what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today from the Google tech cache now so Paul if you're having a good one as always today I want to bring to all of you some more Bitcoin positivity okay and I want to talk about John McAfee's prediction as to why Bitcoin will reach 1 million dollars by 2020 and why that's not an unrealistic outlook at all a lot of people look at that and think John McAfee's nuts you know he's crazy he's off his gourd he doesn't know that bitcoins gonna reach 1 million dollars by 2020 and he's not really providing a good opinion as to why it could happen and I do want to go ahead and say you know John McAfee's opinions in the past I think have written a lot on his popularity and that is totally fine you know he's using his influence to build the crypto platform and to build his position basically by saying you know I am a guy who's deeply involved in the tech sector I made a lot of money with antivirus softwares and I support crypto and that's good for a lot of people you know and I think that for myself included I do tend to trust John McAfee's opinion because he has a lot of experience in cybersecurity he has a lot of experience in new and upcoming technologies and that to me you know makes him a reliable source he's got a lot of experience and you know experience counts for a lot I have over half a decade of crypto trading investing in research experience so I would like to think that I'm kind of on the same page although I might actually do more technical analysis than John McAfee but hey that's just my own opinion so anyway John McAfee while he has told us time and time again you know 1 million dollars for Bitcoin is right around the corner sometimes he hasn't elaborated on that as much as I think he should have which you know is fine because if you look at all of his tweets and you kind of compile all of them and I look at all of his interviews you can really get a good picture of why exactly he thinks that bitcoin is heading to 1 million dollars by 2020 but I think it's something that people are still understandably a bit cloudy on you do have to do the research and really put together his opinions before you really understand why exactly he thinks that Bitcoin will be so valuable so that's what I want to discuss today's video if you liked the video force go head drop it like subscribe and share from where let's go for 200 likes for mr. John McCarthy and myself and share it with your buddies you know because they might really appreciate this info especially as crypto prices are kind of just once again stagnant so let's go ahead and discuss John McAfee sort of opinion or his posturing that Bitcoin will reach 1 million dollars by 2020 now as I discussed in a video fairly recently you know John McAfee is not the only expert that believes that 1 million dollars by 2020 is possible in fact he is one of many big experts investors you know across the board and researchers that believe that 1 million dollars is completely and entirely possible and attainable in only a couple of years which is exciting because it shows a lot of synergy between the investors and the researchers of the cryptocurrency space which is amazing to see you know the regular financial world doesn't seem to have this much synergy at all so it's really great to see crypto a banding together as a community now here is basically the reason why John McAfee thinks that bitcoin can reach 1 million dollars by 2020 and why I'm inclined to agree because through my research this is something that I've also considered heavily and it's something that could really have a huge impact so the thing that I'm discussing of course is John McAfee's reference his constant reference to the United States dollar becoming destabilized and eventually losing a lot of its value now all of you know that the u.s. dollar used to be backed by the gold standard and its value was extremely strong during that time however a handful of decades ago the gold standard was taken out in terms of regulation and the US dollars now backed by the US government and that's actually about it it's backed by a strong economy in fact the strongest economy in the world which does you know go a good distance for banking your currency but it's not physically backed by a tangible asset anymore which is something that a lot of people are worried about with many fiat currencies John McAfee is really no different he's sort of a financial anarchist and that makes his stance really interesting because he like myself believes that eventually the US dollar will be devalued to the point where people will be jumping ship to leave it's sort of Fiat system now I want to go ahead and say the John McAfee's opinion on this is more extreme than my own opinion I do own a good amount of traditional stocks and investments and for that reason I don't necessarily think that we're going to see an extreme and rapid decline in the value of the US dollar but here's what I do think will happen and this is something that John McAfee has touched on in the past I think that as the US dollar begins to lose value as it already is and as we've already seen over the past several years if not the past decade or so a lot of companies will start taking their standard investments you know their standard stocks bonds etc and tokenizing them or in other words allowing them to be tradable tokens to basically make their stock or whatever more tradable without a Fiat dollar sort of trading pair so basically they're going to take their stocks and their bonds or their corporate assets and make them tokenized or basically form them into crypto currencies now do I think that this is going to happen over a short period of time you know a month a year even honestly I don't think it will but I think that we may see a couple of big companies dabbling in this by the end of 2019 okay I'm talking Microsoft possibly fidelity you know maybe companies like Tesla more tech-savvy companies basically I think we're going to start to see them dabble in this sort of tokenization process and maybe toy with the idea of taking their assets digital which would obviously have huge implications for the crypto world okay because here's the thing if people are buying and selling tokenized assets they have to have some trading pair in order to do so just like you have to use USD to bind Bitcoin or other kryptos to bind Bitcoin you'd have to do the same thing with company tokenized assets so if you want to buy one tokenized share of Microsoft for example you would have to transact in that share with a specific allowable pair and that rhymed unintentionally so that would in turn boost the price of the pair or the value of the paired currency such as Bitcoin for example just by association because people would need to be buying it and using it to transact in these tokenized assets and you might be saying Mike why in the hell would this make any difference well I want to go and say this okay the United States is the world's leading economy it is absolutely gigantic we have a huge purchasing paradis and that is because we have a lot of corporations we have a lot of very very strong large companies so if these strong large companies of the United States start to do this sort of thing you know take their money you know take their assets take their stocks and make them tokenized it would have a very far-reaching impact it wouldn't be insignificant or unsubstantial this would be a major sort of paradigm shift when it comes to the implementation of assets that companies control if these assets are tokenized or basically made into cryptocurrencies it would by relation majorly boost the value of other cryptocurrencies as well this is something that just would happen it so it's a matter of fact okay and through my research I have seen this develop as companies start to implement cryptocurrencies or use crypto systems for example square okay actually start accepting Bitcoin and other currencies their transaction rates went through the roof so people are really interested in utilizing these technologies and really putting them to the test in order to see if they can hold up now as the value of the dollar starts to fall more and more companies will become more and more interested in tokenizing their assets to retain the company's value okay once again this really only makes sense financially speaking that would be a very smart decision on the part of the companies so right now I know it does seem a bit unrealistic but something like this could easily drive the price to 1 million dollars by 2020 or 20 21 you know some point in the relatively near future it's only a matter of time before we start to see large company involvement and this is something that I think is going to happen now I think that with all of my research backing my opinion so keep that in mind this is not unresearched and this is stuff that I really am pretty convinced of so anyway guys with that being said I'm gonna go ahead and wrap the video up John McAfee and I are very much on the same page but I want to go ahead and elaborate I as to why you know his opinion is the way it is you know what made him decide on 1 million it seems arbitrary at times but anyway I hope I did a good job of explaining it if you did like the video of course drop it a like do subscribe and share for more those things help the channel out a ton and they're greatly appreciated I'll see all of you in the next one Cooper here the ten cash house for more videos like this for more crypto positivity and investment information and tips and anyway folks adios

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