Bitcoin is Apocalypse Proof?! Western Union Ready for Crypto to Go Mainstream!!! $XRP FUD Bots

[Applause] [Applause] what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombies so today is Wednesday awesome to have you back on the channel thank you so much if we have a look at what's going on Oh coin 360 they had a little bit of a interface upgrade okay okay we'll take it so Bitcoin is down 1% although if we come over here to coin market cap bitcoins only down 0.1% okay well that being said if you do notice Bitcoin dominants still falling which means the alt coins are feeling the love today in particular you'll notice that aetherium is still maintaining its second place whereas litecoin has unfortunately been bumped out of fourth place by EOS now if we have a look at the biggest gainers of the day we have Bitcoin private up 34 percent followed by MOA see 14% maker are Kree vein Komodo Aon and Manero all doing quite well today if we switch on over to the Bitcoin charts we noticed that not much has changed since yesterday in fact it's really starting to get boring and you'll notice that the volume is dropping off which what does this mean well usually when volume starts to drop off we'll have these sort of massive moves out of nowhere as you can see the volume starts dropping off pumps right so where are we going from here I don't know guys but there's a chance we could Bart Simpson down or there's a chance we can shoot up alright that's basically what we're looking at right here it's pretty much do or die either way so you will have to handle this accordingly if you want more about how I feel about this current chart check yesterday's video I go into much more detail now I wanted to talk about this article that came out November 1st in 2017 now this was exactly one month and 16 days before the crypto bubble actually did burst from the 20k all-time high for Bitcoin and this came out and if you it's I mean it's really uncanny I mean this this guy called it in fact I wanted to note this one section it says this is the reason why things like technical analysis work much better in crypto than in equities because these markets are quite obviously more likely to be driven by fear and greed then establish market so who am i referring to well this guy right here he goes by at 82 or you could just call him DK and he pretty much called it man I mean he saw this thing coming way before even Charlie Lee sold his light coin so they go on and said what are you most looking forward to seeing the crypto space in 2019 and he said less hype less long Bitcoin short bankers less successful scamming more regulation and hopefully less FOMO induced from now so-called oh geez but that's probably a pipe dream I'd love to see a fully fledged blockchain application that we would actually use daily emerged now this guy is a fan of institutions he is a fan of regulation and he thinks that it's good for the space and I think that realistically this ultimate dream of the perfect decentralized world is probably not gonna happen anytime soon so we have to take and give a little bit so I do have to agree with him on that point and then they asked him are there any really bad examples of where crypto currencies are being implemented and he goes on to say any and all tokens that bear no security like rights meaning debt profit participation voting or our securities but we're not marketed as such and all tokens that are not necessarily incentives of a decentralized network right he says furthermore there is a terrible practice widely spread among crypto hedge funds member we had this conversation yesterday I've seen several documents directed at investors recently and they've often shown a track record gross of fees right so it says before deducting their fees that's basically what he's talking about what's worse is that many are set up as liquid structures with redemption subscriptions quarterly but they are marking illiquid ICO investments at costs so that means that an investor redeeming today gets to transfer the lost on that position as markets tanked in between on 2:00 remaining investors worse investors buying in now would buy that position at a price that may have been good 12 months ago but now amounts to an almost certain loss these kind of poor practices should stop so between that and the types of coins he is referring to once again we have somebody pretty much outright saying that 95% of these tokens are garbage that's what he's saying and I'm not first time I've heard somebody say that about all the tokens out there right now this interesting article came out on reddit from a particular user and that's right I made it in rainbow colors because I can now having a look at this check this out so basically we know that what happens in the past isn't going to necessarily happen again I just have to say that so everybody doesn't get super excited but he was noticing patterns between an eighty-five percent reduction eighty-two percent reduction eighty-five percent reduction and then you look at how long they lasted you had fourteen months seven months this is where it closes above the all-time high right and then fourteen months etc you can read this chart I'm not going to go that much into it but basically they think that the last time we hit the bottom took us 14 months to get there then there was a period of accumulation for over nine months it took us 41 months since the previous all-time high which was at the time $1,200 which is crazy to think 1,200 bucks was the all-time high to actually close above it and 49 months from the previous all-time high to establish a new one the twenty thousand right so this is hypothetical you can read this you can check out the article I'm not going to go into all the details but let's say we apply similar logic to the present day scenario all-time high being twenty thousand established in December plus a 14 month sell-off equals February which is where we are right now plus nine months period of accumulation which hopefully you know we don't