moving fast monkey ass what about a monkey W he had egami y'all know about my cat W become learn it they seemed okay and functional well not on the chart this is inverse of okay and functional this is terrible dude I'm sorry man alright you have been forsaken by pillar connects okay anyway there's nothing to do here can base again as we have 4 minutes 38 seconds left until the kit came to close daily candle close so no yeah for our kind of close 60 minute count of close all the candle closes come and it it's coming you know I'm like aw Google monk aw man that's a different type of monkey man it's like a scared but you know also thinking emoji so Vic um come in thanks for the four one one super chat appreciated it you're sorry for what what do you start your next shouldn't be sorry for anything yet you're good but I am still here right but no GLSEN says having no cam increases my ta immersion awesome dudes that's good man the mic i uses the yeti blue a great great microphone i highly recommend anyone that wants a microphone to get the yeti blue Oggy caring of a waste with no face to look at it's disorienting you're starting to get sick too – what never heard them for my life all right Joe question micro does every man yet it I guess it's a joke it's a big joke that people just kept bringing it up man so it's like alright you keep bringing it up that's fine don't leave y'all well I'm sorry because it's not really doing anything and I've been live for far too long like almost two hours now so monkey W equals G bait does it really I've seen the face that I've seen the monkey W face let's put this matter to rest no you can't Adrian Monck @w I don't see it because it only pops up can we name this is it oh my god thanks for the 11 year as did much love whatever you want to do man okay it's filled monk ass please inform those monkey W scrubs that's what's in urban dictionary I don't understand let me see your dude I got this man it's already Bitcoin it's not being crappy you're closing you're gonna close below 8800 oh great really so selling off with two minutes left there you go man whatever to get this crap out of here what is this website I don't understand man I can't find it the monkey W I just saw the picture of it and thought it meant like you're concerned and scared at the same time right so a blue flag man let's go it might take a while all right Daly's coming the daily close anyway all right big one it's like watching a sleeping hummingbird interesting very very interesting did my music stop yes it did stop Tainted very disappointing we're at 87 64 going into close so everything's pulling back and you know everything is pulling back right 50 seconds left for Bitcoin somehow above the 60 minute to 20 moving average for now well that's about it men Asia waking up indeed no we're not dumping to at all like we move down like 20 bucks man 30 bucks Wow okay 15 seconds going to the de Leon XRP here it comes dude watch it right here oh my god it didn't have it no it didn't happen it's not happening till tomorrow chat oh so ready I was so ready to throw the confetti and all the party stuff a chat I'm sorry ripple again leaving everyone yearning for something left wanting getrekt XRP people's get rekt okay wow man that's funny destroyed you think it's a big ol nothing going on right now on the Ziggy minute on bake one except just down slowly down sloping consolidation after an end pulse up SD magic man you have literally no magic on all your screaming fire for no reason monka freakin w come on caca crypto what about it what if this meant what if this oh man golden cross on tether XRP though alright else we have to look around man for celebration oh my god we did it man let me see this dude yeah wow you did it man here it is alright we're gonna look at another chart and we're gonna have it here it is Chet there it is we've done it man on the XRP it's a u.s. dollar Heather chart we can do it I guess please clap thanks RP there we go man congratulations was that good enough chat Yes No maybe so Graham I guess so man whatever man so it doesn't even count man did that even count even though it didn't do it on the US dollar chart on the aside tether chart which one's real man can't believe it but if we want to just to be straight up Jimmy it's like go Daly last time we had a golden cross well while we almost had one and never actually got it death cross really last time we had one was here last time we had a golden cross was back December of 2017 right here and we went from 22 cents to 380 well we'll set the height 330 here I know on some exchanges on much higher than 330 so that's last time we had a golden cross and we are just a day away on this chart of getting another one and it's not just the fact that we're getting a random Golden Cross for the first time in like a year and a half we also broke it down sloping channel we have been in since February 2018 a long long time we've been inside of this channel and we broke out and you're getting the golden cross with the break out which makes this really good okay it's about what you may believe makes our payment looking decent may confirm breakout confirm double bottom it is real now let it to be known by the gods the old and new or something all right forty three point nine eight cents not bad man continuing to keep climbing to 8800 on Bitcoin again it's done big man it's done being but sir we're up twenty seven dollars and fifty seven cents on the day it doesn't matter man hail stone yeah as X repeat bad then did it kill Bob Ross okay man we'll see it 50 cents if we're lucky may you got a break again it's like right here candle hi clothes forty six point five to forty seven point seven nine two cents okay you got to break that before you measure move but I mean you could go much higher no like ones back down oh no it's at $118 it's in ruins now goodness gracious next target is again forty six point five four six cents all right that's some of a resistance that you might fail at but if you can break that there's higher likelihood you'd be making that measurement move way up there at forty nine point what is it forty nine point six forty nine point four sixty two cents okay that's just a standard measurement of the pattern that is confirmed now very good are we cool yes channel still 8,800 on the dot 4-bit can right now not much is happening though on this new day the new day that has only been around for about six minutes now PPP you David people are ridiculous man like I can't believe it oh let's go man let's go hype in the chat for a crypto it were to run again did Jason I've seen a man I frequent one but I won't frequent it as much dude there's so much I get so much hate like nowadays I'll like now it's called stream I like the one there just to say hi really just there to support how it's called you know and just meme around and joke around just be there and say hi to some of the members of the community that are not part of ours but man I get so much hate and now it's called stream so like I don't even he's like one of the he's like the only stream I actually watched like Krypto really like and you know not even no point of even going there anymore because people are just really those talks so much crab to me and I'm not gonna respond to them so I'll just like okay why am I even here you know so and it's all because I just do technical analysis and you know whatever man I call things now I see them on