Bitcoin jumps to $4000, US Lawmakers Look to Exclude Cryptocurrency SEC’s Role in Regulation

good morning everyone this is Prem scripta market update for December 21st 2018 welcome everyone we can see the market is up market cap is at 133 billion the volume in the last 24 hours was double at 28 billion and BTC dominance is at fifty three point four we can see right now Bitcoin at the four thousand dollar level so it's now doing four thousand ninety one dollars its eight percent up for the for the last 24 hours now if we look at the top 10 we can see Bitcoin cash up 52 percent doing two hundred and ten dollars which is and Bitcoin SV is up 37 percent doing one hundred and twenty three dollars so there's a lot of action happening out of here if you can even look at in theory emits twelve percent up doing one hundred and fifteen dollars and XRP at at thirty seven cents right now so let's look at the coins which you've done very well we can see Bitcoin cash as I said and Bitcoin SV on top but crypto calm chain is 33 percent up beacon diamond is up 30% because gold is up 21 percent so that is really good geillis if you look at a college which if not done and well are just to to mention basically cash is 13 percent down and mobile go is down 11% now let's have a look at the chart we can see basically yesterday it just kept on climbing and we are definitely now on a on the way up if you look at RSI RSI is right now at 56% so it's doing very very well and if you look at the stochastics we are entering the 80 percent barrier right now so we could see some slowdown happening in the near future all right what's the news the news comes from lawmakers to exclude cryptocurrency from definition of a security and limits the SEC rule in crypto regulation so to us law makers are planning to introduce a bill that would change the Security and Exchange Act and potentially prevent any and all cryptocurrencies from being labeled as security so the the token taxonomy Act is being introduced in the House of Representatives by Ohio Republican Warren Davidson had Florida Democrats Darren Soto if it passes the law would ensure securities law would not apply to cryptocurrencies once they become a fully functioning network very interesting let's see how this is going to roll all right the next news come from facebook facebook is developing a cryptocurrency for whatsapp transfers sources say so today the the whatsapp's big biggest competitor is WeChat and WeChat you can do instant payments basically and I think Facebook is trying to do the same according to these rumors which are you know going to be happening so this is something they will most probably going to roll out for the first for remittance market in India so this is something becoming to be really phenomenal and let's see how this is going to be but I really like that Facebook is now copying something for whatsapp what's already in the Chinese market there through it WeChat all right so the last news comes from Ron Paul Ron Paul it's time to abolish Federal Reserve now Ron Paul has been a congressman and a skeptic basically on on what's going on with the Federal Reserve and he basically you know come out with this book and the Fed and now he is basically you know evangelizing what how world would be without having a Fed to intervene every time he's a world-renowned speaker and I respect him a lot let's see how this is going to roll all right this was the news for today I hope you liked it please like I subscribe go to our website Bitcoin magazine dr. Nell

One thought on “Bitcoin jumps to $4000, US Lawmakers Look to Exclude Cryptocurrency SEC’s Role in Regulation”

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