48 thoughts on “Bitcoin Has "Run Out Of Juice", Crypto Collections And Bitcoin Block Size Increase”

  1. all bs… bitcoin is stagnant due to nobody trading, they learned theier lessons, whales sell of price drops, people loose, bitcoin rise when whales buy low values, they make prices rise, then again sell of,, price fall people loose, try it a few times, you will soon stop

  2. I find it stupid that there are so few trading pairs too and I share the same thought in that it should have a trading pair for every other currency so you can switch easily without the need of trading it back to ETH or BTC first.. However I think the problem lies in the fact that trading platforms then have to consider a new fee for every different trading pair. For example if you trade XRP for LTC, the fee might be harder to determine (since they are not the same for each currency I guess?…). Furthermore they would need to make a LOT more candlestick charts and stuff since there has to be one for each pair then. But that is automatically processed I guess so that shouldn't be the problem.

  3. someone please legit defend the idea of ETFs for me. because as i understand them, they're pretty much just off-track betting.

  4. Exchanges are front running their customers trades and artificially manipulating prices via bots. This is primarily facilitated by the SegWit upgrade which allows priority pricing known as fee rate as well as child-pays-for-parent pricing priority structuring. Therefore the ETFs will not happen because this is a rigged market.

  5. Are any of these crypto collections physically backed with the underlying crypto or are they just like the futures contracts which are merely 'written on a piece of paper'?

  6. I think most exchanges have at least 3 or 4 “trading pairs” to trade for the other coins. Usually at least Bitcoin, Etherium and Lightcoin and often Bitcoin Cash to to trade for any of the others they offer. Certainly some have other “trading pairs” also

  7. Just as stock, they split and double the share amount. Anyway, btc should only be a fast transfert protocol.. it should be 0cent worth…

  8. CFTC tweeted Fed Court deemed crytpo's as commodities! You know Bakkt is launching as all they were waiting for was CFTC 🙂

  9. it goes up, they complain about transaction fees, it goes down, they call it a bubble/scam/"tulip craze", it goes sideways, they call it boring. bitcoin cant win in the eyes of the msm

  10. So, has Bitcoin ever "run out of juice" before? Oh right, it has, back in mid 2015, right before the beginning of the last bull market.

  11. Sec and the rest of regulators are too busy leting Wells Fargo turn mortgages into some type of thin air bullshit that's going to crash again great job guys I'm sure you'll screw up crypto just as much I hope your pockets get very well greased as mr. McAfee says decentralized decentralized decentralized

  12. The SEC who think they are the rulers of crypto, don’t they know crypto is world wide not just with them to play with? Bitcoin has no ruler, The ETF is delayed for one main reason, banks and governments want to bring in their own rules, until those rules are ready, the SEC will play the delay game, again I stress, Bitcoin has no ruler, crypto can only be ruled over through exchanges, they cannot stop the tech, it’s just self interest by people who got their money by scamming people. Don’t listen to anything the SEC say because they are not the rulers they think they are.

  13. Fidelity still offers the ETN and despite the two SEC statements from Sept, CXBTF is going strong. I think it will definitely help Bitcoin’s price and stability as it makes it affordable at $30 and it is commodity based.

  14. I don’t see list of your news articles in description. Did you use to do this and I missed when you stopped it? Shouldn’t we be able to verify the links ourselves without having to try and retype by hand?

  15. Skycoin will decouple from BTC once they launch mainnet for skywire. The use case will be undeniable, and the value of the coin will be backed by bandwith (an increasingly valuable asset). It will be a thing of beauty. Watch and see

  16. Uranus rules electricity and technology and Taurus is a sign of material wealth where in a Uranus retrograde in the sign of Taurus until Jan feb makes complete sense why crypto has slowed down first q 2019 when it goes direct should be groundbreaking

  17. 10:58 that is brad garlinghouse quote. Make payments as easy, instant and borderless as sending an email and everything before that.

  18. eae7a0edb943775b0ab591e311ee8bdf185a33066fcbb412ee0c6a1904a93e60dcc0a5c82224 A3 not profitable right now. Hope Sia goes up to 450 Satoshi.

  19. If you’re worrying about a governmental body in a system where anything can work out then maybe you have the wrong mindset? Just profit

  20. Nice commentary, TMI. My 0.02 Satoshi's worth: Anyone calling BTC or the cryptosphere in general 'boring', doesn't get it, at least not the big picture and the long strategy. Or they made big losses recently and are scrambling to beat it any way they can before 2019, which is a fool's errand. Same goes for folks who are disproportionately concerned with crypto ETFs getting SEC approval ASAP. They're just airing their lack of vision and stamina, and that's OK too. 🙂

  21. what if the SEC approval doesn't move the price by much for a long time, what are we gonna do? we are doomed )))

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