Bitcoin has a VALUABLE Future: HERE'S WHY [Crypto News]

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe for a video on cryptocurrency everyday my name is Austin and like always we have the latest bit coin and crypto news for you so it's great to have you guys here and this first story comes direct from the Securities and Exchange Commission and surprisingly they yet again say something positive about crypto this time more specifically regarding initial coin offerings check this out in a speech last week focused on reviewing the SCC's progress of this last year 2018 and discussing the agenda for this next year 2019 J Clayton the chairman of the SEC said and I quote I believe that initial coin offerings can be effective ways for entrepreneurs and others to raise capital Wow I mean this is honestly maybe one of the most positive statements we've heard out of the chairman of the SEC and it's Noah fish it's no official document by any means but I I really believe this is not this is not nothing and this is news we will not have heard six months ago and it's interesting because this little piece of positive news comes from a slew of positive things we've heard specifically from the SEC just recently over these last three to six weeks as you may or may not have remembered that we reported that the SEC in the last three or six weeks have gone on Bitcoin podcasts have gone to cryptocurrency conferences things they do not have to do and to put in perspective in a speech that was not about cryptocurrency but just about the SE C's progress in this last year and what they plan to do next year they mentioned crypto and they mentioned it in a positive light and I don't know let me let me know what your takeaway from this is in the comments but it's a little bit of a green flag there's a caveat though obviously it's not all not all roses he says however he added that securities rules must be adhered to where appropriate I mean on the surface this seems like obviously he should say that but again it's this problem that we've always had trying to fit a square peg in a round hole trying to get cryptocurrency to adhere to regulations that were established in 1929 before the internet before crypto so nothing has really changed but just to back up what I just said in a direct quote J Clayton says the novel technological nature of an initial coin offering does not change the fundamental point that when a security is being offered our security laws must be followed hard to do when they were invented in 1929 but I mean all in all positive statement and if that's not clear let me just end with this little green flag the Chairman further said that the SEC and its staff have spent a significant amount of time focusing on blockchain and crypto assets and that is a trend he expects to continue in the upcoming year to me what this is saying that from the SEC is unofficial point of view Bitcoin and crypto they have a future I like that again let me know what you think in the comments I will be responding to each and every one but a next piece of news comes direct from Facebook and this just dropped yesterday and we are getting new information on Facebook's ultimate goal for crypto and blockchain technology as you may or may not know we along with many other crypto sites reported back in May of this year many months ago that Facebook announced a quote unquote big company shake-up involving the creation of a new division of Facebook that was going to be leveraging blockchain technology so Facebook was looking into blockchain and at the time that's really all we know well as of yesterday we have new information the company has publicly listed five blockchain related job listings and the listings include a data scientist data engineer to software engine and a product marketing lead and all of these people all these jobs are in the blockchain sector of the company and it's just interesting because the job descriptions outline Facebook's ultimate goal of bringing blockchain to the mainstream to put this in perspective or first off what does Facebook want to do with a blockchain division what's Facebook's plan for blockchain well in this direct quote they say our ultimate goal is to help billions of people with access to things that they don't have that could be things like equitable financial services new ways to save or new ways to share information and the significant thing for us is all this is going to be done on the blockchain I like that and this is not to say that Facebook has is gonna make their own cryptocurrency yet but I can see this piece of news being the first domino in other companies maybe like Google or Amazon if a company of this reverence hooks in the blockchain you know blockchain has a future and I could see in three to five years Facebook adopting their own cryptocurrency not for anything big maybe just for micro transactions on the blockchain maybe just for you know on some of their Facebook games but it's a great first step I like a team we have two more news articles that ago breaking news out of basic attention token and then I want to share with you how UNICEF is adopting crypto and blockchain technology but just a reminder we do this every day on this channel so make sure you subscribe you do not want to