Bitcoin is going to the moon… we’re build the rocket!! And more! ???

and we're live what's going on everybody it's your favorite truck driver in the whole wide world is Bitcoin been here for the evening it's ours it's hard to breathe out here there's a lot of pollen in like mold in the air here in st. Louis Missouri oh god it's like trying to breathe through it like vacuum out in outer space or something how's everyone doing this evening I hope you're doing great I am doing absolutely amazing this show is brought to you by God no all right now let's do some housekeeping before we get in I am plucking great thank you very much virtual coyness now oh the meetup yeah see that's why I put that board up there so I can look up there and keep myself in my in line august 17th at the officer Blake's seize Snider Park 9801 Green Park Road six three one two three August 17th the charity is gonna be the kids in the middle charity we're raising money and there will be a ton of people who don't know jack crap about cryptocurrencies there and I need you guys I need the troops to show up to help educate these people as we move along oh wow thank you Jim Flanagan 20 bucks thank you so that was a neat looking super chat it is that like new huh interesting thank you Jim I appreciate that brother 20 bucks us even McCoy says is that in a safe area in st. Louis yes it is it's uh it's actually out in out in South County st. Louis which is the area of st. Louis that that is not little Iraq you go over on the north side I can't guarantee your safety you hang out on the south side you're pretty well good so August 17 please show up it's it's gonna be a blast I'll be there like when Lisa will be there Amina will be there that's so you ever had that point where like every name you ever knew rushed into your head at once therefore you can't not say one of them Clint Westwood yes there you go and a ton of other people will be there oh I mean is flying in from can that Clint lives over in Illinois like when Lisa lives in Oklahoma there there are so many other like influencers and and wow what's up with these super chats they're like new they have like graphics on them or something ah that must be like a new feature well thank you so much for the superjet so give me a like and subscribe for this video and click the little like notification bell Oh totally forgot a yes my close friend mr. Bicks we're will be there also he'll be playing live music so you'll be able to hear the Bix we're crypto freedom Roadshow the whole concert and it's going to be blast it's gonna be a blast so hope you guys make it and the meetup is free you don't cost anything to come to one of my meetups except the one in Texas that's our big charity event and we usually charge like twenty twenty dollars for that Meetup but everything goes to charity Steven asked what time from like 11:00 until we have it and till like 8:00 or 9:00 at night but I said like four or five or like six o'clock in the afternoon it's really however long we hang out there and I'm sure there's gonna be a couple of beer runs during the event I'm sure that me and O Bixi although Bix is on his uh is on his cleanse again which I'm glad to hear him and his wife and a group of people are doing their their cleanse I will be doing the alcohol claims and the chicken wing cleanse and I'm pretty sure that if you drink enough alcohol and you eat enough chicken wings that it will clean out your system I read that in a Health magazine it might have been actually a penthouse magazine but oh well okay and if you'd like to help me out with my meetups you can enter enter to win now see you you don't give money without getting a chance to win something for five dollars either a super chat or joining the patreon you enter to win one ounce of gold in fact this one and also ten litecoin and somebody donated this and somebody donated the 10 Lake Hoyt and a year-long membership to the life app if you have not downloaded the life app links under here you earn free kryptos by shopping win-win ok let's talk about cryptos this weekend and actually last Thursday Friday Saturday I was uh I was in Texas I was in a lot of meetings with some great guys and I did my video from oh I got a super chair I'm sorry Jacob and then I think that's Menendez mmm oh I'm sorry marques sorry about that uh thank you for all of your good content oh I think you Jacob I appreciate that buddy thank you so much hey Darren thank you brother I appreciate that if I keep eating chicken wings and beer I may not be a living legend I just may be a legend so let's talk about backed all right the headline of the oh yes we're finally getting to the cryptocurrency stuff so please join the patreon or send a super chat helps out the bitcoin bin adoption tour thank you so much Oh Thank You Gail thank you so much squirrel little the back project the back project opened for testing today now I happen to have a friend in New York and apparently that testing is a limited amount of rich people who are getting in and they're buying up a to Bitcoin how nice for them to be the first ones it it is in yeah apparently it's going live next month or September now New Jersey swing sets you perverts I love you I love you so much Michael Donnelly thank you for the work thank you for the 149 brothers thank you so much and and New Jersey swing sets was actually up in New Jersey with me when I did my meet up up there that was so amazing and you know thank you Oh Cleveland Ohio meetup in September I don't know I don't think so because that will be leading into the litecoin summit and that's gonna be like the big event oh by the way I will be at the litecoin summit try and get there it's gonna be a lot of fun and also big squares event the day before the light corn summit October 27 so the back project the backs project announced that they were doing testing today yeah I no doubt squirrel and what what that is is they're they're literally on ramping maybe 45 or 50 very wealthy clients and they're running a little oil through the machine everyone was was excited about this launch and it is a big deal don't get me wrong it is a huge deal but this is the creation of the system that's going to really take us to the moon remember my philosophy on this the backed project and that was annoying the backed project is led by the ice corporation IntercontinentalExchange now the IntercontinentalExchange is in charge and is the largest derivatives clearing house in the world we are splitting into two worlds right now another factors that you have to take into consideration is China China is rolling out in partnership with Iran I'm sober someone asked with Iran and other countries they're building a replica of the Swift system now I think that they're going to use crypto currencies I'm not talking Bitcoin not talking like coin not talking any crypto currencies out there but they're going to integrate crypto currencies with this new system they're basically going