BITCOIN Hits $9,000 Then Pulls Back – SEC Forum – Anchorage Crypto Custody Insurance – Coinbase EOS

hey guys Tony here hope you're doing well it is Thursday May 30th I've got big news to share with you guys if you're new to the channel hit that subscribe button also smash the like button this is of course not financial or investment advice let's take a look at the market here Bitcoin hit $9,000 today it even crossed over $9,000 for a little bit and then we saw a big pullback Bitcoin is currently sitting at eight thousand three hundred and ten dollars a theory I'm at two hundred and fifty five dollars XRP just over 42 cents so read across the board here so if you look at the Bitcoin daily chart as mentioned you can see here it went over nine thousand and then we had a bit of a dump here however a good sign it had its Bitcoin is holding a support level between eighty two hundred and eighty three hundred so we got some sideways movement here let's hope it holds that support level and goes back up maybe over 8,500 then we work our way back up to nine thousand sometimes and the technical analysis folks will tell you about this right where you sometimes support levels are tested multiple times before we move past or go past the next price point right so I think that's what's happening here and it's gonna be a roller coaster ride this market is very volatile but patience is a key because obviously for this year we are at a all-time high for this year in in in all the years obviously twenty thousand was the all-time high but we are out of the bear market we're in a bull market now and we're slowly working our way up so let's see how this progresses I'm hoping once again it bounces off the support level doesn't go back down to 8,000 and we work our way back up to $9,000 guys so let's jump into the news here first SEC will be hosting their FinTech forum tomorrow May 31st to discuss distributed ledger technology and digital assets so we see governments are talking about crypto passing regulations dial is happening the big money is getting into the market and making investments they're buying crypto currencies as well as investing in the companies building solutions and software and hardware around crypto that's a great sign because this is a new asset class on the rise so as far as the agenda here they did publish it on their website the SEC that is and let's see if any interesting things come out from it one well I should say let me back up some folks that are gonna be there which is interesting is Ernst & Young you're also gonna have fidelity brokerage services we know fidelity digital assets has launched and you got folks on the MIT that's who that are gonna be there they're doing a lot of research and development around crypto currencies you guys may have saw my interview with the president of the MIT Bitcoin club definitely check that out and you have some folks here from IBM Deloitte and r3 and r3 is significant because of their ties to X R P and we know the SEC has not given clarity on if X RP and many other Kryptos or digital assets are securities or not so let's see what comes out from this and I think this dialogue is helpful these people being there with the SEC is certainly a good sign and dialogue is important as we work our way up to the growth of this market and more clarity more regulation so definitely some good stuff here let's let's hope once again something good comes out from this now moving ahead cryptocurrency custodian Anchorage adds insurance coverage if you've been subscribed to this channel I've talked about it many times as we've been watching the big players launch for the big money to get into this market they need insurance assurance security the cost the custody services right they need protection their money needs to be protected and same way you know your money in the bank account in the bank is federally insured that type of infrastructure needs to be built for the crypto market so we we're seeing more and more companies are adding insurance coverage which is perfect it's great it's a necessary item for the growth of them so crypto custody services from Anchorage has added insurance coverage for storing digital assets in Depot's Anchorage which raised 17 million in a series around fund led by Anderson herelet's announced insurance coverage for institutions that covers digital assets under custody see what's happening here guys coverage for who not retail investors institutions the big money some of them are in the market already and more is coming the coverage comes as the result of a partnership with major insurance broker Aon previously a on stated that the firm was seeing more cryptocurrency specific protections catering to the new crypto industry the new asset class guys Anchorage outlined in a pose that not all coverage of cryptocurrency custody insurance is equal to as most custodians use a combination of both hot and cold storage on which policies may differ the custody firms stated that it has acquired a crime insurance policy which covers both types of digital assets assets storage under one policy that's awesome so now they're building out just like credit card companies they have their division of you know fraud and crime and so forth guys look at what is happening here eventually you're gonna see State Farm and Allstate and all these people are gonna offer coverage for crypto currencies it is coming it's amazing to see this happening it's really amazing and and this is why the future of this market is so bright and they're still haters out there people who they just don't haven't taken the time to research what is going on but we see the infrastructure being built we see the money the acquisitions mergers the building that is taking place now EEOC so finally coinbase has added Chios so they said here starting today coinbase supports