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good morning good morning in September 24th 10 a.m. 10:30 a.m. and that means is time for daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news happy Monday guys no one wants no one wants money to come it is definitely I mean it's not bad this weekend we actually had a good weekend today this morning I know a lot of people a little bit more depressed because the market then continued to go up but overall we've still seen pretty good gains since last week from Friday on to this weekend so overall I'm not complaining I think it's pretty good and hopefully you guys had a good weekend so thanks for tuning in as always we'll give a few minutes for people to tune in and and today we got a new first mark mark danger wouldn't what a name mark dangers number one today so he gets to ask the question and overall guys I think I think I got some very positive news to share with you guys the title of today is Bitcoin hot lers increase in 2018 and that is true based on a new study and that shows that more and more people are getting involved with Bitcoin and Kryptos and there's more things or very good things happening good morning guys as usual people of course thanks for tuning in and those are those of you guys that are new always appreciate if you smash up the like subscribe to the channel so long time no see all right good morning from Idaho New Jersey well it's UK and then I think I saw Holland there's a lot this shows international guys international so that's that's always fun to see all right let's get started let's see what's going on today like I said this morning I mean this this weekend was pretty good we saw a market cap go as high as 220 we surpassed 224 billion and then we came back down but overall this is a higher level than we were last week so we're moving in the right direction we saw of course ripple pump up crazily last week and and it kind of is taking a breather and that's what I said right I said it's you gotta be careful i people are trying to fold one ripple and I'm like you gotta be careful when things are going up that much however ripple did have a lot of good news it wasn't just pumping for no reason so a lot of people still were confused like why did ripple go up is just just the pump yeah it was a pump of this because of good reasons and it's now consolidating and I do think that it's trying to go up more however it is healthy right now that it kind of stopped and went down a little bit and also over the weekend we saw the same thing with stellar stellar jumped up about 20 70 percent now it's down 8% although at one point I think it actually surpassed us and now it's back down but this is healthy this is healthy I mean we saw across the board 20 or 30 percent gains just from last Friday and over the weekend so right now is a breather and this is pretty healthy overall we're still heading up in the right direction BTC is at 6600 it was about 6700 so only down about a hundred points as you see one less than 2% so very very little and overall if you look at the charts there's not to look at other than we did go up and now we're taking you know taking a breather coming down RSI is right in between right around 40 so not too old for sold and definitely not overbought but overall what we're waiting for is this to continue to go back up and we'll see how fast we can reach this point so seeing how we kind of went sideways for a little bit by the time we get up there be about 7,000 so if we can hit 7,000 and break through this declining wedge which I've been showing you guys for a while right we we've been through this for a while if we can break through this that's what we're entering bull market and that's what we're all waiting for and it'll be interesting to see maybe as early as Tuesday Wednesday we're go if we continue to go up we'll see if we can smash through that alright but other than that there's not much to see from the charts what I titled this video is there are more hot lers now or holder's however you want to say in 2018 compared to now 17 and not the beginning of 2017 we're talking about the peak in December 2017 so right now as it stands there's more people holding Bitcoin than there were in December 2003 which is impressive considering Bitcoin was at 20,000 in December 2017 so according to this new study and there's always new studies coming out it's interesting when you have a lot of companies doing a lot of research and pushing these analytics out it's always interesting to get a new perspective on things and this is from become too called chain lessness analysis chain analysis or we pronounce it but according to this in December of 2017 there was basically 3.8 million wallets that was active ok these are personal wallets that has been used and and that was you know that that's that sounds about right 3.8 million you don't know how many they don't break it down into however many bitcoins range but there's 3.8 million now and August of 2018 so last month there is 4.8 million so we've actually increased by million and Wallis now granted there are deviations for notes because a person can have multiple wallets and so forth but overall I think this is positive showing that the more wallets that are out there more likely there's more users out there right so you got a lot more people that is holding Bitcoin now then compared to its peak which is December 2017 and that is really really really positive now what's also helping this is is because we have seen for the last eight months basically every single company Club investment firm VC every one stock exchanges that is getting involved with Kryptos and it doesn't stop it never stops