Bitcoin Interest up 21%/ETC soaring/Altcoin Charts/Top 200 Cryptos

[Applause] do you want 2225 crypto by signals a month Brad Hilton from the Hilton Institute of business Hilton Hotels and Mike Kelly from CCI have partnered together to bring you to crypto signal services Mike Kelley has created over 20 millionaires through his crypto signal services with legendary calls like ripple any owe and litecoin for more information email info at Hilton Institute comm or click the link and fill out the form to get started today and let them know that currency 365 sent you alright welcome back to currency 365 August 6 2018 hope you had a great Monday and crazy day crazy crazy day today lots of good things are going on around the world lots of things that we're seeing that we're keeping an eye on Lassa you know just things that you know we've a lot of us had forecast in the past and we're starting to see these things play out and we're gonna keep an eye on a lot of these things that are going on around the world so keep an eye on my Twitter and I'll be posting stuff there and we'll see how this plays out man the break in the system is right around the corner right so we're closing in on the big break in the system I think the whole world can see it now I think it's something everybody knows that we can't go on this way and there will be a break in the system and we will find it we'll see what it is it's coming it's coming and we can tell we get everybody can tell it's coming so it doesn't matter who you are you can tell something is coming ok I'm 47 percent Bitcoin dominance 11 billion in volume last 24 hours 251 billion market cap okay so we got a lot of red okay ten classic still up still doing good booming still doing well eighteen dollars and 36 cents okay everything else is down but that's booming Bitcoin gold up three percent okay mo AC up 13 percent still doing good okay so some of the coins that were up earlier still up still doing okay holo was up 41% just absolutely bluing we already featured that one so I'm not gonna feature it again but it's too early we you know it was three months ago at a different store polymath is up six percent okay so let's see we can there's another coin breaking out that we can feature for this video Z classics forks coming and this one's breaking out we already talked about that one we know about that one and anything else anything new token pay up 6% peercoin 25% already featured that one many shares do ok syndicator XA s okay Bitcoin interests of 21 percent I think it's time to feature Bitcoin interest today wanna be a good day okay so let's feature Bitcoin interest today I've we've been talking about it but I don't think we've ever featured it happen I don't believe so okay so I think I'm not sure if Bitcoin interest has ever been featured before I'm not sure I don't think so I've never I don't think I've ever custom made a coin thumbnail for Bitcoin interest here so okay so let's begin here one dollar and 73 cents I did say watch this one you know coming down the stretch at the end of the year because it has 18 million in circulation it doesn't have a lot of volume though that's only problem but um it's when this one was interesting it wasn't I had it in a loading zone we looked at this couple weeks ago we had an unloading zone it they started to dip out of that loading zone though and then it came back into it dipped again with so that we started getting lower lows and lower highs so we need to watch this one here because if it breaks this high then we're gonna we're going higher if it doesn't break this high we could continue to go lower here so we're still doing lower lows and lower highs or if we start to go sideways for at least we've got to at least do it for a week at least 7 to 10 days to confirm we're back in the loading zone so we'll see how this one plays out but up 21% on very low volume that's a good sign that this thing will can run on big volume really high on big volume so you can see here we went from it went from $3 we something all the way up to the seven bucks like wolf in there for a second okay so this thing can run on big volume where can you buy from that's gonna be the important things like it's not on anywhere right oh no that's on bit Phenix okay so bid for niche is on trade Satoshi hit BTC and then the X rates okay so it is on BitFenix it is on a major exchange and you know so it's on a solid exchange of me hit BTC is it strange that everybody knows even though it has a lot of problems so it's on there as well you can actually get that get it on there for a four dollar 48 maybe you can hmm I wonder look at this trait Satoshi's cuz you buy it under a dollar and then send it to business and then sell it for a dollar eighty six the problem is just just not no volume there's no volume I sell right so that's that would be the problem okay okay so that's what that's what it is is doesn't have any volume but it is on it on bit for next oh just doesn't have any volume okay so let's get started here and I'm gonna look at a couple of coins hmm oh stem says the announcement of the start of Bitcoin few stirs futures training by NY s