the charts so sending triangle you work out of a yesterday said there was no more supply at this price therefore the supply was only at eighty nine hundred seems like and right now just slightly down sloping with some consolidation some very minor consolidation looks much better on the 60-minute as you can see on both sub and flagging all right good god MJ I don't know man people don't care about I guess people just don't care about credibility anymore like that used to mean something but you know I guess people don't have to have any credibility and can be like successful live streamers or something or content creators other things so it's done you can protect me man thank you dude but beyond the Jill we're gonna podcast all in traveling leash all what is this you're not the only one started with what I don't know who these people are cam Bergen yeah sure cams broken then okay leave it at that he's just gonna dump on you since I'm the only person in this market right of course hate is so pervasive which waiting man I mean look you know I've been live now to hours+ alright it's a done deal I'm an extended time now alright so just sticking around as long as I can until I want to go get some barbecue and you know enjoy the rest of Memorial Day most people Mexican community don't believe in TA yeah that's true they most don't yeah yeah that's true I mean that's that's kind of what I've learned I know I mean but the thing is on that on that hand but the other hand is there are some people in the community that do have open minds that listen and many of them are in this community now so you – what you can you try to help as many as you can but they're gonna be those with closed months that don't give a crap about anything that will never open their mind and guess what they'll never get better they'll never invest in themselves one more life for 4/20 JT heck yeah man that's awesome very cool you know I don't think so man I just don't think so all right so eighty eight oh six man got a break the down slipping resistance that has developed eighty nine fourteen we'll see if we can eventually get there looking really strong right now I don't care who you are this is strong price action okay dude poke fan it's Memorial Day I'm American hey barbecue in the south Oh Memorial Day it's what you do man awesome Carolina crow do it glad to hear it all right yeah I catch another run all right looks like big one's gonna pump it on the night stream okay you're still holding your 5,000 like one since 63 even though you told me to sell you're right because I could have bought and 60s again he arm still holding my 5000 LTC since 63 dollars even though you've told me to sell and you were right because I could have bought at 60s again when we hitting dollar 170 per coin oh come on man I mean like you just got to give it time it's China it's doing very very well getting a lot of rejection though man a lot of rejection get the sorry all right I mean you're hitting the ups little resistance now you're haidle oh you're hitting the FIB extension it's not gonna be easy to break there okay and then you're gonna have some overhead resistance so Gugu over at 127 130 but if you could ever break that it could be a very very nice run up I mean there's no resistance look man no resistance down there was this no so I guess yeah no support down no resistance of no support down no resistance up no support down no resistance up when it gets broken okay that's how it works so Brandon's on thanks mr. Santos dude love the content keep it up happy Memorial Day from a fellow Sioux turn boy oh that's southern education system at work Kappa just kidding I laugh because I'm also so then right so thanks man Matt what what state you from men what still what state do you hail from Bitcoin staying above eighty eight hundred that makes sense the rod man think he dude yeah well it's a you call the bottoms right and then it's hard to call in the tops because of the the trend trend can extend on longer than measure moves and targets for fibs right your show is often you need to teach me more how to read the charts and stuff Dave underscore car 1990 thanks Dave Karpov man we'll just stick around watch stick around with the streams man I've been doing the 16 months straight but you've been watching for 16 month straight you learned you've learned a lot about there are people in here that have been watching a long time that have learned an extreme amount just bust stick around right so thank you man ever the ten dollar contribution the superjet Manero in the jar a kind of romantic heat Dom rolled up man dude I don't know why you're talking about DMT the drug man so weird to be bringing that up in a crypto technical analysis stream right it's like what I could talk about anything so I talked about DMT oh yeah all right ma'am so whatever you've got three hours and 45 minutes left on the four-hour candle you got 45 minutes left on the 60 minute can abilities this is the first 60 minute candle and the first four are candle of the new day all right Rhino says he's learned a ton in a few weeks papica Mondavi oh man curtain burger we've seen Walter stuff than that I guess so Didrik Rd Dre things Didrik it could be both it could be either tomatoes mono tetra Dietrich okay man well a lot of action the action can happen at any time now man that this is it this is the consolidation dude and any time we need to braid to the upside or downside if we want it's all up all the way to 8601 time before we run again okay Manimal thanks for the $2.00 $0.54 super chat he says it's been a super bad day for me IRL hook bureau well well you know seen better days I guess but man can't complain did I just hear my webcam off and people lose their minds okay thank you add an old man or Manimal sorry I'd animals the yogurt right I think we've talked about this before yeah yeah extra big I had a Golden Cross on some exchanges some pairs but not on the next u.s. dollar pair started yeah if it is in the morning for Asia they're not doing much right now are they they're just getting warmed up listening some to some rap music before they start trading okay yeah we've looked at us multiple times today Bernard a facebook live Alaska wine oh well give them heck man give them heck when you take them down so captain Z yeah christen exactly dude see you're being honest stream does look better without my face on it I know okay so big one dyslexia man break 989 12 or something and be destined for greatness at 9,000 with Vegeta memes okay so thank you all the contributions today the likes love support the new subs the old subs everything hit that like button that bill that sub on the way out this community is exploding okay in terms of growth and couldn't be more honored to share the experience with all of you okay cuz this community's not me it is us alright so I'll be back tonight so until next time respect the t a right Santa's man thank you for the $7 $0.77 uh super Chet I don't things can show up right here but thank you man much local seven seven seven gangs bro that boy is good good and terrible

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  1. Awesome show Mitch. The Master Mahhn. So glad you stuck to this and you are some stone in the storm. Going to drink and go Live later as well. Havnt been around for long time cuz I was focusing on work. I repent. Always good to swing by here

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