22 thoughts on “Bitcoin just inches from breaking $9K for first time in over a year”

  1. Highest returning asset in history with 10 years of trust and back to $9k-ish and EVERYONE AT THE TABLE SCRATCHING THEIR HEADS STILL??? How high does price need to be for one of them (besides bk?) to study bitcoin?

  2. I will debate anyone for $500 that bitcoin is the only digital coin as envisioned by its inventor. Bitcoin was a generic name to apply to any digital currency running on blockchain ledger. Thus, the Satoshi the inventor made the blockchain's code open source so anyone can clone his/her "bitcoin" and make improvements as desire. Hence, there could be unlimited brands of "Bitcoin" as persons and organisations clone from Bitcoin blockchain. This makes Bitcoin currently trading at $8700 with market capitalisation value of $190 billion the biggest bubble in mankind history. Using metrics from Wall street investment firms' to value a brand…this should be no more than $5 billion.

  3. I LOOOVE how these fux never mention the 1 SINGLE COIN that reflects their industry ….. XRP BABY!! Talk about keeping it on the Low haha. These fools aren't fooling this fool haha.

  4. HODL EVERYONE! This new asset class that is Crypto is on the rise and here to stay. Blockchain and crypto are both disruptive technologies!

  5. The best thing is NOT to invest in bitcoin. Most crypto currencies are showing signs of TANKING. DONT GET TANKED WITH THEM. They should be called Manipulated Currencies just like the Fiat Dollar.

  6. Do Not buy Litecoin – it is just a testnet / sandbox for Bitcoin, there is No utility, and same for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Bitcoin with Lightning Network will dominate – maybe Ethereum and XRP will survive also because they both have their own specific niches but insofar as making payments with digital money goes, it is all Bitcoin as sifted through Lightning Network. Litcoin is going the way of the Netscape Navigator browser – it is just a pump and dump. Does not matter if it is going up now, it will be short lived. Buy only Bitcoin, ETH, or XRP and most of it Bitcoin insofar as cryptocurrencies go.

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