there is always more and more people or companies or any of these financial institutions that's getting in and here's another example here's an unusual one so a lot of people tweet this you've on ttis which is I think they are the largest football giant right they're a football or soccer club with Ronaldo on that they have just announced that they're gonna be coming out with a fan token basically for all the people that is attending these games and it says the club has 340 million fan base across the world okay 300 million that's that that's more than a population of the of the US so it is a very popular club and this is another good example of why people are getting involved the crypto in Bitcoin because you got a lot of these a lot of these guys right a lot of these clubs or or stock exchanges or institutions that's just going full-blown in into crypto so this is very very positive we'll see we'll see how this does you know obviously not all 340 million people of the club is gonna be jumping in but even if it's 10% of that right that's another 34 million people that's go get involved with crypto so that is very very very very very positive all right now another survey that came out one in three one nurse plans on investing crypto twice the national average interesting I don't know it just shows that you know a lot of people in London really wants to get involved okay so moving on this is a big this is a big thing today now brave is what I use now right and they're part of basic attention coin which is a project I'm a big fan of and they have been gaining a lot of traction they're trying to disrupt the digital advertising space ok that's ultimately what they're trying to do they're trying to do it through their bat token and the first step is releasing brave browser which is a full-fledged browser that is usable it's really great and I use it during my live sessions but they have gaining more traction because now Chrome Google you know Google data mines that's how they survive they want to know all your information now they have this new feature after this new update where if you sign in to say Gmail which is used by pretty much everyone automatically enrolls you into this sharing thing where we're basically you ought to log on to every single Google like service out there and your data is shared that used to be something that you opt-in now you don't opt-in it just automatically enables you so a lot of people don't like that a lot of people don't want their privacy to be shared like that especially without having a choice in the matter so that's why something like brave is a good alternative and a lot of people are tuning into it and now they have hit 4 million active users which on a grand scheme of things is still very low but 4 million active users that's a big deal this is why I like Brendan Eich and not a lot of project the crypto world can say that they actually have formed knowing active users they might say they have 10 million wallets or one of them in many wallets but in terms of active users they're actually using it that's a different story so this is big news that came out today and I'm a big fan of basic attention coin if we for those of you guys didn't follow me know that alright so another good news Brazil's biggest brokerage process Bitcoin trades and government is supportive hmm alright so this is a gun is one of those another another example of all these stock exchanges and broker brokerages from around the world that is it getting involved with Kryptos and trip those trading so this is also very positive the more brokers that get involved the more stock chain to get involved the more people have access to them and the more people get involved so this is very very positive all right so what else is there thorium thorium is interesting right because when ripple pumped up last Friday people asked well is just throwing him go pump up because the two flipped ripple once again became number two and you thrown became number three and people are set in the past when that has happened you throw in the immediately pumps up and takes over and that's exactly what happened so that was interesting you throw name actually had a big big weekend and it kind of jumped back up again and and overall you know one of my thoughts right I said not to give up by anything because there is time they still have a lot of developers metallic still working on it however I do think that it could continue to be weak short term and you know one of the things that Vitalik is working on is of course scaling and he has a lot of things on his plate a lot of things that's coming over now this is a new thing so he's thinking about implementing ZK snart's which is in Z cash it's kind of like a privacy feature but he's saying that if he could implement that into the thorium it could bump up the transactions to about 500 per second which isn't too bad it's much better than where is now it's not it's not where let's say stellar oreos or even knows word they can be or where they are Harvard this will be a big big stepping stone if they can do this first and then implement other things down the road then this will do it so you know what we'll see we'll see Vee can implement this quickly or it's easy mmmm going to because a lot of times talking about these good ideas and and that fall through with them so I don't know I don't know we'll see but you thorium is definitely interesting they're definitely under pressure right now to figure out scaling it is not a easy thing to solve right so it's not something that that they could just say okay we fix it tomorrow so granted we know that we know it's not not easy to solve however there's a lot