go down much lower but if we do I'm sure you guys will be more than happy to scoop that up November twenty nineteen plus seventeen months and then April 20-21 to break above the all-time high USD plus nine months equals January twenty twenty two to establish the new all-time high so this is just some person's opinion it's interesting to see them break it down I honestly love entertaining these they're fun because nobody knows so it's always fun to see check this out so according to this new all-time high January 2020 and we break previous all-time high in April of 2021 that's what this person says based on past performance which we know is a terrible indicator right now speaking on some people that are clearly always very bullish we have Mike Novogratz if you guys don't know by now who he is he is the former Goldman Sachs partner and founder of crypto merchant bank galaxy digital now he argued that bitcoin occupies a very unique place in the crypto market landscape in fact he made remarks on Bloomberg TV just the other day he says there's 118 elements on the periodic table and only one is gold bitcoin is going to be digital gold a place where you have sovereign money it's not US money it's not Chinese money its sovereign money sovereignty costs a lot and it should Bitcoin which has recently settled around you know between three thousand four and three thousand six hundred is grinding along its bottom but he does think that it could go a lot higher saying that eight thousand dollars is a feasible medium-term price nonetheless he says we are not going to bubble back up we are not gonna see a moon shot straight up it's gonna be different this time slow accumulation you know how that goes reflecting on the prolonged crow crypto winter he definitely says that it has been painful and it shows you know what it's like to deal with the bubble popping and obviously we've all dealt with that most of us have dealt with that maybe you're new to the channel and you got lucky and you're just getting in but we have a lot of OGIS around here that definitely definitely got burned in the bubble popping but it is alright because we learned our lessons I hope we've learned our lessons right so moving on he also proposed that the industry as a whole is poised to undergrow undergo a structural shift from a People's Revolution to an institution old one that's to quote him so he's for the institutions as well he noted that critical infrastructure for institutional investors to become comfortable with crypto is gradually falling into place albeit temporarily slowed by the recent government shutdown we saw that screwed everything up with backed and all these other but there are a lot of custodial solutions coming we talked about back we talked about fidelity you already know about this and also he says that his perspective is shared by established analysts such as netherlands-based big for auditor KPMG which last fall argued that institutionalization is the necessary next step for crypto to create trust and scale and while many of us say we don't need the bank's alright we don't need the institution's I don't think we need the institution's per se I mean 2017 was a huge retail bubble but at the same I'm you're not going to get that other fraction that other percentage especially in established developed type of nations you know they're not gonna do that if it's a very risk adverse thing and there's not good custodial solutions so you just got to be real about that also I know absolutely nobody cares about the ETF but why not just entertain the fact that Ric Edelman a prominent financial market analyst and founder of Edelman financial services has actually recently said that a Bitcoin ETF will certainly be launched the sec has several legitimate thought concerns that the industry has overcome but he says I am confident they will eventually we will see a Bitcoin ETF and it's at this stage I will be much more comfortable recommending that ordinary investors participate he said it's virtually certain the only question is when so you know you guys want to know where all this extra money's gonna come from well you know on one hand we're saying you know screw these guys we don't need them okay we don't need them well okay well you know where I'm coming with that basically guys there is a there is a section there is a niche there is a percentage of people out there that will not get into this space unless they have these types of solutions so just pointing that out there or maybe we don't need them in the space we you know we just i'll accumulate more for another year I don't near two years I don't care so anyway let's get off of the price and stuff like that and institutions let's talk about the actual fundamentals right guys the exciting part we love talking about the fundamentals right of course we do the latest data from blockchain comm shows that February 12 2019 saw an average block size of 1.30 five megabytes the biggest on record in fact the blocks mined approximately every 10 minutes if you sent a Bitcoin today by the Bitcoin network are now regularly bigger than one megabyte this was the previous limit that existed before segregated witness or segment which was introduced in August of 2017 if you don't know what Sega is or you don't know if you have a cigarette at a segment address well look at your address that you're sending it from does it start with a 1 or does it start with a 3 if it starts with a 1 you're not using Segway if it starts with a 3 you're most likely using Segway now let's move on and see so with the introduction of segments the concept of block size has been replaced by block weight which does allow up to four megabytes of capacity which is around 40% of all Bitcoin transactions today that are actually using seg wit interest I don't know why some people still haven't upgraded personally but maybe it's a philosophical thing right I've heard some people say that's not Satoshi's vision okay anyway what's more seg would open up the possibility for off chain