Bitcoin Helps Japan Grow, US Crypto Laws And Malaysia Embraces Bitcoin – 197

hello everybody welcome back for another video hope you're all doing well and having a great day so first up a number of financial analyst and Japan have recently calculated an estimated that Bitcoin rising in value has the potential to help the Japanese economy grow to analysts in particular stated on Friday that the wealth effect which would be the aftermath of bitcoins rise in price and therefore higher spending power of those who hold it could see increased spending in the country of upwards to two hundred to eight hundred million dollars so a report by analysts Yoshiyuki saw my states that the fact that the rise in Bitcoin was concentrated in the end of 2017 could result in the wealth effect materializing in 2018 quarter one and if this is the case we estimate a potential boost in real GDP on an annualized quarter-to-quarter basis of up to 0.3 percent so at this point we've seen a number of countries welcome Bitcoin with open arms but it's only a matter of time before some struggling countries take notice and realize that crypto adoption especially on a scale as wide as Japan will only help boost their economy next up recently the US Senate Judiciary held a meeting on ways to modernize their anti money laundering laws which of course had digital currencies as one of the main talking points much of the discussion focused on ways to update methods to track criminals prevent fraud and stopping those who break the law because as of now according to many studies the u.s. remains one of the easiest places in the world for those who wish to perform illegal practices it turns out that this actually totals to around two trillion dollars per year when these things are happening so and many people at the meeting claimed that digital currencies were in fact a part of the crimes or could rise in popularity amongst criminals as time goes on however despite all of this the deputy assistant secretary for terrorist financing and financial crimes at the US Department of Treasury that is a very long title her name is Jennifer Fowler she stated that the US dollar is still the weapon of choice for many money launderers and for those who wish to take part in illicit activities she made sure to add however that after all of this they are still making sure to keep digital currencies in their radar lasts up during a recent interview with the Malaysian Reserve the country's second finance minister has stated that the country will not impose a ban on cryptocurrencies adding that doing so would only curb innovation and halt creativity and the financial sector adding that the government is looking to strike a balance between public interest and integrity of the financial system and that it is not the intention of the authorities to ban or stop any innovation that is perceived to be beneficial to the public but there is always a but the country is looking into proper regulation and supervision to assure the risk and scams are not rampant can I say so this is yet another country who has kind of seen the light and hasn't immediately jumped to banning what they do not understand like I always say any day without a ban is a good day and it looks like we're now moving into the regulation stage of crypto which was to be expected in 2018 already guys that is definitely going to do it for this video as always thank you guys very much for listening thank you for all the support I hope you guys have a great day wherever you are wherever you might be whatever you are doing and yeah I will talk to you soon see you

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  1. modern investor!! many many months i came on YouTube and searched XRP. your video was the one i least 3 times. bought a ton of XRPs for less than .20. I sincerely thank you!

  2. @themoderninvestor thanks to u and your channel i brought xrp when it was .15 cent because of u thank you brotha! if it wasn't for u i wouldn't b in this place in my life i am in. thank you!

  3. Hellooo from Malaysia!!
    Well luckily i hold some bitcoin from 2016 and diversify my porfolio with ETH and XRP…

  4. My 5year old son & I think you are fantastic and your channel is definitely one of my favorites. Quick prephis, I was looking at property in Malaysia probably my way to try and preserve my profits in the Eastern part of the world with Plenty of Sunshine.

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