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I’m Molly Jane head of news at CoinTelegraph and we have the great pleasure of talking today to Bitcoin himself. Hi Molly! Hi! Thanks for having me on the show. I apologize. I’m a little nervous
sometimes I get nervous talking to girls and all. It’s totally fine. I guess my
first question for those that have been seeing you on Bitcoin and Friends is how
is the search for your father going right now? Well, I can’t give away too much Molly as the producers of the show said I’m not
allowed to give away big spoilers but what I can tell you is I’m going to have
a hard time in the show finding my dad through traditional sleuthing methods. Finding Satoshi won’t be easy and sometimes to find the answers, you know,
we must do some soul-searching or in my case, code searching. That’s just a little
hint. So we’ve found several people that could be your father but who do you think is the best fit? Well, to be perfectly honest Molly and despite my desperate search for my dad in the show, I’m a little more stable emotionally in
real life, of course, and I hope that the true identity of my dad is actually
never revealed. I think considering the nature of cryptocurrencies and it being decentralized and all an anonymous team of creators is just more poetic and
fitting. So yeah. So my next question is as bitcoin’s price changes as, it does every day, do you feel stronger when that happens? Well Molly price doesn’t necessarily make me stronger. What price does if it gets
really high is giving me a big head, poor thing. Sometimes when I sit around
thinking about how much people are willing to pay for my puke I start getting cocky, you know, since
I’m only 10 years old, of course, and when the price goes down it’s easy for me to
get sad. I try not to let it get to me but sometimes when the price is tanking it feels like no one loves me. At that point I just need to remind myself
it’s not necessarily a problem with me it’s just the way the markets work, Molly. And to answer your question about what makes me really strong, that’s the hash
rate and the nodes of the network. So, the more computers that are securing my ledger and the more decentralized those are, the more my muscles get big, of
course. And I can start doing really cool things, like flying and picking up large
objects and and beating up the bad guys. Poor things. So does anything else effect your strength then? The market cap? Maybe institutional investor adoption? Things like that. Well like I said, that stuff just kind of goes to my head. I think the core fundamentals of my strengths are the hash rate of the network. And assuming the price goes up then there’ll be more miners anyways. So they, they kind of correlate in that fashion Molly. So you’ve mentioned that you can fly but why don’t you tell us more about
some of the weapons that you’re you know as of yet unknown father gave you back
in episode 2? Yeah, so uh, the weapons these are when the developers work on my code and give me upgrades So the developers are kind of like Q in James Bond, if you’ve ever seen that character. He always comes along and gives
James really cool pens and shoes that blow up. So, when the developers
upgrade my code I get new fancy things to defeat my enemies. So is an example about something like segwit? Yeah. Segwit comes into the show pretty soon but again the producers are giving me sidelong glances and I’m not allowed to
talk too much about it. So now let’s talk a little bit more about Mitalik, One of your close friends on the show. Are you ever going to be able
to let him, you know, more closely into your life in the future? Well, Mitalik is sure is trying to win my love. And again, the producers are looking at
me, so I’m not entirely sure what I can say but I will say that Mitalik is
gonna have a hard time getting into my ports. He has to live vicariously
through something else and that’s the Etherium character that he makes and
gets to fall in love with me. Oh, okay, so that was another thing I wanted to ask. How do you feel about the possibility of hanging out with other alt coins? You know, an Ethereum maybe even a Bitcoin Cash. Do you guys get along? Well, naturally Molly, I’m the coolest of the bunch, with my network effect and
hash rate and all that stuff. But I think that if a project has good intentions and, you know, is truly decentralized and is trying to bring freedom into the
world, then I’m on their team too. I think sometimes when people are mean to each other that they’re talking with their pocketbooks instead of looking at the
bigger picture, of course. So how do you feel if its, so how do you feel in particular about your different hard forks? What is it like when you, when you