scaling solutions such as Lightning Network which we've obviously seen has been growing at rapid pace so what the heck is this about Bitcoin core developer Luke – jr. has once again sparked controversy with his idea to shrink the Bitcoin block size down to 300 kilobytes now I have to admit although maybe I don't truly understand what's going on I will admit I'm not a developer guys this confuses me a bit I don't understand when you've seen all these other guys having this big concern about raising the block size right I mean clearly that was the bit one of the biggest concerns over Bitcoin cash outside of the Segway implementation you know they had the eight megabyte block size originally and then obviously Bitcoin sv has a let me know what they have a tremendous amount right now but this is very interesting so they want to shrink it why do they want to shrink it well it says this patch would enforce a very simple soft fork so not a hard fork a soft fork okay which means no you're not going to get two coins although although you could that which is the interesting part which is why some people are pissed but but you're not supposed to ideally you're just supposed to sort of forget about you know that orphaned chain but if we were to reduce the block size this would affect us between August 1st and December 31st it demonstrates how one can make a truly temporary soft fork the developer explained that do not run this in production even if you support the user activated soft fork then you have him saying there is never any guarantee we need to reduce the block size just to have a realistic hope of it remaining feasible and becoming practical again the blockchain is already bigger than most people are willing to tolerate and the situation is getting worse and worse if you don't know what he's referring to well the blockchain is a chain of blocks and it keeps making new blocks and the old blocks don't disappear so when you want to download you know an official node or something or you want to actually download the blockchain well the blockchain gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger as time goes by and it starts to really get almost unreasonably large right so three days later you had bit refills John Carr Carvalho I know the guy I know that guy he was the guy that interviewed Roger Vere when he did the the ragequit member he kept calling it be cash so he told the stuff followers that the – juniors plan was something he could get behind he said I agree with Luke – jr. that the block size should be smaller I feel more confident saying it now that we have Lightning Network making strides so that's sort of their their thing right now we have Lightning Network you know we're focusing on second layer transaction solutions whereas the settlement layer would just be the Bitcoin network right or Lord Bitcoin itself right which I get I get I mean you know if you go out and you buy gold and I'm not talking about jewelry I mean actual gold are you going and actually like going to the you know the place and taking home a chunk of gold with you know you're just you're just basically buying it and they're saying yeah no it's cool we got it in reserves you know you own it it's great you want a debit card here spend some right so you're not actually being physically handed the gold and I guess the way that they're seeing it is that maybe in their vision Bitcoin would be better suited as just alt like on lightning whereas Bitcoin itself becomes that clunky old gold that you don't hand back and forth some people argue that you can use Bitcoin cash or potentially Bitcoin sv4 on chain whereas Bitcoin would be more off Chain Lightning however we know right now lightnings network their capacity is not high enough so this argument can go round and round and round and round in circles I'm very interested to see what you guys think about this actually Cobra the anonymous owner of Bitcoin org he wants this discussion to end and has asked the community to stop the madness in fact he says a soft work to reduce block size is a hard fork in all but name and this will split off from the established consensus causing massive drama and damaged trust in Bitcoin once again it seems certain cryptocurrency proponents are all about high on chain fees due to their distrust for miners and the hope that the Lightning Network will work as well as Nakamoto consensus also not to mention yes it's supposed to be a soft fork but you know what all it takes is a group people to latch on to that and be like you know what we like that one better and then boom we have another freaking altcoin guys that's just what we need right another Bitcoin spin-off so let me know what you think about this below guys now I want to talk about something that was really awesome though you know aside from what you guys feel about lightning and Bitcoin being slow check this out so obviously fears over government interference and internet surveillance have given rise to some novel experiments in sending offline transactions as someone has transmitted Bitcoin internationally get this by high-frequency radio during a snowstorm just just to make it that much better right so using a practical application called js8 call designed for sending text rings over radio frequencies and a pre-configured brainwallet what is a brain wallet a brain wallet is basically you know those 24 words that you wrote down when you got your ledger well you you memorize them essentially which is like the safest thing to do realistically I mean cuz then you don't have to worry about a paper trail you know my my private key is in my head come at me bro right but anyway so this is what they did and they were able to send a Bitcoin transaction all the way from Toronto Canada to Michigan USA and this is by this guy Novak on Twitter it says Bitcoin sent over national borders without internet or satellite just nature's ayah ionosphere actually that was Nick Szabo that said that so getting back to Novak he notes that a poorly constructed brain wallet