II operators oh let me actually click on this can I click on this click on this is that firms that going down today okay it's 13 minutes ago Bitcoin a 30 M Ripple Bitcoin cash eos m EO s al a coin Cardinal stellar iota Tron okay the crypto world had cheered and what is this I thought it okay it says that the says ice a long announced that it will launch physical delivered BTC features contracts dis Movember who cares about that okay so I thought there was some big news we get back to the charts okay you see messing around with news okay so here's Bitcoin well we'll talk about that when November comes you know I mean it's it's not gonna start till November so anyways let's get started here with Bitcoin charts okay so we waste a little bit time there so Bitcoin the Bears are winning right now the Bears are trying to dump this thing we are below the 50-day moving out right now in a bear break so 50-day moving average is sitting at a nine six thousand nine hundred and thirty we're at six thousand 905 the Bears are trying to dump this but the problem with that is we are extremely oversold already so the Bears are trying to dump here when we're extremely oversold see they're not seeing an all-out dump because we are extremely oversold already on Bitcoin so I want to see how the Bulls play this because we are extremely oversold to everybody can see that on coinbase chart and the Bears are trying to dump it here and make it close below the 50-day moving up and I see they can continue to dump down maybe a lot of shorts have come in so what we are extremely oversold so you know the name so we'll see how this is played out okay it's gonna be interesting to see how that plays out litecoin here okay not as bad as Bitcoin okay like coin holding pretty well today okay we could have an inside bar alert and then we actually had a good day today until we started dumping so we know that we're closing on another social signal close I'm gonna hear on like coin bears are in control but we're not even close to this bottom here yet so doing good okay so like coins are sitting there chilling as I say before as I say all the time nothing will change until we break this 50-day moving it's amazing that ver coin could break this 50-day moving out and come up here but litecoin can't on it's unbelievable unbelievable the coin that is ten a hundred times more popular than verepoint can add can get bulls that come in right the verepoint were coin and not telling you if I savor coin a lot of people Brooklyn lets you on this channel right people don't talk about verepoint on Twitter we're pointing you know a lot of people don't care about four coins as a small community right but yet it can get Bulls to come on in and explode it up right and but the coin like litecoin where everybody knows about you can't it doesn't have it doesn't have bulls to come in and explode it up for today's movie I'm unbelievable um and here the same thing with Bitcoin guys right Bitcoin cash the same thing why can't we get a big move up here what's the problem okay and the problem is that people aren't buying people aren't buying bitcoin caps you weren't buying like one or it's or there's manipulation all right so we're either dealing with a heavy manipulation and and or people aren't buying either those are only two things right now right people aren't buying or we're dealing with heavy manipulations on these bigger names okay so that's probably is manipulation because people are they're giving out the exchanges are giving out Oh so let's say let's say like coin and I did and I did tweet our leaders remember I'm not sure was last year this year I said I asked them you know like coin has like a hundred million in circulation or something like that or 80 million in circulation but the coin moves like it has a billion in circulation right so and I think Charlie understands that because it's the exchanges looks like they're doing derivatives on these coins man they're giving out coins that don't exist okay and that's what's going on this is why it's harder to move these more popular named coins because the exchanges are giving out coins that do not exist that's what's going on in my opinion okay that's why it's so hard to move II threw him in the before in the past when I first called ether him at five dollars right after I called the buy signal on Bitcoin okay when I called Bitcoin at five I don't know what price that was it was five hundred in like fifty eight dollars or something like that that I called the Bitcoin buy signal back in 2016 for you guys that have been here for that long okay and I remember I was using both channels this channel my backup channel to make those calls as well so I was using both channels at that time we were doing Iraq videos at that time as well so and then after that I called the buy signal actually on the same video I called the buy signal as well at that belief on ethereum okay and at five dollars now what happened after that day a them never looked back right you guys came in it was Bao I don't know when I called that buy signals I probably had like 7000 subscribers on this channel so maybe five between