miss a daily crypto video all right this next piece of news just dropped from Twitter Brendan Eich the founder of basic attention token and he just announced I guess a few days ago that we are happy to have brave ie the where is it where is it the brave browser I don't know I can't see it usually I have a little brave browser thing on my tab but we're happy to announce that the brave browser is going to be the default browser for the new HTC Exodus blah chain phone I love that I love that so when he's essentially here it is here's a little brave thing I use the brave browser and decentralized browser brave becomes the default browser on the HDC blockchain smartphone and this is obviously it feels like a match made in heaven but we did had we had no clue this was going to happen until a few days ago when it was announced on Twitter let me retweet that if you want to follow us on Twitter feel free to do it link in the description below but I mean this is significant because HTC is a huge company they have 2.3 percent of the smartphone market and the people that get this phone are gonna automatically be using the brave browser unless they switch off it and brave is an open sourced blockchain powered browser which blocks ads and website trackers so it definitely is a great utility and another thing that they're gonna be able to do with that browser on the new HTC phone brave browser uses basic attention token that sends advertisers payments to brave and its users to brave and its users and subsequently can be used to pay for premium content and I just wanted to mention this last one because recently we got an email that some of you guys have donated brave basic attention token to us and I just want to say really appreciate it wasn't that much but it just it's cool to see you know it's it's not worth that much money but it's cool to see people actually using crypto so I appreciate you guys like that this last piece of news and then stay tuned because we'll do a quick check of the live crypto market this last piece of news comes from UNICEF and they have just chosen six blockchain startups for their humanitarian humanitarian investment venture check this out the United Nations International Children's emergency fund ie UNICEF has invested in six blockchain startups let's check out this the new investments says the UNICEF release forms part of a wider blockchain strategy for the humanitarian agency here's the direct quote on how they will be using blockchain and just to put this in perspective UNICEF is known nationally you know many nations around the world use this and unit UNICEF is making a specific strategic play towards blockchain this is what they say using smart contracts for organizational efficiencies creating distributed decision-making processes and working to build a knowledge and understanding of distributed ledger technology both in the United Nations and in countries where UNICEF works do not tune out on my team both in the United Nations and countries wherever UNICEF is they'll be using it for their smart contract capabilities for organizational efficiencies and a lot of things and they will be vesting up to $100,000 in these six new blockchain projects and just to give you a little bit more specific detail on how and what unit-wide is UNICEF need blockchain check this out attics labs is one of the projects they're investing in based in Argentina is building a platform for other small to medium businesses to access funding in a way that offers traceability as how the funds are being used they're going to do this on the blockchain one smart is another company is developing an application to ensure the delivery of state-provided social services addressing the issue of misuse of social funds in emerging markets so they're going to be able to better give social services and keep all that information transparent on the blockchain two more the second company from Mexico press crypto will improve the ability of electronic prescriptions by building a platform for patients medical histories obviously needed and the Indian base just to do a fourth one the in India based stat wig is creating a blockchain solution for the supply chain management of vaccines to improve the efficiency of vaccine delivery there's two more you guys can check it out for yourself but it just shows the UNICEF a National Organization for helping people sees real utility in adopting blockchain that ain't nothing alright team thank you for sticking around to the end of the video let's do a live look at the market before we end all right looks like the market cap is still kind of sitting around a hundred and eleven billion dollars as you can see we did have a little uptick about two days ago and we weren't able to sustain it so we're back at very much near almost the lowest we've been this whole year one Bitcoin cost $3500 and if we finish off by looking at the top 10 we can see that what's the big winner well the big winner would have to be Bitcoin SV all right good for them and the I'm sorry I bet that's the big loser they have lost the most all right that makes more sense to me and I guess aetherium no it's XRP the new stable coin has has the least loss all right team that's the video thanks for tuning in we'll see you tomorrow

