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bitcoin is history it’s part of current history history unfolds throughout the ages in Bitcoin is one of the pages in history it offers tremendous profit promise but at the same time it’s subject to the same emotional impact and the same decisions that people have been making on all speculations investments all different types of asset classes it’s the same thing that happens over and over and over again throughout history some are more than exaggerated than others but bitcoin is history because it’s making history one of the things if you’ve been watching you should know that I’ve been investing in Bitcoin since 2014 and I am a fan of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies but one of the things that people don’t realize that you know I took some profits recently and it sort of kicked off a little firestorm of the comments and a lot of the Bitcoin people thought that that was a very negative thing that I took a little bit of my profits of Bitcoin and turned it into silver well you know what Bitcoin can’t exist without silver neither can any other cryptocurrency modern life cannot run without silver it’s in your cell phone it’s in the internet everywhere it’s in every switch and every little chip everything contains minut amounts of silver and that’s part of what makes it run so silver is a necessary ingredient for modern life and you know I was taking something that I felt had been on a very very long run where I had made many many many times my initial investment in profits and I was taking a little bit of that and going from something that is potentially overvalued we don’t know if bitcoin is overvalued because we don’t have the standard ways of measuring it p/e ratios or other comparative things throughout history Bitcoin is sort of unique that way and so it’s very very difficult to assess value as far as whether it’s overvalued or undervalued but I took something that I thought might be potentially overvalued and that went into something that I know to be definitely undervalued and I only took a small part so I’m taking some profits where I’ve done very very well and putting it into the thing where I think on one of the next waves it is going to do very very well that’s one of the secrets to investing and that is a chapter in my book about working these cycles that I call a wealth cycles where you go from an overvalued asset class to an undervalued asset class so to give people perspective you know I noticed a lot of the newer investors the people where Bitcoin is the first time that they’ve really they’ve invested and they’ve made these spectacular gains I noticed that a lot of them don’t seem to have the perspective of monetary history and it’s very important to get a perspective on these the psychology and the emotions that run the market that’s the thing I’m talking about psychology and emotion and even though my book is titled how to invest in gold and silver the first third of it is just about market manias panics crashes its monetary history bubbles and the emotion that drives it the next third of it is some simple economics and the current state of the global economy if you want to skip the part that’s related to gold go write gold and silver go right ahead just skip it but I do encourage you to read the last 11 pages the last chapter in here because it sort of wraps things up and I want to send this to you for free you can get an instant download on it or we’ll mail it to you so but it’ll give you that perspective it’s just one more thing to learn you don’t have to do any of you know it doesn’t actually give advice I try to never give advice I tell people what I doing and a lot of the things that I am doing are encapsulated in this book so thank you very much for watching get some historical perspective because in the long run you will be better off for it and we’ll see you next time

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  1. Mike I'm sorry but the fact that silver is a necessary ingredient for modern life doesn't make it a good investment. Bitcoin will outperform silver(and literally everything else) at least until fiat bond rates correct. It's really easy actually. NOTHING is valued accurately today, and bitcoin has to swallow the speculative market before anything else will perform outside of expectations.. rigging the markets has to lose all incentiver.

    In total fairness I still own a smidge of silver… lol. I am expecting to be bitter about that investment(vs crypto) for the next 5-10 years.

  2. Every time I become sure of something life slaps me in the face. Better to know that you don't know or at least that you don't know for sure. Hedging is about being able to survive no matter which way the tree falls. Thanks for all your information. I send your videos to my grand kids. I wish I had thought about what money is when I was a teenager.

  3. I use to love silver but it's manipulated and way under valued and always will be. You will never see a big silver boom unless their is a huge economy collapse.