hard fork? Well, I will say it does feel a little funny when the process happens, But what I’ll say is I think forking is kind of cool. Because for the first time in history, in the history of money, people can choose which currencies they believe in. And I think choices are really cool because you know we don’t have choices… if we don’t have choices, then we don’t have freedom. So what would you say to someone that doesn’t believe in you. You know, a
traditional banker will say to you that you can never be defeated by the US
dollar what’s your, what’s your response to that? Well my first reaction Molly is to
tell them, why I want to tell them go suck on a full node. But the producers feel that this is antagonistic. So I think the best approach is to
have an honest intellectual debate, you know, about what money is. How would you respond to someone from the banking world. You know, the big banks that insist
that the dollar, you know like the dollar bot, will always be stronger than you? Well I think centralized systems often have a very select few who control
the issuance of money and that’s not a good thing because if history has taught
us one thing it’s humans can’t be trusted Molly. Now I trust you, of course, Molly but generally speaking… generally
speaking of course. But I will say I’m better than the dollar bot because I’m actually scarce and you can own and control my itty bitties you know with how
without having to trust anyone. So it’s all about trust. Yeah because you can’t trust humans, of course, but you can trust me. A big theme on the show is drug
use with the mention of the Silk Road and then you yourself ingesting a very
large amount of drugs. So what could you tell viewers that are worried that Bitcoin equals drugs, equals black-market. Well, as you know, early in my history I
had a reputation of being used predominantly for nefarious activities,
as you suggest drugs. And um, I think what’s important to remember Molly is that I’m a tool and tools can be used for many different things. You know murders where shoes for example but but that doesn’t mean we should outlaw shoes, of course. So, I think that people need to look at the bigger picture and not get cut off and
not get caught up on what certain, you know, “bad people” are doing with me. So, Bitcoin, as you definitely know there is a potential competitor that will be
coming out in 2020, called Libra, which is Facebook’s coin. How do you feel about working with Facebook’s coin? Do you feel animosity towards Facebook’s coin? Well, thanks for asking that Molly. I will say that obviously I can’t see into the
future but what I do think that the Libra coin
will do is introduce more people to the ideas of crypto currencies as a whole. So, I’m kind of hoping that the Libra will be a sort of like a a gateway drug to
getting into really truly decentralized projects like myself, of course. So the title of your show, of which you are the star, is Bitcoin and Friends but
how does one become friends with Bitcoin? Well, uh, that’s a good question. Um I really like ice cream, so if you purchase me, you know, if you buy me ice cream I’ll definitely be more likely to like you but I guess to be
one of my friends I think you just need to be a good person and to
really have other people’s best interests at heart. You know, I’m trying
to make the world a better place and if you can help me, you know, along in my
journey, then I think will be really good friends. I mean it sounds like a plan to
me. So, Bitcoin, in the beginning
you mentioned you were a little nervous talking to girls but do you have maybe a
possible girlfriend or love interest? Most certainly. Again the producers are
giving me sidelong glances but I think I’ve said it a little bit on the show
already I do have a love interest and that’s Etherium and at some point you
know you know we’ll fall in love and there will be atomic swamps on the show. Which is sort of us you know having intercourse in our coin sphere and yeah
so I lost my virginity on the show, on camera, which was a little weird. Yeah, it sounds really weird but I’m looking forward to watching it. Does YouTube allow that kind of, you know, graphic content coming from Bitcoin? Well Molly, if, if YouTube does actually have a problem with me losing my virginity on the show, we’ll probably just use those censor blocks over the intimate ports. It makes sense although there’s no censorship on the blockchain, but there is on YouTube. Well that’s true and that’s why the blockchain is better. Alight. Molly I I hate to cut this short
but the producers are kind of aggressively whispering to me from
across the room that I need to get back on set. You know, we’re right in the
middle of filming episode three, of course. So, if you don’t mind I’m
gonna take off. Yeah, of course. I’m so glad you, you know, carved out the time to talk with us today. No problem. I do have a busy schedule but anything for you Molly. Oh, thank. Thank you. Alrighty. Bye Molly. Bye Bitcoin.

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