a lot of pressure from all these other projects they're not letting them sit idle right and the last thing I saw this was interesting I read it right in Turkey there is some inflation with their their native fiat currency and and Kryptos obviously is a good or at least bitcoin is a good safe haven for a lot of these countries that have hyperinflation and I guess there's this this store called coin full that's in Turkey so and they have a key US and that's pretty interesting it's pretty interesting alright that's it for news today there's not that much going on we got some more good news you know things that'll help adoption and that's what we're looking for right overall overall we're looking for that option we want to gain massive adoption not just from traits also from taps and games and whatever else out there that gets people involved with cryptos right like so for example this one I mentioned about Cervantes if they can get their fans to get into this token right and they could use this token to incentivize people to attend games or watch games or buy merchandise and so forth right and then those let's say for example those fans convert those to BTC or do they even just hold those tokens you know this is a good example of getting people involved right and and overall I think this will help the overall crypto ecosystem a lot all right let's learners to turn it back to you guys we're at 219 billion so which is going down slightly but you know the day is young still all right guys I don't know excuse me obviously if you're turning in smash up the likes subscribe to the channel and what kind of questions you guys have for me you know I covered the news pretty quickly today so got a good amount of time for questions what do you think about – in Venezuela well it definitely doesn't hurt but as whele definitely needs it although the president I don't know his name I don't know if his titles president or what he keeps wanting to do his own thing I've been hearing stories about how he wants it tied the national currency to some kind of crypto or to petrol or something so he's doing his own thing so I don't know how that's going but if – is getting adoption that's good for them Marlin thank you for your support I don't know a lot bro there's this uh Deez Nuts who is a guy that's been attending for a while he always wants to show opera I haven't used it so can't say much about it do you think stellar and ripple continue to go up yes stellar and ripple are those coins our long term holds okay it's yes when when they pump definitely you feel good when ripple goes up like 50 70 percent within a couple days good stellar goes up 20 30 % it's good but overall I believe in those projects and I do think they have a huge huge potential in the future so they're they're good hold and they will there are more games coming to them I'm not gonna be talking about in Finn okay there's too many Zinfandel in that project I'm not gonna be talking about them dirt thanks things for support did you see the IBM blockchain commercial on ESPN I did I think I missed a recent one but when they first came out with their supply chain commercials I actually created a video and I displayed I'm like listen this is amazing that IBM started already talking about blotching within the supply chain space and they recently actually noticed that video and at least someone in their social media group did and tweeted out to me and actually said that they saw they liked it and potentially we're gonna work together I have something in the future so next month there's supposed to be a live AMA with one of the what would the blockchain guy from IBM and they want me to host it so that is interesting and a really good opportunity to get the word out so I'm looking forward to that what iBM is definitely at a forefront for blockchain they're already doing commercials I don't see any other companies doing it and that is why also I love stellar because stellar has this type partnership with IBM and I think it's really gonna carry them forward what do you think about lower pricepoint such as car donna reaching for long-term holding I mean I've always said this a lot of people still don't understand you know price and the circulating supply and how that all ties together because I always get asked well you know will ripple ever hit a thousand dollars someday well most likely not because you got to realize the overall market cap is basically the price time to circulate supply and these points have different circulation flies right the reason why cardano's eight cents and still work 2.2 billion is because there's 25 26 billion points right and you compare to Manero this is why Manero is at 117 and roughly the same price because the circuit supplies a lot less so you got to be realistic about that right you can't say well yeah we'll rip off her head a thousand dollars if it does that'll give it a market cap in the hundreds of trillions and most likely that is not going to happen so you got to look at that way now if your question is do smaller coins like our Donna my eight cents go up faster than something like Bitcoin or Oreos that's at five dollars the answer is no I don't think that has anything to do with it I just think that a lot of people that's investing for the first time they don't realize it they just look at a dollar amount even my family members say that you know they'll say oh you know I why wouldn't I invest in Bitcoin cash versus Bitcoin it's only five hundred dollars versus six thousand right isn't a much better bite I mean that's a very hard thing for people to get over I don't know why so certain labs a solid company I haven't heard by anyone Thomas Aaron