19 thoughts on “BITCOIN LIVE: BTC Price Shatters Through Bullish Formation”

  1. Charts start @ 3:45
    Pullback @ 6:30
    When is the bull market @ 12:30
    Bitcoin current breakout @ 19:25
    Litecoin @ 30:00

  2. We haven't really seen any significant pullbacks in this bull market/rally. Those one's that take weeks. Although i have been waiting since 4K. through 4900, 5600, 6000. I guess, its better to buy anything at any price then wait for a magical pullback that may never happen. May be part of money should be used to buy at any price, the other one- to wait for a o ptental pullback. Are you hedging your trades, Dan?

  3. The last big run 2017 was when most people first heard of Bitcoin & when it dumped all through 2018 most people reacted with "oh it was a scam" & never considered the market cycle or history as to them it was a 1 year wonder a magic online money scam that died..
    But the next time it goes up & things like approved institutions start advertising it they will see it is here to stay & has up/down cycles (which should stabilise as adoption & store of value holding grows) after seeing it go up as a real accepted asset & not a 1 year wonder the masses will accept it especially the millennial generation who are tech accepting by nature.

  4. If you're waiting for a pullback to come before buying bitcoin, you will be missing out on the next bull rally. When the price was at $7.2k, you said you weren't buying because a bigger pullback would be coming. But if you would have bought at that time you would be up by over 20% right now. Anytime is a good time to buy bitcoin, you don't need to wait for a pullback to buy. In 2 years from now the price will be so high it wouldn't make much difference if you bought at $3.5k, 6k or 9k. The most important thing is to accumulate as much as possible. If there is a pullback, then buy extra if you can.

  5. I have to laugh at someone who bought 1 bitcoin around $3800, then sold it at $5200 and bragged about what a baller they were. And now they are kicking themself.

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  7. Your analysis is flawed. You've been mentioning pullbacks for the last few weeks, and you've been proven wrong. All the bottoms have been bought out between $7k and 8k, forming a new support level within this range. The next pullback probably won't come until it hits $10-12k, then we may see it drop back down to $7k-8k where the new support level is.

  8. Don’t know if you see these comments man, but you’re one of the most humble people in crypto! The guy who was complaining in the super chat must’ve missed the move and wasn’t happy about it!

  9. Litecoin, is worth 1/5 of bitcoin, why dont we see it yet ?
    Love your videos by the way bro, keep them going !!!

  10. Great work Dan I really like the way you approach to the crypto markets, so down to earth.
    And just as one of the comments I just read here, you do not try to make any money of your fanbase !

  11. You're one of the few crypto YouTubers that aren't trying to make money off of their fanbase and you give good info Dan. The guy at 24 minute mark is clearly upset about something else that only he can fix. Don't sweat it and we got your back. #BTC #LTC

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