27 thoughts on “Bitcoin HUGE CANDLE INCOMING?! – LIVE Crypto Market Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News”

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  2. BTC BREAK OUT ON 2019 03 02 @ 3:00 AM longs taking out shorts on this play I'm waiting for 4200 to short AGAIN……

  3. The marketcap is not showing any new money entering the market , but are OTC market buys calculated into the cap ?

  4. Whale news last few days reports they've added. Fidelity custody news for March incoming.
    Custody issue is the gateway to 5k.

  5. Excellent analysis Don K… yet agaiiin!
    The part on liquidation wicks and thin order books is particularly helpful, thanks!

  6. I got crushed by that liquidation hunt when the Bitcoin price dipped below 3700, thinking valuation was going down and staying down for a while.

  7. Dude let’s hurry up with the big red candle already! As soon as this hits $1000, the risk reward will be undeniable. You know the next bull run will be around those levels. Hardly anyone will be selling at that point. Your either bag holding and have hardly anything left to lose, so not selling, or your covering shorts, so your buying, or your buying in for the huge risk reward.

  8. You hit the table, I meant the nail on the head – This sht is SAVAGE! The way u just explained how they liquidated the longs n shorts – ewww! You killed it bro!

  9. HUUUUUUGGGEEE MOVE incoming!!! Lets get ready for the Dump!!! Average James doesnt know that he hasnt been Rekt yet LOL

  10. Smack that Auto bot army People SMACK THEM WITH A HUGE CANDLE and there is not so often sideway moves any more !

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