yeah they seem like a legit company they they make phones I wasn't high on certain labs because I thought that it'll be too hard for them to compete in that physical foam space and I think they're still executing they're coming out there they're super secure phone however based on I think they raised two hundred fifty million and I see oh and now they're they're much less than that so I don't know how they're doing what do you what effect do you think back will have on the market it seems like November it seems November if approved by CFTC will offer PTC futures and we already have that well the thing that's different is Bitcoin futures now is based on a price index it has nothing to do with Bitcoin in terms of none of the providers the ETF providers such as CBO ECM CM e have to have Bitcoin on hand when they settle if someone wants to settle they settled cash now backs Bitcoin future is different it settles and BTC it is based on BTC is not based on just the price index so that is a big big big difference so that means they actually have to own BTC or have some custodian hold BTC on their behalf to be able to offer that and that is a huge huge difference and that's why that is also very very very good for the market Manero – or z cash I've always liked Z cash I like what they're doing – I don't hear much much of but if they're they're getting adoption in Venezuela that is also very good you know obviously when it comes down to is the option Manero I haven't really paid attention to before I know that they're their number one coin in the dark web people like to use mineral because of the privacy features however what really house mineiro is their lololo certainly supply so that makes me like them a lot better because going into the future right it is gonna become scarce so that's my this my thought on the narrow fourth quarter formal is coming I do think so I think there's so much there's so much big news coming so much good things coming within last I used to say three months now it's really two months and there's gonna be a lot of good things and it's called carried over in 2019 I mean everything you guys been tuning in for a while those of you guys that long-term Watchers know that I've been talking about and giving examples of all these instances where 2018 it's definitely different in 2017 and 2014 we got every single player out there that really is go get into Kryptos right when I say players it could be gonna be banks financial institutions it can be enterprise companies it could be clubs now right football clubs it could be just broker stock exchanges like everyone they're all getting to Kryptos and there's no way that's not gonna have effect on the market so it's got to be patient that's just short term volatility means nothing we're all eyeing for the long-term growth right all the long time life-changing wealth well wire-transfer on something like Gemini is the same day so I don't see how one to two days is better and no no fee I mean all of them pretty much no fee but I'll check out a table if there's that many people that actually like it but you know if you're in the u.s. I don't know why you wouldn't use someone like Gemini which is actually really good will we ever see a way to store coins off exchanges that is more main mainstream friendly like something your grandpa to figure out yeah I don't know what you mean by that you could do that already with a ledger or something granted not every coin is supported on ledger however just go get to that Universal wallets you know that kind of covers a lot of these coins there's no one solution for everything right now but there are solutions that cover most of that of course certainly BTC for example you could definitely store down luck sure you could put it in a bank vault and not worry about it for let's say 50 years as long as you don't forget your private key you're fine and then you can give it to your grandsons if you want to and they'll become billionaires you that is a option do I agree with Tim Draper's 250,000 BDC valuation 2025 yeah I do I do 20 20 22 is a long time 250,000 it's definitely reasonable I think a million dollars is reachable and we'll have to see we'll have to see how fast it comes God like thank you screw em well how about the McLaren a7 20s would be a really really nice car to get Apolo I haven't paid attention to Apollo about Ripple one essential thing most coins are blocked by us ripple will be used by the whole financial world because it's solving a real case problem don't you think of well that's the reason why it's up there now because they have so many companies and ripple net that's not using XRP and once they do let's say they move to Rick's rapid it could be a big thing right it's just it just depends it right now we're kind of all theorizing that that's gonna happen but we'll have to see if those companies actually really adopt X wrap it and XRP and if so then it could go to the moon Noel Shelia I don't have much to show on nulls right now I just say that it is a project just like neo just like neo that came out of nowhere and got up to a top you know top 15 even top 10 at one point Knowles has that potential you know I don't really need a shill it just has ten potential so those of you guys interested definitely do your own homework and take a look you know you know what's funny is my my brother-in-law has a Toyota ae86 about this hide she wrote ruku but he does have a dice ae86 up I actually want to review that eventually the zr1 has 755 horsepower yet it it gets destroyed by the Porsche GT gt2 RS I guess destroyed by the 720 McLaren 720s it's because the transmission and that sucks I'm waiting for the Corvette admitted