Bitcoin is the new gold – Countryballs

Hey…. yeah.. ? wha? what? What are you doing Sweden? America told me about the Bitcoin So… apparently you mine PC You get rich! *stare*

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  1. Idea Malta:(whistaling)
    EU:Dude it’s been a year.
    Malta:I dident do the killing of that jurnolist
    EU:Your lying
    Malta:No I’m not.
    EU:ok than.
    Then Malta pulls out a radio
    Malta:He knows guys time to abandon the operation.

  2. Idea:

    Denmark: Alright Prussia, let's just split Schleswig and holstein, what do you say?

    Prussia: Alright, fine.

    Prussia turns it back for a moment and then hears weird sounds behind him

    Prussia then looks back and sees that Denmark has completely made Schleswig and holstein into danish territory with danish flags

    Prussia: Wait, what the h*** Denmark!

    Denmark: What are you gonna do about it?

    Prussia: You'll see…

    Few seconds later and Denmark has lost both schleswig and holstein and is completely messed up

    – This was just an example, do it however you like.

  3. Idea
    At a coffee shop
    Serbia: hey Macedonia why can you plz not recognize Kosovo
    Albania in the background: oh hell no Nato, EU Serbia is bribing Macedonia.
    America: Bombed you in 2008 not afraid to do it again.
    Russia : America Oh hell no
    India, Afghanistan,Israel, Japan : graves popcorn gasp
    Macedonia:no thanks
    Serbia and Bulgaria:invade
    Grecce invades
    Albania seed tropes
    Croatia: oh hell no Serbia I will KIIL you
    Fight starts
    Behind a table: Montenegro,and Bosnia : why does this always happen in the Balkans?
    After the fight
    Macedonia:Bulgaria is a yogurt eating slob
    Bulgaria:wtf you gust say
    Next fight
    World :grabs more popcorn

  4. I got an idea what if you did a video of America as a veteran with PTSD and having a flashback of the Vietnam war and he goes crazy with other countries including Vietnam

  5. Turkey: You have a economik crises we ara better
    Greace:Look at Your back
    Turkey looks and saws the economi table and he suprused

  6. I Saw the picture of norway,Finland and sweden. And then I said why is it always sweden norway Finland what About Denmark and iceland?

  7. IDEA

    Canada: Switzerland ,what are you doing?

    Switzerland: Eating chocolate

    Canada: You're gonna get fat

    Switzerland: Who cares?

    Canada: Russia , what are you doing

    Russia: Drinking vodka

    Canada: You're gonna get drunk

    Russia: Who cares?

    1 Year Later

    Russia brang to the hospital and Switzerland is fat

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  9. 0:04
    I'm about to end this computer's whole career.
    Poland: what are you doing?
    Sweden: mining bitcoin.
    Derpy poland bitcoin…
    smash coins.
    Pcs are made of coins then.
    Poland: 0:29

  10. Ah this is why the residents of r/polandball hated this


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