Bitcoin Headed To $6,000?! HUGE Tron TRX + Ripple XRP News! Cryptocurrency Trading + Analysis!

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new videotape got another killer video for you guys full
of information today we’re be looking at Bitcoin heading to six thousand dollars
brawls gonna be talking about huge Tron and ripple news as well as tons of other
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trades and that brings me in to some Bitcoin technical analysis because
obviously with Bitcoin and a theory which are the two that I use leverage
trades most with obviously I use bit mix you’re allowed to use a range of all
coins that’s a bit mech of Bitcoin and aetherium are the two that I use the
most obviously you can have some XRP and TRX in there but definitely a lot less
majority of the time it’s going to be a theorem it’s going to be Bitcoin I’m
gonna be talking about both of those breaking down both of those and looking
at my targets for each one now breaking down Bitcoin first currently as you guys
can see we’re at roughly five thousand two hundred and forty dollars we have a
steady climb up if we look at the actual daily chart which is what we’re on right
now you can see we are closing green candles progressively getting our way to
higher zones now we have currently tested a resistance twice this
resistance being around five thousand three hundred fifty dollars mines marked
at five thousand three hundred and forty-two but it’s roughly around five
thousand three hundred and fifty dollars so as of right now we were trading in
this range a lot of body candle in this rectangle that you guys can see
from there we have seen a nice breakout up from that tested this resistance
twice which if you were to draw the fibonacci and I can do that for you guys
really quick just going from the top over here and just dragging it all the
way out so that we have the zero at the bottom so you guys can see over here
this lines up very well with the 61 point eight which is an area Bitcoin
loves true really loves to retrace back to and that’s exactly what we’re seeing
right here so it lines up very very well no surprise that we are seeing some
strong resistance at this level and if we do see a break above this I do
believe we could be seeing Bitcoin first obviously head out to five thousand six
hundred dollars and again breaking from that we have this target in a very big
range of six thousand dollars to six thousand four hundred dollars now the
reason I mark this in green is because obviously it is Bitcoin going up that
means your portfolio’s are probably gonna be green so I mark this in green
while you see the ones in the bottom are marked in red because unless you are
using bit Mex to short Bitcoin your portfolio will probably be down now that
is the upside target from here if we do break below I do see the possibility of
Bitcoin going to 4900 you know comparing to what I was talking about in the
previous video where I saw the possibility when we were in this range
of that job to 4600 now the more we continue on this steady climb the less
likely that is right now 4900 say would be the danger zone for us to fall down
to get nothing’s counting out from us dropping into this range which is 4600
to 4800 you have to be very cautious when you are trading in these zones the
market is very very volatile very very I believe manipulated as well although
some people don’t like to say I do believe it’s also very manipulated in
this range but as long as we continue to climb I think FOMO kicking in a lot of
people believing that this was the bottom and that now they miss the
opportunity to buy in before the Borah a lot of people driving this price up as
well I do believe we might see the opportunity of Bitcoin hating 6000
dollars now why is this so important why is it targets so important first of all
if you aren’t being able to leverage throughout this position if you are able
to you know get in some long position and make some profits like
we’ve been doing now we’ve opened and closed Long’s in profit a few times
already in this range both of Bitcoin and with aetherium because again the
markets going up now you see some very long wick so you are still you do have
to still be very cautious with this range the chances of us just having one
break up to six thousand dollars one candle I don’t believe that’s exactly
what we’re gonna see but again Bitcoin does surprise us all the time so that’s
what we have to watch out for now the interesting part is if we do hit this
range guys this is where I’m gonna be looking for the opportunity to short
Bitcoin yes cuz I don’t think breaking $6,000 or just getting to $6,000 don’t
think that means we’re in a bull and I don’t think that means that we’re never
gonna drop down again I do believe around this area if you’re
able to pick up a short and again manage it correctly make sure stop losses make
sure you’re nowhere near liquidation don’t use too much leverage but being
able to enter short in this range currently is what I’m predicting to then
be able to drop back down have another big move down that I think a lot of
people are not expecting to see but again we’re gonna get to that when we do
get to these ranges first let’s focus on getting to these ranges seeing if these
targets are met and then if anything changes I will obviously keep you guys
updated but that to me right now is where I see Bitcoin heading moving on to
aetherium well aetherium people are predicting a $200 aetherium and i’ve
seen a lot of people scoff at this well I’m gonna come out and say a theory of
to $200 is pretty much where I’m looking at my target for aetherium as well so if
I do a zoom out right here you guys can see the $200 mark is what I do have set
up for aetherium that is this top Green Line where I believe we could see
aetherium go to reason again for this looking really good what makes it look
so good to me if we zoom all the way in zoom all the way and what we see
happening over here is very interesting where we have the resistance here we
broke above the resistance went to the next resistance bounced off of here to