and like platform to come out and that should be soon why do you think China likes Komodo I actually don't know I don't know China's list has a lot of coins that I don't feel like should be up there but I don't know how they evaluate it that's just one of those things I mean Komodo isn't bad there's nothing wrong with it I just know the history behind the founders they kind of pay five or six different coins before selling I'm Komodos so that's the only thing I didn't like Range Rover Land Rover probably has the worst reliability in history even the new ones that's why they're they depreciate like crazy so I don't know they're nice to look at though alright guys what else is there I got a couple minutes left I mean I can't even fit myself and a br see that car is tiny it is tiny oMG team very quiet recently and some yeah oMG you know they started old means is kind of like a PayPal competitor in Southeast Asia and then kind of layer in the gold part which is the crypto part so I have no problem with oMG they're gonna survive because they make a lot of money already and I and they do have Metallica's advisor they work with Metallica a lot so that's a very positive thing I do like oMG a lot H a and I I don't like any more a chain is just all about Forks and I don't know I don't know if anyone is really looking into them anymore they at one point they had more doubts than neo and more depth than cute um but at this point I just don't hear anyone coming out with any coins that's that basic fork from a chain and it's not the most efficient use yeah if you're Jake you're 6 4 don't dig him up BRC you're not don't fit there's no way no way you should think about 360 Dobies you'll fit in the 360 quite nicely credits future I know credits has a main that release supposedly you can handle up to a million transactions you know but it's it's a simulated environment it's not actually deaf utilizing it so just like all these other ones that have really crazy fast networks we just have to see adapts getting Anto right gotta see adoption his lung dad pretty much I haven't checked their website recently last time I checked there wasn't an article updated for months so that made me think that basically no one is using it and that doesn't help them and also what doesn't help them is ever pedia that's coming out which will have a lot more content now so yeah unfortunately i don't know i i've gotten off the lunar bandwagon for now if you ask the TV why don't you answer me be DC or ripple will increase tell us your idea about BD c and ripple I don't know what you mean by that rip ripple I've been talking about continuously about how they have a great future and bdc of course you hold for life changing well so I don't know what question you're you're asking is it worth getting into memorizing and getting one there masternodes I don't know obviously there's a lot of calculators out there any any kind of these taking there's calculators that tell you how profitable it is you just have to see which one is profitable what horizon who used to be send cash what what impressed me is they got into pornhub without paying for it and that must mean something so I think that is a big deal for them no Justin for himself did not get back to me he replied he he linked with me on LinkedIn but no response have you heard about a discord group that's set to pump ontology soon no I don't pay attention to those because those pumps are unhealthy unnatural so no will be chained our stellar make greater percentage of gains and bdc in a long run no I think long run nothing will gain more than BTC BTC is the one that will will last forever and people will hold it as a collectible one and once it is mined out let's say once it's mined out in 30 or 40 years it should just go be one of those collectibles people are gonna hold it on these Ledger's and just have it in their bank vault or in in their houses stored away and that's it and as the deep as the supply decreases demand will go through a roof that's why right now I believe just it doesn't matter bitcoin has 6,000 to 7,000 10,000 this is this is all nothing when it's above a hundred thousand five hundred dollars on a million dollars and I do think that is coming you want to learn more bonds ciders just just click on the link I put in a description already I put in as a comment you could definitely take a look at it insiders just you just get more you got newsletters you get tools you get a whole bunch of support from the insider group so it's definitely a lot more collaborative if you learn a bit more and I spend you know a good amount of time writing newsletters for every day every week and in fact I'll be right at 1 today alright guys I think that's it a little bit over 34 minutes a little bit over 30 minutes I think today today is the calm before the storm and when I say storm I think the good storm we had a good weekend we had a good last half of the last week right we have seen some good gains the overall market is now looking like it's just taking a slight breather and this is a good thing it's getting ready for our next run-up and and you know October is right around the corner we'll only got two months left in a year and I do think there's a lot a lot of good stuff happening so so stay in there stay strong don't get flooded out right and we're all go being this together all right smash up the likes guys subscribe to the channel and and I'll see you tomorrow all right if you if you're interested in reading my newsletter joining insider and if you're interested in my other car channel click on the link in the comment also alright take care guys bye bye

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