five to seven thousand subscriber in this channel there may be two thousand subscribers on my backup channel but still it was about three I was least three to five hundred you guys that poured in with big money into it there Ian and the things that shot up the thing was moving right so it was no manipulation there was no like people giving our exchanges giving out fake eath areum okay so it was able to move a lot faster okay and so now it can't do that anymore because the exchanges give out fake eating okay so when you buy the ethereum own exchanges it's not the really many many times is you're not buying a really theorem okay so which is pretty pathetic but that's how the exchanges are now this is why we need to go to a Thomas swaps right way you can just swap a coin for a coin okay and remove the middleman which is the exchanges out the picture alright so signals in here on how you terian and the Bears are in full control okay so his go to Burke coin per coin sitting still okay Brooke when just sitting still they're basically emulating the last three days almost the same candles the last three days here on Brooklyn which is pretty weird okay so we'll see what happens here we'll see if we get a bear break here or a bull break you get a bull break coming to come up here or maybe even higher and get a higher high bear break we'll probably come right back down here or go even lower okay so we'll see how that plays out and that should happen within the next 72 hours looks like for Burt cooling so we'll see how that plays out there I am classic still doing ok so we just got to the buff you know we got to where I said we're gonna get to Rachel we got the inverted M that completed now the Bulls aren't still full control years we might come up we might even come up here as at the top maybe get a spinning top up there but I don't know right now we have definitely completed the inverted M okay so the inverted M is completed for a Graham classic maybe we get maybe we continue up and get up here because they throw in classic is the only bright really one of the bright spots right now and you know you know you know bearish you know low volume market so if this is the only bright one then people are pouring money into this because of coinbase news right so we'll see how that one finishes out bread people starting this sell whether we're holding up a little bit here a lot better than we did back here or back here so we are holding up a lot better so I want to let's see we can continue maybe we get an inside bar tomorrow and try to continue on that okay so what else do you guys women need to check out let's check out some ones that are in the red since we checked out the ones that on the green earlier so let's check out the ones that are in the red and they go through that's not red nice and the green we still go coming down after three days up lines are still going up so maybe we go low high high or low and then they would continue with a higher high so that's what we're holding we're forming a higher low maybe right now continuation with the higher high same thing here or higher low maybe for me and then we continued to higher high hopefully by signal small by signals in on vert but we are continuing downwards we're about the break does bottoming and make another new low I mean how low are we gonna go on on some of these coins and I we were saying the same thing here last year you know so as interesting that we're basically repeating ourselves from from 2017 summer okay we know what happened last year we're saying the same things arc here starting the trying to turn around here but you know as we said before doesn't matter if you come up here that doesn't mean anything you have to get above this 50-day moving average and you have to do it convincingly okay somewhere around here would be convincingly right and then be able to set a higher low and give the Bulls enough cushion to do their thing so we started we were going up nicely you're on bitches know when you started going bearish okay today so look like the boov are in full control of this one the now we're going bearish so maybe we're taking a breather and then tomorrow we'll continue to higher let's let's check out the 4-hour chart to see what happened okay yeah for our charts thought they had a cell signal in there and we dumped on the cell so that's why we want started going bearish okay so maybe we're taking a little bit of break there and next maybe tomorrow we continue higher we shall see some of these coins haven't just have no volume or why this is still in the way what is this get out of the way dude thank you no no there's no volume here – same thing no volume unless is downwards volume like there's no volume here didn't even look at some of these coins we can just look at them and continue okay there's volume here on on civic as you can see from that one and these bars here so a little bit a little bit of more volume on this one we still haven't broke out of here and would follow through and so we need to break the fifty first get some follow-through get some higher low higher highs and you know in higher low patterns going and but