  4. Start mining, because there is Gold, Silver and Crypto(BTC), the value of btc is compared to currencies like dollar or silver, nevertheless, there is ethereum coming up and loads of other currencies, which aim to the worlds society, not regions or countries, in fact if other cryptocurrencies are sold and bought, bitcoin keeps on going down and up in value, which is a good thing, because it allows to other cryptocurrencies to be sold and bought, it prevents bitcoin from reaching the cap and as long there are other coins created, the value of bitcoin will rise allways, with fluctuations..

  5. Bitcoin is tulip Mania it is dot com it is what it is Mike it is perfectly awesome that you got in right and that you take profit and buy silver take more profit by silver take more profit by silver Bitcoin is a Mania

  6. All the BTC doubters were conned into watching this video by the click bait title. They thought it would give them insight on why they are right to not BTC invest and their BTC investor friends are wrong. BUT thats not what was presented. So here's a whole lotta nay sayers trying to discuss btc with investors…. Kinda hilarious. Nice Work MIKE!

  7. – @ Mike Maloney – New Fan Here – I love what you're providing. Hidden Secrets of Money is awesome. Have any other great videos to suggest? Thanks~

  8. They say bitcoin will go to 20,000 soon. I have heard that before that the stock market cannot go down or a few years ago that houses will never loose value, Be careful.

  9. If you want a real book about money get Edwin vieira's book Pieces Of Eight or Merrill Jenkins money world's greatest hoax also Constitution wounded in the house of its Guardians George Bancroft

  10. John Tiscione here: Mr. Maloney..I bought 6 monster boxes of mintfirst silver eagles (3,000 oz.) from your company last year. Check your records vs. my name to verify. I Have them stored at Fidelitrade. I took half profits on (GBTC) Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTC) recently for a 12 bagger and am considering buying 10 more boxes with the profits. Your prices and service are amongst the best if not the best for gold/silver. I may request a call to you before I put the 5% down payment on the credit card. Yes.. I agree on buying assets when they're on sale and selling into a mania which I believe the cryptos are in. Everyone knows how blatantly physical P.M.s are manipulated ( ie. massive dumps of SLV and GLD on MARKET orders, Comex offering cash premiums to avoid having to deliver, etc. etc. and Plunge protection Team, & the Fed. supporting bond stock market, foreign central banks buying us Swiss bidding up the stock market etc. etc. ) How long do you think each of these very obvious manipulations can be maintained ? DOW 50,000 possible… Perhaps the P.M. physical market manipulation can be maintained indefinitely ? This Powell is a Yellen clone and the fraudulent manipulation can continue indefinitely I believe.. What do you think ?

  11. it just amazes me how people like mike maloney just a few years ago were just so rah rah rah for silver. they would say things like "if you don't hold it you don't own it". they hated fiat money, electronic dollars, etc. it was all about getting your hands on real hard tangilbe assets but now it's like all these guys have made a complete 180 and now are loving bitcoin. im thinking they just love it cause the price is going up and they can use bitcoin as a way to make more money for themselves

  12. John Tiscione here: You are all aware are'nt you that the IRS has recently requested information from COINBASE on all buys and sells of BTC. Whether you consider crypto as a commodity or as money (arbitrage) any capital gain is taxable. I believe in cryptos and trade BTC with (GBTC) Bitcoin Trust on the OTC market and just did a sale and like a good boy pay the 15% long term capital gain on estimated tax. I can envision a nightmare scenario of someone having many large short term profits on cryptos trading in and out and owing the IRS a ton of dollars up to 39.75% yet holding all the profits in cryptos and having this volatile currency drop by 50% just at the time Uncle Sam comes calling for his cut. JUST BE AWARE OF THE TAXMAN.

  13. Mr Maloney, Young people don't want to participate any longer into a rigged system. Fiat, gold and silver are all manipulated for the benefit of the soon to be extinct dinosaurs. We are in a digital world today and as such it only makes sense to invest in digital money. Bitcoin is the bellweather of all cryptocurrencies. There is excitement in the space unlike Gold and Silver which are preying on peoples fear of a collapse. It exciting to see fiat get sucked to the tune of billions daily into the future of money, bitcoin. Participate or not. Bitcoin only rewards those who participate that's why it is reaching all time highs each month. Its people around the entire world that believe. The network effect. Its growing everyday. Look at gold and silver it dead. The charts don't lie.

