Bitcoin Halving Equals $265K

hey guys Filip a true genius alright we're gonna dive into the Bitcoin having cycle a little bit more in this video we kind of nice to jump up with Bitcoin getting over the 200-day moving average which is a pretty big deal for a lot of people that's that's a line in the sand whether or not we're in a bear market or a bull market depending on if we're below or above that 200-day moving average so we're gonna take a look at that and diamond in this chart here which is our Bitcoin having a cycle chart and talk about what all this means and what we can expect so without further ado guys let's dive into this video and check all that out guys really quickly we've got some specials running for getting in the room for 12 months with us and this is just an example of the crypto calls and we've had a bunch of calls already this this year cumulative percentage total gains of 362 over almost three hundred and sixty three percent so you guys want to get in on that you know we include that in that and a special number one also include our binary options program the official calls now are at 142 wins and nine losses and that doesn't even include all the room trade winners that are in that we share in the room so again you can get these specials 319 I don't get you 12 months with us really encourage you guys to join us and get in on some of this winning action alright alright let's dive into this having trajectory this is a chart that basically outlines the basically where the having events are so that's these red vertical lines so the first one was back in October 2012 and they're basically right in the middle of where we have our peak to trough to peak okay so basically a good indicator of historically midway through the correction and then on our way to the next high now what we did was we took basically averages of these peak to trough back to Peaks again so on the first having we had back in 2012 the bottom was put in one hundred and sixteen bars or three hundred and forty-seven days this is a daily or a three day chart three hundred and forty seven days prior to the having the bottom was put in on that corrective cycle same thing here five hundred and three days on this particular one the bottom was put in before the having cycle so you know obviously there's a bit of difference between these two but you can see it's the better part of a year plus here and a better part of a year here so if we take that average right and again the the con to this would be that we just don't have a lot of sample size yet however when you've got to having cycles that I basically split the difference between the basically the whole move corrective move down and then back up I think you can basically look at that and say there's something here as far as the timing goes so we take the average one hundred and what this case four hundred and twenty five days would be the average days before having bottom alright that takes us to actually April first coincidentally April first was our big spike above the 200-day moving average we just recently have and took us up over five K and we pulled back a little bit from that but coincidentally that happened on that average day before the having okay now same thing on the upside after they having we had a peak 393 days after the having we peaked out here that was that first run over a thousand dollars on this particular cycle the most recent cycle we had after our 2016 happy we peaked out at five hundred and sixty four days after having so you can notice the here the days are a little closer together as far as bottom and peak bottom and peak they are roughly about 50 or so days here and this one is roughly about sixty days within within each other as far as the bottom and the top pre and post so kind of interesting there on this particular one we're taking the average again so that takes us to four hundred and seven seventy seven days past the having on 2020 that takes us out to September eighteenth twenty twenty-one considering that the trajectory is going to be relatively the same and I'm gonna say this is a little bit you know we're taking the averages here of the time that's projected to take to get to a peak after that having based on the previous ones but I'm actually leaning this might be a little conservative timewise because I think that these cycles we're going to start seeing these types of cycles actually start to compress I've seen a lot of people say oh they're getting longer but I actually think they're gonna compress until we get one final really large blow off top that kind of puts the top in on Bitcoin for a while and then price settles in and more of a long-term stable value for Bitcoin that means said though we're looking at another huge price increase again these price increases are in line with where you buy around the time going into the halving period which is like right now that's where you kind of see like your big gains and everyone is still leery about getting the Bitcoin or it's gonna fall farther it's gonna come down again and that's usually where it leaves people behind and then people are just wishing that they got one more pull back to get back into it but this one takes us to two hundred and sixty five thousand seven hundred and forty eight dollars on September 18 2021 again I think that might actually be conservative we could actually see that number sooner or we could see a peak sooner but not as high but I think the time timelines that might be a little conservative okay this also we have a nice channel now that we have that on the logarithmic chart which is scaled so you can see properly all the highs and lows without squishing the chart due to the fact that price got up to 20 K over here that's kind of the scales the chart in a relative manner so as you can see a lot of upside potential now this is like big picture right looking down from 30,000 feet so there's a lot of ups and downs that you can really maximize your entries in and that's what we're gonna be focusing on here at trade genius and in the room as far as maximizing and optimizing the entry so you get the best dollar cost average gaining into this cycle and that can make a decent amount of difference so anyway guys that's it for this video just wouldn't let you guys know that looks like we're getting back into that very bullish period ahead of the halving and if you're interested in joining us and navigating this next cycle in crypto and which altcoins would be performing the best and having in your portfolio head over to trade like a genius comm and join us and check us out 12 months can't beat it alright guys thanks for watching please hit like and subscribe and I'll see you on the next video take care bye

33 thoughts on “Bitcoin Halving Equals $265K”

  1. This is probably the same thing Tim Draper is seeing when he says $250k….Draper also said $10k in 2017 way back in 2014 and was correct.

  2. Crystal ballers….usually the opposite happens. In which case many will simply lose 265k and continue working to pay bills. Good luck everyone

  3. The network doesn't have enough utility currently for 265k usd imo, with the current transaction capacity we couldn't do more then 40k usd unless became severely scarce from where it is now.

  4. I think we might well be looking at a cycle similar to 2012-2013. At that time cryptos were a novelty for anyone… This time it's about gaining the interest by institutional money. When that happens is a good question, but my take is, it'll definately happen. Why? The world already outright desperately needs an sibstantial alternative for the "good old fiat" (especially because of the practically bankrupt banksters), imo even making "McAfee vision" of 1 million by the end of 2020 totally realistic (Ok… As an optimistic scenario, but still… At least imo way, way more probable than a "Crypto Nuclear Winter" suprisingly many seem to be afraid of :D)

  5. nobody sees that its just like jewish semitah. every 7 yrs something happens. this ine might be a fuk u moment to all. market crash. rhen 9/11. then 7 yrs later. its always masonic. the symbolism on coins all masonic. sacred geometry. hahahahahah. they always wanted a digital world currency too. #fukthenwo. #killuminati. ?????

  6. Why do you think the next high will stay in the same channel? It would break more sense to me to flatten out, thereby showing price stability

  7. I don't know, have a feeling total market will shock every one and drop below 100B. Just have a hunch. I think bull market comes back end of 2020

  8. Hey Phillip! Love the crypto channel, definitely going to take advantage of your Easter sale, but I’m also wondering if it’d be possible to see a similar performance percentage for bobs stock market action? My brother wants to adjust his rrsp portfolio

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