has safety issues obviously if you forget it if you forget a word you're done right you're not getting your money back so that's why that's a little risky to do that but anyway the use of high-frequency radio is another novelty which could easily become necessity in certain circumstances government attempts to control the Internet are spreading from China as we know with the crazy firewall there's also rumors that are circling that Russia's planning to test a separation from the global Internet like they're gonna shut the internet off to see if like they could survive without it or what I I don't know that's just some rumors we've been hearing right and we've also watched plenty of post-apocalyptic movies where the only remaining method of communication is HF radio so he also points that encrypted communication is not permitted over amateur radio unless the you know cipher is public but he goes to say that I think those kind of rules kind of go out the window in an apocalypse or anything like that so yeah really awesome so guys anyone that says the Bitcoin network can be killed by shutting down the Internet you are mistaken because Bitcoin will survive and if we have to we'll just use the radio all right moving on users of coin based wallet can now back up their private keys on Google Drive or iCloud so coinbase has stated that allowing users to upload their keys to a cloud provides a safeguard does it against lost keys which will help them avoid losing funds should the keys be misplaced the announcement says the private keys generated and stored on your mobile device are the only way to access your funds on the blockchain owners of user controlled wallets like coin based wallet sometimes lose their devices or fail to backup their 12 word recovery phrase in a safe place thus losing funds forever now users of coin based wallet can store an encrypted copy of the recovery phrase on their cloud accounts coin based notes that neither they nor the cloud services will have access to user funds as recovery phrase key is unlocked by a password known only to the user if you want to do this and your password is strong and you trust this and you think this is a good idea go for it but why why would you ever want to store your private key or your encrypted whatever on a con on the cloud why would you do that I would personally not recommend this guys it sounds like they're trying to help people out I get it people don't want to be responsible for their own money but you know as Jesse Powell says he says I'm and this is the CEO of crack and he says I'm not a fan of training users on bad security cloud storage while convenient is constantly compromised especially with all the symport nonce the people who would unwittingly use this do not have passwords strong enough to withstand professional cracking sorry for your loss so yeah guys do I recommend you use this service absolutely not if you chew if you have to fine I just think you should just buy a ledger or just keep your seed phrase safer I don't know I don't think you should put it on the cloud but you do what you want guys speaking of exchanges I cannot believe we're still talking about quadriga so you know that they already owe their customers 100 u.s. dollars 250 Canadian dollars well it looks like they have now lost another five hundred thousand Canadian dollars by mistake you cannot make this stuff up unless this is just part of the scam that is continuing and an initial report published Tuesday on quod Regas progress since it filed for creditor sorry guys it's got to write a note down here real quick since it uh I'm my bad I know I just had a bad thought and I had to jot it down so basically yeah they sent this money and they lost the funds so this is crazy and now this is more than what was initially lost to begin with so the company previously said that it has on it was unable to access the cold wallets because its CEO Gerald cotton who died while traveling in India in December was the only one who knew where the private keys were so now you have Coyne court-appointed monitor Ernst & Young said that the company accidentally has moved more than 100 Bitcoin into cold storage wallets and it cannot access it so it says now that Ernst and Young will take control of the exchanges remaining hot wallet funds by transferring the crypto currencies into the professional services firms owned code stores wallet but at this point we had two hundred and fifty million dollars in Canadian dollars and now we have five hundred thousand extra so now we have a grand total of seven hundred and fifty million total this is an absolute mess this this is just a lost cause at this point I hope something good comes out of this but at this point I'm just throwing in the towel on this one we'll just have to see what the authorities pretty much uncover at this point so also guys speaking about you know mr. Satoshi well Amore's de chelly has come out and said hey guys just kidding I'm not su Toshi okay we kind of knew that so it was a joke and it looks like he says that this was a demonstration of what other scammers have done in the past to clarify he says that Craig Wright and others have made false claims to the throne of Satoshi Nakamoto as Gregory Maxwell once explained on Stack Exchange it's sadly pretty easily done right so it was demonstrated it was a demonstration of what other scammers have done it takes the wind out of their sails and Craig writes and others before him and he thinks that more will do this as well so he was pretty much just being like hey other people have said so look I'm Satoshi too haha right so we kind of knew it was a joke it really came out of left field to even assume that that was the truth but you know just figured we'd report on it anyway also there seems to be these twitter bot scams going around telling people that the XR pees team of developers have quit as you can see right here this is the same profile same account and they just keep sending the same message hey I saw you follow XRP twitter so I