to build what's gonna closely resemble the Lightning Network or the XRP ledger if you guys are XRP people it's going to resemble that where the representation of the asset will be tokenized on this new network any Michael thank you again brother 149 95 and this is this is where we're moving the two systems the East and the West are going to separate China has already sold almost all of its Treasury holdings almost all the US Treasury Holdings Russia got where there's a few yeah q the times it's the sign so China and Russia have already gotten rid of or China's almost done Russia has already gotten rid of their trade the US Treasury so they're ready to let this son of a bitch go alright everyone used to say that China would never allow America to you know go bankrupt or get rid of the dollar because they hold too many Treasuries well now China basically doesn't have anymore Treasuries in fact word on the street China is buying silver that's why the silver price is going up and they're also getting ready to launch the gold backed Chinese bond which will back the currency of China oh it's all getting very very interesting my friends so with all this going on inject Trump inject Putin inject oddly enough oil inject oil into this what happened over the weekend Iran captured a British oil tanker if Iran closes ours and maybe that dam help me out what's the name of Hormuz yes thank you God you guys are smart or the strait of hormuz if I win closes that and this is what's key don't worry about the oil worry about the plucking derivatives of the oil these banks we got don't you bank we got all these banks some of their major holdings is in oil derivatives I'm telling you now they're gonna try and close the Strait of Hormuz or Hormuz how do you pronounce that I'll just go with Hormuz all right they're gonna try and close that and that's gonna be the catalyst for the derivatives I think I think that big swears right on this I think that they're gonna try and trigger the derivatives through the oil derivatives because the oil derivatives are their short term derivatives where basically if you trigger one round of the derivatives to not be paid you got about two weeks before the is to fan that means those those group of derivatives will trigger other derivatives and it's going to be a dot yes Clint Westwood it's gonna be a domino effect of all the derivatives now isn't it odd now let's connect this isn't it odd that ice intercontinental exchange launches the the project they launched today the Beck's project remember who the CEO of the backed project is the CEO is the wife of the CEO of the IntercontinentalExchange he opened a new cryptocurrency exchange and he put his wife as the CEO now this actually ties with bloodlines men who knows your deepest darkest secrets or should I say husband's who knows your deepest your darkest secrets who helps you balance your checkbook who knows where the bodies are buried who knows what you've built your wife you know why because she can't testify against you in court FYI alright f.y.i just say it there we go oh so sad so this see this is what you got to put together yeah yes somebody wrote my ex-wife bankrupt me well they can do that too isn't it odd that they're gonna trigger the derivatives at the same time because let's remember the backed platform is just a plug in to ice it's just another ice or just another release for the ice platform ice is a derivatives Clearinghouse IntercontinentalExchange they're a clearinghouse for derivatives what does a clearinghouse do it was solves and transfers liquidity out of the derivatives into another asset or into another commodity or into another currency that's what that's what a clearinghouse does so it basically it actually takes the derivative and transfers it into another currency or another commodity do you think maybe ice IntercontinentalExchange largest clearinghouse for derivatives in the world just might be setting up the backed project to drain the liquidity out what little liquidity they have or they'll be able to into crypto current it's a bridge bingo Clint that's why you'll be at the Bitcoin band meetup August 17th it's a bridge they're draining the liquidity or gonna try to this is not gonna be easy folks Yoga you're gonna want to grab popcorn and get ready for this because if they do it it's gonna be pretty damn impressive if they don't it's gonna be put the damn catastrophic it's gonna be legendary TJ Jackson you got it right my friend legendary this is going to be the most amazing or the most disturbing event in economic history and my friends it's never happened they've never tried to drape transition a a derivative bomb into a cryptocurrency / other commodity markets let's see that's that's the key though there they're not going to they can't allow this is a juggling act this is why I think they're going solely for crypto currencies they can't allow all that inflation into the commodity markets you know how much you know how much a freaking bushel of corn would be if they let all that hyperinflation go into the coin into the corn market do you know how much that how much a gallon of a barrel of oil would be if they let it go into the oil do you know how much a friggin Bitcoin will be if you let that liquidity flow into Bitcoin let's remember who's been buying the dips / 2018 we had a news report we had several news reports we had a couple of banks admitted that they were buying the whole time the crypto currencies were going down in 2018 they had traders working 12-hour shifts like grayscale perfect example they're buying like of everything they can get their hands on legendary says bitcoins to slow weather if you think this is about how quick how quick the Bitcoin is you're way behind you're way behind this is not about how quick transactions are for Bitcoin you are looking you're not even looking at the tree for the forest you're looking at the leaf on the tree and missing the forest and the tree we are talking about a global transition into a new economic system why do you think Facebook is announcing they're launching a cryptocurrency now and that it will be done by the middle of next year can yes yes see something say something is absolutely right wealth preservation they couldn't give a how fast that bitcoin is they just want more of it so that in the future when lightning Network is as big as they're making it that they'll be able to spend their Bitcoin at their Yacht Club you guys that don't understand what's going on are gonna look back and go holy I didn't see that well it's because you have to look at the foundation before you look at a high-rise and go wow that's an impressive high-rise imagine the foundation that was built to hold up that high-rise that's what they're building now they're building the foundation to hold up the future cryptocurrency the global economic system why do you think coinbase is one of the partners for the Facebook Calibra initiative why do you think that