14 thoughts on “Bitcoin: Let's Cut Through the Noise Already! | SXSW Interactive 2016”

  1. TWINS. you guys could invest 5 dollar (much less) in a 200 people whatspp community here in brazil . they are just head over heals in love with btc..they are scraping their barrels to get some cents to buy btc and be part of the community.! boys from 12 yo are starting to understand global economy thanks to bitcoin !!! 🙂 🙂 faucets are a must among them

  2. what makes bitcoin so good? everyone can create their one currency with blockhain and there is many currencies what makes bitcoin the top one and what makes it special

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  4. You can definitely tell these guys are smarter than Zuckerberg. Albeit it seems Zuckerberg is more cutthroat and unethical.

  5. I appreciate the growth of you both. However I would like to see you
    connect the free market aspect of open source and voluntary transactions
    to the philosophical foundation of bitcoin which is crypto-anarchism,
    as designed by cypherpunks- a real world solution to central control
    of money and ownership.

    The fence is a cowardly place to sit for two wanne-be badass motherfuckers. I challenge you Tyler and Cameron to live off-grid, debanking yourself with $100 in your pocket, which is the annual salary of an Iraqi troop (wait, are we on the same side…or are we still enemies…nm) for a time. You are missing something crucial to your development as great men and that is self-reliance and empathy.

    Bitcoin is a reward for work, not passivity. The western banking industry, led by Wall Street, that you are still pandering to is the instrument used to enslave and oppress people all over the world. Even if you could be a bridge between those two things, why would you want to? Put away the old ways that rely upon theft, coercion and plunder.

    Be heroic. You don't get to say that you are a champion unless you compete against the best there is. 6/7 of the world does not have access to the intellectual and creative pool because they are unbanked. Same goes for those who the government renders de-banked as punishment for non-compliance. That means you are only competing with 1/7 of the wold at the most. For this girl, that is just not good enough. Think bigger and act bolder.

    I have changed my vote though. I am rooting for you two. I have hope.

  6. Bitcoin Classic devs don't understand Bitcoin if they think 2mb will seriously help the protocol. Bitcoin needs a massive change – a switch to a PoS/PoW hybrid like peercoin – or similar change. It needs lightning network. There are lots of things Bitcoin needs – 2mb isn't one of them.

  7. These guys don't understand the block size debate if they think 2mb will effect decentralization, while we wait for 4 or 5 large players to mine the next block right now. Disgusting. Support Bitcoin Classic. Go to reddit.com/r/btc for the truth.

  8. A government issued cryptocurrency wouldn't be transparent for the plebs, they want to watch us but would hate for us to see where our taxes go.

  9. 41:38, talking about microtransactions contradicts what they said earlier about the scaling debate… The interviewer should of asked about that one…

    Ftr – I'm a Bitcoin enthusiast, and altcoins, but he should of asked that.

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