Bitcoin Jumps to $1500- May 4th Cryptocurrency News-Round-Up

Hello you’re watching newsBTCTV for today’s
cryptocurrency news round-up. Bitcoin has reached another new high, jumping
to the 1500 level. As you can see, it has been climbing up during
the past 24 hours. Let’s take a quick look at some other altcoins. Ripple’s individual native token value surpassed
the 0.06 us dollar mark, light coin is over 21USD and dash is around 93 USD
The Japanese city of Hirosaki hopes its bitcoin project will boost the local tourism industry. The city is asking for bitcoin donations to
help preserve the stone wall of Hirosaki Castle and take care of around 2600 cherry blossom
trees. On Tuesday, the city revealed that 96 people
have donated bitcoins with the total value of ¥178,000 yen. Onegram an Islamic financial services and
technology company plans to establish the world’s first gold-backed digital currency. The company is embarking on a partnership
with GoldGuard, a Dubai-based gold bullion trading company that is building one of the
world’s biggest gold vaults inside the Dubai Airport Free Zone. GoldGuard will provide a secure gold trading
platform, making sure that physical gold is bought and stored safely under sharia regulations. OneGram will be responsible for the digital
token and regulate the exchange. Well thanks for watching, make sure you tune
back in tomorrow.

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  1. This is Jesus's BTC wallet. You know what to do.

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