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  2. it is actually clever, WIth that number of signed customers facebook already has build a customer base for adoption of a new cryptocurrency if they decide to create one.

  3. Nice job Austin. However, don't forget the leftist mob forced Brendan Eich out of his job as CEO of Mozilla. Not sure FB getting into crypto is a good thing as they are cut from the same cloth….

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  5. Looks very probable that Coinbase will be listing XRP. they will  leave the big announcement to the last day December 21st

  6. Just to inform you guys … the WORST price year for the U.S. Tech sector was 2001, but it was the best year in terms of adoption, awareness, signups to the internet … I think history is repeating itself here …. HODL bitcoin until further confirmation that another coin is worthy

  7. As you mention Facebook getting into Blockchain tech, below is a quick reminder about Facebook lite.IM and Litecoin adoption

  8. My former C executive went to UNICEF and is probably spearheading this effort. I was a big proponent of crytpo/blockchain while we worked together and he is well versed on the technology. Wish i still worked for Andy

  9. You do, of course, know what, “but” or “however” means in logic. “Here is some ephemeral information” (but, or however) negates the value of all preceding information, followed by what we really want to say. You might want to think about leading with actual non negated info.

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  11. Great article on Bitcoin from Bloomberg. Mike Novogratz Explains Why He’s Still All-In on Crypto

  12. Trading needs an expert with experience who can tackle and predict stocks to yield maximum profits. Mr. Stefanos Veenman is that expert!

  13. Think 2017 in reverse, people went nuts thought it was going to the moon fomo gripped the many, they lost a lot of money as I have but I haven't sold

    I refuse to sell at these prices, just as people think the boom will last forever they think the doom is going to zero

    Whether I lose every penny I put in or not i am not selling, you only loose money if you sell for less

    In many ways the fundamentals of bitcoin are better than last year, there are many positives underlying the current price

    Imo there are some big players accumulating OTC and selling on the market to buy even cheaper, the only reason I'm not buying is because I'm not in a position too ATM, but for anyone who can, its a great buy, it may go down a bit more but its not going to be too much of a big deal at these prices. I wouldnt be suprised if the delays in the sec are all part of a wider collusion

    If big players on wall Street own a big % of the bitcoins then manipulation is easier for them to monitor

    By delaying decisions weaker hands and smaller players leave the market, billionaire traders don't mind waiting and accumulating other people's pain its how they make their money

    Just as last year's bubble burst the doom will too, buy when therrs blood on the streets as the saying goes buy

    The manipulation will only stop when the dumpers sell and can't buy the same amount of bitcoin they just sold so next time they dump less and less and so on

    I don't think we have see the bottom but im fairly certain anything around 2500-2800 will see huge bounces.

    This markets being controlled and pushed as low as people will let them do it, there will be a few more pumps and dumps to come imo

    The day it stops is the day people don't sell as many after the dumps and stop them doing it

    Its that simple

  14. Had BAT on my radar since last year and became a Brave user for almost as long. It's my go to browser on my phone and my laptop. Love how fast it is, and love how it's increased use us likely to drive crypto adoption.

    I'm quite skeptical of 99% of altcoins and wouldn't touch most with a ten foot pole but BAT is one i'm actually comfortable investing in.

    Thanks again.

  15. Austin, I watch your videos "Almost Daily" I would like you to look into a new project by Richard Heart called BitcoinHex. I have valued your opinion in the past based on the amount of research, it seems, that you do. I would like to see what you find. Thanks brother. Be well.

  16. what do you think of LSK? i've been reading and many people says its one of the coins of 2019 (with xlm, eos and bnb)

  17. I was stupid and logged in to exchange at job,not at home where I have everything under shortcuts-tabs and I logged in thru phishing site and lost 22k UTK! Even 2FA didnt help anymore.. at ATH they were worth 28k,now 500USD,but in 2019 when they will launch platform they will be worth a lot again,Im sure! Hard painfull lesson learned.. sad part is that im in such a shitty financial situation that I cant put even 10USD again in crypto! and I had 70% of money in UTK! Be careful out there guys

  18. Oh so multiple people do this channel…. I got confused. Today you said your name was Austin. Yesterday you said your name was Aaron or something. Then I heard that both voices were different. Hmmmmmmmmm

  19. Good coverage on Brave, I've been using it for almost a year and BAT has the potential to tokenize the internet. Everyone needs to use Brave!

  20. Austin, Aaron, you should look into how Bitcoin price manipulation has been poisoning since the futures trading by being able to short contracts on assets that don't even have to exist. But most importantly how Bitcoiners can come together in the future to leave Wall St. holding worthless paper if necessary.

  21. Elon Musk just recently stated "I don't respect the SEC".   Nor do I.   From my viewpoint they're going to act like they're doing what's in the best interest for US citizens, act like they are doing due-diligence, etc,……….but inevitably they will do what is in best interest for the banks.  I suspect they will keep saying kind words about crypto, but will say no to an ETF in February.

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