us on coinbase comm and in coinbase Android and iOS apps coinbase customers can now buy cell converts and receive or store he owes this is great EOS will be available for customers in most jurisdictions but not initially available to residents of the UK or the state of New York additional jurisdictions may be added at a later date so shout out to coinbase they finally woken up but I think a little bit too late because bye Nance and these other exchanges started eating their lunch right just taking business with them they lost market share but now they're scrambling to catch up but they should have added these coins a year ago over a year ago they could have been they could have been dominant they could have ruled this market man but then there's their stupid nonsense and you know being greedy because they had a lot of Bitcoin and some etherium and and and the they lost out market share but at least now they're trying to get back in the game here now by Nance speaking of exchanges has partnered with crypto lending and borrowing firm cred by Nance exchange is teaming up with credit to offer cryptocurrency lending and borrowing services across its ecosystem as part of the arrangement california-based cred will migrate a portion of its native lb a token to finances blockchain network finance chain finance chief growth officer ted lynn said that as finance chain has a one-second block time it will help credit scale its operations to more markets and users and ensure transactions are fast efficient and effortless so credit as many of you know offers to services borrow and earn and there seems to be a lot of these type of services popped up popping up now you guys have seen my interview with one of the cofounders of block Phi which allows you to do the same thing right you borrow or you get you have like a savings account you earn like an annual rate of return and of course you can borrow crypto as well so a lot of these services are popping up so interesting move here by ban finance because they have a huge customer base globally and if they can do the crypto lending globally that's it's gonna be big for them more exchange news here guys bit wrecks which as you know is a ripple X rapid exchange partner and they are pretty big as well for the first time in our history we're lowering the USD market trading fees to it as low as zero starting June 3rd so this is big this is gonna make them competitive the fact that we're seeing so much you know expansion and building by these exchanges they know what's coming they're trying to get all this wrapped up before we see the massive surge of mass marketing around crypto currencies guys and this is great news for us who use bit tricks I've used bit tricks in the past and like I said they are ripple X rapid exchange liquidity provider keep an eye on that why as these different institutions go live with X rapid they're gonna be sourcing XRP from these exchange partners big things ahead finally China China authorities probe alleged illegal Bitcoin mining sites at hydro plants now why am i sharing this with you because even though you have these smoke and mirrors move by the Chinese government to say well you know crypto currencies are outlawed or whatever right they still allow mining let me go to details government authorities in China's Sichuan province has reportedly probe there are reported reportedly probing into local Bitcoin mining farms that have allegedly been that have allegedly been constructed without official approval a state-owned newspaper in Sichuan published a front-page article on Thursday saying land resource bureau in Sichuan guards County has found Bitcoin mining farms with no prior approval built at sites of hydropower stations now notice what they said with no prior approval we know bit Maine and many other miners operate in China so the government is behind it and they know they're going to prove like yeah they're probably taking bitcoins as well they're probably funding it right but the ones that are doing it without their approval they're obviously trying to give them issues here and shut them down but the government of China is behind a lot of the Bitcoin mining and it's going to be interesting because there's a lot of political things happening now between the US and China and these are interesting things to to be aware of here because they haven't shut down all the mining in China they're just saying the ones who haven't come knocking on the government's door and saying hey we would like to mine right there so you can imagine the government is saying okay we'll let you mine they're probably taking some Bitcoin who knows who knows so interesting things happening here guys so guys what do you think here about the news I think this news about the SEC tomorrow let's see what comes out from it and as well as the insurance being added for custody and and all these different services is great so we'll love to hear your thoughts and comments leave them below thumbs up if you like this video please subscribe if you haven't already if you like to support a channel check out my patreon group links in the description please follow me on Facebook Twitter Instagram links in the description as well thank you for your support and I'll talk to you all later

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  3. Coinbase still made over $500 million last year and it was a bear market. I'd say they didn't loose market share. Retail investors is not the prime part of their business model.

  4. If I remember correctly bitcoin dumped right before shooting up to 20k in 2017. That's how crazy and unpredictable the crypto market is.

  5. My wife left the house in a hurry this morning and now I know why, she better pray the market recovers before I get my hands on her tonight.

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