until then we're just sitting there underneath death cross coming in for D cred and we're just sitting there probably gonna go a little bit lower on that and we still have not received the death cross here on ito vos I keep saying ethos is a OS G's yes right and okay so we're still green we're in the power zone now so we'll see how this morning let's see if this one dumps to 80,000 satoshis or we continue to go higher we are in the power zone now mo digi bind okay did you buy us an indecision candle here so indecision we have an indecision doji candle whatever you want to call it and after a bull move okay so hmm I think you know it's a bulls and bears are fighting it out here because you know are we another figure out our as did you buy ready to break this 50-day moving average or not right we did touch it we came back and we're just fighting it out between the bulls and bears here because the market is very bearish so you know did you buy fighting it out here and trying to see it was gonna continue up or we're gonna come back down and touch this 200 moving day so that's the fight right now so we're gonna decide where for the next 72 hours we'll know who won this candle right so we had an indecision candle here the Bulls want it and now we have another one here if the bull if we break the 50 the Bulls win if not we're gonna come back and touch this 200 moving it okay so that's how it works and if you're not if you didn't participate in the ten for ten you shut up because of ten for ten it's kicking butt you can follow Mike on Twitter I'm not sure what his Twitter handle is triple something a guy can't remember okay wait anyway I'm following him so you can just look at the people I'm following and you'll see him yeah but so I check that out the ten for ten look at the temperate end video okay so you can check it out I did post a big detent for ten video so it's on on my youtube I oughta go in sideways nothing to see there social signals actually you know the overbought RSI might be lines 10x pay both Walker dip today nice doji there and let's see what happens here tomorrow so we got a buy signal in that's because we bought the bit we're right here so I'm not gonna just not you know we have to be at the top for dragonfly but my you know it's right right now but it's still bullish doji we're closing out the top here and we bought the dip so we can get some continuation now be awesome even though it's red click on the actual X there okay a couple more and I'm done here let me see q10 okay Keaton continued to rise up it means nothing unless uh now we did have a we did get a I'm not sure where we closed on this did we call it the top that's close at eight five two zero can see eight okay we did close at the top so this well I think I was saying that this was a dragonfly doji right so or something like that and we just hold the pivot point and looks like we pivot correctly so we started moving up this was a pivot point so I want to see higher highs and higher lows now we're at we got those we got we're right in the power zone now and I want to see this thing start to move look at the gap there between the US and the 50-day moving out this spells bad news that we can't get up here man we've got to get up here and then be able to set a higher low and then set the higher high breaking the 50-day moving average convincingly or we're just going to continue to go down but this is a signal that things are so so chart changing around that is your change point that is your pivot point okay now it had a nice doji here but we and we went up for an extra day but then we continued to go down I want to see words I'm like okay here is a we got a hammer here and boom great that was a change point as well we came but we did go back down but then started curling a little bit there okay so you look for those type types of change points and this is one here so hopefully when we start going up come down go up come down and we'll change the history of cute them right so not doing much my signal is in the steam almost looks like so not doing much either sigh coin okay bears and full control were dumping here when we do a buy signal and we are going neutral off that buy signal but no action no no no money's coming in so people are fighting the dump there because they're getting tired this is when people get tired and they just start dumping for other coins that are doing well like you turn in classic okay I think a lot I think we're probably gonna see a lot of that tomorrow to enter tonight into tomorrow people are gonna be dumping their coins to just get into something that's moving and that's again classic right so wouldn't be surprised at riparian classic is up forty percent tomorrow just because people are tired of just waiting on these coins that are doing absolutely nothing on by signals okay so not doing much there as well for Stratis let's look at uh okay not doing much either there let's go to Ripple Oh God okay so ripple had the perfect scenario yesterday in sidebar bulls in full control with a buy signal and we and we and we got the alert of an inside bar bull break rare break and we had the perfect