4 thoughts on “Bitcoin Live Breakout Coverage | May 26/19”

  1. Always enjoy your Videos here on YT, Now the price has fallen back to 8.6k, All we need to do is invest what we’re Holding and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, I discovered a comment of someone giving Accolades to Walter Aarav and also thanking him for helping him increase his Portfolio from having 4*BTC to 7*BTC in 3 weeks, So i contacted him, Behold I have made 3Btc in 1 week with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on Email or hangout *[email protected] .com

  2. It's not an ascending triangle. The scam wick to 6k has invalidated it. Short now or regret later. Last chance. Next week we are going down fast and deep

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