the resistance that was turned support previously over here turn the support
and now we’re bouncing off that so break above this area to me a very clear sign
that we will be heading to $200 so I want to keep you guys updated on all the
technical analysis not for Bitcoin but for aetherium because I
think a theorem could be seeing some nice gains as well if you guys want me
to talk more about other all coins about X R P you know about TR x about
aetherium with the technical analysis then make sure you leave a comment down
below right now letting me know that that is something you want to see but in
terms of market cap read 176 a billion dollars in markup again slowly slowly
climbing our way up there you saw the Bitcoin candles nothing crazy the last
few days but we are steadily in the green every single day so far the last
four or five days in the green climbing our way back up Bitcoin dominance is
that 50.7% gets to refresh see if this changes should be fifty point eight
there you go it’s up a little bit it has continued to climb again steadily as we
go Bitcoin gaining more and more market dominance some of the biggest gainers of
the day we have best chain of 25% nano absolutely killing it up 16% very happy
to see a good project performing very well in this market verge is up 8.8% we
have auger Tron is up just under 7 percent as well shortly after that we do
have I believe it is probably like a 60/40 split with like 60% of crypto
currencies in the rent but for the most part it’s a pretty sideways dig and the
Bitcoin daily candle today it’s a bit of very small body decent sized wake but a
very small body so still it’s in the green but it is small so a lot of all
coins pretty much trading sideways we have a pretty even split between what’s
in the red and what’s in the green now good news in terms of adoption we have
driving mass adoption Bitcoin is now apparently it’s available within five
miles of 90% of Americans via kiosk so for those of you who are wondering where
are people gonna be able to buy Bitcoin you know when the adopters coming in
terms of accessibility things were looking pretty good at this point with
it being available within five miles of 90% of Americans it’s a good amount and
again America is probably going to be one of the leading countries in terms of
accessibility for Bitcoin on terms of a doctor for the country self but
accessibility because of how many people how much money is in this area but
scaling down I do believe as we go we’re gonna get this more and more happening
in other countries as well personally I believe this is a very good sign and CME
Bitcoin futures volume guys rises by 9 150 percent in just four days it went
from an all-day went to an all-time high on April 4th hitting an all-time high
volume of over two of 22.5 thousand contracts which is the equivalent of one
hundred and twelve point seven thousand equivalent Bitcoin would surpass the
previous high of 64 point three thousand equivalent Bitcoin and eighteen point
three thousand contracts so that’s absolutely say in terms of volume coming
in talked about people being excited about getting and talked about people
you know be excited to trade this yeah you guys can see by the numbers now big
news for ripple for X our piece of ripples X Rapids saved a client thirty
thousand dollars this came from mercury effects we talked about mirco effects
not too long ago and their partnership where they’re trying to use ripple this
is bullish news it might sound small Bush bullish news because saving someone
thirty thousand dollars you best believe that if that’s the possibility if that’s
what it’s saving people if that’s what it’s obviously this is probably a client
that has a lot of money but still if it’s saving people money there is no
reason for people not to move over to a platform that is saving them money that
is more beneficial to them so again good news in terms of adoption no direct
price correlation right now in terms of the news but moving forward it indicates
that we will see more adoption simply because of it providing an actual value
it has actual value it has actual utility and people using it are seeing
the benefits of using so I do expect that to continue and lastly fort Ron an
announcement that came from Justin’s son apparently son Network is going to be
launching in May revealed the key phases for the DAP cheyna there was a lot of
things that were actually talked about from the USD T stable coin the tron
value of the Tron based version I talked about the collaboration between the
truant ecosystem officially collaborating with aetherium later this
year they didn’t provide too much detail but Don the founder Justin Sun the CEO
of Tron and the Tron founder Justin’s son did hint at the possibility of Tron
collaborating with aetherium which is going to be pretty interesting to see
obviously we have the Tron based version of the stable coin tether now that
already was now that already is coming up as well so
they started talking about that and he did go on to believe
that he thinks it’s that he well he went on to say he revealed that the Tron
based version of the USD T stable coin will permit cheaper and faster
transactions than the Bitcoin based USD t which again wouldn’t have to wait and
see but some pretty big news in terms of trauma for Tron fans obviously also the
Sun Network which I think was the main thing that people were talking about in
terms of him announcing the the the test net that’s going to launch in late May
so we wrapped away I see a lot of good things to look for to foreign investors
lot of good things look forward to if you still believe in the project if you
don’t then you probably don’t care too much but if you do believe and i know
tron has a huge community this is a lot of stuff to realize stuff to take in a
lot of stuff to keep up-to-date on so let me know your guys thoughts on all
this in the comments down below guys that’s gonna be it for this video thank
you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video

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