scenario and we broke it bearish isn't that amazing so perfect scenario for ripple inside bar Bulls in control by signaling on the RSI MACD lines and we broke it bearish I mean my goodness and we didn't look when we broke it bearish we also broke that 50 that 42 my scent level as well now we did we did make a mistake I did jump to conclusion a little too early on veut Quinlan Burk when broken bearish because the next day Burke when Bulls showed up and exploded this you know Burke went up here so let's see what the Bulls do for a ripple okay so we broke it bearish here we broke the line we were supposed to hold the 42 and now we broke it bearish let's see if the Bulls return tomorrow with a big buy signal and big volume and bring it up somewhere in this range up here I'm telling you 55 60 65 cents so let's see what happens tomorrow cuz I did we no we're not when I was like oh no vert Queen just broke bearish and then the Bulls said uh-uh we're showing up and we'll take care of it and that's what they did so let's see what happens with ripple tomorrow that's gonna be interesting bullish doji therefore Z cap will run the 50-day moving average so we need to break that first indecision basically indecision here for Zen cash I through after advice that no candle came in we are above the 50-day moving outer stuff trying to bounce here Quan Stamp starting to curl what's a good sign okay right signals in we're starting the curl here okay so we tried to curl here and we can we continue to downward so trying the curl here if we can curl here and come up come back and then break this that would be a good sign for Qantas I've been talking a lot of smack on this one so it should be ready to wake up the bull should be tired of my snack here's the signal that the bottom is in a bullish bullish signal their bullish candle doji whatever gonna call it and then up we go okay so let's see what happens now we're gonna stop here and then come back a little bit and set the higher low and then come up and set a higher high we probably will okay um well maybe we will then continue to go higher eight cardano's looking good after we said right here we're gonna start to change so we know you had the bullish that the bullish you know you can call us a dragonfly doji as well even though we had a little bit of wick there that's basically what it is right some bullish doji but you can also call it a dragonfly dose and so we had another bullish candle there and we also started to turn around hmm I just I just went through a whole bunch of ones that I didn't want to look at not doing much not doing much not doing much well their break coming here on my etho we need to hold this pattern here so we don't want to see a bear break here we want to hold this pattern we do have another triangle coming in right now and this wolf this will play out within the next 72 hours so if you both we need to hold this here and I believe we're gonna break this bullish okay so we have a triangle here and we want to break this bullish so let's see what happens if we break this bearish Mike goodness gracious hey your than a like how low we're gonna go I don't know it's gonna be it will be a frightening so we want to break this triangle bullish okay like we did here we broke this one bullish right so we want to do the same thing here break it bullish okay so ethos is on the alert because we have a triangle that's coming to an end here a couple days so it's gonna break it bullish or bearish we hoping it's up and we'll probably kick back to about right here you know something right here and right here um what else I'm 26 minutes in I think we're done okay we did get some we did get a nice follow-through there and then we got a lot of selling them on 0ax okay CIL Wow my signal candle confirming the reversal and we just dumped it unbelievable unbelievable I don't think people know how to read the charts yeah actually one of the things as well I don't know can keep them out of reach chart I think he will just trade what emotions it'll not recharge we have another triangle here and this is red coin I hope I'm hoping that we break this one bullish as well start to uptrend here and get back to this 90 95 whoever got in here you know target your target should be 80 to 95 right up there I'll get you you're a hundred percent right so family over oversold as well I'm done okay so like subscribe and share talk to you guys tomorrow we'll try to go live in tomorrow afternoon and you guys can ask your questions and things like that there and we'll do a Q&A you guys connects you all your questions tomorrow you know about investments kryptos Donald Trump you know what's going on in the world whatever you want to do well we'll just do a crypto will do a crypto chart since to end top 200 or maybe I'll bring some more news and you guys will be able to do a Q&A as well peace out god bless and continue to watch my Twitter and also watch what's going on around because it's we're at the end here which is we're counting down we're getting closer and closer to a break in the system peace out bye [Applause] you

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