Gemini's joining it I also think that ripple is going to join it mark my words ripple will join the Facebook Calibra project this is gonna be huge it is going to be and this is not going to happen all in one day this is going to happen over the next year to year now if you're watching the price right now you're probably the same person that was watching the price in 2017 when Bitcoin hit $1,800 and then basically skyrocketed up to 20,000 dollars in about two and a half to three months you're that guy don't be that guy accumulate as you can this is code and I was in meetings is is my friend Patrick here hey Pat are you on let's see if Patrick's here that Patrick Patrick Patrick nope okay this the reason I asked was he was in a few meetings with me this weekend and actually one person watching this I I actually talked to earlier about some of the meetings that we were in and that that is Amina a Amina is on here right now I explained to her some of the meetings that I was in this weekend Amina would you say that what I told you about what was going on this weekend would you say that it was probably the biggest news you'd heard in cryptocurrency in a long time let's wait for a Mina's answer and I'll actually read off her answer gets Amina writes yes beyond what I expected yeah there's there's a lot and I guess I don't want to say the biggest event in cryptocurrency but it's it's the structures that are being built that is so impressive there's hundreds of hundreds of millions of dollars that are being invested and put into cryptocurrency projects yes this is a very big plan happening and it isn't let me put it this way 2008 2017 everybody is everybody was pushing vaporware everyone had this big idea for a new coin that was gonna be faster than Bitcoin and more awesomer than Bitcoin and was just gonna just take over the whole world that was 2017 2018 was two things people started creating real projects real tangible D central decentralized ledger and blockchain applications and applying it to real world issues and I'm helping that that's what I love about it I was in the in these meetings for several reasons I'm helping to I'm helping to develop the the inner workings of the project and I and I also have the relationships that the project needs to acquire the not so much the property as the the intellectual property the individuals that I know are now partnering with this project and that's where I fit in that's where I fit in and also with blockchain Media Group blockchain Media Group the Bitcoin bin shell is gonna be bigger than YouTube soon so it's all gonna be great it's all gonna be fun and it is all gonna be awesome and my friends look at what's coming look what look number one look at what they're look at what they're creating they're creating they're trying to plug cryptocurrency onre on-ramps into every single derivatives or every single outlet of the old economic system they're trying to plug them two currencies into the reason why the reason why is because they need to transfer the purchasing power out of the old economic system into the new economic system this is gonna be big this is going to be huge it already is we need to get as many little people into crypto currencies as possible hence my meetup August 17th of next month of course it is August is next month so August 17th it's a Saturday come to st. Louis and help me help us educate as many people in st. Louis as possible there will be a ton of people that don't know anything about crypto currencies there and I'll be there and Bix will be there like Queen Lisa will be there Clint Westwood will be there a ton of other influencers and their live shows will be there Amina will be there there will be a ton of people there thank you Amina there will be a ton of people there J Mack J Mack will be there it's it's it's gonna be a huge event I need your guys's help to educate these people so that as this transition happens they aren't knocked off guard you know what really caused the 1929 friggin depression is that no none of the ordinary people knew it was coming and they didn't know about the transition from the gold into solely fiat we have to educate as many of the little guys about crypto currencies as possible so that the little people the good people the average working people are the people who also gained in this transition the more wealthy average people we help make those people will change the world with the choices they make with the wealth they gained you see where I'm going with this it's all about freedom it's all about getting the little people involved we gotta do this because if we don't do it to which people who are doing this whole transition are just gonna be right back in charge we don't want that we want everybody to we want freedom back that's what we want we want our freedom back and with this transition enough of the little people can have enough money to put up the fight for their freedom this is not gonna end ever in our lifetimes we're always gonna be fighting for our freedom Ronald Ronald Reagan said it the best freedom is only one generation away from going away something like that I'm paraphrasing but yeah yes proof of keys get your coins off the exchanges fixes right all right guys please if you want to help me with the meetups because I don't charge for them please please enter the wind one ounce of gold and ten light coin each entry is only five dollars click the link under here for my patreon or there's also PayPal if you want to use PayPal but there's also cryptocurrency addresses there's like coin bit coin and etherium please for every five dollars that you give to the Z meetups it helps me it helps me bring in my friends like like like coin Lisa and I mean you know Clint Westwood and stuff I don't have a lot of money but you know none of us really do so we try and help each other out so please like and subscribe and please think about taking five dollars and joining my patreon I appreciate the help guys alright great show good job well okay shut up little number one hit the like button no number one love yourself you if you don't love yourself then I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't love yourself I don't love yourself too much you will go blind number two love your wife your kids your family your friends somebody asked can we donate XRP I do think I have an x RP address under there I just don't know if it's right because I think x RP has two addresses or something I don't know take a look if you want to shoot some x RP over that'd be great too and it all helps we're all one big family it number two love your wife your kids your family your friends they deserve it if they put up with your ass they definitely deserve your love number three kick ass wake up kick ass and repeat sweat a little bite and number four dream dream big dream huge change the world love you guys so much keep kicking ass and I'll see you guys tomorrow bye bye say bye little girl bye bye