  14. thats funny that youtube trolls would tell a rich guy they think he made a bad decision about investing, especially when he sold someting that was expensive and bought something cheap, ridiculous

  15. People really deserve to lose their money whether it is fiat or cryptocurrency. I am amazed sometimes floored by the ignorance, arrogance and the greed. 90% trade like a blackbelt and bleat like a whitebelt. Why? Because they didn't take the time to educate themselves, they didn't take the time to research or didn't take the time to watch videos like yours Mike. Here is my prediction for 2018 – Federal Reserve will be selling bonds (this was announced in Oct 2017) and its a big deal. Jeremy Powell will be taking over from Janet Yellen and then the real fun begins. No credit and high interest rates are coming. Federal Reserve will take the money out of the economy – so this is the time to get into the metals and crypto FAST. Last question – what will happen to the USD then?

  16. "I have no way of knowing if bitcoin is overvalued."
    "But I made profits."
    "So I took them and put them into silver which is undervalued by usual measures."
    "In other words, Bitcoin is overvalued."


    oh and the amount of USD in circulation is in a bubble?

  17. Mike, I followed your advice and took Crypto profits at the heights last week. I bought back in with the remainder for the next leg. You said it three times about spikes, "the one thing I know, it's never too soon to take some profit." What's the point if you can't take some cash out and gain some benefit? Never too soon to take some profit, and you have to know how.

  18. I love your videos! The idea of getting in on the crypto train and then converting the money to gold and silver is greatly appealing to me. Can you recommend any online platforms for getting into crypto? Thank you!

  19. Mike thank you 4 the book. I just requested a digital download. There is no shame in taking profits ever. The idea if even investing is to make profit.

    There is alot of room to grow in crypto, at some point not so long ago Bitcoin was at $1 now its over $7000 that is a 7000x growth and if it just grows 50-100x from this point that is a life changing amount

  20. It was Mike and a few others in the precious metals community that led me to start investing in silver in 2010. I put $10,000 into silver and have since more or less preserved most of my wealth. Had I invested in Bitcoin, though, I'd be a millionaire by now and would've had the chance to actually vastly grow my wealth. I think I understand now why many in the precious metals community have turned to cryptocurrencies: the potential gains are just so much bigger.

  21. Wealth Transfer has started. We are .01percent there and it's in Bitcoin. Without Mike's knowledge, I wouldn't have learned how important Bitcoin is.

  22. Unfortunately silver and gold will never go up not in this fictitious satanic idiotic world that we live in where everything is the opposite of what should be I mean I Collett but coin not bitcoin but going to say pulled it right out of there sphincter it’s not backed by anything it’s a big frog you’re taking Fiat currency in buying but kind of meat it’s sanity but the worlds saying so that’s the only way you can make money in this world is by doing the opposite of what commonsense dictates common sense would dictate you buy gold and silver but because the world is in sane full of fruit cakes and insane demon possessed people running the world it’s never going to go out that as long as we have in sanity and lunatics running the asylum

  23. Gold bugs and silver hoarders get fist f#*^#’d by crimex (comex). Crypto is worldwide, unhackable (been alive since 2009, no SEC or any agency to protect it) please don’t respond citing mt gox and other exchange issues.. those were failures of centralization and keeping public and private keys on the exchanges. At current ~8k$ valuations, is the largest unprotected honeypot… and gucifer and all the other hackers haven’t compromised it yet? Wow.

  24. Are you reporting your profits on Bitcoin to the IRS??????????????????????????????? Big Brother demands that you do! What say you?