I think you may need to know this the dev team is quitting to create another project lots of different people have received this so it's clearly a bot just ignore this I don't know what this is all about but speaking about something that actually is happening you have global remittance giant Western Union says it's preparing for crypto to go mainstream in an interview with the general manager asia-pacific Molly Shea says customers expect extreme efficiency in the digital aids and payment age and payment platforms need to do everything they can to stay ahead of the game this is true we live in an era where literally if it's like not here in two seconds and it takes 10 seconds we're like disappears crap you said it would take two seconds it took 10 seconds I want my money back they say our customers really expect seamless connected service not just fast they're expecting everything to be as fast as what they're already getting so we've got to be able to stay ahead and foresee what people's expectations are going to be moving forward when you think about crypto currencies if those start to take off we need to be ready we need to be ready from a technology perspective in addition they confirm that they are continuing to test Ripple's suite of payment solutions they've been exploring X rapid and utilizing the digital asset XRP now as you guys know they said originally they weren't happy with it but they hadn't done a lot of tests so currently they are doing some more and finally in the final bit of XRP news three different stories today we do have by Nance adding the feature to purchase XRP directly with credit cards previously you could only have Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin now they've added XRP after the community has asked for this however I am still hearing from a lot of different people obviously I can't use it I mean us and I'm New York it's like a double whammy but they're saying the fees are too damn hi so it looks like if they don't start coming down with the fees well then that can you know continue also for all of you mumble Wimble and privacy fans out there who love to speculate on all these privacy coins we have zero confidential transactions now this is being posted by the founder of nav kine if you'd like to come over here and look into what this is all about you can have fun with that but that's about all I'm going into this for today also want to talk about the enterprise aetherium Alliance they are boarding the tokenization train so the 385 members standard body plans to form a token task force this year executive director Ron Resnick said the group will work on a specific excuse me they will work on a specification for tokens that run on top of etherium and private blockchains based on it with business uses in mind so the task force will do this not only for assets whose units are interchangeable with one another for example shares and corporations or blockchain representations of fiat currency etc but also for individual tokens with unique properties such as collectibles like crypto kitties and things of that nature they say we're creating a token task force we'll do this the first half of this year it's going to be focused on fungible ERC xx and non fungible er c720 ones they say we want to create a token specification standard for enterprise tokenization so basically all assets can be managed in a much better way with better assurance of what is happening now you guys know if you had if you've been watching my channel for a long time you know I'll rewind to about a year ago I wasn't a fan of tokenizing everything I didn't understand it didn't make sense to me right but inevitably it might happen the thing is we need to realize that has all these different things begin to get tokenized not all of them are going to be great investments some of them are going to be you know specifically for people just dealing with you know registering land some of them may just be you know coupons for mom-and-pop shops little little almost like intranets of you know ecosystems for these tokens so that's just something to consider moving forward but I do want to mention that also we have Celsius partnering with monarch to enable in wallet interest earnings on crypto if you guys don't know monarch wallet the one cool thing about them is that you do own your private keys on monarch wallet which is something that I can get behind because I believe you should own your private keys so this partnership will aim to empower the crypto community to stabilize the market by earning passive income so as we know if you guys put your money in a bank what are you gonna get 1% if that and then you know on top of inflation what are you really making right so it says over the last six months the Celsius wallet which pays three to seven percent in weekly interest on the top ten coins has proven itself to be the leading interest earning platform for cryptocurrency so now Celsius is white labeling its services within the monarch wallet so crypto holders can earn interest on their assets through a savings account featured on monarchs platform so this is pretty cool I mean if your money is just gonna sit there anyway why not make a percentage on it right so the integration will enable users to earn three to seven percent in interest paid out weekly providing passive income much higher than today's banks I just said that unlike banks or other crypto options which require lockup periods ranging from six months to one year Celsius allows users to access and withdraw their funds at any time so you don't have to actually lock up your money which is cool furthermore they said that it will pay depositors eighty percent of its revenue and gives individuals more transparent and direct control over how their funds are used so this is definitely awesome if you guys want to watch this interview with crypto beetles and Aleks machine ski you can and also guys we have Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Japan's largest financial group in the world I'm