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  1. Samiam is offering Bix $1000 in silver to prove some statement he made about XRP. Bix seems to be totally ignoring this.

  2. Ben, you will get screwed if you remain in BTC or LTC or any other useless shitcoin.
    Your "Bitcoin" is a fake, useless SegWit shitcoin, and you are delusional if you think something that can be used to make 600K Tx per day, can ever become global payment system or even a settlement layer. This is less than 1% of the 1% of the global population… just to give you some truthful perspective, and if you can't see that BTC is floating based on hype, FOMO, and Tether only… you will get screwed majorly… and what makes things worse, you are misleading many other people into believing that garbage you have been talking about, Jason and Bix also… you people might even end up in court for promoting scams, which is what BTC/LTC and other shitcoins are. Have a nice life.. see you in 2020 and lets see where you will be…

  3. hey drunk trucker.. if you think transaction speed doesn't matter, you're dumber than a box of rocks.. watch what happens when the Bitcoin MEMPOOL gets flooded with transactions and it takes weeks for it to process through all those… Meanwhile XRP's ILP will be zooming right along with moving that liquidity….

  4. This explains more why “they” are offering well over market price for virgin coin from large miners.

    What wouldn’t you pay to corner the market and keep it on the down low?

  5. Again thoughts from a guy that knows nothing about anything he reads zerohedge and misintrepret what he reads . China is still the beggest holder of US BONDS .

  6. Dude. You get a like, subscribe and a bell. You are more on point than I imagined on first glance. My apologies brother! I’m glad I stayed to finish watching!

  7. We want No derivatives…
    That's how they control the markets. Pushing us out of our position s using bullshit paper traded

  8. So I’m wondering ?why doesn’t the circulating supply of btc change and go lower as more BTC is being bought up ?‍♂️

  9. Why would they do that! Their two biggest customers are China & the EU. It would hurt Iran more than USA, imo. FREE

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