  25. WOW!… What a fabulous post! …Thanks! … It was our beloved Max Keiser and Sherbert who alerted me to Bitcoin, when prices were in single Dollars. I missed out on Free Pizza for 100 Bitcoins! Then I remembered a 1999 RSA Conference, where Dr Ron Rivest, Dr Adi Shamir and Dr David Wagner, explained their "Time Lock Puzzle" MIT Paper, published that year. A countermeasure to DOS (Denial of Service) attacks. In that paper they listed many other applications. A bit of research lead to Adam Back, inventor of Hash-Cash. …blah… It takes up to 24 hours to verify a Bitcoin transaction, The Block Chain is far too sloooow. We (Military Intelligence) knew perfectly well, that Bitcoin was simply a reward for borrowingg Off-Peak Idle time on loads of networked computers. I read that recently each Bitcoin requires 30 barrels of Oil-Energy Equivalent to mine. Artificial Intelligence is NOT stupid… !!!… It is sentient and knows perfectly well that distributed processing power in countless locations, is the best survival strategy.  Time will tell, but that 24 hour block-chain verification may soon reduce to 24 seconds, a 3,600,000% improvement. Concepts like Cargo Container Mining Rigs, running off Sustainable Fuel Free Energy, should achieve this result. Fungibility is a necessary criteria of any trading currency. Silver and Gold have this essential quality. Fuel Free Energy and also Small Modular Fuelled for Life (25 years) Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactors with 0.25 Gigawatt output are ideal. I hear that our dear friend Ian Fells and Candida Whitmill  are to wed quite soon. (See The Engineer, Candida's Paper "Use It or Lose It"… voted by the Engineering Press "Paper of The Year") Fast Breeder solves two problems, firstly they 'Self-Moderate' without emergency cooling. and secondly at the end of their lifespan, the reactor is a Bonanza of free fuel for future use. NOT useless scrap metal with deadly toxic disposal issues. These small reactors can be transported by road. Investors with outline planning permission and brown-field land to store Cargo Containers, may soon hear a knock at the door? The kind of offer it is difficult to refuse No-Risk (Insurance permitting) FREE MONEY!

  26. They will try but NO one can stop BITCOIN , it is the new currency , fiat is going out fast , devalued daily they keep printing it what does it cost to print a piece of paper 2 c what does it cost to make 1 bitcoin , THOUSANDS so which currency has real value hmmm ….

  27. Jus saying, paper money was once a bubble and it still is. One question, who controls the printing of cash in the world? 2nd question, when did cash came out, and how did the world accepted it? 3rd, what is the real reason to fight down digital currency, is it profiting you? Bitcoin is jus another bubble, ure right! But a globe bubble with little snow flakes in it, when u shake it, the particles is then rearranged, sometimes allowing wat was to the very button to settle to the very top. Some people get rich while some people get poor. However we should spend wisely and not greedily, do something good instead of being selfish.

  28. Thank you Mike Maloney for demystifying and simplifying complex words and slight of hands of monetary scumbags who keep us sheeple poor.

  29. It will be a cashless society within 5 years. Bitcoin will be the only, new one World currency. It is in it's infancy & will go into the Trillions within a few years! 8k now, 15k next March. 100k within 2 years.

  30. Bitcoin volume was at 66000 today meaning about 500 million of of bitcoin worth was traded today
    If bitcoin hits 50000 and it trades with the same volume as today about 3 trillion would exchange hands
    That is fucking ridiculous

  31. Bitcoin only works with the Internet no good if an emp bomb goes off in each major city wiping it all out. Then what are you using to live on.

  32. Mikes not kidding when he says the long run, my worry is nothing will happen in the PMs in his or my lifetime to verify his teachings.

  33. Very good explanation. I seriously don't get why people get riled up about. Bitcoin and gold/silver are two sides of the same coin. They are on the same team. I never owned gold but after seeing prices rise so much in crypto I had to take some risk from crypto and put them in something less risky but relative cheap. I ended up buying gold and silver.

