BITCOIN INVESTING CHALLENGE! ? Bitcoin Price 2017 Crypto Currency Chart News FREE BITCOIN BTC USD

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25 thoughts on “BITCOIN INVESTING CHALLENGE! ? Bitcoin Price 2017 Crypto Currency Chart News FREE BITCOIN BTC USD”

  1. i cant beleive you havent said anything about eth or ltc more, they have been stacking up gains for 4 days straight, they are both building strong growth, up a little everyday, nice little pull back and back up higher the next. btc has been doing that as well but with a little more volatility. IMO

  2. Hey BK I was listening to the live show on my way to the office this afternoon before you actually really started your show and I wondered if you have thought about some background music for those first minutes while you are waiting for the audience and likes to rise. Once I am driving I cannot fiddle with the phone and navigate around while you are pre show. Just thought having some music rather than dead air was something you have considered…. I bet you have great taste in music! Thanks so much for the great work you are doing. You are by far my most fav Crypto mentor!

  3. Dude, you rock man.. Im glad you're gona put your money where your mouth is. Thats the mark of a boosss! One way to kill them haters.

  4. BK can u make a vid on your thoughts on why no "one" cryptocurrency will win but we will instead use a variety of coins for different purposes? I mean I get the need for ETH vs BTC vs SC vs GNT but whats the need for all of pivx, dash, btc, and ltc to exist? I'd imagine we will have lightning networks and other advancements that improve scalability. I would to know your personal vision!

  5. I'm about to jump in and so far Brandon has been on the money. Waiting for that potential dip around Aug 15. Too much exurberance in the market right now. That Whale who known as Spoofy is going to take his profits soon I fear.

  6. you said they are suppressing alts' like SC and DGB etc… but why are they doing that? its just whales pushing it down with sell orders when it wants to run up?

  7. Got in no limit and started staking my first million when it was 100 shatoshi. With 4% annually i was all over it. I saw the real world global use immediately. Unless you have 10 ton hands, your not gonna make real money with these coins. I might let 1/4 of 1% go when it hits $10. We all gotta be our own bosses right brother. ?

  8. I much preferred the way you talk normally , eg on your interview video.

    Also if you dont like me, you dont like money.. i guess its your tag line but think about it

    Look at your like : dislike ratio, if you are interested in success.

  9. Ether on Bitstamp next Week !!!! one of the biggest BTC/LTC exchange in Europe !
    It will be time for Harvest , do not sell your Ether lower than 300-310 USD , wait for 350$

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