sorry wait it's a pans largest financial group and the world's fifth largest bank by assets is launching a blockchain based payment network next year called the global open network the system will be capable of processing over a million transactions per second we also have prestigious United States public school University of California Berkeley UC Berkeley has launched a 12 year accelerator program for early-stage blockchain start-ups they say with such a nascent technology as blockchain we see that a lot of subject matter experts and people making an impact in the blockchain space and all these different you know students and stuff so basically they say they're striving to foster the entrepreneurial spirit within their students the accelerator program is reportedly open to Lock chain projects globally the selected participants will be mentored by entrepreneurs alumni faculty investors and students as they prepare for demo day at the program's close underscoring it's a multi prolonged approach to promoting blockchain and cryptocurrency education and if that's not enough to make you happy check out this barbershop that is currently accepting crypto congratulations guys so that's it for me today if you guys want we're still doing this pivot swag bag giveaway you could scan this token right out of scan this barcode right here or I'll drop the link below and as usual I want to say thank you to everyone that's been using the referral links get it getting yourself a ledger nano S or X and keeping your crypto safe by using mine you help support the channel and it doesn't cost a thing and that being said I want to say thank you so much to everyone that's been liking subscribing and commenting you guys freaking rock you're the reason that I do this every single day I swear if it wasn't for you I don't know that I'd have as much energy to get up and do this I really do appreciate all of your support all of your comments everyone that keeps coming back to the channel every one that keeps dropping comments below joining my free telegram group just to talk and hang out for fun you guys are the best seriously I love you really do that being said my name is k-dub this crypto zombie until next time stay crypto and peace out

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  2. Tokenization honestly is probably the largest use case and easiest to implement in the short term. Imagine a house a tokenized represented by one token or 100 or whatever amount you want. If you own 75 out of 100 you own 75% of that house. You can sell that 75 tokens for 75% of the value of the house. The blockchain will handle the custody. No banks, closings, recofrding costs. Simple you bought 75% of the house. This saves efficiency in two ways. First no need for the burden of recording the change of custody by the municipality as well as the fact that if you wanted to sell your 75% stake in house before it would be very difficult without selling the whole house and paying out 75% to one owner and the remaining 25% to other. This can be done with tokenization and that is just one case. It can literally be done with anything and will do it much more efficiently then the current system. Unforunately regulations currently dictate something like an asset can only be tokenized up to 10% and you can only buy it if you have an income of over like 250k in order to test the reliability of the system. But its coming

  3. I personally don't buy the they knew it was a bubble therefore they are smart and we should value you their opinion argument. In all honesty we all knew it was a bubble. Even if you lost your money, even if you HODL'd all the way down. If you knew anything about crypto, you knew in your heart it was a bubble. The thing is no one knew when the bubble was gona burst. Thats why we lost money, and similary not know how much it would burst is the reason why we HODL'd all the way down. The curve was parabolic, the amount of fraud and con artists in the space dwarfed the 1920's, and the amount of altcoin ICO's with almost no verifiable data hitting 100 of millions of market cap could only mean one thing it was a bubble. Honestly we all knew it we just thought the bubble would go to 40k 50k or whatever price target we had. When you invest 1k and then 9 months later have 20k your brain will play tricks on you. It will tell you that its gona last one more month and go to 30k. Also when prices are increasing 10% a day your brain tricks you into evaluating "what if the price hits 30k or 40k or 50k and I sold. I might never be able to get back in a good price" We lost rationality, but we all knew it was a bubble we just wanted keep it going and thought we could sell at the top. Show me the guy who called it a bubble in October, but didn't sell till it was 20k and got out at the top. Thats the guy whose opinion I will value. Mike Novogratz is one such guy.

  4. The coins that seem to have real value to me are ones that solve existing issues. For example coins tied to energy production whether renewable or otherwise. Factoring prime numbers. If there was a way to tokenize [email protected] or some other serious scientific issue which effects all human beings then it would have true intrinsic value in the knowledge it delivers to the human race.

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    you need to really give credit to who called the exit and proved it the futures was the exit call it is always the exit call been trading since 1996

  10. maybe if you were to stop calling it regulations, but call it what it actually is; big corporations/banks bribing the government to sabotage the competition with as a result that it's almost impossible for small companies to survive … maybe then you'll understand why we don't need regulations = fascist oppression!

  11. bitcoin will NEED to cement itself as leader on lightning, because litecoin will STILL be faster and cheaper on lightning…..Luke fkwit doucher hates litecoin……makes sense.

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