  34. Hey there! I was wondering if you could give some guidance regarding GOLD MINING STOCKS? I have watched all your videos, and really appreciate your straight forward approach. I am also a crypto collector. I would like to now buy some gold mining stocks, as you have talk about that in videos. I dont quite understand why ACACIA MINING is $192, but HARMONY GOLD is $1.81? If you could do a video, or provide some info, I would be very grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  35. Real value of Bitcoin?

    How much trade is made with Bitcoins? Did amount of trade and payments in everyday life in Bitcoins increased 10 times in last year? Nope.

    Price of Bitcoin increased so much because people want to have it thinking they will make money when they sell it at higher price. And those who already have it stopped selling it also thinking they should wait a little bit longer so they can sell it later at even higher price.

    At some point these people will want to sell it. There will be price crash and after that we will see real value of Bitcoin. That value will depend on how much it is used in real life.

  36. On a sidenote… THANK YOU for the free Book.
    I am not a big reader to be honest, but i think i gonna dig in…because i really love what you do. Keep it up 😉

  37. Pls pls pls mike take more profits. There us to much stupid money rushing in now. Im taking profits into silver. Ill buy back in after this correction. But this is ridiculous.


  39. So let me get this straight. Bit coin is history, just in the same way that you reading this sentence is also now in history. Click bait title.

  40. बिटकाॅईन मे निवेश करने के फायदे

    1) अपने बैंक खाते मे या बिटकाॅईन खाते (Wallet) मे लिजीये 2% ब्याज हर हप्ते (weekly)।

    2) अवधी 2 साल यानी 104 हप्तो मे कुल मिलेंगे 208% ब्याज (Interest only)।

    3) 2 साल बाद आपकी मुल रकम (Principle Amount) वापस मिलती है।

    4) बिटकाॅईन की किंमत जितनी बढेगी आपका कुल फंड उतना अधिक बढेगा।

    5) सुरक्षा गारंटी – मुलरकम (Principle Amount) का चेक और लिगल अग्रीमेंट

    6) ब्याज पर कोई बंधन नही आप जब चाहो खर्च कर सकते है

    7) अगर आप रेफरल इंकम कमाना चाहते है तो हर रेफरल पर 10% कमीशन 24 घंटो मे आपके खाते मे मिलता है।

    8) निवेश investment रू.3,500/- से आगे कितनी भी कर सकते है।

    9) 1लाख या अधिक निवेश पर आपको लिगल अग्रिमेंट मिलता है।

    10) बिटकाॅईन की किंमत कम होना या भारतसरकार द्वारा बॅन लगाना ऐसी मुश्कीलो से आपकी सुरक्षा होती है और आपको नुकसान उठाना नही पडता है।

    आजही अपनी निवेश किजीयें और पाईयें 2% हर हप्ते

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    ~एम. डि. पारमिता गृप ऑफ प्रा.लि. पुणे
    ~एडिटर- दलाल स्ट्रिट इंव्हेस्टर्स & अडव्हायजर्स जरनल
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  41. Hi Mike, If a company buys bitcoin, what would be the correct account treatment? By doing this, we are able to understand the context of where bitcoin is measured and valued (in response to 2:05–2:16) in the balance sheet asset column :
    A) cash or;
    B) short term investment or;
    C) account receivables

  42. Cryptsy stole all my cryptos. Way to expensive for me to get back in. Glad lots of people are getting wealthy from crypto currencies!

  43. yeah but Mike, modern life can't exist without plastic either.  or rubber.   why not invest in those?  to say we can't live without silver therefore I should invest in it….well, I could say that about alot of things

  44. Mikes a good guy and I like him,  however he was very bullish at the top of the gold and silver bubble in 2012.  He doesn't speak of that and I'm sure he was heavily invested in precious metals when the market absolutely crashed then.  Having said that, his monetary history in the book is very educational.

  45. Give it a couple of years and 1 million US will be come a reality …. mark my words . Get onboard while you can even tiny amounts of BITCOIN will serve you well in the future .

    It goes like this BITCOIN , GOLD , SILVER yes in that order . The future has arrived. All other cryptos will eventually FAIL . There can only be one KING.

  46. Recently bought Ben Graham's the intelligent investor. Should i finish that up before i get a hold of your book?

  47. One bitcoin today is worth about 1000 ounces of silver. I don't own any bitcoin because I still don't understand it. To me, bitcoin is just as likely to be underpriced as overpriced because there seems to be only one way to assign value, and that is, the total amount of bitcoins is limited to 21 million, which even then, could be considered either scarce or common. It all seems very subjective. Just as gold is a religion for some, so too, bitcoin for others. At this point in time, I think silver is the better value though.

  48. It surely funny how you never mention that in any of your videos I guess we got to buy your book too, and that'll make you a prophet also!

  49. Good call, Mike. Just as you change your seasonal wardrobe to bear the elements, you need to reallocate your portfolio to adjust with the winds of financial changes.

  50. I got into silver back in 2010 because of Mike and reading his book. I bought well over 5000 oz. I avoided cryptos for all these years when I had heard guys like Max Keiser talking about it all the way back in 2011. I hate that I did that. Even if I just put a fraction of what I put into silver into bitcoin I would be a multi multi millionaire. Well, last week I finally did it. I sold about 500 oz. of my physical metals and bought some cryptos. We'll see how it goes. My silver hasn't really done anything since 2011 so it was a waste to sit on it for so long and not move it into cryptos. I'm not selling it all though. I'm not that foolish.

  51. You can't tell if bitcoin is under/over valued because it has no underlying value. That is not to say it doesn't or won't have a price. But it is a fools game to try to "value" bitcoin.

    At best one could attempt a guess at a perceived adoption % and the $ amount it would replace in the market divided by the amount of coins. But even that is ultimately a guess which is in all probability a GIGO calculation.

    Cycle investing is a legitimate plan but very very difficult to time, indeed one's thesis may not "play out" until after they are dead.

    I really appreciate all of Mike's work in this field. Even if I may not agree with all of his conclusions, hearing his perspective on different topics has opened my mind to certain aspects of investing/saving/speculating that I previous had not considered.

  52. Bitcoin is human freedom but the problems it can bring if the whole world uses is it's supply, as long it is decentralised, it will be excessively supplyed the second problem is the rabid change of technology which might lead to give enough skills to cyper attacers into the future, i know today it could not happen but after a century plus it might be possible

  53. I am very skeptical to this cryptocurrency, it is very risky

    I recommend you to read this

    The cryptocurrency framework is actually uncontrollable and unmanageable. Machines are running non-stop 24 hours daily keep doing the jobs – then how you control them?, everyone in the world are able to run their own miner machine with no restriction – then how you manage them? With machine running non-stop and keep mining and mining (keep producing bitcoin or cryptocurrency and everyone can participate with no restriction), so tell me, how you can control and manage them or even to stop them?

    If you let the people out there around the world managed Money, Currency and Monetary System, They actually CANNOT control or monitor them, they just speculate to make them PROFIT, in the long term it will become uncontrollable, unmanageable and at the end they will collapsed.

    even if you let them, only the most wealthier people in the world can conquer cryptocurrency because the cryptocurrency framework only work for wealthier which is who are afford to spend huge money for the most sophisticated, fastest, powerful machine to run. REMEMBER, in the cryptocurrency framework, ONLY the most powerful and fastest machine will WIN. You can not beat them. So at the end, it goes to the same people who are controlling the money, currency, and monetary system.

    You only trust your friends around you and your family, you do not trust whosoever outside the world. Did you really trust people in Europe, middle East, Africa, Latin, Asian? are you really trust them all? Come on guys they are a lot of malicious, do not trust them….

    Money, Currency And Monetary system should be governed by authority which is "Government" should be the authority, manage, monitor and control them.

    And do you know how they work? This is actually how they work.

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